As Hestia Familia planned before, they now arrive in Melen Where Njord Familia live in. The town itself is very good spot for vacation. The girl already in their swimsuit and played in the beach. Like Anakitty and her friend, Naaza having fun with Daphne, Tione who keep flirt with Finn. Bell also invite Hostess Fertility to provide their food. Anya who keep playing around being scolded by Mama Mia, Chloe who keep looking at potential butt and lunor who working right now. Syr and Ryu also serve some food to adventure who join this vacation.

"Yokata. All of them seem happy with this vacation." Bell smiled.

But his smile disappear as he saw the view on front of him. Right now in front of Bell is a paradise for all men in Orario. Ais with swimsuit. Goddess-Freya wearing her bikini make all the man go crazy. Haruhime and Eina also wear cute swimsuit. Tiona and Lili also wear the same while smile looking at Bell. Syr and Ryu also in front of Bell while smiling. Riveria even wear a swimsuit and sit beside Bell. Cassandra and Daphne for some reason also in Bell sight. Lefiya give a death glare to Bell and Airmid with her straight face only standing without do any expression.

"Why it's become like this?" Bell sweat-dropped.

Bell can feel a bit panic in his mind. Why they come to his place. He also want to have a peace day and enjoy the day. The bad is, All of them is wearing a bit reveal swimsuit make him hard to look at them.

"I begin had a mind down just because see them with swimsuit. It's really hard to look at them." Bell

"Little one…" Freya smile, moving forward to Bell place.

"Ekhhh! F-F-Freya-sama! Y-Y-You are to close!" Bell blushed.

"Mou, don't you like my swimsuit?" Freya pout cutely which make Miach and Take blushed while Mikoto and Naaza pout at their god.

"E-Eto..F-Freya-sama, i'm sorry but it's hard to looking at you now." Bell close his eyes with both of his hand.

"Lady Freya, please don't tease this innocent boy like this." Riveria give a stern voice.

"Ara-ara, Riveria. Don't you also actually wear a bit revealing swimsuit?" Freya.

"It just to cheer him up. He is my son after all." Riveria blush a bit.

"What?!" Ais shocked.

"No… It can be. If Riveria become Argonaut-kun mother, she will monopolize him." Tiona soul pass out.

"This is bad, i cannot mad at that human anymore! No It's make me had more reason to hate him! he just seduce Riveria-sama!" Lefiya annoyed while Bell sweat-dropped hear that.

Bell giving a sigh and walk away from there or he will really getting a heart attack. This is supposed to be a vacation. Why it turned to be like this. And who give those idea to cheer him up anyways. He already happy that all his friend can participate the vacation party. He even surprised both Loki Familia and Freya Familia agree to Join.

"You sure really popular-nya. Make a sure don't make Syr sad-nya or i will kick your butt-nya" Anya.

"Or maybe i can touch that butt of ya-nya. I will squeeze it with all my heart-nya." Chloe.

"You two stop making problem to Bell-san." Lunor scold them.

"It's okay Lunor-san. You guys also please enjoy this party when done working." Bell smile.

"Thank you for inviting us, Little boy." Mama mia.

"It's okay Mia san. I just think to using your pub to provide food for us. After all Mama-mia food still the best." Bell smile.

"Hooo~ you sure like using some flattery word to woman. But thank you for trusting my food for you party. Now you're a big familia. I'm happy for you." Mama-mia.

"Ieeee Mia-san. I'm still have a long way to make my familia become big as them." Bell.

"You sure hardworking boy. Help yourself with some rest also. Even an adventure need a proper rest for doing their activity. You're already done so well." Mia smile to Bell.

"Arigatou Mia-san, I will sure to take your advice." Bell.

"And don't forget to spend your money in my pub often, Hahahaha." Mia laugh off.

"Of course Mia-san. i cannot resist your food after all." Bell smiled.

Bell seem having a good time talking with Mia. The girl looking Bell from far. They discuss something right now.

"We must do something about Bell-san. We come here to cheer Bell-san after all." Syr.

