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It was a bright and sunny and quiet day in Jasper City unless you zoomed in and entered a specific home in the suburb areas on the outside of the city. A foster parent was currently yelling in a drunken rage with a thirteen-year-old girl cowering in fear. Thinking she was talking shit about him, he cornered her in the hallway against the door.

"What the fuck did you say you piece of shit?!" A male adult yelled.

"I didn't say anything…" A young female teen wolf said.

"Shut the fuck up" The male yelled

He raised his hand, causing her to look away, and he slapped the shit out of her, causing her to fly against the wall with the force he put against her.

"Now go to your fucking room! I don't want to see you until tomorrow!" He yelled

When she regained focus, she got up as quickly as possible. There was a chance she was bleeding on her face. The golden furred young female then quickly ran for it to her room luckily it had a lock on the door. Fearing he might come after her, she locked her door when she got in there before heading into the bathroom. When she looked in the mirror, she touched her face and saw that it was bleeding slightly.

This is the fifth time he slapped her today. When it was clear, she got undressed revealing many brown splotches of fur on her legs, chest, arms, and her back, indicating bruises on the skin underneath her once golden fur. It was all because of her foster dad and sometimes her foster mom as well. She got into the shower and turned the water on and flinched upon impact because even the water hurt her on touch because all these bruises were new and they hurt like hell.

When she got done, she put some ripped up sleep shorts, ripped up shirt on, and she walked over to her bed which consisted of only a pillow...that and above her bed was a huge hole that her foster dad did when he was walking on top of the house drunk with a sledgehammer. Unfortunately for her, he smashed through the top, landing on her while she was sleeping, waking her up to excruciating pain. As you could've guessed it, he broke several bones in her body, yet did he care that he did that?

No, instead of helping her, he got up in a drunken rage and hit her with the sledgehammer. Luckily for her, he smashed the bones in her arm. The next day she did have some luck when they forced her to go to school. When she was walking outside, she managed to collapse in the road due to her focus was off. Eventually, some little old lady was driving by and saw her. Freaking out, she took her to the hospital.

Now, normally this is where the hospital would ask questions and figure out how and what was going on, this time was not the case. Her foster parents faked everything so well it's like they rehearsed what was going to be said to anyone. Usually, this is where they ask the kid what happened, but she was in to much pain to speak, along with scared of what would happen if she said who did it, and they didn't believe her. A few months have passed since the incident, giving her enough time to heal, which was luckily in the hospital since they couldn't discharge her.

Current Day, the day after being discharged.

Monday, August 20, 2012.

"First day of being a freshman…" She said getting up, shivering since it was cold and she didn't have a blanket.

She up out of her bed, walked to the bathroom, and looked at the brown fur on her face, luckily she can pass it off as just part of her fur color. When she touched it, she flinched, sighed, and she got undressed. Taking the time she had before school started, she took another shower, enjoying the warm water running down her slim body. When she got done taking the shower, she got out, dried off, and walked to her dresser. She took out a baggy jacket, a shirt, and some ripped jeans. These were her only pair of clothes for school. She tried to ask for some new clothes one time, but they ignored her.

She put the clothes on, put on her shoes (Which were worn out luckily not falling apart.). When she finally got dressed, she went out of her room and quietly made her way down to the hallway that separated the living room and kitchen. The door was in sight, her one goal for right now. She tried to make it to the door without incident, but she was stopped by her foster dad, Nick.

He put his hand on her shoulder and turned her around and punched her in the face causing her nose to bleed slightly, it sent her flying back into the door, making a loud thud, but not breaking it. She slid to the floor holding her nose, but eventually got back up, holding it. Nick looked at her with a smug look before sipping from his beer can, walking away. When she was out of his sight, she made a run for it out the door.

At this time you'd say: "Call the police!" "Runaway!"

Trust me, she's tried on several occasions. She called the cops four times, tried running away three times. The four-times she called the cops, her foster parents lied and told them that the reason was she got in trouble for something and didn't want to obey it. She tried running away, but they always find her, bringing her back.

Unhappy and depressed, Kate made her dreadful walk to school. You'd think that at least at school, she'd have a little bit of peace, but you'd be dead wrong. As she walked the streets, watching most of her visible classmates in their parents' cars or on the buses, she eventually put her hood on, hoping to not be spotted by Jacob, or otherwise known as "Viper." the bullies of her class. What? Does he bully girls? Noo, he shouldn't that's not only messed up but not manly either. Well, guess what, he doesn't care. "Bullying is unisex." As expected, the five-foot-eleven brown wolf with a white underbelly, wolf showed up next to her.

"Hey, where do you think you're going, bitch?" Jacob asked her as he stood next to her.

She didn't answer him, she knew where she was going, and so did he. That didn't stop him, it only made him angrier.

"I said where you going?!" He yelled shoving her.

After regaining balance again, she looked away from him.

"C-Class..I-I'm heading to cl-class V-Viper.." Kate finally told him.

"I'm heading to class Viper." Jacob mocked her.

"Y-Yeah, I-I'm heading to class...We'll be late if we don't hurry." She told him, wanting his presence to begone.

"Yeah, I guess you're right for once, don't you dare skip out on me this afternoon, if you know what's good for you." He told her as he pats her back.

When he left, she whined, she knew what he was going to do. He's been doing this for about three years now. He would drag her to a quiet location and molest her until his parents arrived to get him. She dreaded everywhere she went. School soon ended for the day, it wasn't any different from the other days of schools before. Jacob would bully her in between classes, during gym (Sometimes he would take her to an isolated area.) As expected, Jacob found her while everyone was filing out of the classes.

"There you are, I'm sure you weren't trying to escape now were you?" He asked her.

She shook her head, knowing what was about to happen. He grinned at his little plaything, taking her hand, dragging her to an area behind the gym where no-one was at. Second, by the second, he was taking her clothes off, rubbing her, licking her chest, her cunt, you name it. The only thing he didn't do was fuck her as if they did get caught, she can't say he was doing anything by force and he'd have the excuse of. "She brought me here and started taking her clothes off!" Eventually, the torture ended, she put her clothes back on and quietly walked home.

When she returned home, she was met with a drunken foster father passed out on the floor with his naked wife on top of him, his dick inside her. She's all for them having sex, they're married, but they really should've done it in their room, not where anyone who walks in could see them.