Suite Life- When Tragedy Strikes Us

AN: So I've decided to do a story where there was a school shooting because obviously that's a big issue in my country. I decided to have Zaya and Cailey have the loss of one of their children. I don't know how long this will be, but I want to do this.

Summary- When Cody, Bailey, Zack and Maya lose one of their children during a school shooting, their lives are forever changed. How will they get through without their children? How will their other children deal with the death of their sibling and cousin? Their lives are now changed. Unexpected things happen.

Episode 1- "When Tragedy Hits, Our Lives Are Forever Changed"

Zack and Maya's Home, February, 14th, 2032

Zack and Maya Martin got married soon after a couple months after graduating college and before the birth of their twins, Layne Marie and Watson Zachary Martin who were born May 11th 2015. They're now 17 years old, Maya declined the offer of going to Peace Corps, but then decided on being a physical therapist because she didn't want to leave Zack and throw away their future. Three years and eight months later, their daughter, Mackenna Zarya Martin was born. She was born on September 24th 2015. She's 14 years old. The twins, Macy Michelle and Merliah Miayah Martin were born on July 30th 2016, a year and eleven months later after their sister Mackenna was born. They're now 13 years old. Three years later Mackaylah Faith Martin was born on September 10th 2021. She's now 10 years old. A year later, Zayden Thomas Martin was born on July 23rd 2022. He's now 9 years old. Four years later, their twin sons, Matthew Cody and Michael James Martin were born on June 16th 2026. They're 5 years old. Their daughter, Skylar Ashley Martin was born three years later, she's now 2 turning 3 years old in a few days. She was born on February 18th 2029. Zack and Maya's youngest daughter, Meredith Elizabeth Martin is a year old. She was born December 16th 2030. She's going to be 2 in December.

Cody Martin, Zack's twin brother and Bailey, his wife of 17 years have 9 children together. Their oldest daughter, Emma Rose Martin, 18 years old now, she was born on January 12th, 2014. She has eight siblings, who she's very protective of. Her sister, Everleigh Faith Martin was born four years later on February 1st 2018. She's fourteen years old. Two years after Everleigh's birth, Cody and Bailey welcomed twins, a boy and a girl, who they named Stephen Zachary and Paisley Miayah. They were born on September 29th 2020. They are 12 years old. Kayden Anthony Martin arrived three years later on June 6th 2023. He's now nine years old. A year later, Josiah Matthew Martin came into the world on December 23rd 2024. He's now eight years old. Josephine Danielle made her way into the world two years later on November 12th 2026, she's six years old. Cody and Bailey's youngest daughter, Felicity Nicole Martin arrived on August 5th 2028. She's 4 years old. And finally, their youngest son, Tristian Noah Martin was born on March 15th 2030. He's now two years old.

Woody and Addison Fink went their separate ways before fate led them back to meeting each other in 2015 and the rest is history. They got married after dating for a couple of months. Woody and Addison eventually had children. Their eldest daughter Kara Marianna Fink who was born in November 17th 2016. Their second daughter Karla Emma Fink was born three years after her sister in November 20th 2019. Their other daughter Karsyn Hailee Fink was born two years after her sister in April 18th 2021. Last but not least Knox Zachary Fink their son was born in February 21st 2023.

London and Todd St Mark ended up getting back together soon after London graduated Seven Seas High and got married in 2014, but before having their children, London got into beauty school. London was expecting their first baby, their daughter, Nicole Marianna St Mark, whom she gave birth to in August 28th 2015. She's seventeen. Their son, Landon Todd St Mark was born in March 27th 2017. He's fifteen.

Zack and Maya's home, February 14th, 2032

Layne Marie, 17 walked out to her car. "Yo! Emma! Get your ass over here with Everleigh before we're all late!" She yelled her brother, Watson. "Watson Zachary! Come on!"

Watson sighed. "I'm coming Layne." He rushed over along with their cousins Emma and Everleigh. "I'm here. Geez."

Emma sighed. "Chill Layne..." She was nine months pregnant with her daughter.

Layne smiled. "Sorry. Sorry. Josh has something exciting to show me. I can't wait."

Emma groaned. "I'd like to get to school so I can get the fuck out of the school."

Layne smiled at her cousin as she headed to the school. "How many more weeks?"

Emma groaned. "3." She rubbed her belly.

Everleigh giggled. "More like the longest weeks of your life, huh, Em?"

Emma nodded. "Are you kidding? Of course they will be...I'm exhausted."

