A quick note in the beginning of this Red Robing and Robin are out shopping (with Red Hood), yes they are getting along (at the monument). Also... MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Bruce was on the computer having a meeting with the League when the group heard the sound of a motorcycle speeding in and the screech of its tiers as it stopped. They all looked to Bruce expecting him to tell him who it was, but he was focused on the paper he was reading about the watchtower finances not sparing them one glance.

They then saw a man walk in the frame of the computer screen... with a radio over his head? They all looked at him confused as he put a disk in the radio, turned the volume up their eyes flashed over to Bruce (who was oblivious to the man behind him).

They all saw Bruce jump as All I Want For Christmas Is You, by Mariah Carey played. They all saw Bruce turn in his chair and stand up and walk over to him but before he could get close enough the man flipped over his shoulders and ran to the stairs flipping up the like an acrobat (See what I did there). Bruce walked back to his computer and sat down ignoring the questioning looks he was getting from the league.

(Time skip)

A little while later, the league was talking and suddenly the sound of a car echoed off the walls. Bruce looked up as the car pulled in. Three people walked out, the tallest walked out to Bruce.

"Did you get it?" Bruce asked turning away from the league.

"Yeah," He said as he pulled out a box from his jacket," Here."

Bruce opened the box and looked at what was inside. He then quickly stuck his hand out to the man, the man then sighed.

"I thought you'd forget," He said digging in his pockets, "I was hoping your old memory would kick in."

The man finally found what he was looking for and handed it to Bruce, Bruce looked and the credit card he had just been handed and nodded. The mystery man called the two other boys over and Bruce noticed a weird bump in one of their chests.

"What are you hiding under there?" Bruce asked the boy with a hint of amusement in his voice.

"Nothing!" The boy responded quickly.

"Jesus B! Stop pestering the boy!" The man moved the boys quickly over to the stairs and out of the cave.

The League was tired of Bruce not answering questions about the mystery boys, but by the time the meeting was over Bruce said he'd answer one question. The League all looked at each other and quickly decided Superman should ask because he's a reporter and would know the best question to ask.

"Who were they?" He asked Bruce looked at him and answered,

"Dick, Jason, Tim, and Damian. My sons." He answered simply

The League all looked at each other slowly processing the information they had just got out of Batman.