Dishonored Brethren


Summary: Collection of one-shots of our favorite demons and why they Fall. Goes by the list of who was first and going down. My take on the reasons why based through the show and book as well part of my Good Omen's Series.


Chapter Two: Precursor of Eve

The broken and the fallen, dangled souls been sent to burn
Nowadays they've been calling, telling me soon gonna be my turn…. (1)

Israfil knew he was a failure and the worst brother ever.

After all he couldn't stop the suffering of the fallen angels after their Fall. When he was able to without Michael knowing, he went to the barren waste land that is called Earth and look for the angels that Fell not so long ago. It wasn't hard after all; there was nothing on Earth at the time but the so-called demons as there was nothing else alive, no plant or animal. What he saw when he got there is something out from a horrifying nightmare.

Every single angel that fell had burned. Nothing left of them was angelic; they were disfigured, and their very essence twisted in such darkness that made Israfil feel sick when he approaches a lone figure of one as he didn't want to get near to a group of these twisted beings in the off chance that they were turn on him. The shape that he saw his brother take turning his own Fall was nothing like this. He watches helplessly as if something inside of them was eating them alive from the inside out, their angelic bodies being destroyed and born anew at his very eyes as he watches in horror. Israfil could do nothing but watch as their souls was stripped away forcedly and then shoved back into itself.

What felt like forever when it finally stopped. When Israfil walked nearer to the lone figure, nothing that he knew how to heal them helped; it was as if God wanted them to suffer; instead his angelic touch seems to hurt them instead of giving out any form of relief. Israfil fell to his knees in despair and started to scream in frustration.

His very reason of existence was to help and heal people. And here he was unable to help any of them. He is useless and a horrible angel.

Israfil left the lone figure of where it lay still unmoving in the dirt. He didn't check if they were still alive or not or any of the others on Earth.

Instead Israfil flew around Earth searching for his Fallen brother. But never did.


Israfil never was able to fully heal Gabriel's arm either has it were to the very moment Gabriel received it was a blistered red scar in the shape of a handprint with claws marks wrap around the forearm. He knows Gabriel is lying to him when he says it doesn't feel any pain since Israfil did all that knew how to heal it. He has seen Gabriel rub his arm when he thinks no one is watching and at times Israfil could have sworn that the scar slightly glowed as if it was reflecting a nearby fire. The fire, it is all that Israfil can name it, felt so wrong. It felt nothing like holy water.

Israfil watched in silence as the pain of Gabriel's eyes remember the horrors of that day, conflicted as of why they didn't get punished as well as they both were guilty just as much as Lucifer? He silently observes Gabriel from afar and did nothing to ease his brother's remorse as each time a lower rank angel asks him about his arm he violently flinch. The other angels don't know of course of how much it pains Gabriel or even look at his arm would put him in such torment; they are all innocent of their questions and the awe from all the rumors that have spread throughout Heaven. Israfil said nothing when Gabriel started to cover it up with an extra flap over his white robes.

Israfil isn't sure where such stories came from. Every time he heard any of the stories, a burst of anger engulfs him as he stood there doing nothing. Not able to do anything makes him more frustrated as he remembers what Michael have told him time and time again 'It is not your job.'. The feeling of the discrimination of the Fallen and the falsehood of the stories that makes the fallen angels into monsters, none of it is true! They were friends, siblings, co-workers just moments before any of this ever happened! What changed besides them being kicked out? How can any of them just cut ties from any of them without feeling anything?

Rumors of how there was a great battle between the Adversary and the Almighty Michael. How Gabriel defended Heaven with his mighty sword and only got marked on his arm as a testament of his bravery. How the Adversary tried to overthrow God so he could become a God.

Israfil long ago had stop correcting anyone, telling them the truth as it pointless at this point. No one want to know the truth or believe such things of what really happened and why. Lucifer, (2) he and Gabriel been calling their brother that since his Fall as God stripped his name Samuel but not any his titles, was trying to do a good thing and it blasted in his face of his efforts. Israfil can tell that Gabriel is trying to move on as it was ordered but just like him, it was too fresh.

Lucifer is only spoken as the Adversary or not spoken about in Heaven now. It was as if the Archangel Samuel never existed to begin with as nothing that he done before his Fall was recognize in his credit. Everyone ignores any knowledge of any his Heavenly deeds and get told it was created by God's hands instead. The creation of the brightest stars in space, the Suns nor the bringer of mornings as it he who helped God creates the beginning of days. It is now the second day and already Israfil feels exhausted.


The Garden of Eden was finished.

It was a large circular garden surrounding with stone walls as high as 50 feet (15.2 meters) in height. It had four gates one of each of the four directions. All the Archangels was assigned with each of the four gates to protect what was inside it and keep things inside from coming out. Why the garden was placed on Earth baffled Israfil to no end as it was where the Fallen was banished to as the Gates of Hell is on Earth itself. It was like putting the garden here with a bright light in a mist of darkness begging to be invaded or at least anyone curious would show up and cause trouble. It was a temptation waiting to happen really.

