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Finally, it was a Saturday. After a hard, long week at school, I figured I should let myself sleep in, pushing the troubles I have at school aside. My name's Tsunayoshi Sawada, or Tsuna for short, and it seemed like this wouldn't be the case for me. Instead, I got a kick to the face from a certain infant.

"Huah!" I screeched before landing face first off my bed.

I had managed to lift myself off the ground to see Reborn sitting right in front of me. Reborn was, well, an infant who had black hair and curly sideburns. His main outfit was a black suit. Where they sell those for infants? Beats me! Most infants wouldn't be comfortable in a suit at all!

"Ciaossu." He said, as if nothing had happened.

"Don't give me that! Tell my why you kicked me off my bed and woke me up!" I shouted.

After a few seconds of silence, Reborn had placed his hand into his pocket, and pulled out two tickets. He then told me to read them for myself. The first thing I noticed were two words that stretched across the ticked that read, 'Academy City.'

"Academy City? Isn't that the city that's scientifically ahead of the rest of the world by about 30 years?" I asked out of curiosity.

"Yeah, and we're going there today." the infant nodded.

Huh? I'm going to Academy City? With Reborn? TODAY?! But wait, what about Mom? And what about everyone back at Namimori? Summer's not here until a few more months, so what about school? Before I could ask him any of these questions scrambling though my mind, Reborn had already made his way for the door. When I called out to him, he said he'd explain everything on the train, and to make sure I got ready by 10.

"Oh, you may want to bring your Vongola Gear just in case, Tsuna. Also, don't tell anyone that you're involved in the Mafia." Reborn advised.

As the infant made his way out, I had begun to pack. In the middle of packing, I started to wonder if mom would be okay with me just suddenly leaving. Then again, Reborn probably pulled some strings to convince her to let me go, so that's that.

"Right, I need to be down by 10, so I should probably check the time." I thought to myself, still holding onto a shirt I was fitting into my suitcase.

Unfortunately for me, more time has passed than I had anticipated.

"HUH?! IT'S 9:45 ALREADY?!"

Thankfully, I was just barely able to pack everything I needed exactly at 10:00, although my suitcase was a mess now. As I sighed, I made my way downstairs. There, I saw Reborn standing, ready to go. Man, I wonder how long I took compared to him.

"Ready to go?" Reborn asked.

I gave him a nod. Mom came to the front door to wave us off as we left the house. Apparently she thought we were on some kind of trip with my dad. We entered the taxi Reborn had called for us, and made our way to the Train Station. Fast forward a couple hours and we just boarded onto the monorail that takes us to Academy City. At first I started to wonder what Academy City would be like, but then I remembered about an important question I had to ask Reborn.

"Hey, Reborn? Why are we even going to Academy City in the first place?" I whispered, trying to not let anyone else hear our conversation.

His face slightly darkened, and his eyes became serious.

"There's an underground organization that's trying to replicate Academy City's esper database. You know what espers are, right?" The infant asked.

I slightly nodded my head, although I only knew the jist of it. After giving it some thought, I decided to ask Reborn if he knew anymore about this organization.

"Unfortunately, that's all the information on the organization I know." Reborn frowned.

I decided to not respond, and dropped the subject. On a side note, since I'm going to Academy City, I might as well make some fun out of it. It's not like all I'm going to do here is investigate an underground organization, right? Plus, no more being known as Dame-Tsuna for a while! Oh, that just reminded me!

"Hey, Reborn? Will I have to go to school here?" I asked.

"Oh, yeah." Reborn replied.

"But this is a super-sciencey city, right?! I was failing science back at Namimori!" I whined, which was followed with me drooping my head.

Reborn had quickly responded to this by kicking the back of my head, leaving the usual stinging sensation.

"Quit your drooping, Tsuna. We're here."

Right after Reborn had said that, an announcement on the monorail had said we were at the stop to Academy City. All the people rose from their seats and began to make their way through. My palms began to sweat. As my feet slowly extended me off the monorail, I prepared myself for a new adventure.