When Tragedy Strikes Us

Episode 3: "My Life Will Never Be The Same"

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Zach stood there in complete shock. His late girlfriend's sister is pregnant with his child. He wasn't ready for another child given that his youngest daughter, Hope, is only a month old now. He couldn't find his voice. Life is about to get harder. Zach never expected to her to be pregnant. His eyes stayed wide for a while, he looked at her.

"Are you serious, Eve?"

Everleigh nodded her head. "Yeah. I'm serious. I took a pregnancy test. It's positive, Zach…"

Zach ran his hands over his face and through his hair. "Oh, God. Can I see it?"

Everleigh nodded. "Yeah…" She walked into her bathroom, saw him sitting on her bed, she handed him the pregnancy test and she sat next to him.

Zach was now speechless. The pregnancy test was showing really dark two lines. He wasn't expecting her to be pregnant at fourteen, and with his child. He was 18, she was 14, it was just wrong. What did he want to do now? He already had a month old daughter. He just continued to stare at the pregnancy test.

Finally, he looked at Everleigh. "You're definitely pregnant, Eve. That's two very dark lines…"

Everleigh layed back on her bed, tears fell down her face, she layed her hands on her face and wiped her eyes. "Oh my God. Oh, my fucking God. I can't have a baby at fourteen, Zach. That's just wrong! I'd be slut shamed for having sex so young!"

Zach grabbed her hand and squeezed her hand. "No, you won't, Everleigh! You won't be slut shamed!" He layed her up and kissed her head. "Everleigh, we'll figure this out together, okay? We still have time to make a final decision…"

Everleigh sniffed, wiping her cheeks and eyes. "I'm so dead. My dad will kill me…"

Zach sighed. "He'll kill me too. I got you pregnant."

Everleigh layed her head on his shoulder. "Yeah…"

Downstairs, Bailey looked at Paisley. "Where are Zach and Eve? I'm sure they're hungry…"

Paisley shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know."

Bailey walked upstairs and walked to her daughter's room. She knocked on the door. "Eve?"

Everleigh's eyes went wide. "That's my mom. I don't think she knows you're in here…" She whispered.

Zach turned to her. "She'll find out soon, Eve. She needs to know…"

Everleigh got up from her bed and walked to her door and opened the door. "Hey, Mom. What's up?" She said as Zach arrived behind her.

Bailey's eyes went wide. "What's Zach doing in your room?"

Everleigh paused to think of an excuse. "Um...He's helping me with homework. Don't worry." She and Zach headed downstairs, but Bailey walked to Everleigh's bed, saw the pregnancy test sitting on the bed. Her eyes went wide. Her fourteen year old daughter was pregnant. "Oh my God…" She was completely worried for her daughter. What if something wrong happens? She saw that the lines were really dark.

It was real. It had to be. A false pregnancy was rare. She walked downstairs and saw Everkeigh grabbing a water bottle and an apple. Her dad walked into the kitchen and smiled. "There's pizza in the fridge…"

Everleigh nodded her head, opened the fridge again, opened the top of the box, suddenly she felt sick to her stomach, and she quickly ran to the bathroom and began throwing up. She groaned as the door opened, her mother was standing at the doorway, she shut the door and headed closer to her daughter, who was now sitting against the wall. She bent down on the knees. "Eve, I found the pregnancy test on your bed…"

Everleigh's eyes went wide. "Mom…" She held her stomach with her hands. "Ugh. I…"

Bailey nodded softly. "I know. You're pregnant and it's a big shock right now. You're 14 years old, Everleigh. Why did this happen?"

Everleigh took a deep breath. "Zach and I hooked up a few times last month...I guess I got pregnant the first time we had sex…"

Bailey groaned, closing her eyes, rubbing her face with her hand. "Oh my God, Everleigh. Why did you have sex with him?"

