Hey people, RedKnight21 here with a new story, but like always I do things a little differently!

So I was talking to 'SPARTAN-626' a little while ago about story ideas and we came up with a Fallout/Mass Effect story idea. The idea is the Lone Wanderer, or LW, will be transported to the Mass Effect universe in the Zeta ship while he has his own crew. This will take a while before the first game, giving the LW enough time to adjust to the new universe along with his crew.

I won't bother with making a character description of the LW since in Fallout 3 you can make your character damn near perfect in every way possible. Like with just a little work and you could bring your SPECIAL all the way to 10 each with some work and your skills at 100. As for weapons, the LW has all of them including armor, guns, and misc. from all the DLCs, plus he'll collect a bunch for him and his crew in the new universe.

As for the crew, it will mostly consist of humans the LW trusted to come with him and the working class Zeta Beings since they know the ship best. But as time goes on the LW will recruit other aliens to his crew.

I will give a small list of noticeable perks that will be important, along with standard gear the Lone Wanderer will usually have.

I'll also give a list of noticeable people on the crew that might come into the story later.

Well, let's start another new story!

Wandering New Stars


No One's P.O.V

War, war never changes.

Since the dawn of humankind, when our ancestors first discovered the killing power of rock and bone, blood has been spilled in the name everything: from God to justice, to simple psychotic rage.

In the year 2077, after a millennium of armed conflict, the destructive nature of man could sustain itself no longer.

The world was plunged into an abyss of nuclear fire and radiation.

But it was not, as some had predicted, the end of the world.

Instead, the apocalypse was simply the prologue to another bloody chapter to human history.

For man had succeeded in destroying the world-

But war, war never changes.

In the early days, thousands were spared the horrors of the holocaust by taking refuge in enormous, underground shelters, known as Vaults.

Thanks to the underground shelters humanity were given a second chance at redemption, for a brighter future.

Though not everyone that came out of the vaults was good, some was the embodiment of human goodness.

Selflessness, compassion, and honor.

One of these noble souls was the Lone Wanderer, who crawled out of Vault 101 in search of his father, who left his child for the betterment of humanity. After fallowing in his father's footsteps the faithful son found his father and was able to restart Project Purity, to bring clean water to the dying waists.

But old demons from the past saw to use the waters of life for death. The Enclave sought to use Project Purity to purge the waists of any and all they deem as filth.

So the Lone Wanderer, with the help of his many allies, fought the old demons of the past and was able to bring Project Purity to its apex, as the mother and father would have wanted it.

But the Lone Wanderer's story was far from finished.

Time and time again was the wanderer who was called upon for some grand mission to show what humanity had to offer.

Scouring Point Lookout for a lost woman and discovering the old world grudges.

Freeing the slaves of The Pitt and giving a little girl home with an old woman.

Ending the Enclave ones and for all.

But the most shocking and memorable moment came to the Lone Wanderer just from fallowing a strange signal to the middle of nowhere.

Hotrods in the stary night sky and little green men.

Mothership Zeta, and it was the Lone Wanderer's for the taking

Inside a large metal room, there was a lone figure lying in bed. The figure was snoring softly in leopard printed pajamas and a Pipboy on his wrist, at the foot of his bed was a large dog also sleeping soundly. The room was filled with weapons, armor, and knickknacks of all kind, almost making the room look like a strange store.

The figure was a man in his late teens, almost 21 years old. The person had thick blood-red hair that was wild, his skin was ghostly pale, and the person had a long scar running down their face running right over their right eye.

Suddenly a loud banging was heard on his door, and since it was metal it made it all the louder.

"Captain, it's time to wake up!" The voice of a little girl was heard on the other side. "Today's the big day!" She shouted, sounding excited.

The Captain let out a groan as he slowly sat up from while rubbing his face. "Sally, takeoff doesn't happen for," Looking at the time on his Pipboy the captain groaned. "1 hour."

That didn't seem to discourage the girl one bit. "Yeah, but you're the captain, you're supposed to be awake before everyone else!"

"Says who?" The Captain couldn't help but ask through the door.

"Well, in Captain Cosmos, Captain Cosmos was always on the bridge on time." The girl said in a little too innocent voice.

The Captain couldn't help but give a small laugh as he slid off his bed. "Can't argue with that logic." He said as he stood up from his bed while stretching. "I'll be out in a few minutes, you head to the bridge. Let me just get dressed."

"Right away Captain Morningstar!" The girl said before running down the hallway.

The Captain gave a small laugh as he got up from his bed. "Energetic as always." He said before walking to his bathroom.

One in the bathroom the Captain throw off his pajamas before looking at the mirror.

This was Lucifer Morningstar, otherwise known as the Lone Wanderer.

A year and a half ago the Lone Wanderer left the shelter of Vault 101 for the Capital Wasteland in search of his father. The Lone Wanderer was forced out of his home and into the hellish wasteland without any preparation from his father's actions. Being cast out of his safe home the Lone Wanderer changed his name to Lucifer Morningstar as to forget the home he was cast out from, and a promise that no matter what he would stick to his morals as a person, even in hell.

With that, the journey and Legend of the Lone Wanderer began. He concords the Capital Wasteland, freed the slaves of The Pitt, walked Point Lookout, defeated the Enclave, (passes a really hard simulator videogame), and most impressively, he got his own spaceship after being abducted by aliens.

You see, about a year ago after the LW did everything there was to do in the Capital Wasteland, but Lucifer suddenly got a strange signal on his Pipboy unlike anything before. Feeling adventurous as always, the LW fallowed the strange signal into the middle of nowhere.

The last thing the wander expected was to be abducted by aliens.

The aliens, or Zeta Beings as Lucifer called them, were little monsters who looked at humans as nothing more than lab rats. For hundreds of years, the Zeta Beings have experimented with humanity creating abominations or just trying to figure out how most of the human's stuff works. But the aliens made one big mistake when they took the Lone Wanderer as their 'Lab Rat'.

After escaping with some help and freeing some of the other the survivors, they fought the main forces of the aliens off before making their way to the captain's bridge. Once killing the alien captain and most of the aliens on the ship another alien mothership came into view to destroy mothership Zeta.

The battle was long, one alien after another came teleporting into mothership Zeta and tried to kill the human survivors, but everyone was able to prevail and destroy the second mothership. When everything settled some people left the spaceship, others, however, decided to stay.

Lucifer was one of those others that decided to now live on the alien spaceship.

The LW saw an opportunity like nothing before. The Capital Wasteland held nothing for him, he already did everything he could and sacrificed so much for the people. Now it was time for the LW to be a little selfish and do what he wanted.

Lucifer always loved exploring, whether it was a dark cave filled with Deathclaws or old ruins of the old world, the LW always loved moving. So what better way to move around then using an alien spaceship.

That started the LW year-long project of getting the Zeta ship up and running, but even with the ship operational it still needed a crew. So over the months, Lucifer started recruiting people from the Capital Wasteland to join his space crew. To name a few, he invited the people of Big Town to join him, Reilly's Rangers, Fawkes, Dogmeat already fallowed him wherever he went. It wasn't long before around 200 people all joined Lucifer's crew on the spaceship.

