The Ranger

**this story is set during the Late Legacy Era of Star Wars. The Fel Empire based on Coruscant, the Galactic Alliance which had 3 different "capitals", and the Jedi Order on Tython have formed a formal league called the Triumvirate to prevent anymore internal wars over politics and instead turn their attention to the surrounding galaxies. It is a new Golden Age

"the Clone Wars were a cleansing and revitalization for the galaxy. The centuries leading up to them the Republic had became bloated and corrupt, violent and organized crime increased, family breakups increased, the list goes on. But all of those things emanate from the loss of the Jedi living vessels of the divine. They had been maneuvered into becoming political tools through Rusaan, and that position as Republic Special forces rather than spiritural leaders and protectors allowed the rot to set in. attendance at temples across the galaxy went way down. Poll respondents answered that they viewed the Force as an evolutionary design rather than the manifestation of the divine. This allowed Palpatine to take over. But alas his takeover is what brought us back. Today governments have never been more trusted, marriages have an 80% chance to survive 20 years, crime is down to levels never recorded, and the list goes on in the vein too. I hear people compare the Triumvirate Age to the Old Republic Age but all I can think is what foolish talk. While its true the Force was revered, and the Jedi were seen as living vessels, but only by half the population. The other half was devoted to using the Force for power and believed the Jedi were weak and wasting their divine gift to protect a corrupt multicultural society. And somehow it was the Jedi who got the blame for half the galaxy's ill intent at Rusaan and we have circled back to the beginning" ~Jen-Som Lovara, celebrated historian and lay priest

Chapter 1: A Door Closes

"Pretty incredible isn't it" Ado L'sau asked as he undid the straps keeping him in the first mate seat of the small yacht, Moon Chaser.

"What's that?" Captain Ky Burel asked in return as he ran through the post-flight checklist.

"This!" the young Duros exclaimed as he gestured broadly out the front viewport to the skyline of Fondoria, the aptly named capital of the Imperial world of Fondor. "These Imps sure know how to build a city. If this is the Colonies imagine what the core looks like".

Ky looked up for the first time and shrugged with his eyes if such a thing were possible. "Ado were from Nar Shadaa. Our city is a lot bigger than this"

Now it was Ado's turn to actually shrug, "but this is…clean".

"Yeah well when you fine someone half a days paper for throwing a wrapper on the ground this is what you get." The captain undid his own straps and stood up. "I'll take grimy and free any day".

Ado had been first mating long enough for the older human to know when their conversations were over. He went to stand up.

"Did you use the checklist?" the captain asked him as he did.

Most humans could not tell when a Duros looked sheepishly annoyed but Ky Burel had spent all of his fifty six standard years on Nar Shadaa, probably the most speciously diverse planet or moon in the galaxy, although a few snotty Courscanti may argue that point. "I don't need the checklist anymore Cap" Ado answered while completely failing to not sound petulant about it.

"All trainees gotta use the checklist Ado…and you're still a trainee".

Ado started to sit back down to redo his portion of the post-flight from the manual.

Ky also knew when to stop pushing and shrugged. "Alright, alright. Start moving the cargo down towards the ramp would ya?"

L'asu nodded, welcoming the respite from the uncomfortable repartee. Ky went to the back of the small cruiser and hit the button that opened the cargo ramp. "So where are these guys?" he groaned as he moved another box towards the lip of the ramp.

Light poured into the far end of the bay as a door whooshed open seemingly in answer to his question. A human flanked by a male Twi'lek and another of his own species walked out of the shadow. "Deals off" the human blurted.

Ado's throat caught and he stood up from the case he was resting his elbows on. He immediately began scanning for an exit, but Ky didn't seem worried at all and just grunted incredulously. "Whatdya mean deal's off?"

"You didn't hear?" the human asked.

"Hear what!?" Captain Burel asked back, now clearly losing his patience.

"Your boss is out of business"

"What are you talking about?"

Ado watched the human hold out a hand and the other human placed a datapad in it which he proceeded to hand to his captain.

"Barsa was arrested this morning GST".

Ado saw the captain flipping furiously through a story on the pad.

"Jedi walked right into his base and walked him right out, after slicing and dicing most of his security I'm sure."

"They took him without a shot" Ky said in disbelief still looking at the datapad intently.

"Yeah apparently he had three bodyguards with him but the Jedi pulled their weapons right out of their hands…there is a security feed at the end of the article."

Ky flipped to the bottom and played it. It happened just as their contact said it did. Barsa's state of the art security even gave voice to the Hutt as he said "not very sporting fight now Jedi" to the tall hooded figure moving closer to the giant invertebrate. "Was attempting to prevent any fight at all Barsa" the camera picked up the last of the clip's audio.

"Well look someone will take over the organization" Ky protested.

"You didn't read it all. They walked out with the entire Arrok Clan. Your organization is done". With that he snapped at his men and they made their way up the ramp and started picking up two of the cases.

"Hold on, hold on. We still have to get paid" he said motioning to Ado.

The human shrugged. "How much were you supposed to get paid?"

"Eight thousand a piece" Ky answered without missing a beat.

The human shrugged again and pulled out a credit pouch. He opened it and flipped Ky a single chit. "I'll give you ten total and don't ask again".

As the Fondorians turned to go with the crates of weapons Ky looked to his first mate and chuckled as he handed him five thousand credit chits. "Still one more than we were going to get from Barsa"

Ado took it approvingly. "I don't know how you stay that cool Cap".

"Time in the game my boy, just time in the game" he said with a fatherly clasp to the shoulder as they turned to walk back up the ramp.

"So what do we do now?"

"Ado I think this is the Force you're always going on about closing one door and opening another"

The Duros looked confused and his captain took him by both shoulders. "We're gonna go into business for ourselves. No more Barsa or any boss deigning to give us ten percent. Everything we procure we're going to move and get one hundred percent of the profit" he said with a smile as wide as his eyes.

"But how are we going to procure without Barsa?"

"Haven't you been watching HNN? It's the best economy anyone has seen in millenia. That means a lot of rich folks with a lot of excess property" he finished with a slap to the shoulder and moved back up to the cabin.

"Oh Force help me" Ado muttered.