Layne looked at her brother. "So, what's up with you, bro?"

Watson laughed. "With me? Nothing."

Layne laughed. "Oh please. You and Dani seemed to be hitting it off and getting serious. You aren't gonna spill?"

Watson nodded. "Uh huh."

Layne sighed. "Damn!"

Later that day, Everleigh was walking to class from the bathroom when shots began to fire, Watson ran over to her, held onto her, got on top of her, shielding her. They had nowhere to go.

Everleigh was terrified, she held onto her cousin. "I'm scared." She was shaking.

Watson nodded, still shielding her. "Yeah, I am too but protecting you is my job. Just don't panic. Maybe help will be on the way."

Everleigh nodded. But before help could come, Watson was shot in the back 2 times. He died saving his cousin's life. Emma, who was 9 months pregnant was rushed to the hospital to have her baby 7 minutes after everything was clear of the shooter. She didn't make it out alive, but her daughter has a chance.

Emma passed away right away. So did Watson.

2:30pm, Chevers High School

Everleigh was brought out, shaking and saw Layne rushing over to her. "Leigh! Oh my God." She wrapped her arms around her, kissing her head. "Oh my God, you're safe. I was so worried about you!" She rubbed her back. "...It's okay...We're okay."

Everleigh shook her head. "What happened to Watson?"

Layne frowned, looking up at the sky. "Leigh...He died saving your life..."

Everleigh's eyes widened before she burst into tears. "What? But...What about our parents? Do they know about the shooting?"

Layne nodded. "Yes..." She looked at her. "Leigh...Ems didn't make it, but you have a beautiful niece..."

Everleigh nodded. "Oh, well, I guess one good thing came out of the shooting is my niece." She shook her head. "Where are they? Our parents?"

Layne saw her father's pull up. "There's my dad. Cone on." She hopped into the car with Everleigh. "Dad!" She hugged him tightly, she broke down.

Zack kissed her head hugging her back just as tightly tears streaming down his face as well. "Are you okay, sweetheart?"

Layne nodded. "I'm fine...Watson...My twin brother, my best friend is gone...If it wasn't for him, though, Aunt Bailey and Uncle Cody would've lost Leigh and Emma..."

Zack nodded his head. "Yes that's true..."

Everleigh was still crying. "He saved my life..."

Zack grabbed her hand. "It's gonna be okay girls. Let's go to the hospital. That's where everyone else is." He drove off to the hospital. "Emma's boyfriend Zach is meeting us there. He had been safe, he went to go get Selena and Ashton. He decided to name the baby Hope Emma."

Layne nodded. "Okay Daddy." She was also crying. "The last conversation we all had together was I was telling them to hurry up before we get late for school I feel so bad right now..."

Zack squeezed her hand. "I'm sure they both know that you love them. I'm sure I won't hear the end of Watson saved Everleigh for your aunt's well being of being so close to losing Eve too..."

Massachusetts General Hospital

Zach saw them and hugged them. "Hey Layne. Hey Leigh." He hugged Everleigh a little tighter. "Are you okay? Do you want to go meet your niece?"

Everleigh nodded hugging him back. "Yes please."

Zach took her hand as he walked her into the nursery. "There she is. Hope Emma Kington." He sighed. "I really see Emma in her face."

Everleigh nodded. "Me too she's beautiful." She looked at her niece and then at her sister's boyfriend. "At least one good thing came out of the shooting I still can't believe they died but I'm happy they're in peace now I rather they had lived but it's impossible." She shook her head.

Zach rubbed her back. "I know. I really wanted to have Emma see her little girl being born. She was really excited. I really love her. I always will, Leigh. She gave me three beautiful children." He saw Cody walk inside. "Hey Mr. Martin. Thanks for watching Selena and Ashton while I showed Leigh her new niece."

Everleigh hugged her father tight as she began sobbing into his chest.

Cody nodded, hugging his daughter just as tightly. "You're welcome, Zach. I really owe Watson if it weren't for him Bails and I would have lost both Emma and Everleigh." He sighed. "If only their school had a day off and no shooting they would have been safe and sound."

Zach sighed. "I know...I didn't plan on being a single dad at 18..."

Meanwhile, Maya and Bailey held onto each other. "He saved my baby's life, May. I can't repay you for that. If he wasn't running to her, and jumped onto her, I would've lost Leigh and Emma the same damn day by that monster who shot my baby who was pregnant!"

