Harry and Vampire.

AN: this has actually been ratting in my mind for over a year.

AN2: No, this is not a Rosario + Vampire cross.

AN3: Playing fast and loose with various vampire lores, one thing I AM making, is that in order to turn someone, the vampire must drain them AND feed them their blood. No ghouls, and Virtually no accidental turnings.

Chapter one: Meetings.

A young looking woman was running down a snowy street slightly past midnight. The young woman had long soft silver hair, blood red eyes, fangs, an athletic tomboy figure, was a very short for her age four foot eleven inches tall, and looked to be between sixteen and eighteen. She was wearing a red and black Gothic dress that went to her knees, half-inch heeled black with red laces Gothic boots, black stockings, and black gloves.

She was a vampire, one that was running for her life from a burning building.

She was running because she had committed one of the biggest taboos in vampire culture. She had killed her sire. She was slated to become his new 'favorite' which from what she had seen meant she would be used until she broke, then thrown out.

She would rather die than have that happen.

Unknown to her this was actually incorrect, the 'man' treats his 'favorite' like a daughter or son, and would, later be encouraged to leave and start their own coven with his full blessings and a large bank account.

The problem was, in the time she had been turned, which was three years ago, her sire had three favorites, and all of them had been broken then killed in front of the coven by the man in question, and all of them were females, and all of them had tried to kill him.

The second problem is nobody in the coven had actually bothered to explain things, thinking that she would figure it all out on her own. It did not help that she wasn't a willing transformee, and was turned when the vampire had accidentally mortally wounded her.

She had been resentful ever since, especially since she was actually given a compulsion to wear her current type of outfit after she had initially refused, a strong one by the other members of the coven who thought that she was spitting on the generosity of their sire. Well, there was one other outfit choice, but she had refused to wear that type for her sire.

A man who would have willingly gotten her different clothes if she had asked, as he believed his coven was a family, and he wanted them to be happy. He had trusted the coven, most of which had hit the century and a half mark, or older, to treat her well. They failed to even try to do so, instead, they tried to force her to conform to their standards and attitudes.

These facts made the newly turned vampire resentful, frightened, and pissed beyond belief, and so she had plotted her escape from the day she had the dress compulsion placed on her.

She had not heard the angry roaring that the elder vampire had given the coven, as he was not happy, but he couldn't remove it without scrambling the new vampires mind, as six of the coven had combined their powers to do it because of how hard she had resisted. Well he could, but it would take a decade of careful mental manipulation to get rid of most of it, and even then some would have remained.

She also didn't know she could have walked away, with the man's blessing at any time, once she had learned the rules of being a vampire at least, something that took only a few months.

The man had taken her not leaving as a sign of acceptance and made her his new favorite as an apology for the coven's actions.

He didn't see the stake coming for his back, and he managed to turn to see her blood covered visage contorted in hatred before he expired.

She had managed to escape the manor before the crime scene was found, and had been in hiding ever since. This night she had been found, and the empty home she had been found in was set ablaze. She didn't know it, but she had one of the longest hiding streaks, topping at over a year, of any other vampire from their law enforcement.

This was because she stole blood past its expiration date, and kept her head down, while most others attacked people. She hated being a vampire, but the thought of dying terrified her.

It was then she tripped over a snow-covered lump in the road and was sent sprawling. She skidded thirty feet on her front and lay there for a second, stunned. Standing she brushed snow of her front, and winced as the compulsion moved new clothing up her list of priorities, as her top was soaked, and looked behind her to see what she tripped over despite the urgency of her escape, and she froze, there was a boy, no more than four cold, covered in snow, wearing far to thin and ratty oversized clothing, and blue fingers and face, yet still alive. He was actually just a small five-year-old

She hesitated for a second, self-preservation warred with compassion.

Both won, and she quickly gathered the boy in her arms and started dashing off.


Her pursuers were actually taking their time. Both of them were obligated to chase the young vampire, but something about the situation rang false to them. The vampire in question had been too peaceful, too subtle for the crime she had committed.

They did not doubt that she had performed the action, but the reasoning that they had been given felt... off. They had been told it was greed, that the girl had done so to take over the coven, or for wealth.

This was despite the fact that absolutely nothing was missing. So they observed.

They had been given a certain amount of discretionary power in deciding the girl's punishment.

And currently, they were trying to figure out what to do, especially since she had slowed herself down to save a mortal.

Something that a heartless killer wouldn't do, nor would someone motivated by greed.

There was something they felt that they were missing about the situation, and it didn't feel right to kill her.

So they decided to follow and see what she did.


The girl, tired even with her supernatural stamina, broke into a house that didn't have a car in the well-shoveled driveway. She needed to find something to warm her burden up with, and some time to think.

She didn't even think of the strange tingling sensation that didn't even try and stop her.

Putting the ruined doorway back, she searched around and found some hot water bottles and blankets. Heating water for the bottles took too much time in her opinion, but soon she had the bundle she had harried have both the blankets and the bottles. Scowling at the family pictures, that had a really fat man, a fat son, and a horse like woman, she sat down, and thought on how to escape her predicament.

And how to get the boy the help he needs, since someone obviously tried to kill him by proxy.

To be fair Vernon forgot he had set the freak out shoveling, and bundled the family in the car, for a five-day vacation to see his parents, without letting the boy back in like he normally would have, ignoring the small figure with a kiddie shovel.

To be even fairer, the man made a five-year-old perform a job that a teenager at worse should be doing.

