"I'm going, Kami-sama!" Bell's sound could be heard coming out from the Hearth Mansion. Just a few seconds after that, the said white-haired boy could be seen exiting the mansion.

It was just a usual day for Bell Cranel to go to the dungeon. Everyone in his Familia knew that. This time, however, his Goddess realized that something was rather fishy.

'Bell-kun is not going to the dungeon. I am sure about it. I mean, WHO GOES TO THE DUNGEON DRESSED UP IN CASUAL CLOTHES?' Hestia thought, not realizing that somebody was approaching her.

"Hestia-sama, is something wrong?" The figure, which turned out to be Haruhime, asked.

"Ie…nandemonai, Haruhime-kun." Hestia replied evasively. Her mind, however, spoke out a contrast answer.

'No, there IS something wrong. I swear Bell-kun is going on a date with that Wallen-whatsit! I must follow after him!'

At the same time, Bell was walking towards his destination. A smile was plastered on his face. He seemed so happy that he was even whistling while he was walking.

Of course, he had no idea that his goddess and supporter were actually stalking him from somewhere unnoticed by him.

"Bell-sama will not go to the dungeon with casual clothes like that. He must be going out on a date!" Lili said with trembling voice.

"Ughh…Bell-kun no uwakimono! You already had me, but how come you still go out on a date with another woman," Hestia said with a low voice, trying her best not to be spotted. River of anime tears could be seen flowing out of her face, though.

"I can't take this. Let's go, Hestia-sama."

On his way, Bell bumped into Welf, who was seen walking with Goddess Hephaestus. One could guess that they might be having a date, too. Welf did tell him that he was going to go somewhere with his Goddess before.

"Oh! Bell, it seems like you're not going to the dungeon today, are you?" Welf asked.

"Ah, Welf and Hephaestus-sama!" Bell finally noticed the pair. "Yes, I'm taking a day off from the dungeon today. I have made a promise to meet with someone, and I need to go there as soon as possible." Bell said with a smile.

"Hooo…you must be, by chance, going on a date with a pretty girl." Welf snickered. "Sasuga Bell."

"C...Ch…Chigau yo! T…Th…This is not a date!"

"Then, why are you stuttering?" Hephaestus chimed in with a smile, or was it a smirk?

"U..u…uuu…" Bell was speechless and too embarrassed to even say a word."

"Hahaha…I'm just kidding, Bell-kun. You're so fun to tease, sometimes." Hephaestus commented, further deepening the redness Bell's cheeks were showing.

"Hephaestus-sama…" Bell was struggling to hide all the blushes, before finally recomposed himself. "Sorry, Welf, Hephaestus-sama, but I think I need to go now."

"Okay. Take care!" Welf said as he and Hephaestus saw Bell starting to run onto a direction that is unexpected by the redhead boy.

"Welf, is something wrong?"

"Ah…no, it's nothing, Kami-sama." Welf replied. "At first I thought that he will be going on a date with Kenki. But, that's not the way to the Twilight Manor."

"Hmm…I think they probably decided to meet at another place."

At the same time, however, three figures from Loki Familia, including the said Kenki, also bumped into the pair.

"Oh…isn't that Hephaestus-sama and Argonaut-kun's smith?" Tiona asked.

"Tiona, that's rude. He has a name, you know?" Tione scolded.

"Ah…Ohayou, Hephaestus-sama, Bell's smith," Ais greeted, of course she didn't take Tione's warning.

"Please at least remember my name. I'm Welf, Welf Crozzo." Welf said with a frown, before suddenly a realization hit him. "Wait, if Ais Wallenstein is here, then, who is the person Bell's going to meet?"

"Eh, Bell is meeting someone?" Ais asked. For some reason, she had a bad feeling about it.

"Y…You mean Argonaut-kun is going on a date?"

"Actually, we didn't know if Bell's going on a date or not. But a few moments ago we saw him go to that direction." Welf said, pointing at the direction where Bell ran off before. Judging from the mimics of the Loki Familia members' face, they knew exactly where Bell might be heading to.

"That…direction…" Ais mumbled.

"Isn't that the way to Diancecht Familia?" Tiona asked, or rather, stated.

"I never knew that Amid is actually close with Bell," Tione said.

"Muu…I'm a bit jealous to Amid. She can go out on a date with Argonaut-kun. I also want to have a date with him!" Tiona pouted.

"Bell must've been a lucky bastard if he really is going on a date with the Dea Saint." Welf added, adding oil to the fire.

"Why are you so worked up?" Hephaestus pouted at her child.

"Ah, sorry, Kami-sama. I'm just saying that Bell is so lucky, nothing more, nothing less." Welf sweatdropped.

"That's it." Tiona exclaimed with a little hype. "I'm going to stalk Argonaut-kun!"

"Eh…Chotto! Tiona!"

Ais, on the other hand, said nothing and obediently followed the Amazon twins. However, deep in her heart, she was also curious on what was going on between Bell and Amid.

The smith couple, well, just looked at them with a sweat drop…

Meanwhile, Hestia and Lili was still following Bell, and apparently they arrived in Diancecht Familia's place. This shocked the two, as they never thought that Bell would be going to go on a date with the Dea Saint.

