A week later, the Mizzie Shipper's Quest is still disbanded, much to Lizzie's joy and she thinks that she should interrogate her twin on the quest she was previously involved in.

"Hey Josie." Lizzie greets Josie looking absolutely cheerful, which doesn't go unnoticed.

"Hey, Lizzie. You're very cheerful." Josie takes note of Lizzie's cheerfulness, trying not to sound glum.

"Why wouldn't I be? It's New Year's Eve!" Lizzie exclaims happily then realizes that Josie looks upset about something and frowns at her.

"What's wrong, sis?" Lizzie looks at Josie with sympathy and her twin just looks away evasively after Lizzie walks in front of her.

"It's nothing. I'm just trying to figure some things out." Josie tries to assure Lizzie she's fine but Lizzie doesn't buy it.

"What kind of things? Maybe I can help." Lizzie suggests after wondering what kind of things were bothering her.

"Um, like you said, it's New Year's but I'm just having difficulty trying to find a solution to a problem that shouldn't even exist." Josie gives Lizzie a very vague answer as to why she's upset.

"What kind of problem?" Lizzie coaxes Josie to talk to her and Josie finally relents.

"As you know, I've been getting closer to Hope and Penelope and since it's New Year's, I kind of want to have a New Year's kiss, kind of thing." Josie admits but Lizzie just looks confused.

"I'm not entirely seeing the problem." Lizzie voices her confusion and Josie just sighs sadly.

"The problem is I care about both of them, in a romantic way and I'm just trying to figure out who to kiss. There's Penelope, who's most likely expecting a kiss but then there's Hope, who's never had a New Year's kiss." Josie speaks her mind on the problem that she's currently having and Lizzie gapes at her in shock.

"You and Penelope were dating last year which means that you two already had a New Year's kiss. I say go with Hope, or just engage in a three-way kiss." Lizzie gives her a solution to her problem, that Josie clearly contemplates even as she's shocked that her twin is supportive of her being with two people, one of them being Penelope, who Lizzie hates.

"You seem different." Josie points out and Lizzie looks at her curiously along with confused.

"I don't know what you mean." Lizzie claims still looking at Josie.

"You just gave me advice on kissing two people, both of whom you hate. What gives?" Josie believes that Lizzie has ulterior motives as to why she's acting differently but Lizzie just smiles at her in return.

"I don't know. A New Year makes room for a new Lizzie, I guess." Lizzie just simply shrugs as she continues to smile at her sister.

"How's MG?" Josie wonders curiously which has Lizzie slowly blushes at the mention.

"Um, I don't know. I haven't spoken to him since Christmas." Lizzie admits after she recovers from blushing then looks away evasively before reaching into her pocket.

"Uh, you might want to return this to the rightful owner." Lizzie hands Josie a phone which Josie immediately recognizes as Hope's phone.

"You're the one who stole Hope's phone." Josie looks at Lizzie in shock and Lizzie just nods in agreement before crossing her arms then starts glaring at her twin.

"Anything you want to tell me about the quest you were a part of?" Lizzie questions, looking angered at Josie's secrecy.

"No." Josie stands her ground and gets defensive.

"Come on, Josie. New year, new me. That's why I handed Hope's phone over to you and revealed myself as the culprit of stealing it. We can't be half-honest with each other sis." Lizzie looks demandent of answers and Josie sighs, realizing that she's right.

So, Josie tells Lizzie all about the quest without actually telling her what the point of the quest was and also tells her that the only thing that mattered was that it was finally over when Lizzie asked what the quest was about, this answer seeming to satisfy Lizzie.

"So, why haven't you been talking to MG?" Josie decides to get answers from Lizzie, who starts blushing at the mention of MG's name again.

"Um, remember when I told you to give me one or more reasons to not be interested in him?" Lizzie brings up the conversation from two days before Christmas and Josie nods in agreement.

"I remember." Josie answers verbally despite her nod then motions for Lizzie to continue.

"Well, um, I have a crush… on him and I've kind of been avoiding him for the past week because of it." Lizzie reveals awkwardly, having hesitated between crush and on him.