Maya nodded crying. "I know Bailey. That's just like Watson he's always ready to help his friends, siblings and cousins." She was sobbing hard. Just then London walked over to them and gave them both a hug. "I'm so sorry guys. I can't imagine how you all are feeling but I just wanted to let you know I'm here for you guys."

Bailey wiped her eyes. "Thank you, London."

Maya sniffed. "Yeah, thank you."

Zach sighed softly. "I have to now tell Ash and Selena the news..." He breathed deeply. "When they find that monster, I'll kill him myself!"

Zack nodded. "I agree with you if you won't I'll kill him myself nobody threatens my family and gets away with it."

Maya sighed. "I agree." She was still crying but she tried to stop the tears but it was no use. "They are in a better place now..."

Mackenna, Zack and Maya's fourteen year old daughter rushed over and hugged her mother. "Momma..." She was sobbing.

Maya hugged her daughter. "Kenna, what's wrong, babe?" She kissed her head.

Mackenna shook her head. "Why do they have to die? I wish that monster would have died instead..."

Zack sighed. "Mack..."

Mackenna looked at her father and nodded. "But, it's true, Daddy it's his fault that we lost my brother and cousin..."

Zach sighed. "He's the reason I lost my best friend, my girlfriend and the mother of my three children. He shouldn't have killed a nine month pregnant woman! Hope was close to death too. I would've killed him myself if he killed Hope too. He will never see the daylight ever again. I'll make sure of it!" He kissed her head as he headed over to Ashton and Selena. "Hey babies."

Selena looked at her father. "Hey Daddy. What's happening?" She was so confused.

Zach placed them on the couch. "Sel, Ash...This is gonna be really hard to tell you because you two are so little, but..." He paused again. "...Your mom was shot by a bad man...and..." He felt his stomach go into his throat. "...She passed away today..." He sniffed.

Selena's eyes widened as they filled with tears. "What?! No...Momma can't be gone, Daddy...No!" She started to cry.

Zach picked her up into his arms and hugged her, rubbing her back. "Shhh, Sel. Shhh. I'm here. Daddy's here." He kissed her head many times. "Mommy is in a better place."

Ashton started to cry. "Why do she have to go, Dada? Why?"

Zach sighed. "Baby, I don't think she had a choice to go. She was just shot and then just not saved in time. Your baby sister will live on as her memory, though." He bent down and picked up Ashton. "I have three beautitful babies because of your mom. I have you, Selena Grace, Ashton Zachary and now I have Hope Emma." He kissed their heads. "Do you know who Emma is? Is that Mommy?"

Selena and Ashton nodded. "Yes that''s Mommy." Selena looked at her father. "What's going to happen now?"

Zach sighed. "Right now, we are going to be with family and mourn over the losses we have lost. And then, you, Ashton and Hope are moving in with me. Your mom and I were gonna move in with each other this summer but now that she's not here, I have custody over you three."

Ashton nodded. "Oh okay, Daddy."

Cody walked over to him. "How are you holding up, Zach?"

Zach shook his head. "Not good, Mr Martin. I actually want to find that person who shot her and kill him myself..."

Cody breathed deeply. "Me too, Zach. But you have three little ones to care for. You have to think about them and their futures now."

Zach sighed frustrated. "I do." He shook his head. "I am thinking about them I'll have the kids move in with me this summer but I know I'll come over whenever I need help. Family is everything to me and I want us all to stay together and honor Emma's memory." He shook his head. "I've no idea how it feels to lose a twin. I feel so bad for Layne who lost both her twin brother, who also happened to be her best friend..."

Cody's eyes watered. "She's not taking any of this well...Her boyfriend is on his way with their son. I hope he can ease her a little bit. I mean if it wasn't for Watson, I would've lost Leigh and Emma. I can't repay Watson for taking a bullet for Everleigh. He put himself in the middle of the shooter and the bullet." He looked at him. "Bailey and I will do anything you need to help raise them. They are our grandchildren. We want you to do well for them. I want you to graduate college and do well." He paused. "We will continue to honor Emma's memory." He smiled softly.

Zach smiled slightly. "Thank you."

Cody smiled. "Anytime."

Hope began to cry.

Zach got up and picked up Hope. "Hey there, baby girl."

Hope looks at her daddy before crying again.

Cody looked at his granddaughter. "I think she's hungry."

Zach sighed as he began making her a bottle. "I really miss handing the kids over to Emma when they had a hungry I'm doing it by myself..."