"But we must not do something that make Bell-kun uncomfortable." Eina.

"I want to cheer Bell." Ais.

"we should do something about this." Lili.

"How about we make contest who can cheer Bell and the winner will get a kiss from him?" Freya suggest.

"WHATTT! NO! NO! I AM NOT APPROVE THIS! BELL-KUN IS M-GYUAAHHHH". Hestia suddenly being pushed away by Bell harem.

"it's good idea, Freya-sama!" Haruhime.

"A kiss from Bell-sama….." Lili already drooling while blushing.

"I will get kiss from Argonaut-kun!" Tiona.

"I must win this even it's kill me." Syr.

"Syr please consider your life also." Ryu sweat-dropped.

In the other hand while the girl talking about the plan. Let see the 3 beautifull god.

"To think you also come, Soma." Miach.

"Lili invite me to come. Of course i will accept her invitation. After all she is still my child." Soma smiled.

"You really change much, Soma. Last time i see you smile is 100 years ago." Take.

"You over exaggerate your word, Takemikazuchi." Soma.

The 3 long hair pretty man goddess just get much attention from many girl in the beach. Miach, Take and Soma quite popular for girl because their appearance and kindness. Soma begin to open up after Lili incident.

"Miach-sama is really dreamy!"

"Take-sama look so cute with the swimsuit!"

"I never think can see Soma-sama in swimsuit! He looks so good to be honest!"

"Yare-yare, You three sure popular." Hermes.

"Popular? Where is that come from, Hermes?" Take glare at the God of traveler.

"Just let him be, Take." Miach.

When all the girl having their own discussion over something, Cassandra walk to Bell. She had not spending much time with bell. She didn't want to participate something like that. She did not want to make trouble for Bell. After all she is still shy when close Bell. Bell seems notice Cassandra come walk toward him.

"Cassandra-san…" Bell.

"Cranel-san…" Cassandra shutter.

"Is there something i can help, Cassandra-san?" Bell smiled to her.

"Uggghhhh! He so handsome! I really nervous right now. My heart beating like crazy!" Cassandra blushed.


"C-C-Ca-Can i s-ss-sit with you, Cranel-san?" Cassandra.

"Ah! Of course! Come here. No need to feel nervous around me." Bell.

Cassandra take a seat beside Bell. Even their distance not too close, She still feel nervous around Bell. She remember clearly anything about him. The only person that believe her dream. She really happy about it. It's feel like she being trusted and she like it.

"Ano...t-t-thank for always believe my word about my dream." Cassandra stil blushed.

"No~. I'm the one who shall say my gratitude toward you, Cassandra-san. Because of you we manage to get no casualty in the last expedition. I'm really grateful for you telling that dream of your, Arigatou." Bell smile warmly to Cassandra.

Cassandra can feel a weird feeling in her heart. She not hate it, Actually she really like it. She can feel happiness just from Bell sincere word to her. She know that Bell really being grateful for her. This is first time people thanking her for her dream.

"As expected, you're my destiny." Cassandra smiled.

"Ehh? what are you saying?" Bell.

"I-I-Ieee. It's not really important." Cassandra flustered again.

"Okay." Bell

"S-Say.. wh-why you seems believe my dream that time? You know i may be just bluffing something stupid." Cassandra actually a bit curious. Why Bell believe on her.

"Because i always believe what my comrade say. That's time you seems so desperate about warning us to go back. And because of that, I believe you were serious that time. I'm glad that i hear you out and anything went well even my arm had crushed." Bell.

"Soka..I'm happy then.." Cassandra.

"You should enjoy the party more Cassandra-san." Bell.

"I enjoyed it right now. Just talking with you like this already make me so happy. I'm glad that i can meet you but i'm sad in same time after i got another dream about a rabbit gonna be chased by many butterfly. And i'm the one of the butterfly." Cassandra blush.

"It's okay, Bell-k-kun." Cassandra.

"Ehh? You sound like Eina-san just now. Not many people calling me like that." Bell.

"C-C-Can i call you that?" Cassandra.