"I don't know where it came from. It might have been two days before Christmas when I fell on him, or it might have been there way longer and I've just now noticed it. Or maybe it just sprung out of nowhere because it's New Year's. Either way, I have a crush on him and I don't like it Josie." Lizzie declares after she rants possible reasons as to where her crush came from which was after she claimed she didn't know where it came from.

"I thought you two were together." Josie decides to voice her belief but this has Lizzie shake her head.

"No, we aren't. Were you listening to a word I said, I've been avoiding him for the past week. Where did that even come from?" Lizzie asks confused after sounding out each word of the answer she gave when Josie first asked about MG.

"I… it doesn't matter. I'm not entirely sure what to do with all of this information, Lizzie." Josie admits after she refuses to answer the question.

"You're my sister and I need someone to listen to my rants and not zone out like dad does because he couldn't care less about our romantic lives." Lizzie tells Josie the reason as to why she always complains, rants, and casually talks to her, this reason clearly touching Josie.

"Well, if you want some friendly, sisterly advice? I think you should talk to MG about it. I mean, you said it yourself, new year, new you." Josie encourages Lizzie to just talk to MG but she shoots the suggestion down.

"No, I can't talk to him. I get all… nervous and awkward and antisocial. That's why everytime I see him in the dining hall or on the opposite side of the hall, I walk away quickly. I officially hate having crushes." Lizzie admits that she hates crushes after explaining to Josie why she can't talk to MG, which shocks Josie.

"Did you want me to come with you to talk to him?" Josie decides to suggest, believing that her twin wants her to hold her hand during this.

"No, I don't. I appreciate the offer but, I'm going to attempt to try it myself. I can totally do this." Lizzie declines the offer of Josie being there despite appreciating it, and she gives herself a mini pep talk of confidence.

After a moment of giving herself an internal pep talk, Lizzie just grabs Josie's wrist and drags her out of their dorm room, much to Josie's shock.

"Um, where are we going?" Josie asks, clearly confused by her sister's sudden behavior change.

"We are scoping things out. I'll keep a lookout for your girls and you keep a lookout for MG. Then on the count of three, we'll approach the respective people." Lizzie explains to Josie what they're going to be doing yet doesn't notice that she didn't answer the actual question Josie asked.

The two of them stop in a hallway in order to scope out the area, as Lizzie put it, but it doesn't take long before Josie spots MG first.

"Found MG." Josie says plainly as she motions to him then looks to her twin only to see her get a look of nervousness while she clearly blushes.

Josie puts her head down and sighs, realizing how this is going to be, despite Lizzie's internal self-confidence pep talks.

"Hey, be confident, remember?" Josie reminds Lizzie of needing to be confident and Lizzie nods in agreement with her then starts to walk towards him as he walks towards her.

"Hey Lizzie." MG greets her with a wave and a friendly smile as he passes her.

"Hi." Lizzie manages squeak out her greeting with a small wave but dorky smile as she watches him walk away and once he's out of sight, she continues to look in the direction that he went in, admiringly.

"He said hi to me." Lizzie sighs out as she still stares in the direction he went in once Josie walks up to her.

"You are literally drooling." Josie shakes her head disapprovingly, wiping the actual drool from Lizzie's mouth with a towel from her jean pocket.

Lizzie then shakes it off and frowns in disappointment, realizing that she only made an idiot of herself.

"Damn it. Eh, maybe next year." Lizzie concludes that she'll be less awkward around MG by next New Year's then walks away from Josie to probably think about next year.

Josie continues to shake her head disapprovingly before she sees Penelope and she runs up to her.

"Hey, Pen. We need to talk. Now." Josie demands that she and Penelope talk after greeting her.

A few minutes later, Penelope and Josie are in Penelope's dorm room with Penelope seeming confused by Josie's more demanding behavior.

"Remember when we disbanded our group last week?" Josie questions, whispering, even though no one else is in the room.

"Uh, yeah. There was practical champagne and an actual party." Penelope nods in agreement that she remembers the group disbanding.

"Yeah, that was a huge mistake." Josie emphasizes huge, catching Penelope's attention.

"What do you mean?" Penelope looks confused and Josie just sighs, unsure of how to tell her why.

