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Unfortunately, it looked as if I wouldn't be able to have a normal school life in Academy City.

I don't know why I even expected for things to be even the slightest bit more toned down here than back at Namimori. To give you a little insight on what I mean, today I was dragged out of class by none other than Xanxus. The two of us stood in the dead end of a dark alley. It wrenched, but I had to bear with it.

"U-uhm... Xanxus? Can we make this quick..? I need to get back to cla-"


Crazy how a single word can send shivers down your spine. Then again, it was Xanxus I was referring to. I then asked him why he dragged me out of class. Letting out a small sigh, he handed me a envelope, telling me to open it up. Apparently, Reborn had given it to him after he found it in one of the enemy's hideouts. I opened the envelope as quickly as I possibly could. Inside, there were tons of sheets of information on Espers and Academy City. Most of them simple printouts about how Espers came to be, though. Tucked tightly between the sheets was a small flap of paper, or more specifically, a photo.

I nearly dropped all the information I had in my hands when I saw the person in the photo.

"Why... why's Touma in this picture?!"

My attention then directed to a little note that was attached to the bottom of the photo. It read: "Possessor of Imagine Breaker. The one flaw in our seemingly perfect plan."

"Imagine Breaker..? Could that be the power he used to cancel out that girl's lightning powers?"

It still didn't entirely make sense to me. What could a mafia organization have to do with Touma? And how exactly do they know his power? I couldn't think about it for much longer, because Xanxus snatched all the papers I was holding from my hands.

"Follow me." He ordered.

Knowing Xanxus, I had no choice but to follow him. The two of us made our way towards a more so "abandoned" part of Academy City. Unlike the futuristic parts of Academy City, this place had a dark aroma that pretty much told you this place was no-good.

Xanxus stopped by a worn down door. Nearly half of it had been rusted out. The two of us made our way into the room the door lead to. Sadly, it was in just as bad condition as the door was. The paint looked as though it had been there for years. Tons of old fashioned computers had been silently resting on the floor, one of which I happened to slip over.

In the middle of the room, there stood a lone desk with a notebook which's cover read: "CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION. DO NOT OPEN." Despite the warning, Xanxus hauled the cover off of the notebook. He flipped through multiple pages until he found what he was looking for.

It was a page that read all about Touma's Imagine Breaker.

"The current possessor of Imagine Breaker is living somewhere inside of this city. They may not realize it yet, but we're already on their tail. We've looked through everything. From esper databases, to threatening members of Anti-Skill and Judgement. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to tell exactly who possesses it. But, what we do know is that the Vong-" The rest of the page on the notebook had been ripped off.

"Hey, Xanxus... they won't be able to do anything to Touma, will they?"

Xanxus replied with silence. Truth was, he didn't know what would happen either. And if Touma was as much as a threat as these guys implied he was, then he was certainly in danger.

"Anyways, if you really find it necessary, you can head back to class." Xanxus left me with those last few words before vanishing off into the distance.

I suddenly found my knees growing wobbly. I then came crashing to the ground. There was only a matter of time before they found out who Touma really is!

Unknown to me, they would find out much sooner than I would have liked. Once I had made my way out of the rust-filled room, a presence which had previously turned invisible, or concealed it's presence using had made itself present.

"It seems like they're gone." A semi high pitched voice spoke, it's finger pressing down on a communicator. "Apparently, they said that the possessor of Imagine Breaker is a person named... hmm... Touya? No, Touma."

"Let's see... Touma... there aren't many people with a name like that in Academy City. And since Imagine Breaker supposedly cancels out all supernatural abilities, they'd have to be a Level Zero." The person on the receiving end thought to themselves. "Oh, I see. It maybe be a high school student named Touma Kamijou. He meets all the requirements."

"Alright! Success! Tomorrow, I'll track him down and immobilize him! Kay?" The same voice excitedly shouted.

"Yeah, I'm counting on you, Amaya."


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