"Of course. Call me anything that make you feel comfortable with it. I'm okay. You can just call me "Bell" without -kun." Bell.

"No. I-I l-like c-calling you Bell-kun." Cassandra smile when blushed.

"Oh okay. By the way, you had a nice swimsuit. It's really suit you. You really cute. I'm just compliment your swimsuit not because i look at anything weird." Bell blushed.

"Ughh… Why he suddenly compliment my swimsuit out of nowhere? I picked revealing one because Daphne lost my swimsuit. I'm just remember we are talking while wearing a swimsuit. it's embarrassing. I need my pillow to bury my face."

Cassandra took a peek on Bell swimsuit. He is using a white casual shirt with a black short pants. Even he wearing a not revealing one, still his muscle display perfectly in her eyes. She quickly look away because the view is too much for her. She is begin thinking why is she become a pervert who like seeing man body.

"Is there something wrong?" Bell titled his head looking at Cassandra who suddenly flustered and look away.

"N-N-Nand-demonai" Cassandra.

"Bell-kun! Come over here!" Hestia.

"Oh! Haik Kami-sama! Cassandra-san i'm sorry for leaving you. My goddess calling me." Bell.

"Hmm! it's okay. Y-you should go to there. Looks like your goddess had something important to talk." Cassandra.

"Thanks for understanding, Cassandra-san. It's really nice talking to you. let's talk again later." Bell walk away as he give a last smile to Cassandra.

"I wish had more time with you. But today is the most long time i spend with you. I hope i can do this again with you, Bell-kun." Cassandra smile.

After leave Cassandra, Bell walk to Hestia as Hestia smile to Bell.

"Bell-kun, We decide to make a contest to cheer you up." Hestia.

"Eh?" Bell frozen in his place.

"Whatever who success for give you the best service to cheer you up, will get a kiss as a gift from you, Bell-kun." Hestia.

"KISS!? Wait Kami-sama! you guys! I don't agree with all this thing!" Bell panic.

"Mou Bell-san is so mean." Syr.

"We do this for you, Bell-kun." Eina who also blushed because participate this contest.

"Even you Eina-san?! Wait, i'm really okay. I'm happy you guys come here. It's enough to cheer me up." Bell.

"Ara-ara, little one is sure a smooth talker. But we know you still need some service to cheer you up." Freya again move forward to Bell place.

"F-F-Freya-sama…'re to close!" Bell panic and begin walk backward.

"Hestia-sama, Why did you agree these thing?!" Bell began more panic.

"This contest is okay Bell-kun. After all they are really want to cheer you up. I may not happy with this, but i more think about your happiness, Bell-kun." Hestia.

"But… It's so embarrassed for me. Why are you girl must do something like this?" Bell blushed and shuttered.

"""""BECAUSE WE LOVE YOU DUMBASS!""""" whatever girl say this is up to your guys imagination.

"Enough Bell-kun. You're being rude you know. They already want to cheer you up but you keep reject them. You're being a bad boy you know. I never teach you to be like that." Hestia.

"But you never let me close to other girl before. For some reason Hestia-sama is different." Bell.

In other hand, the real Hestia….

"Hmmm! Hmmmmm! uhmmmm!"

Hestia had been tied in a room while struggling. She try to scream but her mouth was covered by something that not let her to make any sound.

"Okay the contest will begin!" Hestia-Lili.

Bell begin scared. "Chotto-matte! Kami-sama! I might be die from this. My heart cannot take it."

"You just need to judge who will give you the best service after all, Bell-kun." Lili who using his cinderella to become Hestia.

"Okay i will go first!" Tiona move forward to Bell place.

Bell blushed a bit. "W-wait!.. Tiona-san!.. no need to cheer me!…"

"Argonaut-kun..." Tiona face blushed while smiling.

"Wait! Why Tiona-san is so cute! I-I-I- I cannot! My heart is beating right now!"

Tiona give a hug from behind and snuggle in Bell neck, which make all people who see the another side of Tiona shocked. Tione had completely shocked see her sister become more aggressive.