"Because earlier today, Lizzie just told me that she had a crush on MG and totally denied that she and MG were a couple despite what Hope saw. Then, we were in a hallway so Lizzie can talk to him and she turns to mush, only acknowledging that he said hi, and looked at him in an admiring way. It was a complete package of the 'awkward around a crush' cliche, even more complete with drooling." Josie explains everything that happened before she approached Penelope in one breath, and Penelope looks very confused, most likely because she got none of what Josie just told her.

"Okay, I might need to have that be repeated in a slower manner but if I'm understanding what you're saying correctly; they aren't together?" Penelope summarizes the only thing that she actually got from Josie's rambling after declaring that everything Josie had said needed to be in a slow, understanding manner.

"Exactly. But now Lizzie has a crush on MG and she acts like the complete package of the 'awkward around your crush' cliche, even more complete when the drooling started happening." Josie agrees with Penelope's summary then summarizes the rest of her rambling, repeating the last statement.

"So, are you saying that we re band the Mizzie Shipper's Quest?" Penelope sounds more confused than she's probably ever been yet looks shocked that their plan didn't entirely work.

"I don't know. But I feel like we should definitely fix whatever is going on." Josie reveals that she's unsure of restarting the quest yet seems certain to help Lizzie with her newfound crush.

"Alright. I'll talk to MG about exactly what happened last week and you talk to Lizzie about her crush more." Penelope agrees that they fix the problem then makes plans to get more information and Josie nods in agreement to these plans.

Before either of them leave the dorm, Josie just decides to abruptly yet passionately kiss Penelope, who reciprocates it pretty happily.

"What was that for?" Penelope questions, mildly breathless as she looks at Josie stunned.

"It's just, I wanted to kiss Hope at midnight tonight, but I didn't want to leave you out of the equation." Josie explains what the kiss was for, bringing up the fact that she chose Hope for the New Year's midnight kiss.

"Seems fair. Except the fact that I might have made the same decision." Penelope admits that she also plans on kissing Hope for New Year's, shocking Josie.

"Well, great minds apparently do think alike. How about we have Hope make the decision then?" Josie suggests after claiming that she and Penelope have great minds causing Penelope to nod.

"Sounds like a plan but first, let's fix this MG and Lizzie mess." Penelope agrees despite nodding then brings the topic back to Lizzie and MG.

This causes both of them to leave and look for the people that they made plans to talk to.

Penelope finds MG in the dining hall, working on something, so she walks up to him.

"Hey MG." Penelope greets him causing him to stop what he's doing and look up at her.

"Hey, Peez. What's up?" MG returns the greeting then wonders what she wants.

"What are you doing?" Penelope ignores the question, mainly because she's too focused on what MG's working on.

"Oh, well since I've given up on the fact that I'm going to have a New Year's midnight kiss, I am preparing for Valentine's Day. Hey tell me, does this sound too cheesy?" MG pushes his spiral towards Penelope, wanting her opinion on the poem he was writing after explaining what he's doing.

"Roses are red, violets aren't blue, I really like you, do you like me too?" Penelope reads the poem then scrunches her face in confusion.

"Is this a confession in a Valentine's Day poem?" Penelope wonders, even though it's obvious that it is.

"Yeah, I'm deciding to choose Valentine's Day to finally express my feelings for Lizzie. It's too cheesy, isn't it?" MG reveals why he's writing a poem then deduces the one he wrote is too cheesy based on Penelope's facial expression.

"It's a little cheesy." Penelope agrees with the fact that it's cheesy but only slightly and MG sighs as he takes back the spiral in order to write a different one.

"Did you want to stay and be my editor? I want to write the poem before I create the card project." MG suggests that Penelope stay in order to help him then tells her he's just simply writing a rough draft.

"Sure." Penelope accepts the offer of staying to help with a smile and the two of them start working on it.

Meanwhile, Josie goes back to her and Lizzie's dorm room, where she hears the shower running.

Josie sighs then plops on her bed to wait and starts playing on her phone to pass the time.

After a while of the shower running, Josie gets concerned since Lizzie always knows when someone walks in, even in the shower.

