The early morning sun shined through the dull gray curtains of a large room filled with seven bunk-beds in which ten small bodies lay. Letting an unhappy grumble out, a little girl sat up rubbing the dust of sleep from her eyes. She mumbled out a soft sleepy "good morning" to no one but herself, looking around the bed filled room she sat before crawling out of the blanket heap. After she made her bed all neat and tidy she went to the cubby labeled Elizabeth, Lizzy as she likes to call herself, and took out a pale blue brush, a plaid sage green dress, and a pair of inky black mary jane shoes from her cubby. After finishing she smiled into the mirror showing herself her teeth she thought to herself 'Today is adoption day, I just know I'm going to get a new mommy and daddy'. Lizzy picked up her brush as she heard the morning bell. After brushing her long chestnutty hair, she messily tied a red bow on top of her head. Lizzy walked out into the now filled hall as she went down the old oak stairs to breakfast by herself she pretended not to notice the looks of unnerved confusion.

Jumping to a start as flashes of the vivid dream, no nightmare that could make a grown man cry and that's what he did he cried. After calming down the man grumbled standing up cracking his back with a sigh of content. Walking to the bathroom that was connected to his room the only sound was of an old bent dog tag around the man's neck the name King, Christopher King, was engraved into it. Looking into the mirror he sighed as he brought up his hand to trace the jagged lines that covered his left side of his face from his jaw to the tip of his right eyebrow. Shaking his head, he went to get dressed seeing as he had something important to get to and it was late afternoon. Christopher left his two bedroom apartment, and he drove to Saint Augustine to finish some paperwork.

Watching as the children that once ignored her left with smiles one by one, Lizzy felt utterly alone. The children weren't her friends they never were, and the sudden abandonment left Lissy hopeless. At the edge of tears when she heard a soft "Elizabeth" looking up she sees , and a tall man with a scar on his face. "Elizabeth, this is he's adopting you" Lizzy's eyes filled with tears as he got on one knee, she ran into his arms as small tears began to fall. He hugged her tightly smiling, moving her head so that he could look at her closely. "Beautiful, you're absolutely beautiful sweet Elizabeth". Lizzy looked at him, "Are you really gonna adopt me?". His heart hurt just hearing that, "yes". She was ecstatic, smiling "then please call me Lizzy papa". Smiling he said

Let's go home Lizzy.