When Tragedy Strikes Us

Episode 2: "This Can't Be Any Easier"

AN: Here's chapter 2.

A few days later, February 19th 2032

Cody and Bailey's home

It's been a few days after the death of Emma and Watson. Everyone is still in disbelief of having to deal with the loss of their child, niece and nephew. They should've been here. Not dead, not being buried into the ground and being all emotional.

Everleigh woke up feeling guilty for sleeping with her late sister's boyfriend. She walked downstairs to see Zach feeding Hope, she gave a small smile. "Hey."

Zach smiled a little. "Hey Ev, how are you doing?"

Everleigh sighed. "I feel so damn guilty right now..."

Zach sighed. "I am too." He shook his head. "Emma would kill us if she knew about this..." He was feeling terrible because he hooked up with his late girlfriend's younger sister but most of all the guilt was eating him up. He could not even speak due to him feeling so guilty. But little do they know Paisley, Everleigh's sister was actually listening in. She heard every word. She decided to confront Everleigh later but tried to look busy.

Everleigh sighed. "What the hell should we do?!" She whispered.

Zach sighed slightly. "We move on, Eve. We can't take it back. We can't let anyone know we..." He whispered to her. "...We slept together. It was a mistake."

Everleigh nodded, whispering. "I know..."

Zach continued to feed Hope. "We used protection. I think just forget it happened..."

Everleigh breathed deeply. She knew if anyone found out she'd feel more badly than ever. Her heart was racing. Was she falling for her late sister's boyfriend? Can't be right. "What about our friendship?"

Zach sighed. "Eve..."

Everleigh sighed. "You know what? You're right. Let's just forget what happened and try to get back to normal..."

Zach teared up. "What's normal now?"

Everleigh shook her head. "I don't...I don't know..."

Zach sighed shaking his head. "I know." Zach knew that he was soon falling for his late girlfriend's sister. He noticed Everleigh but due to her being so young he only treated her like a sister but now he was unsure. "I mean Ev everything's changing..."

Everleigh was confused. "What do you mean?"

Zach sighed. "I mean if we're forgetting what happened and pretending everything's normal which in this case isn't at all. Maybe we could just try to move on or this will be worse." He shook his head and whispered. "What if you find out you're pregnant? I mean you're fourteen, Ev." He sighed and shook his head again. "Your dad would kill me."

Everleigh's heart broke. "You just said we used protection, Zach..." She sighed. "I'm fourteen, yes, I know." She kissed Hope's forehead. "I don't know what we should do. I'm going to go eat something. We are having Emma's wake tonight."

Zach nodded. "I know I'm sorry." He sighed. "Okay. I'll be busy here."

Everleigh walked into the kitchen to see Paisley sitting on the stool. "Hey."

Paisley crossed her arms. "Hey, so did you happen to plan you two betraying Ems like that?"

Everleigh's eyes went wide. "What? Paisley...I swear to God. You say anything, I'll kill you..."

Paisley shook her head. "It's gonna have to cost you."

Everleigh rolled her eyes. "Oh my God. You can't be fucking kidding."

Paisley smiled. "Five bucks or I'll tell Dad..."

Everleigh groaned. "Ugh! Fine. Five bucks and you don't mention NOTHING. Deal?" She was serious.

Paisley nodded. "Alright, I won't tell."

Everleigh nodded. "Thank you."

Paisley nodded as she finished her breakfast.

Bailey walked downstairs. "Hi girls."

Paisley was about to say something but then Everleigh gave her the death look. She mouthed. "I'm serious. Don't say anything."

Bailey crossed her arms around her stomach. "Girls, what's going on? I know when you two are hiding something..."

Everleigh laughed nervously. "We're not hiding anything, Mom..." She ran out of the kitchen and headed over to Zach. "My mom might try to figure out what we are hiding...I don't want her to know..."

Zach nodded in agreement. "We don't want anyone to know, Eve..."

Everleigh nodded her head. "Yeah..."

Cody looked at his daughter. "Everleigh..." He turned to his wife. "Bails, what's wrong with Everleigh?"

Bailey frowned. "I don't know. She was fine a minute ago."

Paisley started to shake her head. "Uh Momma..."

Bailey nodded, turning to Paisley. "Pais, do you know something?"

Paisley nodded. "Uh...Maybe, yes."

Bailey nodded. "What's wrong, sweetie?"

Paisley sighed. "Ummm, I was told not to tell..."

