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Chapter 4: A Friend in Need

Mustafu Municipality

"Hey Mom! It's time to watch the video!" An excited voice of a little boy rings throughout the house.

Inko Midorya looks at her precious little boy with equal measure of fondness and exasperation. Ever since that awful day in the city, and that nasty Villain kidnapping her son, he would not stop talking about heroes and how he would one day be just like them. Now many would say this is just normal given that it is the most popular occupation in the world, and she would agree, she also dreamt of being a hero at a certain point in life or two before she simply concluded that it simply wasn't the life for her and she settled down and had Izuku with her Darling husband, sadly more often than not, he isn't there for the many milestones for their baby.

However, this does not seem to be your average declaration if being a hero that they will look at fondly as they grow older. She could see the fire in his eyes to the point that it was almost scary. Even then, on that day, the feeling was so different, it's like what was rumored to be in the presence of All might himself that seems to exude and that the world is anticipating on what will happen next.

Shaking those thoughts from herself and bringing herself back to the here and now. She helped her son to the video on the computer. This Video was recorded long ago and was posted on HeroTube.

The Rescue that cemented All Might as the Symbol of Peace.

"Alright, just one more, ok? I don't know why you want to keep watching this. This is just too scary for me." She already knew the answer though, like all moms have that hidden ability to know.

The scene shows a massive disaster area. Fire burning everywhere, Cars and buildings mangled and wreaked beyond recognition as well as people panicking and looking on on what will happen next. When suddenly, someone exclaimed at the sight he was seeing.

"Are you seeing this? He's already rescued like a hundred people already! This is unbelievable!"

It was a giant of a man. Hulking muscles and a most peculiar haircut that has two bangs upright making them look like antennae.

"Gura gura gura gura! Fear not citizens! Hope has arrived, For I am Here!" The Hulking figure said in a great booming voice that immediately took command of the whole situation.

This was All Might.

"Heroes are so cool!" Little Izuku exclaimed with his face-splitting grin. "When I grow up, I wanna be just like them! Wait, I want to be the greatest of them all! I will be the Hero King!" He declared this waving his chubby little fists in the air. If there ever was a sight that would cause the female half of the population squeal to the levels of breaking every glass object within the city, this would be it.

Inko stands and looks at her son fondly by the door both in amusement and memorizing this moment for the rest of her life. She knew something special is happening, how it would involve her baby boy, she might never know, but she will still do so none the less.

However, a worry niggles in her mind, perhaps it was of the fact that her son has yet to manifest his own quirk and many kids around his age already have theirs, most notably is that of her best friend Mitsuki. She already fears the worst and she is sure when that happens, it would surely break her son.

Mustafu General Hospital

"Forget about it Kid."

Four words.

Just for simple words and the whole world stopped.

The silence was deafening you could almost hear a little heart and a dream break and fall apart.

The doctor that they visited to examine for this day simply sat on his chair with his head propped by his hand in the most uncaring way possible. The deadpan indifference behind the thick glasses and mustache didn't help either. It's like he doesn't see the point of doing anything otherwise.

"The proof of this is that the pinky toe is supposed to be an indication of humans advancing and evolving…"

The doctor continued to yammer and drone and even asked his mom some questions. But all of this was just white noise to Izuku, all he could hear was it was impossible to fulfil his dream. That his promise to Shanks and his crew were not worth anything.

Back to the Midoria's House

Inko could practically hear her son's heart falling apart. She sees him watching the All Might video over and over again. Her heart keeps breaking more and more. She knew that he had set his heart a becoming a hero and the news that he can never had a power of his own.

Part of her is happy that he will never have to risk his life needlessly for a bunch of strangers that he has never met and who would not care less if he lived and died as loss as they could get away. That she will not have to worry everyday dreading when she will receive the news that her son died a brave hero. That he will never have to face foes, each one stronger than the last until all it takes is an unlucky strike and leave a corpse for her to bury.

It was also the part of her that she wants to revoke her mom card. After all, what kind of monster feels glad that all the hopes and dreams of their children crushed before it even had the chance to begin. And she knew that this was only the beginning, her little boys life will be difficult, and there is nothing she can do about it.

Overcome with her emotions, it all came to the breaking point when her son, her endless ball of sunshine, her greatest and proudest achievement, the most important thing in her life asked her with teary eyes and broken voice: "Can I be a Hero too?"

It was then that she realized that she failed him.

Not knowing what to say, she could only hug him and apologize again and again for being helpless against his plight, not seeing that he died a little more inside as he realized that not even his mother will believe that he has a chance.

In another life, Izuku would have felt sorry for himself. In another life, he would have hidden himself and studied whenever he could, analyzing the quirks that he will never have, how to use them, how they work and how to counter them. In another life, he would have kept his head down and accepted abuse and would have had so little self-confidence he would have been a timid wimp of a crybaby. However, in another life, he didn't have the reincarnated soul of a former Pirate King. And if there is one thing guaranteed of the late Monkey D. Luffy, he never backs down.


"The way you wrote your name reads Deku. Its suits you just fine, your quite useless anyway. Maybe I should call you Deku from now on."


"Do you have a fucking problem with that Deku?"

"I don't wanna be a Deku, call me Luffy instead."

"Che… Whatever, I don't give a fuck whatever you want, ya loser, see ya Luffy."

Unknown to any of the children present, Katsuki stuck with that nickname all those years later because he was the only one to ever stand his ground (except for his Mom, that hag is as scary as fuck) and he respected that, even during the time he was disappointed that his so called rival became helpless and useless, he still used it. Because he will always be Luffy to him.


Undisclosed Location

A tall Caucasian man sits in his office, pondering of many different thoughts, among which include a certain annoying costumed hero. Oh yes, All Might certainly seem powerful, even more so compared with his predecessor, and my, oh my! Wasn't that a match that he certainly remembered of quite a while. His little brother's legacy always seems to have an annoyingly long tenacious streak that will certainly outstrip cockroaches. And he's been squashing them like the insects that they were before more would appear to take its place. And they all come stronger than the one previous.

He is no fool, basing only with the latest bearer that he disposed of, the next one just might be the one to do him in this time.

But one does not rule for as long as he did without contingency plans nor does he have only one. The newly renamed Tomura Shigaraki seems to be coming along quite nicely. And the barebones of the plan for the group with the Cheesy name of League of Villains is also starting to bear fruit. Trully discovering the young and impressionable Kurogiri was the sign of the gods that his destiny will not be denied, one way or another.

But still, he just loved stacking the odds in his favor.

He then looks at the monitor and checks on the medical file for this pit stop. One would never know what one could get and might even get him a rare gem to use or exploit. Indeed, with Quirks and people of all shapes and sizes, it should come to no surprise that he has Worms and Trojan Horses installed to every database in hospitals and government facility and most importantly, in Quirk testing centers. Absolutely perfect for simply browsing and choosing to get the desired quirks he needs to mix and match for maximum effect.

Ah! Here, this one seems powerful indeed and will not require as much effort as getting the powers of that brat of the #9 hero Endeavor.

The man gives a wide grin and adjusts his 3-piece suit as he walks out the darkened room towards getting his latest merchandise acquired.

Business is indeed good.

Just about a second before the computer automatically closed, a picture of a young boy with spiky blond hair and the name of Katsuki Bakugo is shown with his complete medical records…


I think we all know what will happen next…