As for supplies, the Zeta ship was stocked full of seeds and frozen cows before the war, giving everyone more than enough to live off of. They also found tones of weapons, ammo, armor, and even clean cloths before the war. Hell, they found weapons Lucifer never even seen or heard of before.

A major interior change to the ship was they took most the teleports. As cool as it was to teleport from one end of the ship to the other in an instant, it was thanks to the teleports that the humans were able to take over the ship. If a teleporter was broken then no one could get to the section of the ship, or they would just funnel the enemy down a narrow hallway before picking them off one by one, like shooting fish in a barrel. Luckily the Zeta Beings were easily able to construct hallways with the robots help and take out the teleporters, along with all the other useless stuff on the ship such as the cryo-chambers, dissecting labs, and the room filled with Giddy-up Buttercups.

Lucifer also renamed the ship 'The Revelation' in honor of his mother and father.

But even with all the people he could gather Lucifer still needed people who knew how to work the ship or aliens in this case.

Sally explained to the LW that the worker aliens in the red jumpsuits were treated more as slaves then actual equals, hell they didn't even have their own names. So after a few weeks of communication Lucifer was able to recruit the Zeta Beings to join his crew and have them start to fix the ship. Lucifer and the rest of the crew were given special earpieces so they could understand the Zeta Beings and even Tashiro.

The Lone Wanderer walked out of his room warring a Chinese Stealth Suit with the helmet off and his Lucky Shades on. On his head was a black fedora Moria Brown gave him after helping her with some... creative tasks.

As Lucifer made his way to the bridge he saw a few of his crew members, warring much cleaner and nicer clothes they found in storage. They wore black jumpsuits under their clothes to help them adjust to space and gravity, though everyone wore whatever they wanted over them such as regular clothes, jackets, or even just hats.

It wasn't long until the captain was on the bridge and who he saw made him smile a bit. There he saw Sally, Elliot, Fawkes, and a few crew members on the bridge.

"Pilot Sally Rogers reporting for duty captain!" Sally said as she stood at attention with a big smile on her face.

Despite being only 11 years old Sally was probably the only human to know the ship as much as the Zeta Being, and thanks to the Zeta Beings help she was able to learn how to easily fly the spaceship. That's not to say someone else couldn't fly the ship, or even Lucifer, only that Sally was just the best at handling the ship. Some people were against the idea of Sally flying such a large ship, but when they saw her pilot one of the fighter ships like a bird in the sky they quickly pulled back their previous statement.

"How are things, Elliot?" Lucifer asked while turning to the right.

Elliot Tercorien was one of the survivors of the Alien abduction, along with Sally and Toshiro. Lucifer was able to save a few more people from the cryo-chambers, but most either died instantly or went crazy and were forced to be put down. The ones he could save joined his crew after hearing what happened to the earth. It took time but eventually, they were able to adjust.

Elliot was a field medic during the Great War and currently one of the trainers for the crew's combat trainers. He was also incredibly smart and one of the few humans who could understand some of the alien technology at the moment, even with the aliens' translation.

"Everything is operational sir." The solider said while at attention.

Lucifer rolled his eyes and waved Eliot down. "Calm down, you don't have to pull that crap with me."

Elliot blushed lightly as he relaxed. "Sorry, a force of habit. This whole crew feels like I'm back in the army and you're my captain. And let me tell you, he was an asshole so I always tried to not piss him off." He said, getting a laugh out of Lucifer. "To answer your question I just got off the communicator with Onyx, so yes, everything's good to go. We can leave whenever you're ready." Elliot then turned to the front of the ship to look at the brown earth in front of them. "Hard to imagine I'm on an alien spaceship about to travel the stars."

"I know, it's pretty unbelievable," Lucifer said as he walked to the captain chair. "But look at us know. About to explore the galaxy in an Alien spaceship."

"I agree with my friend," Fawkes said as he walked up next to the LW. "This is something that has never been done in human history, and may never happen again. Words must be said before setting out on such a grand journey."

Fawkes was Lucifer's second in command and adviser. The Super Mutant was one of the few on the ship that could give him a hard time in a fight, and he was one of the few Lucifer trusted with his life. After the wanderer saved Fawkes from vault 87 they've been best friends ever since, seeing each other as equals and watching each other's backs.

Lucifer knew what Fawkes meant. This was a big moment for the humans on the ship, and the now freed Zeta Beings. They were doing what everyone thought to be impossible before and after the great war. This was big, and big things needed big speeches.

Sitting in the captain chair Lucifer pressed a button on the armrest and a holo-screen appeared in front of him.

"Crew of The Revelation, this is your captain speaking." All over the ship people, both humans, Zeta, and whatever else stopped in their tracks and started to listen. "As you know, I'm not the kind of guy to give long-winded speeches, so I'll try to make this brief. We're about to go where no human has gone before, and we're going to be badass while doing it." The LW said with a huge grin on his face as he leaned back in his chair. "So this is your last chase to leave this ship and go back down to earth, and that goes for the Zeta Beings as well. I won't think any less of anyone for choosing to leave, but realize that once we leave that hunk of irradiated rock and water, theirs no going back. I'll give everyone 1 hour to make their decision."

An hour passes and nobody wanted to leave, making Lucifer grin.

"Sally, fire up the engines."

"Right away captain!" The little girl said as she started to push a bunch of buttons. "Blast off in T-Minus 20 seconds!"

Lucifer grinned as he brought up the holo-screen again. "People of The Revelation," He said with as Sally counted down. "Welcome among the stars!"

"Blast off!"

In less then a second The Revelation was gone in the blink of an eye, never to be seen again.

"You know, I would see why Saturn is called the jewel of the galaxy... if we weren't in a fucking fire fight right now!" Lucifer called as his ship was flying right past the ring planet.

Right on the Revelation's tale were several smaller ships, all shooting at the mothership as it fired back.

It's been a few days since the ship left earth, maybe a week, and thing were going smoothly. The crew got to see a bunch of the other planets as they flew, Lucifer even put on a space suit and walked around Mars for a bit, the first human ever in history. But as soon as the crew got close to Saturn they were suddenly attacked by alien spaceships that looked a lot like Zeta design.

"You know in hindsight we should of expected the Zeta Beings might still be in our sole system after we took and destroyed their motherships!" Elliot yelled as he looked over his console. "Large shot coming from the right!"

"On it!" Sally yelled before moving the ship out of the way of incoming shots. "Captain, the main blaster is charged!"

"Thank you Sally!" Lucifer said as he aimed the main cannon at the center spaceship. "Eat this!" He yelled before the firing.

The energy blast hit the enter spaceship, causing it to explode and take two others.

"Only 10 left Lucifer!" Elliot yelled. "Damn it, what are these ships!"

"Their battle ships!" A Zeta Being popped up on screen called with a worry look on his green face, Onyx was his name and he was the head engineer of the ship. "Their mostly used by our people as fighter to take on larger ships, herding ships to specific locations!"