He had read the new memos of what to look out for with demons if they dare to show up. It was confusing of course as it doesn't make any sense of what they listed to look for as some demons look like angels up close. What does the notes mean to look for animal symbols on their persons? What's do they mean about the 'mark of the beast'?

Israfil had heard of what demons could do to an angel if one comes face to face in combat. The demon could kill them with what it now being called Hellfire (as it been reported that holy water does the same to them). But most encounters have only resulted in discorporation as one doesn't have a physical body no longer and get sent back to heaven or hell depending who was discorporated. The horrendous mass of paperwork to get a new a body was ridiculous as he had to deal with angels who got discorporated already and started freaking out about the horrifying nightmare that they just escape from facing a demon. The whining was enough for him to feel almost happy of being out on Earth at the Eastern Gate of the Garden of Edan guarding it just to get away from the annoying low rank angels. Not something that he looks forward to later when it comes to be his turn to be discorporated when the time comes.

The job was boring of course. All you do is watch for demons and watch two humans care for the animals and plants within the garden. The only thing to do is to think, which brought more questions then answers the longer he stayed at his post.

And why is the blasted Tree of Knowledge being planted in the middle of the damn garden anyway and telling Adam not to eat from the tree? What nonsense is this? Again, temptation waiting to happen. It is as if God herself wanted the humans to eat the damn apple. Which such thoughts go back to his brother Lucifer and wondered if the Fall was part of the Grand Plan and Lucifer and his legion just walked into it like pawns.

It makes his head hurt just thinking about.

Israfil looked back across the garden on the Western Gate knowing that Gabriel was there just like he was. He wondered if he was just as bored as he and wished that he had someone to talk to other then his own thoughts. Angels don't sleep or need breaks like the humans do so it not like another angel comes to see him to switch shifts. Israfil wish they did so as he would have someone to talk to as well, sleep looks like a great hobby to try sometime in the future.

Lately he been noticing the female human looking at him more than her male companion. Israfil been watching them and rolled his eyes as he was correct on the fact that Lilith and Adam were not a good match. It wasn't a bad thing; they were friends if one could take a guess as they work well together but as a couple? Not so much, as Adam needed companionship where Lilith was fine on her own without him. Watching them try to fornicate was both amusing and nauseating to watch.

It wasn't like they couldn't do it, all the parts work and all; it just Adam wanted Lilith to be submissive and be a delicate creature where Lilith wasn't any of those things. And the arguments, oh Heaven Almighty they were entertaining and cringe worthy to watch. Of course, none of what he feels or thinks now is very Angelic but there is no one to see so maybe it's okay?

It was now after one of those arguments the same old ones about how Lilith should stop refusing to submit under Adam. It wasn't like she doesn't want to lay on her back to copulate (or whatever the Upstairs is calling it when the humans and animals do whatever they do); the precision of the sex wasn't the problem. It was that Adam wanted to be on top as her superior where Lilith either wanted to be equal of that of her mate or have no part with him whatsoever.

Israfil understands. He really does as he remembers back when all the Archangels was equals to each other but now after Lucifer gone, Michael expects them all to submit to her as the director of heaven. To most of Heaven, this wasn't a big deal as it was logical for the Champion against the Adversary to be the leader as it were, she was the victor as God demanded it. If God didn't want Michael to be the leader then She would have done something against it.

It doesn't matter that none of that is true.

Israfil sneered as he glanced at the south end of the garden where Lucifer's replacement is at doing her job like he was (Michael at the north). Michael chosen to take the power of an archangel that was once housed inside Lucifer before his fall by the name of Uriel, who in Israfil opinion is just another dull angel with a smiting problem. She doesn't mind getting her hands dirty and it may be the reason why Michael choose her. And it feels wrong to even think about replacing Lucifer as if Michael could easily to that to her own twin, then none of the are safe to be replaced either.

Israfil was too far into his thoughts that he didn't realize Lilith approached him. How curious, this was a first as not even any of the other creatures of the garden ever dared to approached any of the angels guarding the garden.

"What are you?" She asked him as she got his attention. Israfil wonders how long she stood there before he took notice. He had better start focusing as if a mere human could get this close to him then a demon could as well.

A valid question, Israfil thought to himself as it was Adam who named all the creatures (with Lilith making sure none of them were Adam Junior one and Adam Junior the second and so on) but he didn't name any of the angels so of course she wouldn't know what he is or his name was.

"I am an angel of God." Israfil told her plainly.

"Why do you and others watch us? We do our work; we don't need to be watched to make sure we do it properly."