Everleigh sniffed. "I don't know, Mom! It just happened! We were both upset about Emma's death that we just needed to let our emontions out by having sex…"

Bailey was completely upset, but knew she needed to support her daughter. "Honey, I'm disappointed in you and Zach. You knew sex could cause a pregnancy to happen…"

Everleigh wiped her eyes. "I know…" She got up, wiped her mouth and then brushed her teeth. "Ugh. That was so gross…"

Bailey nodded. "It's gonna happen for weeks if you decide to go through the pregnancy…"

"Great…" Everleigh said, as she walked out of the bathroom, her father was concerned about her. "Are you okay, Everleigh?"

Everleigh nodded. "Yeah. I'm fine, Dad. It's just a bug. I'm sure I'll be fine…"

Both Zach and Bailey looked at her, she sighed as she looked at her dad. Tears came to her eyes, Zach grabbed her hand, squeezing her hand tightly. He nodded his head.

"You can tell him. You have to tell him, Eve." He kissed her head.

Cody saw her eyes tearing up, he sighed. "Eve, are you alright?"

Everleigh nodded softly. "Kinda, Dad. I'm fine, and then I'm not fine because you're not going to be happy with me...You might even yell…"

Cody was confused. "Yell at you? I'd never yell at you or be mad at you, Everleigh. What are you talking about?"

Everleigh took a breath, squeezing Zach's hand back. "Well, Zach and I had...Well, a few nights together…"

Cody was more confused. "Eve, what are you asking about? What the hell does that mean? And, why is he holding your hand?"

Everleigh looked at him. Tears began falling down her face. "We've been sleeping with each other for the past month…"

Cody's eyes went wide. Finally, he understood, they have been having sex. "WHAT?!" He yelled.

Everleigh wiped her streaming tears that were falling down. "Daddy, that's not the worst part…"

"What's the worst part, Everleigh?! I'm about to kill Zach at this very moment!"

Everleigh shook her head. "No, please, Daddy…" She took a deep breath. "...I'm pregnant...with Zach's baby…"

Now, at this moment, Cody was so streamed that there could be smoke coming out of his ears. He was so pissed. "You're what?!"

It was Zach's turn to speak up, he wrapped his arms around Everleigh, who was now crying into his arms. "She's definitely pregnant with my baby, Mr. Martin…" He choked up. "...I...I saw the pregnancy test. It's super positive. The lines are so dark…"

Cody was now glaring at him. "You knocked up my daughter?!"

Zach nodded slowly. "Well...Yeah, but we were super careful...I guess not that careful…"

Cody shook his head. "Well, obviously! She's pregnant! You two were having sex for the past month! Where were you?!"

Zach rubbed Everleigh's back. "We were at my place...Most of the time…"

Cody groaned as he ran his hands through his hair. He looked at his 14 year old daughter. "You are too young to be having a baby!"

Everleigh sniffed. "I...I know…"

Cody shook his head. "You are having an abortion in the morning. I don't care."

Everleigh's eyes went wide, she looked at Zach, who held her tightly. She glared at her father. "No, I'm not having an fucking abortion! That's my decision! It's my fucking body!" She shook her head.

Cody's eyes went wide. "Don't you dare raise your voice at me! You are 14, you can't make that decision! I'm signing it in the morning!"

Bailey looked at her husband. "Cody, I disagree with you. It's her body! She can make that decision! Whether you disagree or not, that's her baby. You didn't say to Emma who was seventeen to have an abortion!"

Cody sighed. "She was almost 18!"

Everleigh just groaned. "I'm not going to abort my baby! Zach and I make that decision!" She held onto Zach's waist.

Cody glared at Zach. "I want you out of my house. Take the kids. Now."

Zach shook his head. "I'll leave, but Eve is coming with me! She's not going to be forced to abort our baby!"

Cody shook his head. "You are not taking my daughter, and yes, she is!"

Everleigh glared at him. "I hate you." She ran upstairs and slammed her bedroom door, slid down the door and sobbed into her hands, curled up into the ball.

Zach glared at him. "I'm so pissed at you right now. She's not going to be forced to abort our baby without my permission!" He packed up his three kids and headed to his house, clearly pissed.

When he got there, his mother was there. She saw the look on his face. "Sweetie, what's wrong?"

