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Chapter 51

Gray grunted as Natsu broke another one of his ice shields. The Dragon Slayer snarled, fangs snapping like a wild beast. "Come on Flame brain! You can't be this slobbering mess already! T'ch just shows how weak you really are!" Gray goads not liking how little sanity his friend was showing.

Natsu dug his talons into another shield and lashed out with his tail hitting the iceberg, Gray was standing on. Gray used the fall to his advantage and shot a weighted chain from an ice canon. He grunted hitting the dirt island Jura had erected, surrounding the Fairy Sphere. He looked to see his chain had hit the mark, wrapping around Natsu's wings. Gray however did not account for Natsu using a flame boost to shoot towards the barrier.

The dragon slayer hit the barrier with a loud crash, snarling and snapping his jaws in frustration as the barrier did not move. He instinctual mindset sent a wave of heat down his wings but growled when the ice didn't immediately melt. His rage fueled brain had enough with all of these interference's and formulated a plan to break this barrier.

Romeo used his purple flame to grab a piece of the ice chain and Elfman transformed into his beast soul form. He grabbed Romeo's flames which intertwined itself with the chain wrapped around the pinkette's wings intending to do just about anything to get him away from the barrier. Elfman used Romeo's flame like a rope and started swinging Natsu around like a ride at a carnival. The dragon slayer began to pale when Elfman released Natsu flinging him out into the water and away from the barrier.

As Natsu became a shooting star Gray blasted him with Demon Slaying Ice encasing him. "How much longer do we keep this up?" He growled looking around at his friends, they had all been fighting for hours. Working in shifts once the back up had arrived shortly after the barrier went up. Natsu and Gajeel had some logical sense left in there but once a Dragon roared from within the barrier they were lost. How were the going to make it the full 72 hours? At this rate they were going to lost to them.

"Don't loose faith! This is our Nakama!" Erza cried while cracking Sting and Rogue's faces together. "We'll just need to knock some sense back into them!"

"Aye Sir!" Fairy Tail cries out.

Lyon and Jura share a look, while Milliana and Kagura look at Erza with pride. "Don't forget this is all for love!" Chelia and Sherry cheer.

"They are quite the guild," Hibiki smiles.

"It's not like they're on our level or anything," Ren scoffs.

"I want to be just like them," Eve cheers, causing Ren to smirk.

"They contain the true parfume of friendship! Man!" Ichia poses and sparkles.

Hibiki, Ren, and Eve bow, "Yes Master!"

The water where Natsu had landed began to bubble and boil then it started to swirl into a gigantic whirlpool. The Dragon Slayer burst from the water dodging burst after burst of water shooting at him. "Tch, you think you can get away from me that easy Dragon-boy! I'm going to drown you!" Aquarius shouted.

Natsu unleashed one Fire Dragon's Roar after another, neither getting anywhere until one roar strayed a little too close to Scorpio and then all bets were off. The mermaid shrieked and waved her urn, "Don't lay a finger on him you disgusting pile of scales!"

Loki and the other Celestial spirits knew exactly what this meant and started shouting for everyone to take cover. A tsunami began to rise from behind her and then she aimed her urn at Natsu. In a matter of seconds all the dragon slayers were air borne, too gone in their madness to realize everyone else had dove into the water. The wave rose and the second it was close enough to it's intended target, every flying creature within the vicinity, sucking them down into the water depths with a harsh under tow.

The wave crashed against Jura's land ring like a sea break, and within moments everyone was scrambling to climb out. Lightning streaked through the sky and began to strike the water continuously, flash after flash until Aquarius expelled Laxus like a rotten fruit. "Like I'd just let you fry anyone in my waters!"

She hit Laxus with wave after wave smashing him against the land ring when Erza stepped in wearing her sea empress armor. "I can handle him. Please continue to contain the other slayers."

Scorpio joined Erza, "Keep them away from the barrier my Bahama Mama!" Scorpio grunted as he took the brunt of a lightning strike.

Aquarius was scowling at Laxus when Loki shouted a warning, "Look out!"

"Wool Wall!" Aries blocks a laser aimed at Aquarius; no doubt sent from Sting. "Phew, that was close. I'm sorry I wasn't faster!"

"That's impossible! That brat should still be stuck in my under toe!" The mermaid growls, "what is taking that brat so long! If she'd just hurry her ass up, I could be on a date with my man!"

"Ten hours left everyone! I repeat, ten hours left!" Jenny calls over Christina's speaker system.

"Aquarius, how many will you need as back up?" Hibiki called.

"T'ch, don't worry little boy I have all the back up I need!" Aquarius smirks.

Everyone gasped as the island, and Jura's land ring shook violently. "What is that!?" Beth called out.

Huge explosions could be seen under water, "that would be the back-up." Gray smirked as Lily explained, "the underwater temple of Olympia has an impressive weapons system."

