A/N: This is my first Legacies story, so sorry if any of them are OOC in anyway.

Lizzie and Josie were walking down a hallway discussing the possibilities of what they were eating for lunch that day, when Josie is suddenly hit with a weird feeling and stops.

"What is it?" Lizzie asks concerned that her twin stopped walking.

"I was just thinking about the night I caught MG making out with Penelope." Josie explains, her facial expression confused by her own thoughts while Lizzie looks at her with disturbed expression.

"Why?" Lizzie questions, clearly grossed out by Josie's train of thoughts.

"I'm trying to figure why he would make out with her and the feelings I had towards it." Josie explains and Lizzie is struck with an idea.

"Oh my god, maybe he did it to make you jealous." Lizzie thinks aloud.

"What?" Josie asks scrunching her face up in confusion, so Lizzie elaborates.

"Oh come on, first of all, making out with friend's ex is like step one to making your crush jealous, secondly, remember when you told me about how you were nauseous when you saw him making out with Dana?" Lizzie questions after giving an understandable reason, making Josie believe she might be right.

"I remember telling you that but I was only nauseous because of twin pain." Josie states plainly but Lizzie spins on her heel so she's facing her and places her hands on Josie's shoulders.

"Or…." Lizzie starts and Josie seems to finish her thought for her.

"...I was jealous." Josie finishes her sister's thought as she nods trying to understand where her sister is going with this conversation.

"You also said you had feelings toward MG and Penelope making out. What were they?" Lizzie asks so Josie thinks for a moment before answering.

"Uh, I felt hurt, betrayed, angry…." Josie begins but Lizzie cuts her off.

"Oh god, all of the emotions you just named can easily translate to jealousy." Lizzie explains cheerfully.

"Oh my god, I have a crush on MG. Oh god, MG has a crush on me." Josie reveals sounding slightly excited by this revelation and looks at Lizzie, who's smiling at this revelation as well.

"Ooh look, there's MG." Lizzie says after she turns around to see MG walking down the hallway adjacent from them.

"Well, go talk to him." Lizzie advises slightly pushing her forward so she starts to walk up to him but Lizzie stops her.

"Wait, hair and makeup check." Lizzie makes Josie face her so she can fix her hair then she applies lip gloss on her.

"Okay, now go get 'em tiger." Lizzie turns Josie in MG's direction, playfully hits her butt, makes a small growl, and smiles as Josie partially jogs up to their shared friend with her books to her chest.

"Hey MG." Josie says nervously once she catches up to him.

"Hey Josie. You changed your hair?" MG asks taking note of her hair making Josie shyly smile and blush.

"Uh yeah, just trying something different." Josie responds still smiling shyly and blushing as she tucks a part of her hair behind her ear.

"I like it." MG states plainly, oblivious to the fact that she's blushing and clearly nervous.

"So, what are you doing?" Josie questions after she recovers from the blushing and nervousness.

"Heading to lunch. Wanna come sit and eat with me?" MG answers than suggests causing Josie to look over at Lizzie, who is closer than she was before and also smiling widely, as she encourages Josie to do so.

"Sure." Josie accepts slowly feeling herself starting to blush again before shaking it off.

At the lunch table, Josie looks nervous and feels slightly awkward before making a pitch to MG.

"So MG, I was wondering if we could talk." Josie says catching MG's attention.

"Ok, what do you want to talk about?" MG asks curiously but Josie starts to backtrack when she realizes what she said.

"Oh, uh, it's not really lunch table conversation." Josie sputters in an awkward fashion as she pushes a lock of hair behind her ear, even though MG doesn't seem to notice her nervously awkward behavior.

"Alright. How about we meet up at your dorm room after school?" MG suggests, which catches Josie completely off-guard as well as causes her to blush.

"Yeah, sure, okay." Josie feels like she's making a complete idiot of herself as she finds herself awkwardly sputtering out words again.

After school, Lizzie walks into her and Josie's dorm room, only to see her twin brushing her teeth in the bathroom.

"What are you doing?" Lizzie questions curiously, making Josie jump then spit the toothpaste from her mouth.

"Brushing my teeth. I realized that I forgot this morning." Josie explains causing Lizzie to nod with a smug facial expression.

"So, how was lunch with MG?" Lizzie asks as she leans in the doorway of their bathroom, and the question making Josie blush from embarrassment as she continues to brush her teeth.