Onyx was the head engineer of the ship and speaker of the Zeta Beings. Despite Lucifer being the main one in charge Onyx spoke for his people and brought important matters up to him or Fawkes.

"Fuck, so their leading us into a trap!" Lucifer said as he tried to think of a plan. "We can't take these guys on if they have a mothership hiding somewhere!"

"Captain, what should we do!?" Elliot called as the ship took a hit, luckily their shields took the bulk of the damage.

Lucifer grit his teeth. He was the captain and he needed to make a call now, or he and his crew would die.

Glancing to the side an idea hit Lucifer hard. "Sally, fly towards Saturn's rings!"

The little girl hesitated for a split second before doing as she was told.

"Are you crazy! This ship is too big to fly through those rocks, it'll only slow us down!" Elliot said with a worry look on his face.

"We're not flying through the rocks Elliot, we're flying right over them!" Lucifer said as he kept his eyes ahead.

The Revelation flew over Saturn's rings and the battle ships were right behind them, slowly closing in. Thanks to taking out all the cryo-chambers and teleporters extra power was sent to the engines, making this the fastest mothership from what Onyx said.

"Their starting to charge their main weapons!" Elliot called. "If they hit us they might push us into asteroid filed!"

"Sally, tell me as soon as our main cannon is charged!" Lucifer called as he lowered their shields.

"Right captain!" Sally called with an odd serious look on her face, thought she was still grinning. Ever since she became the pilot of the crew Sally has always taken her job seriously. "Now Cap!"

Lucifer didn't waist any time wasting firing the main cannon behind them.

The energy shot went straight for the asteroids under the ships, sending them flying up into the cluster of ships. In a matter of seconds all the ships were either blocked off or exploded from the giant rocks.

"Fuck yeah, we did it!" Lucifer cheered.

"Lucifer, up ahead!"

The Lone Wanderer looked ahead and paled slightly when he saw another mothership not far ahead.


"On it!"

The Revelation moved just out of the way as the mothership fired it's main cannon.

"Captain, I'm detecting multiple ships heading towards us at this very moment!" Onyx yelled through his communicator.

Lucifer bit his lip hard. Things were not support to be this way, they were supposed to explore, see the universe, maybe find a new planet, not fight the Zeta being so soon.

"Alright, get the side cannons ready and deploy the flyers as soon as you-" Lucifer was cut off when the ship suddenly shook. "Great, what hit us now damn it!" The Wanderer shouted, starting to get pissed.

"Nothing- Lucifer look!" Elliot called while pointing ahead.

The Lone Wanderer turned up ahead with his eyes squinted when he was something strange.

Not far from The Revelation Lucifer saw something start to swirl in front. It started off small, but slowly the swirl started to become bigger and bigger by the second.

"Elliot, what the hell am I looking at!?" Lucifer yelled as he stood up from his captain chair.

"I-I-I have no idea, the machines are getting all sorts of readings I've never seen before! Could this be an alien weapon?"

"I don't think so." Sally said before pointing forward. "The other mothership is flying away really fast."

True to the pilots words the enemy mothership was flying away before going into warp speed.

Lucifer blinked before shaking his head. "We'll worry about it later. For know let's get the hell out of-" Suddenly the ship jerked hard again, cutting the captain off. "Oh you have got to be fucking kidding me! Now what!?"

"I don't know, the energy seems to have us trapped in some kind of gravity field! We can't move away!" Elliot now sounded really worried.

Suddenly a holo-screen appeared in front of Lucifer, revealing a worried looking Onyx.

"Captain, we must escape at all cost!" Onyx shouted his voice laced with fear.

"Why Onyx?" Lucifer said as he signaled Sally to turn the ship around. "What the hell is going on!?"

"A wormhole is forming!"

"A worm-what!?" Elliot called as he looked over his monitor.

"A wormhole, it's an anomaly of compressed energy and mater that warps space! It's highly dangerous! Every Zeta ship that's ever gone through one has never been heard from again!"

"You heard him Sally, get us the hell-" The ship suddenly shook hard, cutting Lucifer off. "Now what!?" The LW shouted, starting to get really pissed off.

"Battleships coming up from behind! Their trying to push us in!" Elliot yelled as the ship shook. "Our main thrusters are down! And we're being sucked into the Wormhole!"

Lucifer took a deep breath and for a few seconds everything slowdown to a near halt. The Captain tried to think of some kind of plan where they could come out on top of this. Their main engines were down, they had a giant space hole in front of them that lead to god knows where, and they were being pushed in by battleships. Lucifer honestly thought of only one outcome at the moment.

"Onyx, if we go through the wormhole, will we survive?"

The Zeta Being looked shocked at the captain before he hesitantly answered. "I-it is most likely, thought our destination would be completely unknown. We could end up half way across the galaxy if not further!"

Lucifer was silent for a long moment he answered. "Sally, use the secondary thrusters and push us through that wormhole." Lucifer said in a calm voice.

For the first time in a while, Sally actually looked a little scared. Taking the deep breath the 11 year old prodigy nodded her head. "Activating secondary thrusters."

The Revelation jerked forward right towards the swirling energy, nearly every warning icon popped up before the ship seemed be sucked into the wormhole.

And everything went dark for Lucifer.





"Captain Lucifer! Wake up!" Sally yelled before slapping the Wanderer in the face with her little hand. "Ow!" She yelled in pain as she grabbed her hand. "Why is your face so hard!"

Lucifer's eyes fluttered open as he sat up in his chair. "Am I alive?" He muttered while grabbing his head.

Sally sighed in relief as she smiled at Lucifer. "Glad to see your okay." She said before hugging his waste.

Lucifer smiled as he hugged Sally back. "Elliot, you still alive?" Lucifer called as he got up from his chair.

"Somehow captain." The soldier groaned.

Lucifer sighed as he pressed a button on his chair. "States report Red, any causalities?"

Red from Big Town popped up on the holo-screen, sweat and some blood dripping down her face. Lucifer invited all of Big Town onto his crew since they didn't have a lot going for them in that death trap, and the old teens all agreed. Though Lucifer made sure to tell the Little Lamplights to send there adults to Megaton for now on. "A few broken bones here and there, but no deaths reported Lucifer." She said with a sigh as multiple doctors were working in the background. "I say about 25 are injured at the moment."

Lucifer gave a sigh of relief. "Better a broken arm then spaced." He muttered before switching communications. "Onyx, how's the engines."

The Zeta Being popped up with a bunch or robots and workers running around behind him. "The Main engine is down at the moment. Luckily it was nothing too sever, but the main cannon will be offline at the moment."

Lucifer sighed as he turned off the holo-screen. "Well, at least we're all alive."

"But where are we?" Elliot asked as he looked at his screen. "My scans aren't picking up anything familiar. We might actually be half way across the galaxy for all we know." He said in a worried tone.

"Better away then dead." Lucifer said as he got up from his seat. "I'm going to have a look around, see if anyone needs any help. Call me if anything comes up."