Zach got Hope out of her car seat and put her in her carrier, then helped Selena and Ashton out of their car seats. "I'll explain when I lay the kids down, Mom…"

When they got inside, Zach layed the kids down for their naps, he and his mother, Claire sat on the couch.

"What's going on, sweetheart?" Claire asked.

Zach took a deep breath. "Mom, Everleigh and I have been sleeping for the past month, now she's pregnant with my baby, and when I say she's pregnant, I mean really pregnant. The pregnancy test lines were really dark…"

Claire just had to progress this news. "Oh, wow. She's really having your baby?"

Zach nodded his head. "We were sleeping with each other a lot for the past month...There's more news, though…"

Claire just looked at him. "There's more?"

Zach nodded his head. "Yeah, her father is going to basically force her to have an abortion tomorrow morning! I'm so pissed. I know she's 14, but it's her body, her decision…"

Claire nodded. "It is her decision, yes, she's the one having the baby. I completely agree about what you're saying...What does Bailey think about this?"

Zach sighed. "She's supportive. She'll support whatever is Everleigh's decision. She told me she wants to have the baby, though." He ran his hands through his hair. "I'll be there for her. I'll help her through the pregnancy. The child isn't just hers, it's mine too. I will be there for every appointment, every craving, swollen feet, throw up, back rubs, every needing to just have 'you know' just to make her feel better, I want to take to birth classes, help her through the labor and be there for our baby…"

Claire smiled slightly. "I am glad you are going to be there for her, Zach. That's the right thing to do."

Zach layed back on the couch. "It's just overwhelming. It will stay that way for a while…"

Later that night, Everleigh was having trouble sleeping. She was tossing and turning until 2am, she groaned as she decided to just leave and head to Zach's for a few days. She grabbed her phone from her bedside table and opened it.

She found Zach's number and texted him.

Everleigh's text- "Get me out of here. Come get me. Meet me up the street. I don't want anyone to see me. I need to leave my house for a few days."

Zach was up with Hope, grabbed his phone and saw Everleigh's text message. He texted her back.

Zach's text- "My mom is here. I'll ask her to watch the kids and I'll come get you."

Everleigh's text- "Thank you."

Everleigh packed a few days worth of clothes and grabbed her phone charger and climbed out her window and walked to the street where Zach will be getting her.

15 minutes later, Zach arrived, Everleigh jumped into his car and they headed to his place.

Claire hugged him as she left, Everleigh walked into his bedroom and layed down in his bed. "Ugh. I'm exhausted."

Zach took his shirt off and climbed into his bed, pulled her close and kissed her head. "Eve?"

Everleigh looked at him. "Yeah?"

Zach looked at her. "Is it wrong to say that I'm in love with you?"

Everleigh's eyes went wide as she was now laying on top of him. "Not really, because I'm in love with you too…"

Zach smiled at her. "Really?"

Everleigh nodded her head. "Yeah. I fell in love with you when we slept with each other the first time."

Zach leaned in and kissed her passionately, he pushed her down, she was laying on her back, he got on top of her and they began making out.

He ran his hands up her shirt, rubbed her breasts and her belly. He whispered in her ear. "There's an actual baby in there…"

She smiled. "Yeah."

He lifted her shirt up, over her head and threw it onto the floor and then ran his hands up to her bra, unclipped it, and then let it fall, he helped her take it off, and then lifted it over her head.

Everleigh blushed deeply, she covered her face, Zach put her hands down and smiled. "Eve, I've seen it all before, many times."

Everleigh nodded, as he kissed her neck. Soon, his pants were off, and then they were completely naked, he looked down at her.

"Are you ready?"

Everleigh nodded, as he slowly pushed himself inside her, and got comfortable inside her, Everleigh moaned as she wrapped her legs around him, Zach began thrusting in and out of her faster and harder. Everleigh moaned and Zach moaned as he continued to thrust harder into her. Everleigh dug her nails into the sheets. Everleigh groaned and moaned.

After a while, Zach finally pulled himself out of her and layed next her, pulled her closer to him and kissed her head.

They began catching their breath before falling asleep into each other's arms.

The next morning, Cody knocked on Zack and Maya's door. "Zack! Is Eve here? She's not in her room!"