Cody nodded. "Yeah but don't worry Zach we all are willing and ready to help you out with them you're not alone."

Just then Josh arrived and walked over to Layne with their son. "Hey babe I've heard what happened. Are you okay?"

Layne shook her head in disbelief. "No...I'm not okay...My twin brother, best friend and my cousin were murdered by some asshole...I don't understand..." She looked at their 1 year old son, Carter Watson Sanchez. "Hey baby boy." She took him from her boyfriend.

Carter looked at his mother. "Momma, what happened?"

Layne sighed. "Carter, it's a little hard for you to understand, bubs. I'll tell you when you're older, okay?"

Carter nodded. "Okay, Momma."

Josh hugged her tightly. "I love you too much."

Layne hugged him back just as tightly. "I love you too."

Josh leaned down and kissed her. "I'm not letting you out of my sight tonight."

Layne kissed him back. "Thank you."

Zack cleared his throat. "Mhm. 1 year old is watching."

Layne pulled away. "Sorry." She looked at her son and gave him a hug. "I'm so sorry buddy."

Carter nodded. "Yeah." He frowned and looked around. "Where's Uncle Watson anyways?"

Layne frowned at her son. She decided to be honest with him. "Baby, he saved Leigh's life by taking a bullet to his back. He and Emma are in heaven."

Carter's eyes were filled with tears. "Why do he have to leave?"

Layne hugged her son. "Buddy he did not have a choice..."

Carter was crying. "No, no, no, no..."

Layne rubbed his back. "Shhh baby. Mommy is here." She kissed his head, holding him close, rubbing her sons back and head. "He's in a better place, buddy. He's always going to be with you."

Carter sniffed loudly. "I want him to come back, Momma!"

Layne looked at her boyfriend. "Oh, baby. Me too. Me too." She saw Dani rush over to her. "Layne!" She bent over and hugged her. "I...I have something to tell you..." She landed her a pregnancy test and an ulterasound picture of a very small baby. "...It's Watson's."

Layne hugged her back. "Oh my God! I'm gonna be an aunt."

Dani nodded. "Yep." She hugged her best friend. "He was so happy to know he was gonna be a dad. If I have a boy, I'm naming him after his father..." She looked at Zack and Maya. "I'm guessing they don't know yet if he didn't tell you."

Layne smiled. "You can tell them now." She looked at her parents and everyone. "Everyone, Dani has some news."

Dani smiled brightly, still sad that Watson won't be there for his baby. "I'm pregnant!"

Maya smiled sadly she was sad about Watson's death as well but knowing that she and Zack were getting another grandchild make them look thrilled. She hugged her. "This is so exciting."

Layne looked at her boyfriend. "We should tell them."

Zack looked at his daughter. "Tell us what, sweetheart?"

Layne smiled, sighing. "I'm pregnant again. I'm having twins." She sighed. "I wanted to tell Watson first...He was the first person I told when I was pregnant with Carter..."

Maya smiled and hugged her daughter. "Congrats, baby girl."

Mackenna smiled. "I'm gonna be an aunt again! This is so exciting."

Macy hugged her sister. "I'm gonna be an aunt again."

Carter giggled. "I'm gonna be a big brother!"

The nurse walked over. "Everyone, visitors hours are gonna be over in a few hours. Emma and Watson are in their rooms now. You can let the little ones come in if you wish."

They all nodded as they followed the nurse to Emma and Watson's rooms. "Okay."

Zach carried Hope in his arms with Selena and Ashton next to him. "Guys, can I let Emma hold her baby girl?" He placed baby Hope into Emma's arms slightly. "I wish she was here."

Everleigh nearly lost it but she managed to control herself. "She's looking out for you guys..."

Zack hygged his niece. "It's okay, Leigh. You don't have to be so strong."

Everleigh hugged him back crying. "Thanks Uncle Zack..." She lost it and started sobbing.

Zack kissed her head. "Shhh. It's okay, Leigh. I'm here..."

Everleigh cried loudly. "Why does she have to go? She could have stayed with us..."

Zack slowly walked out of the room with her. "Baby girl, she did the best she could. She hung on tight for Hope's sake. Her love as a mother, sister, niece, cousin and daughter is strong. She died protecting her baby. She loves you so much, baby."

Everleigh nodded her head. "Thank you. I know, but I also know that I love her too."

Zack smiled. "She loves you so much, Leigh." He hugged her.

Everleigh nodded, hugging him back. "I know Uncle Zack. I wish she knew how much I love her too."