"I made an idiot of myself by being nervous and awkward but I don't think MG noticed. Do think he noticed that I didn't brush my teeth?" Josie wonders, looking at her sister with an embarrassed facial expression, after spitting more toothpaste in the sink, even though she gave her explanation while still brushing.

"Probably not. You don't have bad morning breath." Lizzie claims reassuringly as Josie, who just finished brushing her teeth with water to remove the rest of the toothpaste, laughs before voicing her opinion.

"Right, cause I mean not everyone has your horrendous morning breath." Josie states playfully, and chuckles when Lizzie starts to respond.

"Exac…., screw you." Lizzie starts to say but instead playfully insults Josie as she pouts only to feel another smug look crawl on her face as Josie uses mouthwash and she puts her back against the doorway while crossing her arms.

"Oh and she uses mouthwash too, now." Lizzie teases sarcastically which causes Josie to glare at her before spitting the mouthwash in the sink.

"Someone has to." Josie claims plainly but Lizzie scoffs and rolls her eyes at this.

"Yeah me. The first time you used mouthwash, you swallowed it and the second time, you didn't like it at all." Lizzie explains, bringing up their past, which makes Josie roll her eyes as she uses the mouthwash for a second time.

"You totally got it bad, you know like that Chris Brown song." Lizzie compares yet clearly doesn't know that she got the artist wrong.

"Ok first of all, Usher sings that song and secondly, I don't have it bad." Josie corrects her but Lizzie scoff at this.

"Really cause last time I checked, every time you forget to brush your teeth, you always take either breath mints or chew gum but you never actually brush your teeth when you forget. Like I said, you got it bad. Just like Jason DeRulo." Lizzie explains and although her explanation makes Josie thoughtful, it also makes her roll her eyes again.

"Usher." Josie says after she finishes gargling water and spits it in the sink.

"Whatever." Lizzie just rolls eyes then there's a knock on the door, which makes Lizzie suspicious, especially since Josie gets a nervous look on her face.

"Who is that? Did you get in trouble with the headmaster?" Lizzie asks, her tone in the second question sounding impressed yet concerned.

"No, it's MG. I forgot to tell you we made plans to meet up here after school." Josie admits causing Lizzie to look smug again, yet also impressed.

"Well, don't let me interrupt. I have to talk to dad about something, anyway." Lizzie claims then opens the door.

"Hi MG. Bye MG." Lizzie just walks out of the dorm to head to her father's office as Josie just stands in the doorway, this time they both look nervous and awkward.

MG walks in and closes the door which makes Josie slightly more nervous.

"So, you wanted to talk." MG breaks the silence by bringing up why he's there.

"You should know that I'm not entirely okay with it. I mean we're friends so we should tell each other these kinds of things." Josie starts spattering out, the beginning of this conversation totally confusing MG.

"What are you talking about?" MG decides to ask, voicing his clear confusion.

"Your crush on me. I get you probably didn't tell me because you knew that it would be awkward but you should know using Penelope to make me jealous was kind of a low-blow." Josie continues to spatter out what's on her mind, but MG realizes that his stunt apparently gave out mixed signals yet MG remembers Penelope's words about a long con.

"Uh, yeah, I can't apologize more for that stunt. Also I really didn't want to make our friendship awkward." MG confesses, and although he's unsure if he wants to use Josie in order to make Lizzie, he makes his confession sound realistic.

"I understand that but you should know that I wasn't just jealous of you and Penelope but also of you and Dana in town square." Josie admits but feels she made this conversation more awkward, so she just gets to the point.

"And you should also know that, I have a crush on you to." Josie hesitates but finally confesses, leaving MG completely stunned by this revelation and also realizing that he can't play with someone's actual feelings for him just to get Lizzie to like him, his mother didn't raise him like that.

Even though MG knows he doesn't have a crush on Josie, he still cares about her, but he concludes that he might have some romantic feelings for her as he reciprocates the kiss, that she initiated, pretty happily.

After the kiss breaks, they both lean in for another kiss, which leads to another and another, until they're making out with Josie's arms around his neck, and his arms around her waist.

Josie removes MG's blazer then allows him to remove hers but before anything further can happen, MG needs reassurance.

"You sure?" MG asks and Josie nods, this being her first time with a guy.

"You?" MG nods as well, revealing this will be his first time, then they continue to kiss and as they do Josie starts unbuttoning MG's dress shirt until he takes it off.

