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Mugiwara Chaos Replay : Hero Edition

Chapter 1: So… Now what?

They did it; they have arrived here at last, The Culmination of all their hopes and dreams: Raftel.

And… they're bored.

Seriously, who would have thought that with traveling the most dangerous sea, Gaining equality amongst different sentient species, Reuniting with a long lost friend, Building and maintaining an entire ship of dreams, Hunting long lost and forgotten messages worth 100 years from 800 years or so ago, Searching, researching and stockpiling the largest collection of medicine and healing knowledge that could heal an entire country(maybe even three), Tracking, finding and proving a mythical, elusive and literally living moving sea in a vast ocean, Proving your worth and manliness to an entire village of literal giants, Exploring and drawing a complete and accurate map of the formerly deemed most treacherous and un-mappable ocean in the world( while swiping as much treasure from other people as possible), Overpowering and defeating the world's greatest swordsman after a 1v1 duel that literally shook the very foundations of the world to its core for a week, Toppling THE MOST corrupt organization that ruled the world in every sense of the word, and finally, obtain the impossible dream of overcoming all the obstacles set before by the world and become the Pirate King and founding the era that has come to be called The Great Era of Exploration… can be so boring afterwards.

Make no mistake; each leg of their journey had its own shares of victories, defeats, friends, enemies, rewards and losses. But, despite this (or because of it), they were able to overcome them using the combination of grit, tears, skills teamwork and luck that the devil would damn himself again for. However, now that these dreams have come true, promises fulfilled, reaching the world's summit, comes the most important question of all…

Now what?

Being the best of the best, the pinnacle of it all, gave way to a problem that is unprecedented that even the most ingenious and off-the-wall minds aboard of the Thousand Sunny: There is nothing left to do!

Now you might be thinking: "They are on top of the world, surely there will have be challengers! There has to be more places to explore! You only journeyed through one route of the Grand Line, there must be more things to see, hear and experience!"



The New Marines are headed by Fleet Admiral Coby with Sengoku, Tsuru and Garp as advisors as well as former Admiral Kuzan aka Aokiji. Together, they have renewed the true meaning of "Justice", and not just a reason to justify any and all actions. The real criminals (or as real as they can be) were gathered as well as the corrupt elite, whose actions caused suffering and misery are now also facing justice. It's not perfect, but they are starting anew with eyes wide open.

The majority of pirates fell under the same banner by the time the War at World's End commenced. When the new Pirate King was revealed, they followed his lead and the Great Explorer's Era had begun.

World's End is the massive area of water that simply cuts across as far as one can see the horizon, literally the edge of the world. This is a waterfall to end all waterfalls and is the final obstacle before you can reach the throne of kings: Raftel. It is said that only Roger knew how to travel this treacherous obstacle, and despite being in the crew the whole way, not even his First Mate, Silvers Reyleigh, let alone the former cabin boys Shanks and Buggy, knows.

The only clue that he left was a cryptic message: "Only the one who mastered the world, is worthy to hear its guiding voice".

This war is the indelible mark that the world will forever remember. This is day that The World Government, with all its secrets and lies, fell after holding the world at the palm of its hand for hundreds of years. This is where the lines were drawn alliances were forged and the Ultimatum was made for the entire world to see.

Either side has a shocking mix of pirates and marines. Some joined for the belief that they have, others joined for their gains and opportunities that this war will present and its eventual repercussions. Almost everyone that has a say that mattered in the world was present.

On one side is the mightiest force the WC can muster, from the highest powers to deepest scum that they can bribe, threaten and sacrifice. This was even greater than the gathering for the acclaimed War of the Best years ago, this force headed by the powerful Sakazuki aka Akainu, Fleet Admiral of the Marines and leader of the Ultimatum. This was a clear message for the opposing side, like a spoken word to say:

"Will you face the wrath of the World Government in all of its power and might?"

The answer was a million ships, a gathering the likes of which the world has never seen, and hopefully, will never see again. At the head of this colossal fleet, is a ship with a head of a lion and a smile that burns with the power of a thousand suns:


Now you might think: "But they are pirates, Marines and Revolutionaries, how can they truly work together without stabbing the other in the in the back?"

The answer is simple: This is the End.

Victory Together or Mutually Assured Destruction.

After the First and Only Pirate Summit, it was agreed by the powers that the Final leg of the race to be Pirate King will be decided after (if they ever do) win the War against the Ultimatum.

So, one might say that the War at World's End is in two parts for the "Tri-lliance"(trai-laenƏs), as coined by Revolutionary Sabo Outlook, against the Ultimatum and against each other.

The clash started, by coincidence or design, on the day of Gol D. Rogers Execution; As if it were another sign that this is the start of an era. For good or for ill, the world will never be the same.

History books will tell many tales of the various fights, the devil fruits used, the tactics that decided the various battles, the acts of heroism and atrocity of equal measure, of sacrifices, loss, power and victories. This is the war that birthed to legends, whose realities were even more fantastic than the most delusional of drunks and eventually fade to myths in time. But none were more memorable than the fight that first started at the beginning and ended in the last minutes of the war: Straw hat Luffy and Fleet Admiral Akainu. There were interferences, assists, combos and distractions used by their allies, friends and rivals. Every tactic, every trick, every second spent on that battle was as intense and critical as the last.

"Come, Straw hat! Face the Absolute Justice that the likes of your king so richly deserve!"

"Akainuuuu! For Ace! You won't take anyone away from me again! I will be Pirate King!"

"At last we shall decide the truth my student, will you be able to reach the heavens, or fall to the depths of the abyss?"

"Sensei… this is the time we both have been waiting for! My name will be heard in both, so you will hear it wherever I send you to."

"I see that it is indeed time to see who is in the right. Let us roll the dice one last time."

"Zehahahaha! Time to answer the question: What shall prevail, the Darkness or the Light?"

"Oh My… You are such a scary guy, you know that?"

"Feel this burn! All of my passion, my rage, my ambitions and my love! The Devil will be cooking you tonight!"

"Fall… Pirate!"

And the world exploded into motion.

After everything was said and done, and I mean everything, The Straw hats enjoyed the fruits of their labor in Raftel as they rightfully should. And now they have reached this point in time, or should I say dilemma. What to do next?