Tiona smiled. "Argonaut-kun, You're so warm and you smeel so good. I may can keep hugging you forever."

"T-Tiona-san!… It's enough!… You're to close! You can st-."

"Mou.. Let me being like this…" the soft voice of Tiona success make Bell cannot refuse anymore.

"H-H-Haik….." Bell finally let himself hugged by Tiona.

"Argonaut-kun, I love you." Tiona smile brightly with red in her cheek while looking Bell from the side.


Hestia-Lili who cannot see this anymore begin to stop them. "Okay-okay stop, Amazone-kun! It's time to other contestant!"

"So fast! I still want with Argonaut-kun!" Tiona.

"Dameyo, Amazone-kun. It's the rule." Hestia-Lili.

"It's deal after all." Tiona sigh and walk away with a pout.

Eina walk toward Bell. "Okay the next one is me, Bell-kun."

"E-Eina-san!.. Y-You also participate?!" Bell just having a slightly mind down to see his advisor also take a part.

"I-I-It cannot be helped. They say you need someone who can cheer you up. As your advisor i must do what i can to help you." Eina blush.

"But this is-" Bell.

"And let's start now, Advisor-kun." Hestia-Lili.

"H-Haik!" Eina bravely walk toward Bell and close their distance.

"E-E-Eina-san.. Y-You're too close!" Bell.

"Bell-kun… Let me cheer you up. I will massage your back." Eina give Bell a massage. Eina begin touch Bell back and she begin massage it.

"Ehh...It's actually good. Thanks Eina-san. i might need something like this." Bell.

"Really?! i'm happy. i thought you must be tired, so i think about giving you a massage." Eina.

"At least it still a normal thing. I happy Eina-san still had her right mind." Bell smiled and enjoy the massage Eina give to him.

"Now.. i will massage your upper body." Eina blush.


Eina push down Bell and get in his top. Eina try to massage Bell from front and right now the position is bit funny. Misha who see this only cheer Eina. While the other had shock look and envy look at Bell.

"Kesooo! Bell i'm so jealous!" Welf.

"I wish i was in his position right now!" Ouka.

Both Chigusa and Hephaestus just looking the man while pouting.

"Ano- Eina-san." Bell.

"Haik, Bell-kun?" the half-elf still blushed.

"What are you doing?" Bell sweat dropped.

"G-G-Giving you a massage." Eina.

"Eina-san also not in the right mind. Ughh.. I cannot look at her like this. This is too embarrassed. Her beautiful face, her smooth milky skin, and her body is- ARGHHHH WHAT AM I THINKING!" Bell almost having a mental breakdown.

"I will begin massage you, Bell-kun." Eina blushed like crazy when on that position.

Eina begin massage Bell front body. Riveria and Ryu shocked to see that scene.

"I never believe what i'm seeing. I also never know Eina had this side on her. Or maybe this side she show only to Bell." Riveria.

"Even her advisor in love with Cranel-san like this. i cannot lose." for some reason Ryu feeling burned up.

Again the boy….

"Keso! Bell! You so damn lucky!" Welf.

"I jealous and impressed at the same time!" Ouka.

"I begin think if Bell will be okay." Miach just the only one who concern about Bell mental and mind.

"Come-on Miach. Don't you see Bell is having fun?" Hermes.

"Anyone can see that Bell face was in shocked. How can you say that he is having fun?" Soma sweat dropped.

"Just let him be, Soma. He had an eyes problem." Take.

"If that stupid rabbit do something like this to Freya sama, I will really kill him and cut him into the piece." Allen.

"I think if you really do that you will be hated forever by Freya-sama." Ottarl.

"Why you so calm about this?! Don't you see that human want to steal and influence Freya-sama mind?!" Allen.

"Freya-sama love is always equal to anyone. It just you thinking too much. and why would you think that boy will gonna do something indecent to Freya-sama?" Ottarl.

"Because that boy is womanizer." Allen.

"Hmm.. It's not the boy is womanizer, he just being popular with girl. You're being like this because no girl crazy for you." and with that last sentences Ottarl said successfully make Allen silent.