Zack sighed deeply. "But, Leigh, she does, sweetheart."

Everleigh nodded. "Oh yeah. Thank you." She looked at him. "How are you feeling about this?"

Zack paused. "Honestly? I'm hurting. I'm really hurting of the loss of my son and niece. I hope nobody has to go through this. It's painful. I am a tough guy, but with all of this, I'm really heartbroken..."

Everleigh hugged him tightly. "I'm so sorry, Uncle Zack."

Dani held onto Maya, crying softly. "I really am gonna miss him..."

Maya hugged her back. "Oh honey he'll always be remembered and missed by all of us. A part of me just died when I saw him."

Macy cried while her sister Mackenna was hugging her. "How will we ever move on from this day? It's impossible. Part of me is thinking this is a cruel nightmare which I soon wake up from I hope but noooo..."

Layne held onto her boyfriend, crying into his chest. "Will you stay with me tonight? I don't want to sleep alone tonight..."

Josh nodded her head hugging her back. "Of course babe I'll stay with you..." He kissed her forehead. "I love you."

Layne sniffed into his chest. "I love you so much, Josh."

Carter walked over to his parents. "Mama, is Daddy staying with us?"

Josh nodded. "Yes, I'm staying with you, bud."

Carter smiled a little even though he was upset about his uncle's death. "Yay."

Layne picked him up. "You are my light right now, bubs."

Later that night, Layne's room

Layne put her son down to bed and walked into her room, getting into bed.

Josh pulled her close into his arms. "Hey sexy lady."

Layne giggled. "Hey handsome."

Josh pulled the covers over them, kissing her neck softly. "You don't have to worry about anything while I'm here with you."

Layne smiled and moaned slightly. "You're the best. Thanks, baby."

Josh smiled and kissed her neck again. "You're so strong, Lay. I'm so proud of you."

Layne smiled. "Thanks."

Josh layed a hand on her belly. "Baby number 2, huh?"

Layne nodded. "Baby number 2 and 3, I'm having twins."

Josh looked at her. "I thought you were kidding..."

Layne shook her head. "Nope. Not kidding, babe."

Josh's eyes widened. "Oh that's right, Ly, you mentioned that we're having twins in the hospital right after Dani made her announcement."

Layne smiled. "Yep."

Josh smiled and kissed her. "This is so exciting. What are you hoping for this time? A boy and a girl,two boys or two girls?"

Layne smiled. "Honesty? It doesn't matter to me, babe."

Josh looked at her. "Really?"

Layne nodded. "As long as they're healthy, I don't care."

Josh nodded. "Me too."

Layne looked over at her night stand, a picture of her and Watson. "Babe, I'm just glad you are here for me. I don't think I'd be able to sleep without you."

Josh nodded. "Thanks and I also won't sleep without you either, I mean Watson and I were also close, but not as close as you guys but we were close."

Layne's phone beeped for a text

Group text-

Kara, Karla and Karson Woody & Addison's daughters and son, Dani, Dalanna and Demi, Maddie & Tervor's girls, Nicole, Landon and Quinton, London and Todd's daughter and sons

Kara, 16, text- "Are you guys all alright? Layne, Eve, you guys alright?"

Layne's text- "I'm really heartbroken...I miss him...I mean Dani's pregnant with his baby..."

Demi's text- "That's right. And besides I'm so sorry Layne I can't imagine how you all are feeling so I just wanted to let you all know that I care and I'm thinking of you."

Kara's text- "Same. We are here for you girl. We all love you."

Layne's text- "Horrible...Carter is his buddy."

Kara's text- "I'm so sorry."

Dani's text- "I'm not sure what to do. I'm gonna be a single mother..."

Layne's text- "Dani we all are here for you. You're not alone in this.."

Dani's text- "Thank you."

Layne's text- "I mean it, you're like my sister Dani."

Dani's text- "Thank you girl."

Layne's text- "You're welcome."

Dani's text- "I'm keeping the baby."

Layne's text- "Good. Watson would want you to keep the baby."

The next day, Cody and Bailey's, February 15th, 2032

Bailey looked at her daughter, Everleigh. "How are you feeling, baby?"

Everleigh shook her head. "I'm fine. How are you feeling?"

Bailey breathed deeply. "Baby, I gave birth to you, you aren't fine, baby girl. You're hurting..."