"M…Masaka! Bell-sama is going on a date with Amid-sama?" Shock was plastered on Lili's face, while anime tears, again, were flowing on Hestia's face.

"Huwaaa…Bell-kun no bakaaaaa!"

"Ohayou gozaimasu, Amid-san!" Bell greeted the Dea Saint.

"Ah, you really do come. Sorry for making you accompany me today." Amid replied, still with a serious face but there's a little hint of smile on it.

"No, no, it's okay! Today I'm taking a day off from going to the dungeon. So I can help you on the task you've told me before, Amid-san."

"Thank you very much, Bell Cranel. You're always so kind." Amid gratified, this time she did really show her sincere smile, which didn't go unnoticed by the stalking girls.

"A…Amid is smiling?" Tione whispered, shocked to see the scene.

"Amid has never smiled beautifully like this before!" Tiona added.

"Then, let's go, Bell!" Amid said to the white-haired boy.


On the stalkers' side, Tiona, Tione and Ais were still shell-shocked. They surely didn't believe that Bell was really going on a date with Amid. Seeing the scene had made Ais pouted in jealousy, just seeing Amid and Bell walking side by side had made her feel uneasy. Additionally, Tiona had the same response. With her profound feeling towards Bell back when he was battling the Minotaur, she felt the same pang of envy while seeing the pair. Tione, on the other hand, just smirked, thinking on how to tease these two jealous girls.

"Bell -kun no baka!"

"I also wanted a date with Argonaut-kun!"

"Shh! Please be quiet or we'll all be caught!"

Bell and Amid walked together towards a place. They looked so happy and it seemed like they're talking about something. This sight, of course, made Bell's harem (or that's how it looks like) felt much more jealous. Moments later, they had finally arrived into a place, and decided to enter.

The stalkers, however…

"T…This place…is…" Hestia's the first to utter a word.

"A…a hotel!" Lili completed.

"W…What is she doing with my Bell in a hotel!" Hestia grumbled.

"We must stop them, Hestia-sama!" Lili said with a voice full of panic.

As the two entered the place, they suddenly bumped into Tiona, Tione, and Ais, all being equally shocked to see each other.

"What are you guys doing here?" Hestia asked.

"Please calm down Hestia-sama, or Bell will notice us." Tione replied.

"A…ahh~" suddenly a moan escaped. The group gasped as they knew pretty well whom that moan belonged to. Their heads began to imagine something wild about what Bell and Amid were possibly doing.

"G…Gomenasai, Amid-san. I'll do it more gently."

"No, it's okay, I can deal with the pain. Just continue and don't stop or it will slip."

"I'll do it more slowly this time. Please bear it for a while. Here I go!"

"Ahhh…i…it hurts…" Amid moaned again, causing the girls to blush very hard and their imagination went wilder. Composing herself quickly, Hestia made her own way to the door and opened it quickly.

"Bell-kun! What ar-eh?" Hestia paused mid-sentence, realizing what actually was happening.

"K…Ka…Kami-sama! Lili! What are you doing here?" Bell asked with a shock.

"Tiona, Tione, and even Ais?" Amid also spotted the other three from Loki Familia.

Looking at the scene, Lili just sweatdropped. "You two are just bathing a dog?"

"Just like you had seen, right? What do you think we were doing?" Amid said with a straight face.

"B-But…why are you moaning then, Amid?" Tione asked, earning a sigh from the Dea Saint.

"That's because the dog kept struggling and, at one point, it scratched my hand! It hurts."

"Bell…" This time it was Ais who was calling, shocking the said boy.

"A-A-Ais-san? Why did you come here too?"

"Are you...going on a date with Amid?" she asked while pouting.


"So, you're just helping Amid on a simple quest from the guild? And the quest was to take care of a dog?" Hestia asked.

"That's right, Kami-sama. That's why I'm not wearing my Dungeon equipment." Bell answered.

"Sigh…we're stalking you for nothing, then." Tiona said.

"Why are you guys assuming that I'll go on a date with Amid-san? You know that I'll be killed by many other men in Orario!"

"So, in the end we were just doing a stupid thing. I'm sorry for the trouble, Bell-san, Amid-san." Tione apologized.

"So, Argonaut-kun, do you want to go on a date with me next time?" Tiona asked.


"W…What are you saying, Amazon-kun? Bell is not going on a date with anyone!" Hestia stated.

"Ehh…but I want to do many things with Argonaut-kun!"

"Bell, we must continue our quest now." Amid interjected with a straight face.

"Of course, Amid-san. I'm sorry, everyone, I need to help Amid-san now." Bell said as he returned to Amid's side.

-Later, with the stalkers-

"Huff, it's a relief that Bell is just helping that saint on a quest." Hestia sighed in relief.

"It's because Hestia-sama is too overprotective over Bell-sama." Lili chimed.

"Of course, Bell-kun is only for me."

"I'm so stupid to even think that he's going on a date with Amid." Tione sighed.

"Why, Tione-sama?"

"She could never have that kind of feeling to that man anyways."

Little did they know, while continuing the quest, Amid glanced at Bell's happy face while he was playing with the dog. A smile then appeared on her face, unnoticed by anyone. One could tell that Amid's face radiated a feeling of love.

'On second thought, a date with Bell doesn't seem half bad…'