Y/n was sitting in the bat-chair sipping some tea Alfred had given her earlier. Your eyes were flutter closed but right before you let sleep take you, you hear a quiet whisper behind you. You look up and around thinking it was Bruce or one of the boys, seeing nothing you relax in the chair thinking nothing of it.

After working on the computer for 2 minuets you start to fall asleep again.

You wake up hearing voices around you, not moving from the position you're in. With your eyes shut you listen to the voices trying to figure out who they are but all you hear is, "Who is she"

"I don't know."

"Ya think Bats is kidnapping people?"

Tired of hearing people be annoying while your trying to open your eyes and sit up strait. The people around you notice your movement and get into fighting stances. looking around at the people around you notice who they are... THE JUSTICE LEAGUE?!

"Omg, your the justice league!" you exclaim bouncing up and down in the chair

"Who are you?" Wonder Woman asks irritation in her voice 'She must be tired, hmmmmmm I'm in the mood to annoy people today' you think.

" I'm sorry, that's confidential" you say

Flash comes at you pulling your arms behind your back, stepping on his foot hard you grab his hand and pull him over you letting him take a hard smack to the metal ground. Right after you do this Superman comes at you pulling both your arms back hard. Hearing something crack realizing it was your knuckle you scream out from the pain.

Bats POV

i hate letting the league into the cave but i have to, ugh!

"Wait by my chair." i said with anger in my voice as i walk away past the chair and to the medical bay to get some bandages for Hal who got a large cut on his back.

5 minuets of looking for the bandages i find the and look for for alcohol to clean the wound but before i can look i hear a scream, 'A scream? Wait i know that scream... Y/N!'

i quickly drop everything and run to the scream. when i get there i see Superman holding Y/n in his arms.

"What. Is. Going. On. Here?" i ask but its more of a tone thats sound like I'm going to kill someone.

"We found an intruder." Green Arrow says in a proud voice.

"Put. Her. Down." i say not changing my tone of voice. Superman quickly lets go realizing I'm not kidding.

Y/n falls to the ground but gets up quickly and runs over to me gettin under my cape and hugging me from behind.

"What do you think you were doing?" i ask still angry.

"We-I-uh-intruder-who..." Flash stampers

"Who is she?" Green Lanter asks from the back of the group.

"Y/n" I answer simply

"i think he meant who is she to you." Wonder Woman says

"This," i pul front of me," is Y/n, my wife." i say

Everyone looks from her to me jaws dropped, Wonder Woman was the first to come out of shock by saying," Really?"

Flash was next by saying,"Whats it like?Is he mean or grumpy all the time?"

Y/n answers by saying,"Fun and no he's not mean or grumpy." I smile at that.