Maria and Letty walked downstairs and went to the door where they left Juan, Tony, and Dom. As they came to the door, Maria could feel the tension in Juan's body as she brushed past him to get out the door with Letty in front of her.

"Thank you for waiting on us." Maria said when she closed the door.

"No problem." Tony said. "We wanted to make sure you got there okay." Maria grabbed Letty's hand and the four of them began walking down the street to the Toretto house.

Dom didn't understand it. Why would she stay with a man who obviously didn't love her he thought. And why would she subject her kid to abuse? He had so many thoughts running through his head that he didn't realize that they had gotten back to his house. His dad opened the door and let Maria and Letty through the door.

As they walked through the door, Tony called out. "Mia and Vince! Come and meet the neighbors."

They heard the sound of footsteps approaching. "Maria and Letty, this is my daughter Mia, and my son's best friend, Vince." he said as he pointed to Mia and Vince.

Maria smiled. "Well, hello there. I'm Maria and this is my daughter Letty."

Mia smiled at Letty. "How old are you?"

Maria smiled, loving the thought of her daughter making new friends already. She never got to experience that due to her always hiding away because bruises she would have.

Letty looked at her mom. Maria smiled and nodded to Letty letting her know that it was okay. She looked back at Mia. "I'm nine years old."

"Cool. I'm seven, but I will turn eight in a couple months." Mia said excited. "Do you want to go play outside."

"Yes." Letty replied. With that, Mia and Letty ran outside in the back yard and started playing.

Vince shook his head. "Aww, look at that. The brat has another brat to play with." he whispered to Dom who was also shaking his head.

"I'm going to get the grill started." Tony said. "Dom, you and Vince get the rest of the food from out of the kitchen and bring it outside."

"Do you need some help with anything?" Maria said.

"No, you just relax." Tony said as he went outside with Dom and Vince heading to the kitchen to get the rest of the food.

After about an hour, the food was done and they had all sat down to eat. They had great food and conversation. It was around 8:30 that evening when Maria decided it was time for her and Letty to head home. Tony had Dom and Vince walk them back to their house praying that they got back and Juan was calm. He had almost offered for them to stay the night to make sure that they were safe.

When Letty, Maria, Dom, and Vince reached the Ortiz's house, Letty started to shrink back behind Maria. Maria turned to Dom and Vince. "Thank you boys for walking us home, but we got it from here."

Dom and Vince nodded, but still waited until Maria and Letty had made it in the house before they turned around and went back to Dom's house.

When Maria closed the door, she cut on a light only to see Juan sitting on the couch and glaring at the them. "So, you had fun at your new boyfriend's house, you bitch?" he growled.

Maria looked up scared at the harsh tone in his voice. "Juan, he isn't my boyfriend. He's a nice neighbor."

"That ain't what the fuck I asked you." he yelled. Maria jumped back and pushed Letty behind her. Juan stood up and started towards her.

Maria fearful eyes turned and looked at Letty. "Letty, go upstairs and close your door." she said wanting to get Letty as far away from Juan as people.

Letty ran upstairs and did what she was told. She heard the whole fight between her mom and dad. It went on all night while Letty sat in her room and cried in fear. It wasn't the first time she cried herself to sleep, and she was pretty sure that it wouldn't be the last.

The next morning, after Letty was dressed, she went downstairs hoping her dad was still passed out. She was happy to find that he was. But she also saw her mom was sleep and she went to her.

"Mom" she whispered as quietly as she could as she shook her gently.

Maria groaned but kept her eyes closed.

"Mom" Letty whispered again. Maria opened her eyes and looked at her daughter. She knew she had to get up and go sign Letty up for school. She looked at Juan and saw that he was still passed out. Thank God she thought.

"Letty, go upstairs in your room and lock your door. Don't open it unless I tell you to." She whispered as she struggled to get up. "I'm going to get ready to take you to school, but I don't want you out here by yourself in case he wakes up." Letty nodded and followed her mom upstairs and went to her room.

Half an hour later, Maria lightly knocked on Letty's room door. "Letty, let's go." she whispered through the door. They quietly walked back downstairs and to the door when Juan stirred. Maria jumped around and gasped when he opened his eyes. Maria pushed Letty out of the door.

"Where do you think you're going?" he yelled as he stomped towards them. "You think you can leave me whore?"

"Juan, calm down. I'm just taking Letty to school." Maria said looking around to make sure no one was watching. "I'll be back. You can get ready for work while I'm gone and I'll drop you off at work."

Maria didn't give Juan a chance to reply before she was out the door and in the car.

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