"Lizzie." Josie decides to call out to her but starts to get worried when she doesn't answer.

"Lizzie?" Josie gets off the bed then walks towards the bathroom door and starts to open it slowly.

"Lizzie." Josie pokes her head into the bathroom nervously then walks in completely when it's obvious that no one's in the shower.

She pulls back the curtain and turns the shower off then takes out her phone in order to call her twin.

Josie puts her phone to her ear after dialing Lizzie only to hear the phone from behind her causing her to whip around to see a person in a dark grey hoodie with a ski mask on, holding Lizzie's phone, much to Josie's horror.

"Ahh!" Josie screams in fear, realizing she wouldn't be able to make it to the door in time, yet this causes the person to attack her.

After a while once the assailant leaves, Lizzie returns to dorm, holding something in her hands.

"Josie." Lizzie calls out to her sister once she walks in the dorm room and the shower's running.

"Josie, I'm back." Lizzie calls out to her again, saying that she's returned but it remains silent.

"Jos, when do you ever give me the silent treatment?" Lizzie seems confused by Josie not even saying hello to her so she heads towards the bathroom to investigate her twin's silence.

Lizzie simply opens the door, only to be horrified of the sight that is her sister, badly injured and barely conscious sprawled on the bathroom floor.

"Oh my god, Josie." Lizzie rushes to her twin's side and immediately checks her pulse, which is barely there, before she checks her for broken bones then lifts her up in bridal carry to take her to Emma after establishing that there are none.

After a little while, Lizzie is anxiously pacing outside the hospital wing of the school, since her presence was stressing Emma out and she needed to focus on Josie, when Penelope runs up to Lizzie.

"Hey, I got your text. How's Josie?" Penelope wonders clearly concerned after bringing up that she got what Lizzie texted her.

"Um, I don't know, she's still with Emma but she has no broken bones." Lizzie looks like she's about to cry as she explains Josie's condition to Penelope, who also seems near tears.

It doesn't take long before MG runs up to the two of them, looking clearly concerned for Josie.

"I just got Penelope's text. Is she okay?" MG, much like Lizzie and Penelope, doesn't seem to hide the fact that he's worried about Josie.

"She's still breathing, so I'll say she's okay." Lizzie responds yet clearly seems unconvinced by her own words.

"I'm going to go get Dr. Saltzman. He'll want to know about this." Penelope claims she'll go get Alaric and Lizzie nods in agreement that she should get him so Penelope leaves.

"Hey, are you okay?" MG looks at Lizzie, who's still near tears yet nods as though she is okay.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Lizzie lies that she's alright with a nod of reassurance but MG doesn't buy it.

"Hey." MG just pulls her into a hug and she starts hysterically crying in his shoulder, letting him comfort her before she pulls away.

"She was just lying on the bathroom floor, barely breathing and I was so scared for her. Then I…" Lizzie starts to hyperventilate as she talks about how she found Josie right when Alaric and Penelope walk up to them, with all four of them looking worried.

"Who would attack Josie in her dorm?" MG wonders curiously which has Penelope and Lizzie exchange looks but not respond, due to Alaric also being there.

"Or just in general?" Alaric adds to MG's question, clearly worried for Josie, like the rest of them.

"Hey, what happened?" Hope jogs up, having noticed the four standing around, looking concerned by the fact that they're all standing around the hospital wing.

"Josie got attacked in the bathroom of our dorm room." Lizzie answers, still upset by the fact.

"What?" Hope looks horrified by the fact Josie was attacked and Penelope is about to say something when Emma walks out.

"She's okay. She's stabilized and on anesthetics, which should wear off within the hour." Emma informs them that Josie's still alive, much to all of their reliefs.

"Can she have visitors?" Lizzie questions and Emma nods in agreement which has Lizzie rush to her twin's side, who is still unconscious but Lizzie's just relieved that she is still alive.

All six of them stay by Josie's bedside until Hope decides to leave.

"I'm going to call Rafael, he'll want to know about this." Hope announces that she is going to call Rafael in a whisper, since Josie is still sleeping, then walks out as she pulls her phone from her pocket.