Bailey had her hands on her hips. "Paisley Miayah Martin, you were told by who? You better tell us right now, young lady."

Paisley took a deep breath knowing that Everleigh would kill her but she could not find any other way out and blurted it out. "Ev and Zach hooked up!"

Cody's eyes went wide. "What?!" He was speechless.

Everleigh's eyes went wide. "Oh my God." She turned to Zach. "My parents know...They know!" She was now freaking out because she didn't want anyone to know about her and Zach hooking up.

Zach sighed. "Oh..." He shook his head. "I'm sorry, Ev..."

Everleigh looked at him with wide eyes. "What the hell do we do?!" She didn't know what to do now. They'd be so disappointed in her. She couldn't get her words together.

Zach tried to come up with something, but soon he had no ideas on what they do. He was just trying not to want to hurt Paisley. He didn't want anyone to know that he and Everleigh slept together. "Eve, I honestly don't know what we do. We have to just move on, okay?"

Everleigh frowned. "O...Okay." She said, trying. Not to cry. Her heart was breaking. She didn't know she was falling for Zach. She didn't want to even think about it to herself, because he is her late sister's boyfriend. She walked into the kitchen to find her parents waiting for her.

"Uh, hey Mom. Hey Dad."

Cody gave his daughter a look of what's going on, he wanted to know why she's been acting so different. "Everleigh, what's going with you?"

Everleigh sighed. "Nothing. It's nothing, Dad. I can't tell you…"

Cody took a deep breath. "You can talk to me, I hope you know you can…"

Everleigh shook her head. "No, you won't like what I'm going to tell you…"

Bailey just looked at her daughter. "Let's go upstairs, Eve."

Everleigh's Room

Bailey sat on her daughter's bed, Everleigh was now sitting next to her mother. Tears came to her eyes, she had done something she shouldn't have done and now it was too late to take back. "Mom...I...I did something I shouldn't have done! I can't take it back, I feel like a horrible sister…"

Bailey just looked at her daughter in shock. What was she talking about? "Everleigh, what are you talking about?"

Everleigh sniffed as she began sobbing. "I slept with Zach, Mom…"

Bailey's eyes went wide. "Zach? Your sister's boyfriend? Selena, Ash and Hope's father?"

Everleigh nodded her head shakily. "Yeah...Zach…"

Bailey's thoughts were all over the place. "When did this happen? Did you use protection?"

Everleigh nodded her head. "Uh, a few days ago, and yes, we did…"

Bailey nodded. "Sweetie, I don't know what to say, but I hope you don't end up having a baby...Your father will freak out…"

Everleigh just couldn't get the thought of being pregnant out of her head. Could she be pregnant? She just sighed deeply. "I hope I'm not pregnant. I'm not ready to be a mom. I'm only fourteen. What would people think?"

Bailey sighed. "Not good things, Eve…" She got up from her daughter's bed. "Go get ready. Take a shower. Okay?"

Everleigh nodded. "Okay…"

March 17, 2032, Cody and Bailey's

Six weeks after the wakes and funerals of Emma and Watson, Cody, Bailey, Zack and Maya tried to get their lives back on track with their other children. Dani is now 9 weeks pregnant. She found out she was pregnant a little early. Layne is now 9 weeks pregnant too. Layne is having twins. Mackenna has having problems trying to come to terms with her brother's loss, but she has been trying to come to terms with everything. It's never going to be easy anymore.

Six weeks ago, Everleigh and Zach had sex and now, the thought of coming pregnant has been all Everleigh has been thinking about. She could be, and that thought has her going crazy. If she is pregnant, her child and Hope would be only a few months apart. Hope is now a month old. She was in her bathroom when she decided to take a pregnancy test. After reading the directions, she began taking the pregnancy test. She was really nervous. She was really sick to her stomach. She had no idea how much her life will now change...What life, though? She's only fourteen. Her life has just begun. She waited five minutes before the timer went off.

Her heart was racing.

Her throat was in her stomach.

Everleigh got up from the floor and stared at the pregnancy test.

"Pregnant." The pregnancy test read.

Everleigh's eyes were wide. Tears streamed down her face, her knees got weak and she got onto the floor and sat against the wall as tears fell down her face.

Zach heard Everleigh crying. He knocked her bathroom door and sighed. "Eve? Are you okay?"

Everleigh wiped her eyes, sniffing as she walked out of her bathroom. She just looked at him with fear in her eyes.

"Zach...I...I'm pregnant...with your baby…"

Zach's eyes went wide.

To be continued…

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