"Yes captain- er, yes Lucifer." Elliot said as he turned to the counsel while Sally went back to the helm.

Walking out of the bridge Lucifer started to make his way to the barracks to check on his crew. It took a few minutes of walking, but it wasn't long before Lucifer entered the living quarters.

"Well if it isn't the all mighty captain."

As soon as the door to the barracks open Lucifer came face to face with Butch DeLoria. Butch was one of the few people Lucifer actually grew up with in the Vault and he was even few to know his real name. Despite being an asshole Butch was not half bad in a fight, and even after everything Lucifer has done, the other Vault dweller still talked to him as if they were 16 again. Butch may not be the best fighter, but he could keep everything settled down if he wanted to. It was one of the reason Lucifer made Butch the guards of the ship to help keep the piece, though Lucifer made sure the delinquent didn't shake anyone down.

"Fuck you to Butch." Lucifer throw back as he crossed his arms. "How are things?"

The Tunnel Snake let out a sigh as he rubbed his head. "Shit's been thrown around and I just sent some people to the doc to get looked at. But no deaths." He said as he looked at the Lone Wanderer. "What the hell did you do Luc, the shooting stopped but for some reason everyone was knocked out at once."

Lucifer sighed as he leaned against the wall. "On paper, it'll look like I saved everyone's lives. But really, I just pulled off a fucking miracle right out of my ass, and I don't even know if it really saved us." He said while rubbing his face. "Listen, I need you to get Fawkes, Red, Onyx, Reilly, and Scribe Bigsley to the conference room, there's a lot we need to discuses."

Butch groaned as he rubbed his face. "Why do I have to be your errand boy?"

"Remember my 10th birthday when you clocked me in the eye." Lucifer said with a snort as he turned around and started to walk away.

"Yeah, but you kicked me in the dick you asshole!" Butch called back with a glare, only to get flipped off by Lucifer.

"Well we're royally screwed." Red said as she slumped against her chair.

Red was the leader of the people of Big Town and she was the organizer for the doctors on the ship. Despite not being the best doctor Red knew enough to keep things organized and efficient enough for things to run smoothly.

After everyone gathered in the conference room Onyx started to explain what the wormhole was.

"It's hard to imagine a sudden anomaly in the middle of space where mater is compresses and stretched to the point where it is shot to a different part of space." Bigsley said as he slowly understood what Onyx was talking about. "And you decided to fly right into it." The ex-scribe said with a sigh as he deadpanned at Lucifer.

Bigsley was once a the most experienced Scribe for the Brotherhood of Steel but was forced to work in the Jefferson Memorial after asking too many questions. Bigsley was overworked, underpaid, and underappreciated at Project Purity, practically organizing the whole thing by himself. Feeling sorry for the over worked man Lucifer offered him the spot of head scientist on his crew. At first Bigsley was thoughtful, but when he saw the Revelation and heard Lucifer's plan, he jumped right on.

"Hey, it was either that or get torn apart by the ships behind us." Lucifer defended with a shrug. "We got out of the fire fight, have no loss of life, and our ship will be up and running in no time. I say that's a win at least."

"Yeah, but we're nowhere close to earth." Reilly said in a worried tone. "I know we planned to not return to earth for a while, but I kind of liked the option of going back on a solid planet whenever we wanted, you know."

Reilly was the leader of Reilly's Rangers, a group of good mercenaries from the Capital Wasteland, she was now Lucifer's tactician and one of the people in charge of training. Lucifer ran into Reilly in a place called Underworld and the woman asked him to save her team. Feeling generous Lucifer searched for the team and found them on top of a hotel building fighting off Super Mutants. After helping them cut through a small mutant hoard Lucifer was practically a member of the mercenary group from that point on. After Lucifer came to Reilly about his plan she was a little hesitant at first, but after they agreed that Reilly would have a say in big matters she agreed to come.

Lucifer sighed. "Look, I know things didn't exactly turn out the way we were planning. But we're not exactly doing anything common here. We're the first humans in space in who knows how long. I didn't sugar coat anything, I told ever singe person on this ship that this could become a one way trip and that anything could happen. Well this is anything."

Fawkes put his large hand on Lucifer's shoulder. "Worry not my friend, none of us here regret coming with you on this ship. But that dose not stop our worry, that is just how we feel." The Super Mutant reason.

Lucifer nodded his head as he folded his arms. "Okay, my bad for jumping the gun their." He sighed before turning to the Zeta Being. "Onyx, how long until we can get moving-" Lucifer was cut off when the ship shook hard and a small explosion fallowed. "... I AM SICK AND TIRED OF THESE FUCKING EXPLOSIONS HAPPENING ON MY FUCKING SHIP!" Lucifer yelled at the top of his lungs, making everybody wince. "Reilly, get your rangers ready on the drop-ship, I want to be on whatever ship is firing at us and I'm going to take them down hard!" Lucifer said as he turned around.

Reilly hesitated for a split second before she spoke. "Who will you bring with you? My rangers will fallow me but who will go with you."

That made Lucifer pause for a moment as he thought of who to bring with him on the alien ship. Despite having a crew of 300, Lucifer only had a few options of companions to chose from. Fawkes, Dogmeat, Butch, Clover, RL-3, Charon, Elliot, and Toshiro. They were the only companions of Lucifer could convince to come with him on this space ship. Thinking it over, Lucifer could only bring two people with him along with Reilly's Rangers.

"Reilly, bring Clover and RL-3 with us." He said getting a nod out of the ranger.

"I'll have them and my team waiting by the drop-ship. Come by when your ready."

With that Lucifer made his way back to his quarters to grab his weapons. As the wanderer walked he brought up his pipboy and pressed a button.

"Elliot, talk to me, what's going on?"

It took a few second before the solder answered. "It's... It's a different ship Lucifer. The design and shape are completely different from the Zeta Beings."

"So what, another hostel alien species." Lucifer sighed as he turned a corner. "As if the Zeta being weren't enough."

"They sent communication with visuals. Their definitely not Zeta Being. Here, I'll send it to your pipboy."

Lucifer stopped in his tracks and brought up his pipboy. A moment later an alien the LW has never seen before popped up on pipboy. It was speaking a language complexly different from the Zeta Beings, not to mentioned it looked different. The alien had four eyes on it's face, green skin, and almost seemed squid like. Also it looked angry with a slight smug look on it's face that seemed to piss Lucifer off a bit.

The alien seemed to be warring a black with a strange symbol on it's shoulder, reminding Lucifer of a gang symbol.

"How are our shields holding Elliot?" Lucifer asked as he started to move again.

"Strangely enough there weapons seem to be having little effect on our shields, not only that the ship is considerably smaller compared to the Revelation, maybe half out size. As soon as they appeared I put all power into our shields and they sent a warning shot of some kind. It wasn't an energy base weapon, but some kind of missile, maybe a warhead. Anyway the shot barley put a dent in our shields and now their just sending bug bites at us, most likely trying to weaken the shield and scare us."

