A/N: Geeze, I was a terrible writer back then. I barely understood what the hell I was even trying to say when I was editing this chapter.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012.

It's been nearly two months since her discharge from the hospital and she's already got bruises coming back, and something is most likely wrong with her insides already. She can't seem to catch a break. She was currently laying in bed in agonizing pain, she didn't want to get up, she didn't. She had no choice, but to get up.

As she started getting out of bed, she groaned quietly before she slowly walked to the bathroom in her room. She got undressed and looked at herself in the mirror again before turning the water on. She felt the water before she got in, it would seem Nick turned the hot water off to her room again. She didn't like taking cold baths, but she usually powers through it. When she got done taking a shower, she had to drip dry, not having any towels was terrible. Cold and wet, she waited till she was dry enough to put on some clothes.

When she got dressed, she headed downstairs, looked at the doors leading to the living room and dining room, saw they were empty, went down there, looked in there, saw they weren't there. She thought she was in the clear until she heard someone clearing their throat. She turned, looking at the stairs to see Nick standing there.

"And where do you think you're going?!" He yelled at her, he was only in his underwear.

"School…" Kate said.

"Oh really." He asked her.

"Yes…" Kate told him.

He looked angrier than usual, he walked over to her and stood there looking down at her, his alcoholic breath breathing on her as she could hear his heavy breathing due to how angry he was.

"So who got into my beer cooler last night huh?" He asked

"I don't know…" Kate said.

Thinking she's lying to him, like always, he grabbed her shirt collar and lifted her up in the air, pissed. He looked at her with the angriest look he's ever given her and with a calm, angry tone.

"Don't you lie to me girl, you tell me right now if you got into my cooler. So help me God if you did." He told her.

"I said I don't know!" Kate managed to get out.

"Yeah right, get out of here you fucking worthless creature…" He threw her across the hallway into the door.

She let out an oomph as she slid across the door, coughing, trying to catch her breath. He looked at her with anger as he walked over to her.

"I said get out of here! Now!" He yelled, kicking her in the stomach.

She held her stomach in pain, she's used to the pain, but she did not enjoy it. He growled at her as she was apparently taking to long to get up and leave.

"Get up and get out of here!" He yelled, punching her in the face.

When he punched her in the face it caused her nose to break and bleed, the fur around her right eye grew a bit darker from the punch, probably caused a bruise to form under the fur around her eye. She managed to get up after taking another minute to catch her breath. She tried to take a step she wobbled a bit, fell, and got up. Managing to use the wall for support, she made her way outside.

The school walk started, she was now free from home, and the terrible day at school has arrived. As she was walking along the sidewalk to school, she started coughing again, it was getting annoying to her... She covered her mouth while she coughed, but felt a liquid touch her hand. Confused, she looked at the palm of her hand and saw red blood sprinkled on her hand. She knew this wasn't good, but there's nothing she can do. Taking the time at a small water fountain, she washed her hands off before heading to school. You guessed it, when she arrived, Jacob made his way to her.

"Hey now, where are you going?" He asked her, punching her in the stomach.

She whined, fell down, and coughed a little, a bit more blood got on her hands, but she clenched her fist to hide it. He laughed as usually

"I'll see you later today, don't forget." He smiled at her, groping her chest before leaving.

She slowly stood back up and headed to the bathroom. When she got to the bathroom, she went to the far end sink and washed her hands. She grabbed a paper towel and wiped her face clean because there was still a little bit of blood from when she came from her house. She touched her nose and flinched a little, it was out of place, but not noticeably. She took a deep breath, putting both hands on her nose, then popped it back into place. She bit her lip at the pain, but the pain eventually subsided. The class was about to start and she was going to be late if she didn't hurry.

While walking to class, she bumped into someone, falling down in the process. She looked up with a sorry look. The wolf stopped and offered a hand to her.

"You alright there?" He asked her.

She looked at him, it was Humphrey Anderson, son of the principal, Mr. Anderson. He was a multi grey colored wolf with baby blue eyes and a white underbelly. He was extremely popular around the school on top of being actually nice to everyone and making them laugh. He didn't care who you were, as long as you weren't a jackass, he was alright with you. She looked at him and then her eyes averted from him.

"..Sorry." She told him as he helped her up.

"It's okay," Humphrey told her.