Just after she leaves, Josie's eyes flutter open and Lizzie just hugs her in response to her waking up.

"Hey." Lizzie greets Josie softly with a warm smile that Josie returns.

"Hi." Josie greets her weakly, still with a small smile as she looks around.

"Where's Hope?" Josie frowns as she notices that Hope isn't there, yet smiled at the people who were there.

"Oh, she walked out to call Rafael. She'll be back soon, I'm sure." Lizzie assures her twin that Hope will be back soon after telling her where she went and Josie weakly nods in understanding.

"Are you sure she'll be back? I didn't know phone calls were this long when informed another person of something." Penelope expresses her concern on the fact that Hope has yet to return after questioning Lizzie's words of her coming back.

"I'll go check to see what's taking so long." Lizzie gets up and walks out to the corridor of the hospital wing, only to see that neither Rafael nor Hope are out there, which mildly worries her until she hears footsteps appear behind her.

"Are you looking for me?" An angry voice comes from behind Lizzie, which clearly and mildly intimidates her.

"You didn't call Rafael, did you?" Lizzie deduces, clearly knowing the person behind her, despite having an angrier than usual tone.

Lizzie turns around to see Hope standing in a dark grey hoodie with a dark expression on her face, which has Lizzie's face wash over with horror.

"Hope?" Lizzie looks very confused and terrified by Hope's appearance which has Hope smirk briefly.

"Surprised?" Hope sounds arrogant while wondering this and Lizzie looks even more horrified.

"No." Lizzie sighs out in disbelief as she realizes that Hope is the second hooded figure.

"Yes." Hope simply confirms what Lizzie's just figured out before walking closer to and knocking Lizzie unconscious.

"I'm going to see what's taking Lizzie so long." MG speaks up after a couple of minutes have passed and neither Hope nor Lizzie walked through the door yet.

"I'll come with you." Penelope declares then they both leave, so Josie can talk to her dad privately, since she clearly wants to.

Emma is too preoccupied doing other things, not even paying attention to the two Saltzman's whatsoever.

"Dad. There's something that I need to tell you." Josie states weakly, catching Alaric's attention.

"You found out about the game during setting up for Christmas but what you don't know is all of the things that before Christmas." Josie indirectly brings up the day he found out that Josie and Penelope made a game that involved Lizzie then tells him there are things that he doesn't know, which mildly concerns him.

Josie then proceeds to tell him everything that happened before Christmas, like the paintball incident, the staircase incident, the dorm trashing, and the fact that Lizzie was nearly killed in their dorm room, almost similarly to how she was while in the bathroom, along with the fact that someone, who wears a dark grey hoodie, is after a key Landon's in possession of.

"We've been trying to figure out who this person is but we just don't know and we're getting more terrified by the second." Josie explains that her, Penelope, and the group that she used to hang out with are still trying to solve the case of someone who wants the key that Landon has then starts to tear up when she tells him she's more terrified by every second that passes.

Alaric hugs her as he now becomes concerned that his daughters and a couple other students have been dealing with this by themselves.

Penelope and MG interrupt the moment when they walk back in the room, catching Josie and Alaric's attention.

"They weren't there." Penelope says plainly then MG holds up a phone.

"This was the only thing that was on the floor." MG hands the phone to Josie and she immediately recognizes it as Lizzie's.

"This is Lizzie's phone." Josie tells them as she struggles to sit up then flings her legs over the side of the bed so they dangle.

"Why would that be on the floor and was Hope's phone there too?" Alaric asks two good questions.

"Nope, just Lizzie's." MG responds to the second question after he shrugged at the first one.

"It's not cracked or broken meaning that it was most likely placed on the floor." Penelope brings up the condition Lizzie's phone is in.

"The person who attacked me had her phone. They showed me the phone when I tried to call her, right before they attacked me." Josie tells them some of what happened before she was attacked which has Penelope frown in confusion.

"Well, Lizzie wouldn't leave her phone on the floor." MG pipes in as Penelope still frowns in confusion.

"If the person who attacked you had Lizzie's phone, then how did she text me about your condition?" Penelope speaks up on her confusion.

"Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, she looked surprised when I told her that I got her text." Penelope realizes causing Josie to try and stand up but Ric has her sit back down.

"You should rest." Alaric advises but Josie scoffs at this advice with a roll of her eyes.

"Lizzie and Hope might be missing. I'm not going to stay here and get better. I'm going to find them." Josie struggles to stand again, this time being successful then starts to head to the door, proving stubbornness that she most likely gets from her mother.

However, before Josie can open the door, Emma casts a spell that puts her to sleep and she falls unconscious but MG catches her in his arms then puts her back on the bed.

"She needs her bed rest whether she wants it or not." Emma states then nods at Alaric as though she's encouraging him to go find Lizzie while she keeps Josie there, which is a look he seems to read as he returns a nod.

Meanwhile, Lizzie regains consciousness and it doesn't take long before she realizes that she's in a car with Hope at the wheel, despite not having a license or being taught fully.

"Where are we going?" Lizzie wonders, concerned by Hope's aggressive driving.

"Somewhere secluded." Hope replies to this question very vaguely, which worries Lizzie.

Hope continues to drive recklessly with a very nervous Lizzie in the passenger side before she takes a needle and injects Lizzie with it, which has the blonde pass out.

"Who do you guys think have them?" Alaric asks, making it obvious that he knows of the grey hooded figure.

"I don't know. It could be anyone from campus, we still haven't figured it out." Penelope tells Ric that they have no idea who it is, reminding him of this as MG looks around.

"Uh, wasn't Hope supposed to call Rafael?" MG points out Hope's words before Lizzie eventually went to check on her.

They all look around the area, not seeing Rafael anywhere which confuses them all greatly.

"That's not right. Josie still has Hope's phone from when Lizzie gave it back to her earlier." Penelope informs them that Josie has Hope's phone so Hope calling Rafael makes no sense then she gasps in shock.

"The person who attacked Josie had Lizzie's phone, we found Lizzie's phone on the floor, Hope's phone is still in Josie's possession. That means…" Penelope trails off with a look of horror after pointing three different things out.

However, before Penelope can reveal her thoughts, Rafael jogs up with Landon, both seeming worried.

"Hey, what's up?" Rafael looks concerned by the fact that they're outside the hospital wing and so does Landon.

"We'll explain later. Have either of you seen Hope or Lizzie?" MG interrogates them, ignoring Rafael's question.

"Uh no, not recently. Why?" Landon wonders curiously after claiming that he hasn't seen either of them.

"They're missing." MG says plainly in realization, a revelation that horrifies Rafael and Landon.

Back with Hope, who's no longer driving, Lizzie starts regaining consciousness again to see Hope's back as she's leaning against the hood of the car.

Hope seems to sense that Lizzie's awake again since she stands fully then walks over to the passenger side and opens the door.

"Get out." Hope demands before she reaches in the car and forcefully yanks Lizzie out of the vehicle then slams the door once she's out.

The second she does, another car pulls up on the dark road the two girls are currently on which clearly intimidates both of them.

"You're responsible for nearly killing me in the dorm room, and Josie in the bathroom. Aren't you?" Lizzie decides to get answers from Hope, who remains stone faced and quiet.

"Of course. That's why you were the first one there after the attack." Lizzie realizes that Hope is truly responsible for nearly killing her in the dorm room and Hope continues to remain silent.

The person who just pulled up gets out of the car, but neither of them can see their face because the headlights are bright and blinding.

Hope stands to the middle of the road and the person who got out of the car does the same so they're now face-to-face.

"I got you what you wanted. Now give her back." Hope states she has what the person wanted as she holds up the key that Lizzie had taken from Landon then demands that the person returns whoever 'her' is.

"One last order of business." the person states in a calm demeanor then walks towards Lizzie, who immediately tenses up when they approach her.

"Remember me?" the man wonders with a smirk but it turns to a scowl when she shakes her head.

"You will." the man threatens then stabs her in the stomach with a pocket knife causing her to gasp in pain as Hope watches on sadly.

"Let's go." the man walks back over to Hope, placing a hand on her back so he can lead her to his car, leaving Lizzie gasping for breath as a knife resides in her stomach on the dark road.