Then a stray thought hit her, and she started cackling.

She had read in a book that one of the worse things for a vampire, was to be bound to a human. Their pride, arrogance, and power made the thought of being bound to a 'lesser' being repugnant.

The book had included the ritual and had said that some of the vampire's traits, such as strength speed, endurance, and most importantly healing would transfer to their master, not much but enough that it would help the boy recover from near frostbite.

Biting her lip she thought about what she was planning. She would be, in essence, enslaving herself to a young boy, one that could grow to use her as a plaything.

She worried her lip, only stopping when she tasted blood.

Wiping her lip, she stared at the crimson smear.

Then her eyes hardened in determination, and she found some paint that was left over from some project, and slit her hand to add blood in it.


Outside, one of the pursuers started chuckling. He had a feeling on what was going to happen, and he would think it just punishment for the girl, even if she was entering it herself, and she might not think of it as such.

Whispering into his companion's ear, which caused the man to nod, the first knocked down the door... again... and introduced himself.


The girl's face went from pale to translucent as she saw the Vampire that had barged in.

"Well lass, you certainly have gotten yourself into a bit of a mess, why don't I help you with that while you explain just why you offed your sire?" the man asked cheerfully.

The much younger vampire nearly sagged in relief, she had forgotten a quarter of the ritual circle, and so she handed the bucket of paint to the hunter.

If he had wanted her dead, she'd be dead, she had nowhere near enough strength to beat him.

As the man finished her circle, she explained everything, what was done to her by the man, the coven, and the favorite part, as well as witnessing what happened to said 'favorites'.

The vampire simply listened and winced. Complicated didn't even begin to cover the situation. Involuntarily turned, some brainwashing, and then a complete misunderstanding of what was to happen to her.

The fact that the coven didn't even try and help her made things worse for her.

The fact that the entire thing could have been avoided, and she would have been free without strings in a couple of decades if someone had just bloody explained how that coven, his former, worked.

"I want to hate you, you know. I really do. The one you killed? He was my sire," he smirked as he saw her stiffen up as he stood up from drawing, and continued. "on the other hand, I blame the coven. They had no right to add those compulsions, and the fact that they didn't explain how things worked there made it worse. I spoke with him before he chose you as a favorite, those three he had killed had tried to kill him.

It was my suggestion that he choose you next as an apology. If you had stuck with him for a few decades, you would have been free to do as you wish, as he would have sent you on your way with a fat bank account."

"Right, I would just have to let him do whatever he wanted to me," she snarled.

The elder vampire sighed, sad that his former coven had screwed up so badly with this young woman, "Not really, he would have treated you like a favored daughter, and tried to undo what they did slowly. It would have at least been able to loosen it over a decade that you could wear pretty much what you wanted, some would, of course always remain as it would be on you for a decade, but he would have done his best, but now that chance is lost. Come now, the circles are complete, put the boy in that one, and stand in this one.

I will also be visiting the coven to make them know it's their bloody fault, and pass on that justice has been done to the council."

The girl did as she was told, and then spoke softly, "Rose, just Rose, I chose the name Rose for myself after I became... this, and... if what you say is true... I'm... sorry."

The elder vampire simply nodded sadly, as he started chanting, five minutes later he was done and was disposing of the blood tainted paint. He also noted that she hadn't even tried to claim the name of the coven as hers as was custom more proof that she didn't want anything. The whole thing left a bad taste in his mouth, but at least she found a way to live, hopefully in relative comfort.

It is unwise to leave your blood around.

With the ritual complete, the elder vampire said, "It's done, you'll be free when he dies, and I'll be putting into motion for a stipend to be sent to you to take care of you both. This situation is intolerable.

The girl nodded her thanks, and picked her master up and cuddled with him on the couch, wondering what tomorrow would bring.


There were several things she hated about being a vampire. The burning sensation and weakening under sunlight was one. At least the burning was kept at bay with her SPF 200 sunscreen.

The second was the 'natural' sleep cycle, one that tried to have her asleep during the day.

The third... was how the damn sunlight hurt her eyes.

She felt her cuddle buddy squirming, and she let him go.


The boy woke up, sore from his near frostbite, but rather warm.

Opening his eyes he panicked, he had fallen asleep in the Dursley living room.

He needed to be in his cupboard when... he stalled, he remembered his uncle stating that they would be gone for nearly a week. Looking around, he then saw a pretty short teenaged girl.

"Umm... hello," he said shyly.

"Hello master, how are you this morning?" came the girl's reply.

"Master?" he asked weakly, then flinched as he expected to be hit for asking.

The girl sighed and replied, "let me explain..." and so she did. She explained how she had committed a crime, and she chose to be bound to serve him until he died as punishment.

She also explained that she literally couldn't disobey a direct order.

"And that's the situation master, now may I have my master's name?" she asked.

"I dunno, my aunt and uncle just call me Freak."

Rose's eye's narrowed, and said, "That won't do master, may I choose a name until we find out your real one? I promise, once they come back, I will find it out."

The boy nodded and she said, "How about..." she paused, and for some reason, the name of her sire kept popping up. Trying to find another was futile, so she said, "Harold, Harold Potter."

The boy teared up, this person cared enough to give him a real name, without thinking, he lept into her lap and gave her an awkward hug.

Rose awkwardly returned it, she hadn't yet revealed her race, but it was only a matter of time, but for today, she decided to just help her master recover.