"Okayyy! Time-up, Advisor-kun." Hestia-Lili.

"Ehh? Already? i just gonna star-"

"Okay-okay.. Next contestant." Hestia-Lili.

Eina getting pushed by Hestia-Lili. This time is Ais turn. Bell already at his limit actually. Soon or later he will wait his time to get collapsed. This is not cheer him up but more like torture his mental. And in front of him is his idol that he admire. Ais smile and move toward Bell.

"I don't know if i can survive this. Tiona-san and Eina-san already make me dizzy from what they doing to me. I hope Ais-san only give me a normal thing." Bell.

"Bell… Here a Lap pillow." Ais smile brightly which make many man in Orario who see this jealous. Even Loki cry river tear.

Bell in other hand already blushed so much. He always get many lap pillow from Ais-san when he unconscious when training with Bell. But this time is different. He gonna get that while awake and in front of many people. It's more like a death wish if he accept it but he cannot reject it. Or he will make his "Ais-Onee-chan" mad.


"Aiz-san...Nande? You always smile like that to that stupid human. I also want you smile to me like that." Lefiya also cry river tear.

"Cih… a really worthy opponent." Syr.

"I begin having a mental breakdown. Bell already this happy just because he get a lap pillow from Ais-san." Airmid.

"Wait, why are you joining this contest anyway?" Naaza which in Airmid side begin suspicious about this saint.

"I'm a healer. I will do anything to cure any disease or curse. Even if i must hold this humiliation for cheer up my patient." Airmid blushed.

"I'm doubt about it." Naaza sweat-dropped.

With that Bell sleep in Ais Lap. Ais herself was blushed with this. She always do this when Bell unconscious. But this time Bell awake. Looking at her eyes straight. His eyes was pure and bright. Like she was get hypnotized by it. It's not that she hate it, actually she like it. she can feel peace and calm when looking at Bell eyes. She can do this forever as long it's Bell. She like it when Bell only give his attention to her.

"I'm sorry, Ais-san. For you even join this contest. You shouldn't not trouble yourself for my sake." Bell concern.

"You didn't want me to cheer you up?" Ais pout. She think Bell didn't want her to cheer him up.

"No-No.. i'm h-happy but.. just i don't want to troubling you more. For some reason she get misunderstanding my word." Bell.

"If you happy then it's okay for me. As long as you happy i don't mind always giving you lap pillow when you asked me." Ais.

"I will be killed by Bete-san and Loki-sama if you keep giving me lap pillow, Ais-san." Bell sweat-dropped.



"C-C-C-Can i kiss you again?" AIs blushed.

With that all people who in there make an uproar about Ais word. People will not shocked much if she say that but the "Again" word make them surprised so much.


"'s not true right." this is first time Syr having a mental breakdown.

"Syr! Syr! You okay?!" Ryu.

"My..Rabbit.. got kissed… already?!" even Freya soul suddenly got out from her mouth.

"No-No.. It's misunderstanding!" Bell.

"So you say you actually never accept the kiss we did?" Ais pout.

"Not like that Ais-san! Please stop saying thing that make misunderstand." Bell panic.

"I-WILL-KILL-YOU-KONO-HUMAN!" Lefiya already take out her wand and cast a spell for eliminate the rabbit.

"Lefiya-san! Please calm down!" Bell.

After a long explanation and some panic, They begin calm down and let it slide. We never know how Bell calm down them, but better not to ask.

"I think i'm gonna get a mind down for real if this thing is keep going." Bell feel exhausted.

"Okay we are gonna continue this contest." Hestia-Lili.

"Cannot we just stop th-"

""Bell-san / Cranel-san"" this time Syr and Ryu both come toward Bell.

"Syr-san, Ryu-san! Wait… We should stop this!"

"No.." Syr

"Ehh.. Syr-san please calm.." Bell.

"I cannot." Syr.

"Ekh.. Just calm down Syr-san." Bell.

"I don't want to." Syr.

"Cranel-san, are you don't want us to cheer you up?" Ryu giving a sad look.