Zack shook his head. "No. She didn't come here."

Layne then heard screaming from Mackenna's room. She rushed into her sisters room and saw her stuggling to open the bottle of pills. "Mackenna! Drop the bottle now!" She tried to get the bottle out of her hands. "Drop the fucking bottle!"

Mackenna shook her head. "No! Don't make me!" She started struggling to open the bottle of pills. "No, I will not!"

Layne groaned as she struggled to get the bottle out of her hands, soon the cap popped open and pills fell all over the floor.

Mackenna screamed and began crying. "Why did you do that?!"

Layne hugged her tightly. "Saving your freaking life!" She yelled. "Daddy!"

Zack heard her yell his name and then rushed up the stairs along with Maya. "What's going on?"

Layne was crying. "Mack tried to take her life by shoving these pills down her throat!"

Mackenna was sobbing. "You don't fucking understand, Layne! Stay out of this!"

Layne looked at her. "No, I'm not staying out of this! I'm your sister, I almost saw you take your fucking life!"

Maya shook her head. "It's time for Mack to go to therapy because I can't watch her try to take her life."

Zack nodded. "I agree." He took Mackenna's hands and picked her up. "Mack, I'm sorry but I'm taking you to therapy."

Mackenna was sobbing. "Why?" Zack sighed and kissed her head. "Because, you need help baby."

Maya was crying into Layne's arms as Zack headed outside.

Cody saw them heading out. "What's going on?!"

Zack sighed. "I'm taking her to therapy."

Cody nodded. "What happened?"

Zack sighed. "Tried to take pills."

Cody frowned. "Wait, what? Why?"

Zack shrugged. "I don't know. I think she's having a hard time with Watson's death."

Cody nodded. "Oh."

Once at therapy, Mackenna walk in, sits down next to Hunter.

Hunter looked at her. "I'm Hunter. You?"

Mackenna looked at him. "I'm Mackenna. Mackenna Martin."

Hunter smiled. "Why are you here? I was like drinking a lot and taking drugs and my mom bassically dragged me here a year ago and I'm doing better. I stay to help others."

Mackenna nodded. "I tried to take my own life..."

Hunter sighed. "Damn. Why, may I ask? I mean, you are beautiful and I'm shocked on why you'd want to do that..."

Mackenna sighed. "My brother passsed a month ago and I'm not taking it well..."

Hunter looked at her. "Oh my God, I'm so sorry for your loss."

Mackenna smiled softly. "Thank you. My sister is currently expecting and so is his girlfriend...I don't know how she's taking it..."

Hunter nodded. "Oh did you by any chance asked them how they're taking it?" He frowned. "I mean if you're hurting so who knows they are also hurting as well."

Mackenna nodded. "I have, yes. Dani, his girlfriend, is hurting but staying strong for their baby. My sister has been going back and forth from her boyfriend's and our house."

Hunter nodded. "Oh. Well, I can't imagine how you're feeling."

Mackenna nodded. "It's horrible right now. My dad hopes this helps me."

Hunter nodded. "Well, it should. You've got me to talk to me. Any time you need. Do you want my number?"

Mackenna nodded. "Yes, please."

Hunter took her phone and put his number in and she did the same.

An hour later, Mackenna walked out with Hunter. He turned to her. "Do you want a ride home?"

Mackenna nodded. "Yes, please."

Hunter opened the door for her and then got into the driver's seat. "So, Mackenna, tell me about yourself."

Mackenna shrugged. "Well, I'm 14, I have an older sister, and then 8 younger siblings. I'm a freshman in high school. Uh...Well, that's mostly what I can think of. You?"

Hunter paused to think. "I'm 19, junior in college now, 3 siblings, wanting to go to medical school and be a heart surgeron. I struggled a lot the first year. My girlfriend left me a year ago after seeing me struggle. She couldn't handle it."

Mackenna nodded. "Oh, I'm sorry."

Hunter nodded. "It's totally cool. I realized she wasn't the one for me if she couldn't stay by my side through that." He looked at her. "Life is gonna be a bitch sometimes, Mackenna, but it will get better. There is always a rainbow at the end of the storm."