Everleigh teared up. "I...I am hurting, Mommy...I'm gonna miss Selena and Ashton and Hope...I know Zach won't keep them away from all of us but I'm so used to seeing them everyday...That's...That's not gonna happen now."

Bailey nodded and hugged her daughter. "I'm so sorry baby girl." She looked at her. "You know we can still go and see them. It's not like Zach has stopped us from visiting them."

Everleigh nodded her head. "I know, Mom. He wouldn't keep them away."

Bailey nodded. "Exactly."

Everleigh breathed deeply as she buried her head into her mother's shoulder. "I wish this wasn't happening..."

Bailey nodded. "I wish that too honey, but what's done is done. I know we'll always remember them but we also need to remember that they are now in peace and we have to honor that."

Everleigh sighed. "Mom? How are you okay with all of this? I don't understand..."

Bailey shook her head. "Honey, I'm not okay with this. I'm just trying to be strong."

Everleigh paused. "I don't understand why you have to be so strong over this, Mom. You just lost your daughter..."

Bailey sighed. "While my other baby is standing right in front of me. I know I lost Emma but you're safe Everleigh. I just don't want to lose you too."

Everleigh hugged her mom. "Mom, I'm alive, all thanks to Watson."

Bailey nodded hugging her daughter back. "I know, sweetie." She kissed her head.

Cody looked at his wife. "Babe, do you want to talk upstairs?"

Bailey giggled and kisses him. "Alright."

Cody kissed her passionately and picked her up into his arms, carrying her to their bed. "God, I love you."

Bailey smiled. "I love you too."

Cody kissed her neck softly, licking her shoulder.

Bailey smiled and moaned. She ran her fingers through his hair.

Cody walked her over to the bed and layed her down, laying on top of her.

Bailey moaned slightly. "I love you."

Cody smiled. "I love you too, Bails." He took off his shirt.

Bailey smiled. "I'm so, so lucky to have you and our babies."

Cody smiled. "I'm lucky to have you too, baby."

Bailey smiled. "Thanks."

Cody took off her shirt.

Bailey giggled and helped him.

Cody massaged her shoulders as he kissed her passionately. "Baby, please tell me what's bothering you."

Bailey kissed him back. "I'm trying to be strong but why would someone do something so bad like killing our daughter and nephew..."

Cody smiled. "Babe, I don't think there is no why. I don't think we'll ever know why. That person must have had problems where there was no control...but, Bails, we can't go back..."

Bailey shook her head. "I know but everything's changing sometimes I really wish the person who has the problems would have died instead of killing our family members. I mean we all are human too but they think that killing people for their own benefits is wrong. We have to deal with the loss of our baby while they can walk around free...I want to find them and have them deal with the justice of killing our baby and nephew..."

Cody nodded. "We will, baby. I promise. We will find them, Bailey. They'll be put in prison. It's our daughter who is missing out her daughters and son's life."

Bailey nodded. "I know. I feel so bad but now it's I...I don't think I really have the strength to go to their wake and funeral...How long do you think I'm gonna last without losing it?"

Cody sighed deeply and kissed her head. "Bails, I feel the same way but we have to they're our daughter and nephew…"

Bailey sobbed. "It's like I'm living a nightmare. I couldn't sleep last night due to nightmares…"

Cody hugged her with tears falling down his face. "I'm so so sorry honey I'm trying to be strong for you."

Bailey sobbed in his arms. "I don't want you to feel sorry for me. I want you to be honest with me. What are your feelings?"

Meanwhile at Zaya's.

Zack walked over to see his wife, Maya sobbing he rushed over and hugged her. "Honey…."

Maya was crying she was hugging her husband. "Why? Why did this happen to us?"

Zack kissed her head with tears falling down his face. "Maybe cause they might be jealous of us or something seriously, who would murder our children due to cold blood…" He breathed deeply. "I'm not calming down unless we get justice for our son and niece."

Maya nodded her head. "I know, I feel the same way sweetheart."

Suddenly they heard a crash from upstairs and looked at each other before they rushed upstairs and into Mackenna's room.

Mackenna, who was having a hard time dealing with Watson's death was throwing her things and screaming.

Maya was shocked but she snapped out of it as she and Zack rushed over and stopped Mackenna from throwing her stuff. "Mackenna Zarya Martin, what in the world are you doing?"

Mackenna burst into tears. "Why? Why do they have to kill them? Why?"

Zack and Maya realised that Mackenna was having a hard time accepting Watson's death as they hugged her. "Honey, it's okay…They're safe and sound in Heaven…"

Mackenna sniffled loudly. "Well, that's not going to bring them back…." She shook her head. "I...I can't. I'm sorry I'm hurting you guys but I can't..."