"It is not for us to watch to make sure that you do your job. It is to make sure nothing comes in or out of the Garden. And to make sure no harm goes to you or that of Adam."

Confusion was place on the woman's face. "We are a prisoner here? Why?"

Israfil did not know. The Grand Plan that was given to him doesn't go pass the Garden and only the basics with no details. He wonders if God is going to do anything with the rest of the barren rock that they are surrounded by. He had hoped no more cages as he doesn't want to be stuck watching mere humans for the rest of his life.

He said nothing of course to Lilith as young woman reminded Israfil of his brother. Lucifer too saw what is was their duty was really was. He himself was just too much of a coward to do anything against it but obey. He watched as the human left as he went back his thoughts. He snorted at the sudden thought that he was placed the same position as God was when people ask her questions and not saying anything back. Israfil wonders if the reason was that God wasn't all knowing that is why She keeps silent.


"I wish to leave, Angel of the Eastern Gate." Lilith demanded him much later.

Israfil did nothing but stare down at the young woman who stood there with her hands at her hips staring at him with a glare. "Why do you wish to leave the safety of the Garden?" he asked her. "Here you are safe and have a purpose."

Lilith shook her head. "I rather take my chances and be free then be locked in a cage."

"And what of Adam?"

"He is not my responsibly."

They said nothing to each other after that but Israfil lead to her a place of the eastern wall that he knew had a weakness to it. He moved a few of the bricks here and there, just enough of a hole for the little being to squeeze though. Lilith got up in the hole but stopped and looked back at him, Israfil first thought that the human had changed her mind of escaping but again she surprised him. "My replacement." She said, it was curuious of how she knew she would be replaced as a wife to Adam but then again Lucifer and everyone else that Fell was so it makes sense to Israfil that it may happen. "Tell her about me. Warn her of her reason of existence."

"Of course." Israfil promised, as he patted Lilith's dark head feeling little awkward doing so. "I will tell Eve of you and the insight of your sympathy towards her."

"Eve…." Lilith said in a wonder as she hopped through the hole and never looked back.


It didn't take long for the absence of Lilith to take notice. Adam of course was the first to notice that is he was alone. The human male mourned for the lost of his mate but Israfil knew that the man should have known that his wife would leave him. She was not happy, and she knew she didn't make Adam feel happy either. She need freedom and he was content to stay in a cage to feel safe over liberation.

Michael came to him and ask him if he knew anything about how the human escaped. He lied and said he did not. He knew that Michael knew that he was lying but Michael nodded and left, where he did not know.

Israfil knew that she was on to him.

There was nothing else to do now but leave his post and with that he did.


Israfil ran through the barren waste land that was filled with nothing but sand. He refuses to think about what happened to Lilith as she left the garden with no weapons or any protection against the sun. He should have done something about that when he showed her the way to escape.

He knew he was being followed, as the angelic presence never left sense his left his post. Which angel that Michael send after him he wasn't too sure. He had hope its not Uriel as he does not want to die, and he knew she would be thrilled to smit him, Michael herself always wanted others to do her dirty work for her. It was pointless to run now as Israfil stopped and face whoever it was to get it over with. And when he did, he choked out a sob as he turned and saw that it was Gabriel.

Gabriel looked worse to wear, as he stood there with his white robes bellowing in the wind, in his left hand was a serrated dagger that flickered a bright light that Israfil never saw before on a blade, it reminded him with the glow that Gabriel's scar sometimes does.

"What did you do, Israfil?" Gabriel gasps as he left hand trembled.

"I let Lilith leave. She wished to be freed." It wasn't time to lie, not when Gabriel was on a thread of an insanity and he held a knife. When did he get one? As far as Israfil knew, his brother was never was given a weapon.

"It wasn't your place to do so." Gabriel snapped.

"It is what Lucifer would have done if he was here."

"But he isn't, Israfil! And he never will be. HE'S GONE!"

Israfil stepped back never witnessing such anger from Gabriel before. "Did Michael send you?" he asked.

Gabriel nodded. "She ordered me to kill you."

"Oh, then why not just take me back to Heaven then? I don't wish to be discorporated just yet."

Gabriel shook his head. "No. You don't understand, brother. She wants you gone."

Israfil just stared at Gabriel with such shock. "Gone? Like… as if I never existent?"

"Yes." Gabriel gasped. Angels don't need to breath, but he found that he needed to as he feels like he was going to pass out if he doesn't. "And—I have to do it."

"No, you don't!" Israfil yelped as he stepped back from Gabriel approaching him. "Didn't you say that Lucifer told you there will be a time to stop pretending to be a good little angel? Now would be a great time to do that by not killing me."