Back at the Salvatore school, MG's on a laptop intently searching for something after they determined that a car was missing and Kaleb has joined the group.

"Okay, got it. I finally tracked the missing car's gps to a place in the middle of nowhere." MG tells the group that he finally found the car.

"Let's go." Rafael says but MG clears his throat and Penelope sighs in annoyance.

"He meant, wheels up in twenty." Penelope uses the statement that Criminal Minds use which has MG smile happily at the fact that she said it then they leave.

It's just a matter of time before they reach the road Lizzie's on, of course with Penelope driving, it doesn't take long at all.

They get out of the car, with MG immediately vamp speeding to Lizzie's aid and removes the knife only to give her his blood soon after.

"Hope's insane." Lizzie breathes out after MG heals her which has MG look at the rest of the group who just walked up after getting out of the car.

After a moment, Lizzie is leaning against Alaric's car and has explained everything that led her to being kidnapped by Hope and what happened before she was stabbed.

"She demanded the man 'give her back'?" Kaleb questions, clearly confused but Lizzie just nods in agreement.

"That sounds like she's being blackmailed. Who is 'her'?" Penelope wonders and Lizzie shakes her head after shrugging.

"I have no idea." Lizzie responds despite shrugging and shaking her head.

"She took my key?" Landon seems to have just processed this even though it was one of the first things that Lizzie told them.

"Did you get a license plate number? I might be able to track the car that way." MG informs Lizzie that he can track the car after asking if she saw a license plate.

"The car didn't have a front license plate. It had a back one, but I couldn't see it." Lizzie reveals that the car didn't have a front license plate but had an unidentifiable back one.

"How did you guys get here so fast?" Lizzie decides to ask on part of her curiosity.

"We let Penelope drive." Rafael answers with a shake of his head and Landon shutters in fear, implying that she's a bad driver and Penelope rolls her eyes at this.

"Wait, I know where that key leads. That's probably where they're going." Landon deduces where they're going after stating that he knows where the key leads.

"Wonderful. I'll drive." Penelope exclaims happily, holding the keys up and nobody argues with this since they want to get there quickly.

So they get back in the car and Penelope speeds off, listening to Landon's instructions on where to go.

Within an hour, they make it to the warehouse that the key leads to and they're about to get out of the car before Lizzie speaks up.

"Wait. We should have a plan, or something before we just go barging in there." Lizzie gives wise advice on what they should do so they all start thinking of a plan.

"Here's a plan. We just storm the place and demand answers from Hope." Penelope gives a very terrible plan that everyone disagrees to.

"No, we have to be sneaky and deceitful." MG gives a different plan then proceeds to explain it.

"I should probably stay here. Both Hope and the guy who stabbed me think I'm dead." Lizzie suggests she stay in the car as the people they're going to confront most likely believe she's dead.

"No one likes the idea of you staying here alone." Penelope immediately speaks for the other people in the car, including herself, and the others all nod in agreement.

They all get out of the car, Lizzie included, in order to get to the storage unit, which they sneak towards.

"What was that?" The guy who dragged Hope to the storage unit wonders angrily after a small noise is made.

"I don't know." Hope retorts causing the man to approach her threateningly.

"Well, go figure it out." The man demands her and she just walks off to discover the noise.

Hope walks around the storage unit, determined to figure out the noise that was made, holding a handgun as she does.

It doesn't take long before Hope finds Penelope, who doesn't seem to realize that someone's behind her until she hears a gun cock to the back of her head.

Hope shoves her to the area where the man is while still holding the gun to the back of her head.

"Found the noise maker." Hope informs the guy who looks up at the two girls.

"Instead of just standing there and looking pretty, how about you pull the trigger?" The guy suggests that Hope kills Penelope, who immediately gets scared when Hope sounds like she's actually going to shoot her.

"Forget her. I found what I was looking for." The guy saves Penelope at the last minute when he tells Hope to forget her as he no longer needs to be in the storage unit.

"Good. Now hand her back." Hope demands that he gives 'her' back and he just chuckles at the demand until Hope cocks the gun in his direction.