"No-No-No… It's not i don't want to, it just the thing was out of control already." Bell.

"It's okay Bell-san. We will service you and calm you down instead." Syr.

"Cranel-san we will feeding you. So please behave and sit on my lap." Ryu blushed.

"What a kind of torture is this? I-I'm just sitting on girl lap. Ughhh it's so embarrassing." Bell who cannot resist anymore just decide to play along to make it quick.

Syr smiling and take out something from her paper bag. "I just cook some curry for you, Bell-san. I hope you like it."

Ryu who shocked begin to ask Syr. "Syr.. did you cook it?"

Syr just happily nodded while the other who hear that begin concern to rabbit boy.

"She just want to kill the boy-nya." Anya.

"Someone must stop her-nya or the boy will dead for sure-nya." Chloe.

Bell looked at the curry. The curry had slightly different sight than he usually eat. The food colour is turned to purple one. Bell sweat-dropped. Ryu begin worried and ask Syr.

"Ano~ Syr. I don't think Cranel-san is that hungry. We can give him fruits instead." Ryu try to help.

"What are you saying, Ryu. Look Bell-san already want to eat my cooking." Syr smile.

"He is more like scare to death!" All of them who saw that.

"Okay Bell-san, Open your mouth." Syr try to fee Bell.

Bell begin sweat-dropped. "For some reason i can feel today will be my last day in this world if i eat it. But Syr-san cook it for me. I will try to eat it even it's kill me." Bell

With Bell decide to eat it. he begin open his mouth which make the audience shocked. Some of them even already pray for the rabbit safety. Freya in other hand already ready to chase the rabbit soul.

As Bell eat the food. "Ughh..hmmm? Ehh? it's delicious." Bell shocked.


"Really? You really mean it?" Syr.

"I'm serious." Bell even take the second bite.

"But it's not like curry anyway. It has a sweet flavor and soft texture. Also i can taste some fruit on it." Bell.

"Oh.. Sorry.. Maybe i mistaken the curry recipe with the fruit mix recipe." Syr struck out her tongue.

"I think my [[ Luck ]] skill just saved me. For her mistaken the recipe with Mix Fruit, what if she mistaken it with other food recipe?' Bell.

"Okay-okay.. i think your guys turn is over." Hestia-Lili.

"Ehh.. but… I even still not feeding Cranel-san." Ryu pout.

Bell who look at Ryu disappointed, begin feeling bad to her. she just want to cheer him up with a simple task. Bell decide to take the plate and give it to Ryu.

"Ryu-san, I still want to eat some. Please feed me." Bell smiled to Ryu.

Ryu can feel her cheek was heated up. Her ear twitching in happiness. Bell really know how to make girl fall for him. Bell did not want to Ryu feel sad. Even he reject this contest but he did not want anyone sad. Ryu can feel Bell is concern about her. She must not say a thing. This contest is for cheer him up. Not make him feel worry about her.

"Cranel-san, it's okay. Our turn is over. Thanks for concern about me." Ryu.

"Ryu-One-chan…." Bell smiled innocently.

"Hah!?" Ryu blushed intensely.

Not only Ryu, All of them is having a blush. See how cute Bell when become a little kid who call his sister. Ryu who cannot resist anymore, decide to feed him. After all she want to feed him anyway. After done feed Bell, Ryu begin smile and walk away from Bell.

"Good for you Ryu-san." Eina jealous a bit.

"Eh?" Ryu.

"Bell-kun even never call me like that." Eina.

"For you feeling jealous like that, you sure really love Cranel-san." Ryu.

"W-W-W-What are you saying?! I'm just Bell advisor!" Eina had a blush in her face.

"You sure cannot honest to your own feeling." Ryu sweat-dropped.

"Okay-okay this time is My tu-"

"Can i go first?" Haruhime.

"Haruhime-kun?" Hestia-Lili.

"yeah.. I..I also want to cheer Bell-sama." Haruhime blushed.

"Ughh… Okay-okay. Go ahead then." Hestia-Lili given in after Haruhime use puppy eyes.