Zack sat his daughter down, hugging her tightly and rocking her slowly in his arms. "Baby, we'll get through this as a family. I promise. I'm gonna get justice for your brother and cousin." He kissed her head. "I love you baby girl. I'm so glad you're my daughter. You don't have to trash your room in anger. I know you're hurting. We are all hurting in our own way. I don't want you to hurt yourself...That..." He teared up. "...Mac, you don't have to find something to hit or trash your room in anger...Your mom and I will be there for you if you need to go to therapy or talk to us. This isn't the right way to cope with everything that has happened...Your brother wouldn't want you to act like this, sweetheart..."

Mackenna buried her head into his chest, sobbing. "I...I miss him so much, Daddy...He and I were close, along with Layne...I don't know how she's so okay. Because I'm so hurt!"

Maya sniffed loudly, seeing how hurt her daughter was. "We know, baby. Layne is hurt, sweetheart. We all are. Without him protecting Leigh, you wouldn't have Everleigh..."

Mackenna nodded sobbing. "Yeah..." She couldn't speak she was crying so hard. "That's true..."

Zack kissed her head. "No more trashing your room, okay?"

Mackenna nodded slowly. "O...Okay..."

Maya nodded and kissed her head. "Good girl."

Massachusetts General Hospital

Zach signed as he saw his parents walk inside Hope's room. "Hey Mom. Hey Dad."

Zach's Mom, Claire looked at her son concerned. "Honey, how are you feeling?"

Zach sighed, teared up. "How am I feeling? My girlfriend was murdered while carrying our daughter...I was so close to losing them both, Mom...God, what am I gonna do? I'm now raising my three children alone..."

Dan Zach's Dad shook his head. "How about your Mom and I move in to help you out with our grandchildren?"

Zach smiled. "Really? You two don't have to...I mean you get to enjoy the retirement years now...Owen is finally moved out...I can't ask you to do that. You have the chance to travel..."

Claire shook her head. "Zach, no, you are overwhelmed right now. You just lost Emma. I'm not letting you raise them alone right now. You have school to finish. We can delay our plans until you are settled after school. You have medical school to start soon. That's so much to do without help. I'm sure Bailey would agree with me."

Zach nodded. "That's true Mom and yes she'll agree she and Mr Martin have told me that they'll help out with the kids as well along with Emma's siblings." He paused. "Thank you so so much Mom, Dad. I'm really very grateful."

Chaire smiled, hugging her son. "We just want the best for you and our grandchildren. They are so young right now. I don't care if we have to delay 5 years of our plans. All we care about is you, Selena, Ashton and Hope. Yes, we'd want them to help you too. We'll worry about it another time. Right now we have to help with Emma's memory and her wake and funeral. I told Bailey I'd do most of the work. She'll just sign it all."

Zach hugged his mother back. "Thanks, Mom..."

Chaire smiled. "Now, can I see my newest grandchild?"

Zach nodded as he walked over and picked up Hope and then placed her in his mother's arms. "Here she is..."

Chaire kissed her head. "Oh my God. She's gorgeous! She looks just like Emma."

Zach nodded. "Yeah which will bring me trouble when she grows up and starts to date along with her older sister, Selena."

Claire laughed. "Oh, calm down. She'll be fine, so will you."

Claire smiled. "Just worry about right now, sweetheart. The future isn't here yet. You have too much too worry about. Now, when is Hope coming home? Is she going to Cody and Bailey's? Because if all of her things are there, we can move everything to your place."

Zach nodded. "Everything was at Cody and Bailey's. I have my own crib at my place. Emma wasn't planning on moving in until the summer. We can give the other crib and changing table to Dani. She'll need it."

Claire paused. "Why?"

Zach sighed. "Cause she's pregnant with Watson's baby."

Claire gasped. "Oh my God. Did he know? She's Maddie's daughter? They are friends."

Zach nodded. "Yes. Maddie is an old friend to Cody and Zack. They're kids grew up together."

Dan nodded. "Wow. That's good."

Claire sighed. "At least he knew."

The next morning, at Zack and Maya's

Layne woke up, feeling dizzy, she remembered her brother was murdered while protecting her cousin. "Wats, thank you for protecting Leigh. Without you, Aunt Bailey and Uncle Cody would've lost Leigh and Emma. I miss you so much. I'll be a freaking awesome aunt to your baby. I know Dani will be a great mom." She pocked up the picture of them acting like idiots on her bedside. "I miss your laugh, bro."