That seemed to make Lucifer sigh in relief. "So their not as advance as Zeta Beings, that's good to know." He said as he started to move again. "We're about to send a drop ship to take the ship down, do you think the shields will hold until we take the aliens out?"

"Definitely, but I be carful while in the drop ship, the Revelation might be able to take a hit from the big guns, but a drop ship might be totaled with one hit."

"If they can hit us." Lucifer said with a grin as he entered his quarters. "Lucifer out."

The LW wanderer looked over the many weapons he had in his room. Most might seem like a joke to a highly advance race aliens, hell Lucifer had a toy knife on a wall and the funny thing was the LW actually killed someone with it. Their was also some armor hanging on the wall such as Lucifer's personal T-51 Power-armor, mortified and upgrade as far as it could be.

After a few moments Lucifer grabbed everything he might need before making his way to the hanger.

After a few moments of walking Lucifer entered the hanger room.

The LW was warring a dark black leather duster over his Stealth Suit with it's orange helmet plat up and a black fedora on his head. On Lucifer's back was his Gauss Rifle, one of Lucifer's strongest weapons, he also had his Terrible Shotgun on his back if the enemies got little too close. On his hip were two one handed weapon, a .44 Magnum revolver called Blackhawk and a Plasma Pistol called Novasurge. Inside Lucifer's jacket was a special Katana the Zeta Beings help make for Lucifer, it was similar to his shock-sword only this one was more dribble and had a stronger shock when it hit a person.

Lucifer saw Reilly's Ranger's in their green armor and weapons in hand waiting by the drop-ship.

The Drop-Ship was one of many on the Revelation. It was bigger then the battle flyers, able to hold up to 10 people. It was a sleek silver with two large cannons on the front and three large thrusters on the back.

"Reilly, where's Clover and RL-3?" Lucifer asked as he walked to the drop-ship.

"Right behind you sugar."

Lucifer turned around to see both Clover and RL-3 enter the hanger.

Clover wore a sleek back combat armor that was both lightweight and skin tight, she also had her old bomb caller around her neck but Lucifer took out the main components a long time ago, making it only a heavy chocker. On her hip was a shock-swords and a double-barrel shotgun, she also had an assault rifle on her back to give her more damage and range. After Lucifer bought Clover's contract from Paradise Falls the two quickly destroyed the slaver camp and freed all the slaves. Lucifer tried to find Clover help for her mental condition, but no matter what no doctor could help her, only give Lucifer advice. Over time the woman slowly gained a bit of her sanity back, but still fell back to her old ways from time to time.

RL-3 looked the same as when Lucifer picked him up form the merchant, only with reinforce steel, a sharper buzz saw, and an enhanced plasma blaster. After Lucifer bought the robot off the old merchant RL has been a valuable asset. Not only could it dish out a lot of punishment, it could also take a hit very well.

"Reporting for duty Captain sir!" RL called while saluting. "Let's show these alien scum-bas why you don't mess with an American soldier!"

"I got all my toys to show them a good time sugar." Clover said with a wicked grin on her face as she caressed her sword. "Let's go have fun."

Brick let out a small shudder as Clover climbed into the drop-ship. "Man that girl gives me the heebie-jeebies."

With that the rest of the crew climbed into the drop-ship with Donovan behind the wheel.

"All right, depressurizing." Donovan said as he pressed a button. "Now time to drop."

Flying the drop-ship down the large hole in the center of the hanger the drop ship flew into space.

"Alright everyone, here's how things are going to go." Lucifer said as Donovan flew the ship towards the enemy spaceship. "Reilly's crew will head to the engines of the ship and take them out, without them the ship can't move. So if we need to make a sudden escape it will be easier, but if we have them on the ropes and you take out their main and secondary weapons, then we can call the rest of our crew and take them down. Just make sure you don't take out the main power, I don't want to suddenly suffocate to death."

"Got it." Reilly said with a nod.

"Also I need you guys to do something else impotent." Lucifer said getting the ranger's attention. "Try to get as much information on these aliens as you can. It might take a while, but if you collect enough our ear pieces should be able to transplant there language soon."

"Got it Lucifer." Brick said as she looked over her minigun. "Can't wait to test Eugene on some aliens!"

Suddenly the drop-ship jerked softly, rocking everyone in their seats.

"The enemy ship notice us, their directing some of there fire onto us." Donovan said as he steered the ship to the side. "Once we enter the ship they'll know we're on board."

"Will the shields hold Don?" Reilly asked as the ship jerked again.

"Don't worry, the shields are strong enough to get us pass their barrage. But if we get hit with their main weapon, I can't really say for sure if we'll survive." The technetium said in a worry tone.

"Well if you see a big hunk of metal flying towards us, get the ship out of the way." Lucifer said in a cheeky voice getting a small laugh form the crew. "Anyway, while Reilly's Rangers are going for the engine room and whatever is in-between me, Clover, and RL will make our way to the captain. We take him down and maybe we can get some answers out of him, if we translate their language later. If we takeout everyone else on the ship, we just got a bunch of new stuff." He said, getting a nod from everyone.

"Found their hull Lucifer, we're pushing through." Donavan said before he blasted the side of the ship.

"Shields up everyone!"

At the same time everyone pressed a button on there belts and a clear shimmer covered their bodies before disappearing. These were kinetic shield, invincible shields that covered a person's body from bullets and melee attacks. That's not to say they could block everything, enough shots could overwork the shields before they were forced to charge. Still they were vital to have them on just to make fighting a little easier. They also put on their space helmets to breath just in case they couldn't breath their air.

Donavan moved the drop-ship into the enemy ship's hull and instantly they felt enemy fire.

"Look's like they were ready." Reilly muttered before turning to her team. "Brick, your up. Mow them down!"

The woman with the have weapon grinned as she brought up her main weapon. "With pleasure captain."

The side to the drop-ship opened and Brick didn't waist any time revving up Eugene.

"Suck on this you alien bastards!" Brick yelled as she already took out a couple of aliens with her minigun.

As soon as the close aliens were down the rest of the crew left the ship.

The alien hanger was filled with storage crates and other small drop-ships. Their was a tall ledge the aliens were using to stand on with weapons on hand, firing down at them.

Lucifer activated his stealth suit and practically became transparent before he started to move. Pulling out his Gauss rifle Lucifer looked down the scope before pulling the trigger, a second later one of the aliens head's popped like a Blotfly. This freaked out the other Aliens as they started to fire wildly down below. Reilly and her rangers set their place behind come crates and started to fire, picking the four eye aliens off one by one.

Clover and RL-3 used this to run up the catwalk from some stares off to the side. Some of the aliens saw this and fired at them, but their shields held up luckily.

"The day your puny shots punch through my armor is the day I become a communist!" RL yelled before he set off his Plasma Blaster. "And I'm an American soldier!"

Plasma base weapons were slow both in shots and in fire rate, some people could easily move out the way from a plasma blast. But when it hit the hit was always devastating.

The Plasma blast his an alien right in the chest, throwing him clean off the catwalk from a small explosion. The alien fell head first with a satisfying creak, dead in an instant.