"Oh, so your girlfriend is packing some heat, eh Mest?!" Cana cackles

Mest flushes red and starts babbling incoherently. Romeo tightens his fist and stands up despite the exhaustion flagging his body. Ten hours, just ten more measly hours and this would all be over, and his family would be safe. "I'm all fired up!" He cries out and launches the stinkiest flame he has right into Laxus's face. They've discovered if they over-whelm the dragon slayers sense of smell it disorientates them for a few minutes. Erza uses this disorientation to her advantage and hits Laxus like a baseball with her hammer of Justice from the Key of the Starry Heavens incident.

As Laxus is flying out to sea, a little sliver of his sanity comes back. Ren uses his air magic to send Laxus out as far as he can, with Hibiki monitoring the Dragon Slayer. "Hey Erza that hammer did something, can you hit him again?"

"Of course," Erza said sternly requipping to her flight armor.

Hibiki nodded looking back at his screen, checking to see how the other dragons are faring. "Someone give me a location on Natsu. He's burned off the monitoring lacrama again."

"I'm on it," Gray called diving into the water to look for the flaming idiot.

Soon Ren brought both Hibiki and himself back to the group. Jura walked over asking, "does anything seem to help?"

Hibiki nods and looks up, "thanks to the Celestial Spirit ceremony all of Lucy and Yukino's key are able to help. Especially Crux," Hibiki turns to the grandfatherly spirit, "I never knew you used another form of Archive."

"Heh," Crux chuffed, "with a new Celestial Priestess in this realm all keys will be able to use their powers to their fullest potential. Have you had success with any of the weapons?"

"Yes, Erza's hammer expels darkness and chaos which is perfect for this situation. Laxus mental stability was sinking quite a bit faster than the others, so this will hopefully help him hold on long enough for Mira."

"Hmmm, yes I wondered about his levels." Crux mumbled, "but from what Leo has told me Laxus had a pretty dark past thanks to his father. The more darkness a dragon slayer falls into the easier it is for them just to wallow in their madness instead of fighting it off."

An alarm sounded from Hibiki's computer alerting him to another slayers levels, "I'm glad you told us that because it seems they've all been exposed to quite a bit of darkness." Hibiki picks up one of Warren's communication lacramas, "Erza can you hear me? We've got another customer for you to knock some sense into."

"Who is it now?" Erza asks having just laid the smack down on Laxus.

"Rogue," Hibiki answered and then tapped his chin in thought, "has anyone seen Gray?"

The ocean began to sizzle and bubble like a cauldron, soon all the slayers were tossed out onto the land ring along with Gray. The ice mage landed next the Hibiki's group, steam coming off his body which is more than a little pink, "that bastard was trying to cook us all!"

Aquarius appears, "if it weren't for my powers I'm pretty sure this hothead would be drying up this ocean."

"Incredible," Ren muttered disgusted, "even their leader has gone off his rocker already. How are they suppose to make it to the end of the time frame!"

"Cool it! That Draco guy said he had a plan and Loki trusts him, and that's enough for me." Gray grumbles sitting up.

"Erza, sounds like Natsu needs some intimate time with your Hammer as well," Ichiya calls.

"Can you please not say it like that!" Erza hisses.

"Whatever you'd like, my Honey!" Ichiya salutes the air.

"Draco said Lucy would be able to use Horologium to his fullest potential once the ceremony was done, then we would n't need to wait for the remaining time." Hibiki explained, "in short it doesn't matter how much time is left. Once Fairy Sphere is down that is the signal that everything is ready on their end and then we just have to stand guard to make sure no one steps foot on the island."

"That's good cause I don't think they would make it at this point," Laki said sadly.

"No way! These guys are absolutely WICKED!" Scorpio calls after using a sand blast to shoot Rogue towards Erza.

"Master Natsu appears to be exhibiting more demon like attributes," Virgo appears climbing out of the water.

"What do you mean demon like attributes?" Lyon asks

"Damn it hot head get it together!" Gray runs a hand through his hair frustrated, "I don't have time to explain but I'll take care of it." Gray walks to the edge ready to dive in.

Lyon grabs his shoulder, "Gray! Just what are you going to do?"

"I'm going to do what I should've been doing," he back demon mark slowly crawling over his body, "I'm going to knock some sense into that idiot!"

Everyone smiles while Lyon scoffs, "what a buffoon."

Meanwhile back in Avery's office...

Avery's darkness churned at what he was seeing, that damned Draco had to come back now of all times! And with a celestial blessing no less. No matter, he too would just have to step up his game and move to a more intense plan of action. How Draco thought Flynn would prevent him from seeing such a drastic change of events he'd never know. A mistake he would happily take advantage of.