Without saying another word to him, she walked away and went to class. The first period came and went, it was math, nothing useful, none of the stuff he was teaching was ever going to be used unless you're working a job that actually needed you to figure out ab+bc=c, or something like that. It was all junk, nothing useful. The second period came, it was history. The class started out with the teacher handing out textbooks, saying a few things before he turned the projector on and had everyone watch a movie. Eventually, the class ended, the third period was coming.

Kate got her belongings off the desk and headed out of the classroom, walking down the hall when Jacob walked beside her, causing her to mentally sigh. She didn't want to see him.

"Looks like we're going to the same class." He said smirking

Before she knew it, he quickly placed his leg in front of her, causing her to trip, crashing into a surprised Humphrey. They both yelled as they tried to catch their balance, but utterly fail. The two fell on the ground with Humphrey on top of her, eyes closed in pain, he used one hand to rub the back of his head as he used the other one to keep her propped up. She opened her eyes after the pain subsided and looked at him, blushing.

"You alright?" He asked her as he stood up, helping her up.

She nodded and covered her mouth with her binder before quickly walking away, leaving a bunch of people whispering.

The third class, English, was boring as well. The teacher just handed out a book and we watched a movie called Beowulf. She tried to pay attention to the movie, but Jacob was sitting next to her and he was constantly rubbing between her legs as everyone's focus was on the movie screen.

Like the previous classes, it soon ended, and she got her stuff, luckily her pants dried up before the class ended. Jacob had Gym with her, which was not fun. When the class started, the teacher had everyone go outside to run around, play some football, soccer, baseball, walk the track, just regular gym stuff. A depressing period as Kate wasn't allowed to experience any of this as Jacob would usually take her somewhere secluded and have his way with her. Eventually, the torture was over and it was time for Lunch, luckily for her Jacob had the second lunch, so she was able to sit alone at the table away from everyone.

The fifth period eventually came, it was Biology. The teacher took them to a nearby lab and had them dissect some dead animals that day, it was alright, it kept her awake as they had to write a few things about them. Eventually, it was time for Art class, Kate's favorite class. She was decent at drawing, this class was about the only class she kept a straight A in without even trying as any test given was to draw something and not some stupid quiz that was pointless to everyone.

The class ended and Kate turned in a quick drawing of a Phoenix being freed from a cage to the teacher. Usually, the teacher would ask the student if they'd like for him to sell their art and give them the money. She usually let him and had him keep the money hidden here for her. They don't usually sell higher than thirty dollars sometimes. She had a hidden savings of at least $100 with him. He didn't mind at all, said something along the lines of. "If you don't see it, it's out of your mind and you don't spend it."

The final class of the day was Home Economics for her, it was the same thing almost every day. You learn how to do something at home, cook, clean, financing. You want to learn it, the teacher would give you a book and have you learn it, give you a test on it, then move you to a different subject.

The most important class of the day.

The school day finally ended, she walked past Humphrey on the way to the exit, he tried turning around to say something to her, but she kept going. She already had enough embarrassing moments with him today. She didn't want to look at him. She quickly made her way home. When she got home, she was greeted by getting hit in the face and yelled at. Once he was done yelling at her in his drunken rage, she went up to her room. She went to the bathroom and got a shower. After the shower, she went over to her bed and looked under it. Laying underneath it was a bottle of wine.

Yeah, she was the one who had gotten in his cooler. Most of the time he doesn't care about the wine going missing, it's just the fact he knows someone besides him is going in it and he goes to accusing her. While she was drinking it, she got to thinking about how she ended up here. She's never seen her birth parents, she's always wondered why they gave her up, always wanted to see them. She eventually came to the conclusion that this was going to be her life forever until they kick her out, or worse comes to worst, accidentally kill her. She was adopted by this family when she was five, turns out Nicks' wife wasn't able to bear children as she was born sterile. She used to not treat Kate like crap, but with Nick constantly treating her like shit as well. Kate believed it caused her to form Stockholms? Who knows why she still stays with him. But over the course of time, Nick influenced her and she started it as well. Up until the age of twelve, however, the most they did was just mistreat her, didn't care what happened to her, but when she got older and was able to take a beating, that's when the beatdowns began. Eventually, she got done drinking it and put it back under the bed before heading to bed.