Mackenna nodded. "Really?"

Hunter nodded. "Yeah. That's what my mom told me the first time I came here. Turns out she was right, because I met you."

Mackenma blushed a little. "Thank you. I hope I feel the same way about that saying soon." When he stopped his car, she got out.

He looked at her. "I can pick you up next week if you want."

Mackenma blushed a little. "Thank you. I hope I feel the same way about that saying soon." When he stopped his car, she got out.

He looked at her. "I can pick you up next week if you want."

Mackenna smiled. "That would be amazing. Thanks."

Hunter nodded. "I'll talk to you soon."

When Mackenna walked inside, Zack was waiting for her. "Did Uncle Cody pick you up?"

Mackenna shook her head. "No, um, I met someone there who drove me home. He was really nice. He is now a year sober...That information is private, but he told me he is there to help people by telling them his story..."

Zack nodded. "Oh alright. That's good then."

Mackenna looked at him. "Is lunch ready? I'm straving."

Maya nodded. "It is. Could you get your siblings for me?"

Mackenna nodded. "Of course Momma." She then went to get her siblings. "Hey guys lunch is ready."

Layne smiled. "Awesome. I'm so hungry."

They all headed downstairs to have lunch.

Next door, Cody was freaking out. "Why isn't she answering her phone?!"

Bailey looked at her husband. "She's probably pissed off at you."

Cody sighed. "Alright."

Bailey looked at him. "Give her time because Cody you were going to forcing her to get an abortion this morning. Please let her make her own decision about her baby."

Cody sighed. "Yeah but she's my baby. She's way too young to have a baby and with Emma's boyfriend of all people."

Bailey nodded. "You think I'm happy about this, Cody? I know she's having a baby with Zach. I know she's too young to be having a baby."

Cody sighed. "I don't want her to be having a baby. She should be home. Where is she, anyways?"

Bailey sighed. "She's with Zach."

Cody's eyes went wide. "Why?! Why is she with him?"

Bailey crossed her arms. "She doesn't want to be here. Of course she's with the dad of her baby for a reason."

Cody sighed. "I'm going over there!"

Before Bailey could stop him, he was out of the house snd in his car, heading to Zach's.

Everleigh was rocking Hope in her arms on the couch when she saw her dad getting out of his car. "Shit..."

Zach walked over to her. "What?" He saw Cody walking to the front door. "Crap."

Everleigh rubbed Hope's back. "I don't care. I'm staying here. You need the help. These are my nieces and nephew. Emma would want me to help. I told her that!"

Zach nodded. "I know." He opened the front door and saw Cody standing there, very pissed.

"Cody...I know you are pissed off...But, right now, Everleigh shouldn't be forced to have an abortion if that's not what she wants. I'm going to be there for her. I'm serious. You can be pissed at me all you want, but just know where I stand, I will be there for your daughter. Just like I was for Emma. I'm raising our three kids by myself."

Cody took a deep breath. "I'm not comfortable with the fact you knocked up my daughter…"

Zach sighed. "I know you're not. But, trust me, it's something we all have to get used to. It's just a fresh shock. You still can't force her to not have our child. She's staying with me for a reason. You yelling at her about getting an abortion isn't helping her. It's causing her to be stressed out. We are talking about our decision between keep or adoption now…Trust me, I'm serious about taking care of your daughter."

Cody just nodded. "Well, I guess I do have to let you two make that decision…"

Everleigh nodded, as she kissed Hope's head. "Thank you."

Finally, Cody walked out of Zach's place and Everleigh layed Hope in her bassinet. "We have the next longest nine months of our lives, huh?"

Zach nodded. "Yep. Hope and the baby will be 9 months apart…Jesus…"

Everleigh sat on the couch. "Yeah. That's going to be the hardest part…"

Zach sat down next to her. "Thanks for being here for Selena, Ash and Hope. I know Emma's death is hard on you too…"

Everleigh nodded. "It's always going to be hard, but we'll get through it together…"

Zach reached for her hand and squeezed her hand. "Yeah. Together. Forever."

To be continued…

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