"I said give her back." Hope repeats the demand, looking murderous as she starts to approach him, still keeping the gun on him.

The guy's look turns into a scowl as she keeps the gun on him.

"Or what? You'll kill me? If I die, she dies. It's as easy as that." The guy taunts Hope, who lowers the gun, realizing that she can't kill him, much to his amusement.

In a shocking turn of events, the guy pulls out his own gun and shoots Hope in the stomach before simply leaving the unit as he takes out his phone.

Penelope rushes to Hope's aid as she bleeds out, clearly infuriated by the turn of events.

"He's going to kill her anyway." Hope manages to speak, voicing her realization in horror.

"Who's 'her'?" Penelope asks as she tries to stop the bleeding.

"My aunt. He has Freya." Hope responds to who he has, which explains Hope's more recent actions.

"He's the only one who knows where she is." Hope reveals that the man who shot her is the only one with knowledge of her aunt's location.

A moment later, MG comes the rescue and gives Hope his blood, which she responds to, then the three leave, only for Hope to see the guy unconscious.

"Did you kill him?" Hope looks horrified at the fact he could be dead.

"Nope. Just knocked him out. Now we can get the information of where he's holding your aunt." Kaleb explains that he's alive as well as implying that he eavesdropped on Hope and Penelope's conversation.

So, that's exactly what they do and once they establish that Freya is safe, they kill the guy responsible and head back to the school.

Lizzie seems demandent of answers from Hope, which doesn't go unnoticed by Hope, who just walks away from Lizzie, ashamed of her actions.

"It's two hours till New Year's." Lizzie decides to state the time in a sigh of defeat, not knowing what to do anymore as she stares up at the ceiling.

Lizzie is lounging on a chair in the hospital wing, next to Josie's bedside as her sister still sleeps.

"I don't know what to do. I mean, I had plans but then they got sidetracked because drama, go figure." Lizzie is ranting to her sister, seemingly looking for advice from her.

"You know what, you're so right. I'm going to be confident." Lizzie makes a discovery and she believes Josie helped her make it.

Lizzie leaves Josie's bedside then confidently goes to MG after getting something from her dorm room.

"Hey, MG." Lizzie approaches him with a warm greeting and tries not to blush when he smiles at her.

"Hi Lizzie. What's that?" MG immediately notices something in Lizzie's hands, which has her smile nervously.

"Um, something that I forgot to give you on Christmas. So, here." Lizzie hands him what she has after telling him that it's a late Christmas gift for him.

"Oh, thanks Lizzie." MG thanks Lizzie for the gift, despite not having seen it yet, as he takes it from her hands.

"So, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out, like now-ish." Lizzie awkwardly suggests that they hang out at that moment, shocking MG, mainly because he has never seen Lizzie awkward around him.

"Yeah, we can hang out. I'm not doing anything." MG agrees to hanging out with her, stating that he's not doing anything, which has Lizzie smile at him nervously again.

The two then spend a little over an hour together on the Salvatore school grounds, when MG realizes something.

"Don't you have someone special to hang out with on New Year's, like Rafael or Josie?" MG questions why she's hanging out with him, believing that she should be spending it with someone else.

"I like to think I am spending it with someone special." Lizzie admits that she's spending New Year's with someone she thinks is special, which MG picks up on.

"You think I'm someone special?" MG looks at her curiously and she just smiles at him in return.

"I was always known for being a little biased." Lizzie shrugs cutely, stating that she's biased before leaning closer to him, which he retaliates in doing the same.

In that moment, Lizzie kisses MG, with him reciprocating it happily, yet both of them are shocked that the other's into them.

The kiss breaks after a few seconds, mainly so Lizzie can adjust her sitting position and MG places a hand on her cheek then kisses her again, this kiss happening at midnight, symbolizing a New Year.

A/N: So, the quest is now officially over, as MG and Lizzie have finally had a first kiss but of course, drama always happens. Josie nearly gets killed in her bathroom, Lizzie has a crush on MG, MG focuses on Valentine's Day, and other things. Was Hope truly responsible for being the second dark grey hooded figure, or was she just being blackmailed? I guess the truth will never be revealed.