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501st Legion and Monster Girl EP1


WAR! The clone wars now rage on Star Wars Galaxy. The fight between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of the independent system still rage on. Count Dooku and General Grievous command the deadly droid army. Which the Galactic Republic leads by Jedi and Palpatine use the clone army to fight.

But then Jedi council found an artefact in the maw. It may change the war forever. Anakin and his 501st Garrison volunteer for this deadly mission. Little he knows he can change the fate of the Galaxy.

- The Maw -

Venator class star destroyer is scanning the artefact. It looks like A super Stargate.


(Super Stargate)

Awaits on board is Anakin Skywalker. A Jedi General who never granted the rank of master. He's annoying about it but that's not important. And there's his second-in-command padawan, Ahsoka Tano. Onboard there are clone troopers. They were created in a tube and Grow to be soldiers. There's Anakin's best friend, CT-7567 or Captain Rex. There are an honourable CT-5555 or Fives who somehow survived. Thrawn is here too (not grand admiral yet.). And a droid, R2D2

On command bridge. Anakin looks at Supergate. The scientist is investigating.

_Anakin: "You sure that system could send us to the CIS homeland?"

Scientist: "It could send. But don't know where. The gravity field here is very chaotic. It could send us into unknown"

_Ahsoka: "And it may be an alien planet with Big Bugs"

_Rex: "Remind me of "Starship Troopers" I watched last weeks"

_Thrawn: "And watch it non-copyright on Galactic Web"

_Rex: "Shut up."

_Fives: "How long we gonna be here"

_Thrawn: "Fives. if its success, we might be able to crush the droids"

_Rex: "Clone makes scrap merchant busy."

R2D2 peeping around

They continue research. But then suddenly when scientist plug-in Power source for 3 minutes. The Gate Activate itself. Blue electricity spark on the circle part of the Gate. then suddenly...A black hole appears…and it's pulling Venator in!


The scientist board on the transport ship and manage to get in Venator. Then suddenly asteroid hit the engine of a ship.

_Clone: "We've hit by an asteroid, sir!"

_Thrawn: "Damage report!"

_Clone: "Hyperdrive damage!"

_Anakin: "Repair it or we die all! R2!"

_R2D2: "Peep peep pow peep (I'm going!)

R2D2 Roll immediately but the ship quake and made him knock the wall.

_Rex: "A ship! We're being closer to a black hole!"

_Ahsoka: "Engine full power!"

_Clone: "Already sir!"

The ship is sucking in hopelessly. Before it disappears in a black hole.

End of episode