Chapter 1

Andy Barclay its still locked in padded room and thinks about Chucky Words, He has been very close to kill Chucky But falied, but how to rescue Nica because if He kill Chucky then Kills Nica. There will be another way to rescue Nica?- Andy says and then doctor opens door and Andy says- Who are you?.

Im Jesse Kincaid and i heard about Chucky Kills In Harrogate and Andy says- if you know about this everything so why did you not help Nica?, Jesse says-

I dont know but this is not time to ouestions and your sister Kyle will be waiting for us in outside. Andy And Jesse tries escape to Kyle but One arm Chucky

finds them and says-where you going bitches?, Jesse says- Andy Go , Andy says- Bu-, Dont worry about me now Go - Jesse repeated and Andy escapes. Jesse fights with Chucky but Chucky kills him and says- You will be go To The Heaven and laughed, Andy who is now in car with Kyle Talking Andy ouestioned - But how? and Kyle says- I tell you later and Escapes from Harrogate.

Okay so guys listen to me im from Poland and my English will be good but not perfect and Im know this chapter is short but more will be in Chapter 2 who will be tomorrow Bye.