Dominic Toretto, a 12 year old was outside tossing around a football with his best friend, Vince, when he saw a moving truck drive by. He didn't pay it any attention while he and Vince were playing basketball, or better stated, he was beating Vince's ass.

He was in the middle of dribbling the ball when he saw the family get out of the moving truck. He looked when he saw the man get out yelling at his wife, and then he saw a little girl who was standing behind her mom scared. He was staring and wasn't paying attention as Vince stole the basketball and dunked the ball.

"Dunk on 'em." Vince said. Dom looked at him.

"The first shot you made today, man." Dom said as he looked back down the street.

"What's up, DT?" Vince asked.

Dom shook his head, not knowing how to answer that question. "Nothing." He said as he watched the family go into the house. He looked back at Vince and grabbed the ball. "Man, let's finish playing.

Leticia Ortiz, a 9 year old girl, just moved into their new house. They didn't even make it into the house good before her parents started yelling at each other.

"Juan, I told you this is the only house I could find closer to your new job." Maria yelled to Juan.

"Then you should have kept looking. This neighborhood is trash." yelled Juan as he approached her menacingly. He looked behind her and saw Leticia standing behind her mother. "And what the fuck are you doing there, Letty? Get your stupid ass up the stairs before I beat your ass." he yelled to her.

Letty looked up at her dad scared and ran up the stairs to her room.

"You didn't have to talk to her like that?" Maria yelled. "She's already scared of you."

Juan stood so close to her her face and yelled. "I don't give a damn. And you keep talking to me like that, I will beat your ass too."

Maria Ortiz sometimes knew when to stay quiet and not argue back. This time, she didn't.

"Yeah, whatever. You're just mad cause of this house. If you would have been helping me search, instead of sitting on your ass drinking beer, we could have found a better house." Maria yelled back to him. Then she felt a sting on her left cheek. He slapped her. He really just slapped her. He never hit her before. They would always argue and he would always threaten her, but he never hit her.

"What the hell is wrong with you? You just slapped me."

"And I will do it again." he yelled. .Juan couldn't contain his anger. How dare his wife talk back to him.

"No the fuck you-" she yelled before another slap cut her off. She launched herself at her husband, and the fight continued in the new house.

Letty was upstairs listening to her parents fight. She knew her parents argued a lot but her dad had never hit her mom. She was shocked to hear all of the crashing and the bumps that was going on downstairs. She stood at the top of the stairs for thirty minutes before she heard her dad yell again.

"I'm going to find that little bitch and teach her a lesson as well."

Letty ran and hid in the closet in her room with tears in her eyes. She heard her mom yell for him to leave her alone. Her mom always tried to protect her. She stayed quiet as she heard the door to her room bust open and the heavy footsteps walk towards her closet door. She was praying that someone would save her.

Her closet door swung open and she looked up at her dad. "You though you could hide from me." he yelled.

"No, sir." she whimpered as he grabbed her by the hair and drug her down the stairs where her mom was struggling to get up from the floor.

"I told you, I was going to teach this bitch a lesson." he yelled to his wife.

Maria looked up at Letty's scared eyes and pleaded her husband. "No, Juan, please leave her alone. She didn't do anything." Maria screamed.

Just then a knock sounded on the door.

Dom was sitting in the living room playing video games with Vince while Mia, his little sister, was sitting in the corner reading a book. His dad came down the stairs and told them to get up. "Let's go." he said.

"Where are we going?" he asked his dad.

"To welcome the new neighbors to the neighborhood." he said. "Now, let's go. Come on, Mia." They all walked out of the door and headed down the street. As they approached the house, they all heard a woman scream.

"No, Juan, please leave her alone. She didn't do anything."

They all froze for a moment before Dom's dad knocked.

"Letty get the door." they heard the woman say.

"Dad, what's going on?" a scared Mia asked her dad.

"i don't know, but I will find out."

Due to his distraction, Letty was able to snatch away from her dad and run to the door. When he realized that she got away, he chased her. "Get your ass back here." He grabbed her before she made it to the door and slapped her.

"JUAN!" Maria screamed.

"GET YOUR ASS UP AND GO SIT THE HELL DOWN!" he yelled to Letty as she was crying.

He stomped to the door and yanked it open. "What the hell do you want?" he asked with a raised voice. Anthony stood face to face with Juan.

"We just wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood." Dom's dad said loud enough for Maria to hear. "I'm Anthony Toretto, Tony for short. This is my son, Dom, his best friend, Vince, and my daughter, Mia."

As his Tony was talking, Dom took the time to look past the man and saw a woman with a bruised face walk toward the little girl he saw earlier. She was sitting on the couch holding her cheek, crying.

"We live down the street, at the blue house and to welcome you to the neighborhood, we are having a barbecue tonight. We would like to invite you and your family." Tony said.

As Dom continued to look past the man, he noticed the girl looked up at her mom before looking towards the door at his dad, then at him.

"Sorry, we ain't interested." Juan said and was about to close the door, but Maria spoke up.

"Well, you might not be, but me and Letty will go. She needs to meet some new kids in the neighborhood." She said with finality. "What time do we need to be there."

"Well you can come over now if you would like." Tony said.

Dom realized what his dad was doing. He was removing them from that situation, if only for a moment.

"Yep, we will get ready and we will be back down. Do you mind waiting to show us where it is?" Maria asked as an excuse to keep them there. She was scared of what her husband would do if they were left alone with him and he needed a minute to cool down.

"Oh yeah. You know what, Vince take Mia back to the house and me and Dom will wait for them." Tony said.

Maria was grateful that he would stay. "Thanks."

Maria led Letty upstairs and they got ready. Maria made sure to cover her bruises up.