Clover easily made her way up to the catwalk, both her sword and shotgun in hand. When she reached the top and alien tried to hit her with the butt of his gun, but Clover was faster and stabbed the alien in the gut before grabbing her shotgun and blowing it's head off. The crazy girl didn't stop however and grabbed the alien's weapon before firing it at the other aliens on the catwalk.

As soon as the aliens on the catwalk fell dead a door close to Lucifer opened, and he saw more then just aliens.

"Harak! Chekt! Chekt!"

"On our right!" Lucifer yelled as he brought up his shotgun.

Soon Lucifer saw what he could only see as alien dogs run at him. They had smooth leathery skin, red eyes, and sharp teeth that could give a Deathclaw a run for it's money.

The little monsters were fast, but Lucifer was faster. Lucifer's shotgun tore though the alien dogs skin like butter and they fell limp at Lucifer's feet.

"Lucifer, duck!"

Lucifer hit the ground as Butcher throw a grenade into the door just as the aliens closed it. Their was a small explosion and the sound of splatter.

"Clear!" Reilly called as she looked around.

Lucifer sighed as he brought his invincibility down and let out a small breath of air. "Looks like these assholes have pets." He said while kicking the dead alien dog. "Looks like the offspring of a dog and Deathclaw. Anyway, loot the corpses, see if you can find anything interesting on them."

With that the human crew got to work scavenging the dead alien bodies for anything valuable. Donavan took the weapons onto the drop-ship to be examined back on the Revelation.

Lucifer looked over one of the alien bodies for anything useful. The wanderer found what he could only think was currency of some kind in the alien's pockets, not unlike the Zeta Being crystals, these seemed to be chips of some kind. As Lucifer was about to leave he noticed the clove on the alien had. It looked differed, more high tech, and it was sleek back with brass knuckles built into it.

Shrugging, Lucifer pulled the glove on before putting it on his left hand. "Huh, fits like a glove." He said with a grin as he flexed his hand.

"Lucifer, come over here!" Reilly called as everyone else gathered.

The LW whipped his head up and made his way over to his crew. "What you got Reilly?"

Reilly placed a map of some kind on the floor with a grin. "Found this in one of the closets, must have it for maintenance. Can't understand the language but I can read it enough." She said before placing her finger on the map. "We're here right now, and the engine room is here, and the bridge is here."

"Look's like they run in opposed directions sugar." Clover said as she pushed her body against Lucifer's, who did his best to ignore it.

"Well we better get moving them." Lucifer said as he shrugged Clover's body off, making her pout.

"Just one little problem boss." Brick said as she stood by one of the doors. "How the hell are we going to open the doors. They seem different from our green guy's ones."

Donovan walked up to the door and looked it over. Suddenly a green hologram appeared right in the center of the door. "It seems they use some kind of hologram as the mechanism to open the door. Sensory maybe?"

Lucifer walked up the door and placed his hand on it. "It's going to be a bitch to get this open, and blasting it open is out of the question, we're going to have to find out how they open their do-"

Without warning the door suddenly slid open to reveal an empty hallway.

"Lucifer, your arm." Reilly said while pointing to her companion.

Looking at his arm Lucifer was surprised to see some kind of glowing gauntlet over his left arm. "What the-" When Lucifer flex his hand the gauntlet disappeared in an instant. "What the hell just happened?"

Donavan looked over Lucifer's arm before noticing the glove over his hand. "Where did you get this?" He asked while looking over the glove.

"Found it on one of the dead aliens, thought it look cool so I kept it. Why, what the hell is it?" Lucifer said as he looked over the glove.

Donavan looked at the glove for a long moment. "Lift up your arm to your chest." Lucifer shrugged and did so. A moment later the same glowing gauntlet appeared on his arm again. "Wave it over the door."

Lucifer did so and instantly the door opened without ever trying. "Huh, so it's some kind of key?" He said while looking over the gauntlet. "Everyone take one off the aliens, it'll be useful to have them."

Everyone did so and started to pull the high-tech gloves and gauntlets off the dead aliens bodies.

Butcher reached down on of the aliens and grab it's hand. "A little hard to believe these guys have hands so different but similar to us, even come with five fingers." He muttered as he remember the Zeta Beings long finger hands.

Suddenly the four eyed alien jerked up with a gasp while coughing hard.

"Jesus Christ!" Butch yelled at the top of his lungs as he fell on his ass. "It's still alive!"

Everyone instantly rushed over and aimed their guns at the alien as it continued to cough up green blood.

"Resilient bastard, isn't he." Brick said as she aimed her big gun at the coughing alien. "That can easily be corrected with Eugene."

"Fuck you, you... crazy human bitch."

Everyone froze in place. Slowly looking down, everyone looked down stared at the alien glaring at them.

"Wha-... what the fuck did you just say?" Lucifer asked in disbelief as he felt his mouth hung a little.

The alien glared up at Lucifer as it pushed itself up with it's arms. "What, can't understand a fucking insult human?" He said sarcastically making Clover hit it with the butt of her gun.

Everyone looked at her and the former slave shrugged. "What, just because I can understand him doesn't mean I'm not going to hit him." Clover said with a too sweet smile.

Lucifer gently pulled the woman back to from the bruised alien as it rubbed it's head. "Why don't you and RL scout the perimeter sweetie."

"Okay!" She cheered before skipping off.

Lucifer then turned to the alien with a glare. "Alright four eyes, why don't you answer some questions for us and maybe we'll just leave you tied up in a closet?"

"Fuck you human!" The alien spat at Lucifer's feet. "I'll give you nothing, unlike you, Batarians aren't so weak willed."

Now that was something Lucifer caught, Batarian seemed to be this aliens kind, and it seemed very proud of that. Lucifer could use pride.

"Batarians, strong, there doesn't seem to be much evidence of that." Lucifer said with a smug grin on his face. "You knew we were coming, you had the home field advantage, but we still slaughtered you." Lucifer said in a cold tone as he grabbed the Batarian by the neck, practically choking him. "Don't fuck with me alien, or do you want me to get my crazy friend over their to skin you alive. And let me fucking tell you, she's crazy enough to not only do it, but enjoy it."

That seemed to get the Batarian to start sweating as Lucifer saw feet in it's eyes. "Alright, alright, just keep that crazy bitch away from me!" He pleaded making Lucifer loosen his grip. "What do you want to know?"

The five humans looked at each other wondering what to ask the alien before them.

Lucifer was the first who spoke. "How are we able to understand you when earlier we couldn't?"

The Batarian looked confused before scoffing. "Then your Omni-Tool must of been busted, how is that my problem?"

"What the hell's an Omni-Tool?" Brick asked with a confused look on her face.

Donavan tilted his head as he brought up his arm, and the orange gauntlet appeared. "Do you mean these holo-gauntlets?"

The Batarian looked at Donavan as if he was stupid. "Are you stupid human, their Omni-Tools."

Lucifer squeezed his grip on the Batarian through, making him choke on it's air, "I don't care how stupid the question may be, you answer them with a smile. Okay?"

