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I. The Woman without A Past

I slumped down against the wall of the darkened alley of the Bebop. With a shaking hand, I dropped my gun as the sound of a bullet being shot echoed continuously in my ears.

Crying… Sobbing… Regretting…

Regretting that I did not shoot that lunkhead as he walked out—out of his life and out of our lives—to see if he was truly alive and not dreaming of reality, and make peace with his past.


Lucky bastard! He had a past that made him alive today.

I remembered.

My memory came back, but nothing good came of it.

My past did return, but all I saw was emptiness that led me to utter confusion. I do not know who I am anymore. I do not know if I am the real Faye Valentine. Maybe. Maybe not. My memory led me to nowhere.

Death. Accident…

Some opined I was lucky.

The perks of technology. Cryogenics…

Unfortunately, I do not share the same view as them.

Cryogenics, my ass!

With these realizations, I trembled and held my knees closer to my chest.


"Faye!" Jet's booming voice abruptly resounded along the alley as he heard the Swordfish took off..

Faye did not even budge nor move at his sudden entry. With a rash steps, Jet held her arms tightly and straightened her up.

"Where did Spike go?"

Again, no answer.

"Faye!" Jet shook her hard but what he saw rook him off guard. Streams of beautiful yet sorrowful liquid gems fell endlessly from her eyes. With trembling lips, she answered, "He left. He left, Jet. He left us!"

Jet was unperturbed with her outburst. Releasing a heavy sigh, he let her go and started walking away.

"Where are you going?" Faye found her voice after a while.

"To save that asshole."

Realization suddenly hit her.

It is not yet too late. Spike, hang on! We need you. I need…

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