The Dragon King

The day started like any other; Natsu and Gray starting a brawl which the entire guild had no hesitation in joining. Of course some idiot decided to throw a table, which Levy and I were able to dodge. However, as luck would have it, the table hit the end of Erza's table sending her strawberry cake flying. The entire guild went silent as the plate shattered on the ground and turned as one towards the horror.

"You're DEAD," Erza growled requipping into her purgatory armor.

"Levy laughs while I shake my head, "Some things will never change."

"So Lu, what did you want to talk to me about"

"Well, I was wondering if you'd want to come to the writer's conference with me? They …"
"OH MY MAVIS! YES YES YES!," Levy launched herself at me.

"Hahaha alright we'll need to be there in a couple of days, they want me to sign copies of my book and answer reader's questions. I figure if we leave tomorrow morning we can relax, have a full day to walk the booths, and find some new books ourselves!"

Levy and I grin at each other like a couple kids at Christmas while sitting back down at our table. Looking over I see a pink head at the request board. "I'm guessing either Natsu forgot I'm leaving for the next week or he's hopefully looking for a solo mission.

"Aww you know he wouldn't leave without telling you," Mira giggled setting down our drinks.
Levy smirked but left the comment alone, "So this convention is in Crocus?"
"Yep, there's even a special train for it this year! The one for magnolia comes tomorrow bright and early," I say the last part with a groan as early mornings are not my favorite.

"Oh! You think you'll stay at the new Resort?" Mira's eyes began to sparkle, "There's suppose to be this AMAZING spa, fantastic restaurants, and a really unique water park!"

"Unfortunately, no, I'm not that big of a hotshot yet but I did get a reservation to one of restaurants! I've heard about the water park but it requires a special pass." I shrug at Levy.
"What's so unique about it Mira?" Levy queried

"Hey Luce, I found a job for us!" Natsu slaps a request on the table making all of us jump. I shake my head, while Levy mumbles something about should've bet money.

"Natsu I have that writer's conference to go to remember?" I sigh knowing what's next.

"But Lushi we're a team and that sounds boring," Happy said landing on Natsu's head.

"Which is why I asked Levy to come with me, she'll actually appreciate it," I say. "You and Natsu can just go on a job without me," I huff crossing my arms over my chest.

Natsu and Happy are giving me the biggest puppy dog eyes I just know it, but I refuse to look at them. I will not cave I will not. Natsu tries to move in front of me, trying to get me to look at him. "Come on Luce, it's my birthday in a couple of days."

I straighten my shoulders steeling my resolve and look at him, "I know and I promise to bring you an amazing present and I'll spend an entire day doing anything you want. I'll cook for you; go fishing with you and Happy. I'll even go on any job you want; all without complaining."

"Hmmm," Natsu tapped his fingers on his chin thinking it over.

I raise my eyebrow when a thought crosses his face, "what." Natsu turns and whispers into the blue cat's ear. Happy grins and chuckles, "that's a great idea!"

"Ok we want all of that aaaaannnnnnnnnndddddddddd we get to stay IN your bed …WITH you!" Natsu and Happy said the last part together with satisfied smirks.

My jaw drops, Levy just giggles, and Mira…."Oh My!" covers her mouth and hearts appear in her eyes.

I turn back to tell them absolutely not only to see the biggest pair of puppy dog eyes I have ever seen. Ugh right to the heart; I'm toast. I rub my face with my hands in defeat while Natsu and the furball start doing a victory dance which ended up making us all break out in laughter.

Later that day…

Everyone has gone for the day except for Mira, Cana, and Master.
"Come on Cana time to close up." Mira smiled walking over to the brunette expecting to have to pry a barrel from her hands only to see not a drink in sight.

"Cana?" Mira looked over to see Cana focusing on a tarot reading and deep frown on her face.

"Get Master," Cana whispered, "Something is wrong."