"O-Okay!" The Batarian wheezed.

"Good, now tell us what the hell is an Omni-Tool?" Lucifer asked while tighten his grip ever so slightly.

"Th-there computers, you know, for holding information, credit, th-there the reason you can understand me!" The Batarian said quickly making Lucifer loosen his grip. "They have translators in them that allow you to understand any alien species."

"Okay, see, that wasn't so hard." Lucifer said in a sickly sweet voice as the Batarian coughed violently. "Now then, why did you attack our ship?"

The Batarian's breathing started to become ragged as he looked at Lucifer. "We're... We're a pirate ship. We thought someone was testing a new ship and thought we could get an easy score. Maybe get a few slaves."

If you were looking into Lucifer's eyes, you would of seen pure fury. "Slaves?" He asked in the calmest voice he could, but all his companions could see the change. "You have slaves on this ship?"

The Batarian didn't notice the change and continued to talk. "A few Salarians, some Asari, group of Turian, maybe a Quarian or two, and a couple of human-"


The Batarian fell limp in Lucifer's hands as he slowly breath. Climbing to his feet the LW looked to everyone with his head down.

"Sorry... I just..." Lucifer let out a frustrated sigh. "When he started talking so casually about slaves like it was nothing I... I just snapped."

That seemed to get a snort out of Brick. "More like you snapped him."

The morbid joke seemed to lift Lucifer's spirits a bit as he turned to everyone. "All right, change of plans." The LW said, getting serious. "Reilly, I need you to get these slaves off this ship and onto ours. Tell Elliot to send for a few drop ships with some extra men, give them these Omni-Tools, they seem damn useful. Me, Clover, and RL-3 will stick to our plan, but we'll see if we can take control of this ship."

Reilly nodded. "Got it Lucifer. You should get moving now, we already wasted a lot of time here."

"Right." Lucifer said as he turned to his companions. "Clover, RL, let's move!"

"Aye-aye captain!"

"Lead the way sugar."

With that said the two teams split and went their separate ways.


A Batarian in high-tech armor slammed it's fist into the table as he watched a monitor of the humans that invaded his ship.

"Why are these humans on my ship!" The Batarian yelled as the others around him shrank in fear.

"We-we already sent a squad after the human's sir!" A smaller Batarian said in a shaky voice as he didn't meet his captains eyes. "They won't get far!"

The Batarian captain growled as he sat back in his chair. "They better not get far." He growled before turning to another Batarian. "And why is it taking so long to take down that ship!" He yelled at another Batarian.

The gunman jumped at the sudden shouting and turn to his captain. "W-we don't know, we think they have some kind of shield up."

"Impossible! To put a shield up on a ship that size would drain all their power in a matter of minutes, and no human could make such a thing!" The Batarian Captain said as he sat back in his chair. "Must be some experimental Alliance Ship." He said with a big grin on his face. "That means there are tones of slaves on the ship just for the taking." He muttered in a sinister voice. "Keep firing a that ships, their shields will have to fall eventually! And send some men to deal with the vermin on my ship!"

"Yes sir!" The Batarian called as they all got to work.

The Batarian captain leaned back as he let out a chuckle. "Those humans won't know what hit them."

The Batarian didn't know what hit him until it was too late and he was missing a head.

Clover ran up to a Batarian as it seemed it's weapons was jammed before the former slave stabbed her sword right into it's chest, shocking him hard before he fell limp. Clover then used the Batarian's body as cover as she pulled out her shotgun and blasted another Batarian's head off.

RL-3 was flouting in the center of a hallway soaking up bullets as he blasted the Batarians. When one got close and tried to hit RL with the butt of it's gun, the Mr. Gutsy turned it's buzzsaw on it and cut right into the Batarian's chest cavity.

Lucifer was keeping back some and giving them cover fire with his Gauss Rifle, taking their head's off one by one. Out of the corner of his eye Lucifer saw two Batarian got a little to close for Lucifer's liking. Acting fast, Lucifer reached into his duster and pulled out his sword in one fluid motion before he sliced a Batarian's chest open, making him scream in pain. As the other Batarian tried to grab Lucifer's sword the LW was faster and brought the sword down right onto the Batarian head, making him fall limp in an instant.

Pulling the sword out Lucifer saw all the current Batarian were already dead.

"We got a runner!" RL-3 called as he chased a Batarian that was running away.

Or maybe Lucifer spoke too soon.

Running after the fleeing Batarian the three companions entered a somewhat large room that looked like a mess hall.

"Get back! Or I'll blow her head off!"

The three companions saw the Batarian holding another alien as a meat shield.

This alien looked female with dark blue skin, she wore torn cloths on her body and had a thin collar around her neck.

Lucifer could see all the tells that this alien was a slave.

"Take one step closer and I'll blow the Asari's head clean off!" The Batarian shouted in a frantic voice as he held a pistol to the blue aliens head, who looked beyond scared.

"Taking a woman hostage! Just as a cowardly alien communist would do!" RL yelled as it's Omni-Tool translated the Batarian's language.

Before RL could do anything Lucifer raised his hand, stopping both his companions. "All right, you got something." Lucifer said calmly as he lowed his gun. "Now where do we go from here?"

The Batarian started looking around frantically as his gun shook. "D-drop your guns on the floor!"

Lucifer simply shook his head. "I can't do that and you know it. Which means this will end in a fire fight and you'll both end up dead." He said calmly as he looked into the woman's eyes, seeing fear. "Here's what we're going to do. We hold out our weapons and drop them at the same time, then you make a break for it. Deal?"

The Batarian looked hesitant but nodded his head frantically. "D-Deal!"

Lucifer pulled out his Novasurge and held it our in front of him. "Now you."

The Batarian looked at Lucifer's gun before he fallowed suit and held his pistol out. "All right, we drop them on the count of 3-"


The Batarian fell like a sack of meat with a big hole in his head.

Lucifer snorted as he pulled his Blackhawk down. "Dumbass." With the gun away from the slave, their was no real threat to her, giving Lucifer a big opening.

The Asari feel to her knees as she panted for air, relief washing over her. "Thank, thank you so much for saving me!" The Asari nearly cried in relief.

Lucifer still found it a little weird that he could understand a new alien species. But when your the LW who's talked to Super Mutants, living trees, and talking brains, you learn to get used to the weird.

"I'm just glad he was stupid enough to pull his gun away from your head." Lucifer said as he walked up to the blue person.

The Asari glared down at the dead alien before kicking it's corpse. "Damn Batarian Pirates, they should all rot in hell!"

Lucifer gave a small chuckle at the woman in front of him. "Well you recover fast. Listen, there some other humans on this ship not far from here, rescuing the other slaves on this ship. Go to them and they'll get you off this ship."

"Are you all with the Alliance?" The Asari asked as she walked forward.

Lucifer tilted his head before shaking it. "We're not with this... Alliance?" Lucifer said slowly getting a strange look from the alien. "My people are more... explores you can say. Just flying around, maybe doing jobs."

