Title: The Slytherin Champion

Rating: T

Summary: What if a Slytherin, and not a Hufflepuff, had been chosen by the Goblet of Fire and joined Fleur, Victor, and later on; Harry in one deadly game for glory that would lead right up to the meeting with Voldemort. And what if this champion was a demigod? Crossover of Percy Jackson.

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Chapter 10: A Short Talk

I gave some of the potion to my father a couple of days after the death of Crouch and the conformation that I needed, thanks to my mother, that Harry's name had been put in after the goblet had been confounded. I'm pretty sure that Dumbledore knows this is what happened. Yes, I tuned out most of the argument that had happened when Harry had been chosen to play. I had to do something to keep Harry away from what I had seen, even if meant my own death.

When my father went through a full moon without changing he was sent to St. Mungo. I had never been there but I heard that it was the best hospital around. He would have to stay there until the next full moon and if he didn't change he would be declared cured.

"I have a feeling that your mother was involved."

"No, Zeus," I told Neville.

Neville stared at me, but said nothing. I didn't want anyone to know how this happened as I was worried that it would expose the demigod world to the Wizarding world. A couple of days later I was asked to come to see the Headmaster. I had no idea why he wanted to see me, but I had a funny feeling I was going to find out.

"Your mother visited me," he told me the moment that I arrived.

I stared at him. "When?"

"Yesterday," he answered. "Barty Crouch is dead and she believes that his son killed him."

I had heard about what had happened, but no one mentioned who had killed him.

"I want both you and Harry to be even more careful then before," he said to me. "I don't want to see any Hogwarts student get killed in this thing and there are 'things' that are going on that I'm worried about."

"Like what happened at the Quidditch World Cup," I figured and he nodded. "Do you want me to protect Harry from now on?"

"Yes," Dumbledore said. "I don't want him to lack any form of protection."

"Then I'll do that," I vowed and I was released.

I spent the next couple of days forming an emergency plan just in-case things went south. There was no way that I was allowing Harry to get hurt. Things were going way too fast and now I knew what Harry went through each year. The other Slytherin's weren't worried about the strange things that were going on. They just wanted something big, and bad, to happen that it would cause me to get hurt bad enough to where I wouldn't be able to compete.

I had, so far, disappointed them. I had a feeling I would continue to disappoint them.


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