Bell and the other walking back to their mansion after vacation party in Melen. Bell get a proper rest at least. Hestia in other hand still angry about what happened to her. She want to feel disappointed with Bell but he cannot be blamed because he was distracted by the girl.

"By the way Kami-sama, where are you going yesterday? I cannot find you anywhere." Bell.

"N-Nandemona, Bell-kun. It's just some people was try to get in my way yesterday." Hestia

"Are you okay Kami-sama? Are you hurt? I'm sorry for not look after you, Kami-sama. i got fell asleep when they made some random contest." Bell.

"No-No… Its not even your fault Bell-kun. I'm glad you got your proper rest. Your health more important anyways." Hestia.

"But it's not a reason to me for not looking for you, Kami-sama. What if something bad happen to you? I don't want to lose you." Bell.

"Ughh.. Why he always say something like that? My heart cannot take it." Hestia.

Lili and Haruhime didn't talk much because they also take a part to isolated Hestia. Both of them had a fright expression. Hestia know about it but decide to let it slip. She understand the girl feeling anyway. Also, Lili is the one who saving Hestia when all of them forgot about her.

"haaaaaaahhhh~" Hestia give a sigh. "As long all of you happy, i'm okay with it. Just don't do something like that again." Hestia glare at Lili and Haruhime.

"By the way Bell-dono, today you gonna having your status update right?" Mikoto.

"Haik, what's wrong?" Bell.

"I think i'm also want an update. Can i also update my status Kami-sama?" Mikoto.

"Of course. It's been 2 week after your guys expedition after all. How about today we update all of your status?" Hestia.

"It's good idea actually. I'm also wanna know my status update." Welf.

"It's settled then." Hestia.

"Maybe Bell-dono will rank up again." Mikoto.

"It's impossible Mikoto-san. I'm not a superhero who can just rank up easily. After all i just rank up 3 weeks ago." Bell.

"But at least your status will leap up again. You won a match against level 6 opponent." Welf.

"I agree. Don't forget you also fight really well and give all you have to fight Bete, Bell-sama." Lili.

"I hope that's never happen again. Bell-sama almost die because of the fight." Haruhime.

"I'm okay, Haruhime. Thanks for worried about me." Bell.

Suddenly Haruhime remember about her talk with Bell last time.

"Say about it Bell-sama, you ever say that you want a little sister right?" Haruhime.

"EH?" Bell

"What!? Bell-sama do you mean by having a little sister!? You already had me and still want a little sister?!" Lili.

"Bell-kun what is the meaning of this?!" Hestia

"You guys shall calm down. Bell just only want a little sister not a lover." Welf sweat-dropped.

"After all it's normal for Bell-dono think about having a little sister. He just want a sibling." Mikoto.

Hestia who hear Mikoto immediately calm down. She remember when first time meet Bell. He didn't have anything when he come to Orario. He lose his grandfather and he even did not know his own parent background.

"I'm sorry, Bell-kun." Hestia.

"Ehh? Why you sorry, Goddess-Hestia?" Bell.

"No… So why you want a Little sister?" Hestia.

"Ah! Like Mikoto-san say before It just i want have a sibling. It must be great having a sibling. I can talk about anything to her. I can pamper her. Protect her from boy who try to harm her. i also want someone call me "Oni-chan" but never mind. it just my stupid imagine tho." Bell blushed a bit.

"Hahahaahaha~" Welf laugh at Bell absurd reason.

"Shall i call you Oni-chan then, Bell-sama?" Lili who also hold her laugh.

"Stop teasing me. I know that stupid." Bell.

"You sure love your family, Bell-kun." Hestia.

"Hestia-sama…" Bell.

"Whatever who become your sister, she must be so lucky had a brother like you." Hestia.

"I don't know if i can become a great brother, Kami-sama. I never had little sister before. So i don't know if i can do well as a big brother." Bell.

"You sure do well. I believe it." Hestia.

"I-I-I can become your little sister, Bell-sama." Haruhime.

"You're more old than me, Haruhime." Bell.

"Bell-sama is look at me like little sister at least." Lili say proudly.

"But you say that you want me see you as older sister, Lili" Bell.

"Cannot just Bell-sama make me happy?" Lili pout.

"Okay enough with this little sister thing. We better reach home before afternoon so i can update all of your status." Hestia.

""""Haik Kami-sama!""""

In other hand, A girl who walking from outside Orario. She give a big smile. Her thought already fill with her meeting with her brother. Join in same familia, go to dungeon together, eat together even sleep together. She can see the babel of the Orario city. Her journey finally come at the end.

"I finally can meet you, Oni-sama."

The girl keep walking and never waste any second. The city just in front of her now. She just need to walk a bit and she get to her destination.

"Just wait for me. We will be together forever."




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