Macy knocked on the door. "Sissy, are you up?"

Layne nodded. "Yeah, Mace. Come on in." She was sitting on her bed. "Is Mac, okay? Mom told me she had a breakdown yesterday."

Macy nodded as she walked inside and hugged her sister. "Yeah, she was having trouble accepting Watson's death."

Layne nodded. "I understand her pain. I haven't accepted it yet too. It's gonna be a long time until we do. After all, it just happened. We can't just get over it. I thought I'd lose Eve too...I was fucking terrified she was dead too. But she came out and she was okay." She hugged her sister. "Mac? Come in here, please."

Mackenna walked into Layne's room, sitting on the bed. "What's up, sis? Mom told me you had a breakdown yesterday. You can tell me anything."

Mackenna sighed. "I'm having a hard time dealing with Watson's death. I've no idea how I'll control myself during the wake of both Watson and Emma."

Layne wrapped her arms around her sister. "Me either, sis. But guess what? It's okay to lose control by crying and screaming. It's gonna be rough for us all. None of this is freaking easy. Watson and I were twins. Do you think it's easy for me? It's not. But I have Carter who is barely 2. He needs me. I may seem okay, but the truth is, I'm breaking. Death is not easy, Mac. It's sad. It's supposed to be sad. We will get through this as a family together. Life will never be the same."

Mackenna nodded hugging her sister. "Yeah..."

Layne kissed her head. "I love you, Mackenna. You can do it. You can make it. The wakes and funerals isn't for a few days."

Macy looked at her. "Mackenna, you aren't the only one who is hurting...I can't imagine how Dani is dealing with Watson's death. She's carrying his baby now."

Maddie and Tervor's house

Dani was sitting on her bed, holding a picture of Watson and her at the last dance they went together. "I miss you, Watson. I wish you could see the birth of our baby."

Maddie walked into her daughter's room. "Hey sweetheart. How are you feeling? Still the same?"

Dani nodded her head. "Yeah. I wanna keep the baby, Mom. I know Watson would want me too. It's the only thing I have left of him..."

Maddie hugged her daughter back. "Okay, you do know your father and I are supporting you. We'll help you along with your sisters."

Dani nodded, laying her head on her mom's shoulder. "Thank you, Mom. I want Layne to be their godmother. I know Watson would want that and so do I."

Maddie smiled. "I think she'd be honored, sweetheart."

Dani nodded. "I know, Momma."

Maddie kissed her head. "I'll make another appointment for you. Okay? We had so much going on to make one right then. I'll call your doctor after Watson's funeral."

Dani nodded her head. "Okay. Thank you, Mom." She layed a hand on her belly.

Meanwhile, Cody and Bailey's home

Zach was now a single father to his and Emma's children, Selena, who is five minutes older than her brother, Ashton, and their newborn daughter, Hope. He didn't exactly know how he'd juggle raising three children on his own and working 12 hour days. He was definitely overwhelmed with how he'd deal with it while the death of his girlfriend is still really fresh. He had passed Everleigh's room and saw her crying in her room. He walked into her room, walking over to her and looked at her, feeling worried about her.

"Are you okay, Everleigh?"

Everleigh sniffed loudly. "I...I don't know how I'd go on without her, Zach. She is my best friend. I don't know how you are dealing with all of this…"

Zach sat next to her on her bed, grabbing her hand and squeezed her hand. "Eve, I don't think we have a choice on dealing with the loss of Emma and Watson. Without Watson, Eve, you wouldn't be here with your family."

Everleigh layed her head on his shoulder. "I...I know...I would've been dead as well…" She felt him kiss her head.

Zach sighed. "Eve, you are definitely lucky to be here." He looked her into her eyes. "I will be here tonight. I will be able to bring Hope home tomorrow."

Everleigh smiled softly. "That's great. I can't wait to see her again."

An hour later, Zach and Everleigh had sex in Everleigh's room. They had sex feeling hurt from the loss of Emma. Even though them having sex would really make Emma feel hurt, but she's gone. They had slept together not expecting it to happen.

How will Zach and Everleigh having sex affect their lives? With life now changed, everyone's going to deal with the loss of Emma and Watson. How will everyone get through this? It will be the most hardest things they'd have to do for the rest of their lives. Nothing will be the same again.

To be continued…

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