Bell already can feel he gonna having a mind down. This time Haruhime will give her service. Bell want to run away. He afraid Haruhime will take this too far. She may force herself to do that with Bell.

"Bell-sama. I will give you my service." Haruhime smile.

"Ha-Haruhime. w-what are you gonna do?" Bell already anticipating to run away if Haruhime pin him down.

"I don't know what must i do for you. I already thinking from the start what thing will cheer you up. So i already decide." with that Haruhime sit on the ground.

"Bell-sama, please having my lap pillow." Haruhime.

"Eh?" Bell.

"She just doing the same thing like kenki." Freya.

"Why i feel uneasy to Haruhime for some reason?" Hestia-Lili.

"O-Okay.. if it just lap pillow it's okay." Bell

Bell walk toward Haruhime and sleep in her lap. Haruhime pat Bell head softly. Give Bell a comfortable feeling. Haruhime decide not to think about the prize anymore but more giving Bell a real good service. He did not want make his Captain feeling uneasy again. So she decide with a simple lap pillow and small talk about hero story.

"Bell-sama you know about Aladdin Hero story right?" Haruhime.

"Ah yeah. i know it. The boy who became a hero and save his land with a magic lamp from the greed minister, right?" Bell. ( Sorry if i mess the real story )

"Uhmm. There are a scene that i like when i read the story." Haruhime.

"I know you must be mention about The third wish of Aladdin to the genie. Yeah i like that scene too. Aladdin who blinded with greed finally realize that what he do is wrong." Bell.

"Uhmm! The boy decide to free the genie from the magic lamp and keep him back to poor again." Haruhime smile happily while her tail swaying around.

"Yeah. The genie was shocked when he say the last wish tho. He think that he misheard his wish but Aladdin saying again and the genie free from the magic lamp." Bell.

"How about the story about Argonaut, Bell-sama?" Haruhime.

"Wohh.. i really like the story so much! That's a great story right?" Bell look so excited.

All Bell harem who look at that can feel how excited Bell was. It's different when Bell with them. He look enjoy anything with Haruhime. They keep talking and smile like a real couple. All of them want to feel jealous but they realize Haruhime do the best thing.

"See them like this, I feel like more losing to her than kenki." Freya.

"We never win that. Look how Bell-san face smiled and excited. He must be enjoyed so much." Syr smile.

"Haruhime must already understand about Bell-kun feeling. Instead do something stupid, she decide to give him a simple lap pillow and a little talk about hero story." Eina also smile.

"Yare-yare looks like we got the winner already." Ryu smiled.

"I even didn't have a chance to pamper Bell-sama. But i agree. Omedeto Haruhime." Lili who change back smiling.

Bell right now is fell asleep as he feel sleepy after many hero story he talk with Haruhime. Haruhime keep patting Bell hair. Keep giving a comfortable vibe. The girl decide to leave them like that as a prize for Haruhime. The girl will polish their self to more better when cheer up Bell.

"I love you, Bell-sama" Haruhime blushed while smiling.

"Wait i think we forget something." Eina.

"Forget about what, Eina-san?" Syr.

"It just there someone who had been missing in here. but i don't remember who." Eina.

"You must be mistaken something, Eina-san. I think there no one missing in here." Ryu.

"Really?" Eina.

"Ne-ne. how about we going to swimming?" Tiona.

"I cannot go near water." Ais pout.

"Don't worry Ais-san, i will keep in your side." Lefiya.

"Hmm… i want with Bell instead." Ais.

"Ugh!" Lefiya.

"I maybe want to swim for a while." Ryu.

"Whatever. Let's having fun then." Eina smile.

"I will also having fun with you all!" Loki.

"Do something stupid and i will really burn you out!" Riveria.

"Why i feel like miss with someone? I will just have fun with them." Freya smiled.

In other hand, Hestia who had been tied for 1 hour already crying river because no one seem come to save her. Even Bell did not search for her.

"Hmmm! hmmmm!" Hestia.

"Pleaseeee! Someone Help mee!" Hestia.




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