Then MG ultimately unbuttons Josie's shirt, as it falls to the floor, they walk backwards to Josie's bed and fall on it after MG placed Josie's bare legs around his waist.

MG removes his lips from hers to kiss her then down to her jaw line and finally kissing her neck as he holds her hand while she moans pleasurably from him kissing her neck.

Sometime later, when Josie's sleeping after a night of sex, MG hears footsteps that he thinks are approaching the dorm, and so assuming it's Lizzie, or worse, the headmaster, he vamp speeds his clothes on then leaves, completely unnoticed.

The next morning, Josie wakes up with a smile on her face that turns to a frown when she sees MG isn't there.

Realizing Lizzie isn't back in their dorm yet, she gets out of bed and hops in the shower, after siphoning magic from the school to magically wash her sheets, without it being obvious.

Lizzie walks in the dorm just as Josie gets out of the shower.

"Great I need a shower, I had a night of horrible regret." Lizzie reveals looking very bitter, and clearly angry with herself about whatever happened last night, which causes Josie to not even ask about it, even though she's curious about her sister's night.

So Lizzie hops in shower while Josie gets dressed, still wondering about if she should ask her sister what happened last night.

Once Lizzie is out of the shower and dressed, she grabs a pillow off of her own bed then hops onto Josie's, pouting as well as still looking angry.

Lizzie sighs heavily in annoyance then leans back on her sister's bed, which makes Josie feel the need to tell her not to.

"Oh, uh, do you mind Lizzie. That's kind of a sacred ground." Josie admits and Lizzie immediately shoots up, shocked.

"It is!" Lizzie shouts, clearly happy for her sister, but Josie quickly shushes her as she shouted it pretty loud.

"Shhh!" Josie shushes her, but Lizzie's still smiling as she remains happy from her sister's confession.

"It is!" Lizzie shouts again, whispering this time, yet clearly still excited.

"Yeah, um, me and MG…. last night." Josie reveals and although Lizzie is happy for her, she gets off of Josie's bed then goes to sit on her own bed.

"So, how was your night?" Josie asks changing the subject but Lizzie refuses to tell her.

"Uh, more like how was yours?" Lizzie remarks, then gets off her bed in order to grab and drag Josie onto it.

"So how was it?" Lizzie questions, making Josie slightly uncomfortable but she smiles because Lizzie's happy.

"I am so not answering that." Josie states but Lizzie presses her on the discussion.

"Oh you so are. Tell me everything." Lizzie practically demands so Josie starts talking, getting somewhat more comfortable on the topic.

Meanwhile, MG is in his dorm looking at his messaging page on his phone, debating on who he should text, as he has new messages, one being from Penelope, one from Kaleb, and one from Josie, ultimately choosing to text Penelope back first.

'Hey Peez, I just want to let you know I'm going to have to skip our meet-up. Things have gotten ... complicated. Will explain later.' MG sends the text then responds to Kaleb's.

Wondering if he should text back, he looks at Josie's text message that reads:

'Hey MG, so last night probably made things awkward between us. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have put you on the spot like that. Just call, or text me, if you want.'

MG decides not to respond and he's about to put his phone away when he gets another text, from Penelope that reads:

'Uh, how complicated did things get? Whatever, I don't care, just meet me at the library in 30. We need to talk.'

Now MG is more confused than he was, what could Penelope possibly need to tell him?

The curiosity and the need to have this question answered were what made him really contemplate showing up in the library.

Penelope was sitting in the library by the fireplace, holding a bottle of beer, that she puts toward her mouth, about to drink, when she hears footsteps behind causing her to roll her eyes, seemingly knowing the identity of the person who walked in.

"You're late." Penelope says in an annoyed tone before taking a swig of her beer.

"By fifteen minutes." MG reveals himself as the person who walked in.

"It doesn't matter, my text said in thirty, you showed in forty-five." Penelope exclaims, very irritated, but seemingly not at MG.

"Somebody put you in a mood. Can I do anything to help?" MG asks, addressing the situation calmly, but this just makes her frown, take another swig of her beer, then stand up and turn around to look at MG.

"So how complicated did things get exactly?" Penelope questions, mildly intimidating MG, who shakes it off before she notices.

"So, um, I'll get straight to the point, uh, I'm no longer interested in Lizzie Saltzman." MG confesses, leaving Penelope to gape at him in shock, and also in horror, unbeknownst to MG, as they stand in the library, silent.