Gabriel shook his head. "No—It's not the time yet. Still have a purpose here." And with that Gabriel strike. Israfil did nothing to defend himself as he felt himself being knocked down on a sand dune against his back with Gabriel above him, his brethren's legs around his chest pinning him down to the sand and the knife to his throat. Gabriel pushed the blade more into him but never broke the skin. Israfil then noticed that the serrated part of the blade was facing towards Gabriel not to his throat. The older archangel was trembling uncontrollably now as violet eyes was bloodshot with tears. Israfil knew that he could easily take hold of the blade into his own hands and twist Gabriel's wrist just so and able to stab him repeatedly into his brother's chest. But he won't.

Just as fast as it started; Gabriel screamed as he throws the knife away into the dirt, got up off Israfil and started to sob. Israfil slowly got up but stayed of where he sat. "I don't wish to die." He said not knowing what to do.

"But they will know! And we will both be dead soon anyway."

"Maybe there is a way… so they think you didn't fail to kill me."

"There is no way out of this!" Gabriel yelled, coving his face into his hands.

"No, I could fall… Maybe that will trick them?"

"NO! Israfil, please don't leave me as well!" Gabriel got up and crawled towards Israfil grasping his hands into his own. "Please, don't go where I can't follow."

"At least this way we both may live." Israfil said, knowing that this would be the last that they will be together for a long time.

Gabriel took Israfil into his arms into a tight hug refusing to let go. He started muttering into the embrace with 'please, don't leave me' which broke Israfil's heart, but he knew this was the only way. They stayed there in each other arms until a sudden pain broke through him. In a gasp, he let go of Gabriel as he wings started to smoke as something dark started to fill within him. Everything about him started to burn and tear itself apart.

Israfil screamed and knew nothing else.


Gabriel watch his brother Fall much like how he watched Lucifer's. It was painful to hold on; as Israfil thrashed against his embrace, claws scratching all over his chest and face, the bite marks on his shoulders when Israfil needed something to bit on to without biting off his own tongue. Yet Gabriel held on and held his brother more tightly into his lap. He didn't know how long they were there, how much Israfil screamed into his ears. Within moments or forever later, something happened that was different from last time he witnessed a Fall.

There was a burst of white light; as whatever twisted dark entity that his brother now was suddenly leapt off his lap as Gabriel wanted to follow the dark serpentine form that plummeted down straight to Hell with a shriek. What was left on Gabriel's lap however made him jump in a yelp.

A newly formed angel was asleep in his brother's place.

Gabriel got up onto his feet quickly; taking the angel with him as he looked down in his arms. It was awkward as the angel wasn't on the small side but not as tall as his brother was. The angel had short curly white blonde hair, far different then Israfil's own red locks of hair. Gabriel looked down of where his brother went as he exhaled in a shuddering breath. God split his brother into two halves at the end of his Fall. Gabriel doesn't know what that means or how this could be part of the Grand Plan but whatever the reason he knew Michael should not be told of this.

Gabriel knew his duty and knew he had to go back to Heaven to let Michael know of their brother's 'death'.

Gabriel hummed as he rocked the angel in his arms. He knows this angel is going to be handful in the future.

"Aziraphael." (3) Gabriel said in a wonder as he adjusted his grip on the sleeping angel as they head back to Heaven. Already he missed his brother and hope he was okay. At least now Lucifer and he are together.

(End of Chapter)

Words: 4,405

Author's notes: I'm on a roll here. Hope you all enjoyed Crowley's Fall and how Aziraphale came into being. How do you guys like it? Please let me know in the comments! The next two chapters are going to skip forward in time around between Eve's and Adam's departure from the Garden in 4004 BC and Noah's Ark, 3004 BC. What happened to make Beelzebub, Dagon, Hastur and Ligur Fall is the result of why the Flood happened basically to give you a hint (if the tags haven't already). hehe

First part of the lyrics "Devil's Gonna Come" by Raphael Lake, Royal Baggs. Why I picked that song? Partly cause the first name of the singer as "Raphael" and the lyrics gonna fits. Lucifer means "light bringer" so I figured the two of them would start calling their brother that from his title. God haven't stripped any of Satan's titles only just the name Samuel. Satan is the name Lucifer choose as his demon name. Aziraphael: basically, the name means "After-Raphael". In Islam, the Archangel Isrāfīl is the counterpart of the Judeo-Christian Archangel Raphael. The reason of idea of Aziraphale and Crowley being two halves of the same whole came to be in canon is that originally when Neil Gaiman started the Good Omens book and sent it to Terry Pratchett for his co editing author input from what he wrote, and Terry split the main character into Crowley and Aziraphale. To me I always figured it was awesome take on the characters seeing that in Greek Mythology, humans was originally beings of two sets and as punishment Zeus split humans into two and curse humankind to forever to search for their other half; their twin flame/soulmates.

And no, I didn't misspell Aziraphale's name. That was what he was called before the Apple Incident in which he was demoted as field agent and his name turned from Aziraphael to Aziraphale.