An evil grin crosses his face, he'd be able to try the one technique his mother was never strong enough to perform and he knew just who his first target would be. He released the hold on Flynn's vision and shook his head, hating the moment of weakness his Daydream spell always left him with upon its release. The usefulness of that skill definitely out weighed the single irritating blind spot. As a Dream Dragon he'd always been able to step into a beings dreams be they awake or asleep. However once he'd become a Nightmare Dragon he could see through their eyes and force one to hallucinate their worst fears.

Of course, his body while in the other persons dreams was vulnerable but he could still have some sense of what was happening outside of it. But when comes to getting out of that spell he lost everything sight, sound, touch and then there was the rebound of regaining all those senses again at once. He stepped out of his office and started for the observation room, after all it was his turn.

Meanwhile Draco begins his explanation...

"All the Keys in this realm have great potential and that potential is only unlocked by having a Celestial Priestess in contract with myself. As the Protector of the Celestial Realm, I am second only to his Majesty, the Celestial Spirit King. The strength of the priestess determines just how much access the Keys have to their powers on this plain. The Keys cannot be more powerful then the Priestess as it would place everything out of balance. This entire process was put in place as a sort of checks and balances for both Celestial Spirits and their humans."

"If that's true then where were you when those awful things happened to Loki and Ares?" Lucy asks anger for the pain her family endured when there had been a system to help them all along. "Loki suffered for years, letting his life force drain away because his key holder was abusing Ares and then died rather than resolving the issue."

Draco looked so forlorn and heartbroken as he met Lucy's hardened gaze, "I have no excuses, but the explanation as to where I was will take far too much time. And you deserve nothing less than the entire truth." He took his left arm and made a fist over his heart then bowed, "I cannot give the tale at this time but please know I will do everything in my power to correct all of the wrongs I have made."

Lucy's face softens, "ok please finish your talk about the ceremony."

"I apologize normally this done with a large amount of fan fair and you are being cheated quite the show." Draco explains sadly realizing just how much would be missing for such a special ceremony.

"Oh don't you worry, when this is all said and done we will have proper ceremonies for everything," Mira smiles but Draco represses a shiver of terror at the gesture.

"You really don't want to deprive Mirajane of a reason to celebrate," Levy grimaces, "especially when she's tried to get all of us together for so long."

Kinana and Lucy wince while Yukino and Minerva share a giggle and a chuckle. Shaking off his nostalgia Draco continued, "stripped to it bare bones its a Celestial Spirit Contract written in starlight and my symbol will be placed along your spine with the other Zodiac symbols. In order to do that I will place my key at the base of your skull and you will recite the following:

"Celestial Spirits hear my call, The Protector and King have chosen for all

I awaken as a Celestial Priestess so we must rejoice

With Stardust, power, and grace I will be the controller of the Celestial Spirit gate

With kindness and strength, I will assist in keeping the peace

Forced bonds of Master and servant will cease

For We are Friends, Family, Partners, and Companions once more

Bound by trust until the end of my time

I, Lucy Heartfilia swear this upon my soul"

Lucy's eyes widened, as Draco continued, "I know its quite a bit to remember but..."

"I know those words," Lucy interrupted, "my mother use to have a poem next to my bed. I didn't know it was a chant, she said it was a piece of our family history. It's why I've never seen my spirits as anything other than family."

"She didn't by any chance show you anything else that went with the poem?" Draco asked hopeful.

"Yes," Lucy smiled at the memory. "We used to weave flower crowns and do a dance in the garden under the starlight."

"Perfect, you will be doing that dance with me. We will need to put some runes down, representing each version of Celestial magic and then perform this ritual. During that time Leo mentioned Anna had a spell for returning their sanity?" At Lucy's nod he continued, "the rest of your guild mates will craft their potions, and if they are willing, they can create yours as well."

"Sure! You have everything in your bag right Lu!" Levy nodded enthusiastically.

"How long will this ceremony take? This potion has a time limit and we would still need t lure our mates, hit them with Porlyusica's, and then complete the other half of the spell. Then to top it all off we'd need to complete the mating ceremony." Minerva ticks off with her fingers.

Draco grins, "Only a few moments and the rest I can help with that, well not me because as you've heard Dragons don't want any other creatures near their mates and the is especially true for other dragons. What I meant is Lucy and Yukino's other spirits will be able to assist." Draco held up a hand silencing the concerned looks on the celestial maidens faces.

"They are already aware of the plan and have agreed to help. The understand the danger but all of you need every ounce of help you can get. Now, one of Horologium new powers will be to speed or slow a persons time. He can speed Dragon's essence in your bodies to the max effect, and also freeze the time of expiration on your potions. Ophiuchus can create a disorientating fog, it will limit their senses. This will make it easier to catch them by surprise. Until this trial is over your keys have special permission to assist in any way possible, no keys required. Your keys will return to your possession once this trial has ended."

"Now," he turned and smiled at the group in front of him, "let's get to work."