Now the Asari tilted her head. "So your mercenaries?"

Lucifer thought for a moment before shrugging. "Sure, let's go with that." He said before pointing to the door. "But like I said, you should get going and find my people so you can get off this ship."

The Asari looked ready to bolt but stopped at the last second. "What about my collar, do you have the key for it?" She asked in a worry tone.

Lucifer looked at the collar around the aliens neck. It was much too thin to be a bomb collar, then again this was alien tech so anything was on the table at this point. "Is this a bomb collar?" Lucifer asked as he walked up to the woman. "Or is this a shock collar?"

"It's a shock collar. They can't make a profit if they kill their slaves, so they shock us if we resist. But too much shock can be lethal." She said with a grim look on her face.

Lucifer trailed his hand over the caller making the Asari stiffen. "This might be alien tech, but all technology fallows a base line of principles." The LW muttered before reaching into his pocket. "Now let's see if I still got it."

The Asari gained a worry look on her face as she saw Lucifer bring out a simple screwdriver and pliers. "A-are you sure you know what your doing?" She asked in a nervous voice. "I m-mean if you mess up you could end up kil-"

"Done." Lucifer said a he pulled of her collar. "I'm sorry I wasn't listening, what did you say?"

The Asari gave the LW a shocked look as she grabbed her neck. "H-how did you take it off so fast!?" She asked in a shock tone.

Lucifer shrugged as he put his tools away. "Wasn't hard, just disconnected the power and picked the lock." He said before pointing to the door. "Now get to safety, your looking for a human woman named Reilly."

"R-Right!" She shouted just before she stop. "Y-your looking for the captain, right?" She asked, getting a nod out of Lucifer. "I remember the faster route to the bridge, if you take the left end of the hallway and keep going straight you should be their in minutes."

Lucifer smiled and nodded to the Asari. "Thank you, now get moving." With that the blue skinned alien ran out the door with hast. Lucifer brought up his Pipboy and quickly contacted Reilly. "Reilly, it's Lucifer. I just sent a blue skinned alien woman to the hull."

"...Are you serious?"

"Very." Lucifer said with a snort. "She's a little shaken up after nearly having her head blown off but she's tough. How's your progress."

"Most of our guys landed in without much trouble. We ran into a few more Batarians but they didn't put up much of a fight."

"Good. Contact me once you find the slaves or take out the engine. One more thing, the slaves have deadly shock collars around their necks, just sever the power connection before taking them off." He said before hanging up. "Alright Clover, RL, let's move!" Lucifer said before running out the door.

"Right behind you sugar!" Clover called as she got right behind Lucifer.

The three fallowed the direction the Asari told them to go and quickly ran into a door.

"All right, let's see if this still works." Lucifer muttered while raising his hand and the Omni-Tool. A moment later a negative buzz was heard and the green panel flashed red. "Fuck, I think they locked it." The LW cursed as he smacked the Omni-Tool. "Come on, work you stupid thing." He said while looking it over.

Lucifer then notice something interesting on his Omni-Tool and looked it over. Pressing a button Lucifer was surprised to see some kind of cipher on his Omni-Tool. Looking it over the LW saw it connect to the door and started to spin.

"Must be some kind of hacking mechanism." Lucifer said with a big grin on his face. "Let's see if I can hack alien technology."

10 seconds later the door open.

And about 20 guns were pointed at the trio.

"Kill those humans, and the fucking tin-can!" The Batarian captain yelled as his men let lose their weapons.

The Lucifer and Clover quickly hid behind cover while RL let lose his flame thrower.

"Eat this you Commie Alien bastards!" RL yelled as he let lose his flame throw onto the Batarian, lighting three in fire.

Clover pulled out her assault rifle and start firing behind a computer. A Batarian charged at Clover from the side and managed to tackle her to the ground.

"I got the human bi-" The Batarian never finished his sentence as he was blown off the white hair girl.

Clover looked up to see Lucifer pointing his Gauss Rifle right where the Batarian was before he reloaded it. "Thanks sugar!" Clover said with a dope grin before she jumped to her feet.

Lucifer gave his companion a single nod before turning to the Batarian captain, who looked to be foaming at the mouth with rage.

"You filthy humans have pissed me off!" The Captain roared in rage as he glared deeply at Lucifer. "Forget taking you in as slaves, I'm going to sell you all in pieces!" He yelled before leaping forward.

As soon as the Batarian Captain moved a blue shield appeared over his body as he raised his gun. RL turned to the Batarian and fired his Plasma Blaster.

"Eat this!" The robot yelled while firing.

The Plasma shots hit right into the Batarian's side but to Lucifer's surplice they barley did any damage to him.

"Damn it, he's got shields!" Lucifer yelled in his head as he raised his Gauss Rifle and hit the Batarian square in the chest.

The force of the shot was strong enough to send the Batarian flying into his ass, but again the shot didn't seem to do any damage to him. It did however cause his shield to flicker a bit as he climbed onto his feet looking pissed.

"Okay, so his shields have a limit, I can work with that." Lucifer thought as he brought up his Terrible Shotgun.

The Batarian Captain raised his weapon and fired a steam of bullets aimed right at Lucifer. The LW ran to the side as the bullet's were quickly behind him, but Lucifer was just fast enough to not get his.

Jumping over a computer console Lucifer aimed his shotgun right at the Captain's gun and fired. The shot was able to throw the Captain's arm back with his gun still in hand, making the Batarian click his teeth. This gave enough time to rush the Captain in a spring, catching him off guard as he tried to raise his gun up.

When Lucifer was close enough he pulled out his Gauss Rifle and fired it right at the Batarian's chest. Again the shot was strong enough to send the Batarian Captain flying, but this time his shield fell down.

The Batarian Captain crashed into a console hard enough to smash some pieces and knocking him out.

Lucifer quickly looked around and found all the Batarian were dead. The LW sighed as he holstered his guns and looked to his companions. "You two alright." He called out to Clover and RL.

"Nothing but a few dings captain." The robot said as he saluted Lucifer.

"I got a few bruises, maybe you can kiss then sugar." Clover said while putting a hand on her hip.

"Have Red look at them." He said getting a pout out of the ex-slave. The LW then brought up his pipboy and quickly called Reilly. "Reilly come in, how are things on your end?"

It took a few moments before the leader of the Ranger's answered. "Things are... okay." The woman said, sounding a little stressed. "Okay, honestly things are weird. We found the slave pens thanks to the blue lady but... Lucifer there's a lot of aliens here."

"How many are we talking about?" Lucifer asked in a worry tone.


Dozens of different aliens scattered around the hanger as some of Lucifer's crew started taking their collars off one by one, though they all seemed a bit jumpy.

What really caught Lucifer's eyes were the other human's that weren't apart of his crew, but captured by the Batarian's. Speaking of the Batarians, their captain was tied up and guarded by a few of Lucifer's people. The LW wanted to question the Alien later on his ship. Lucifer's crew all wore white combat armor with their weapons holstered on their backs, this was standard equipment for anyone who wanted to fight.

Looking at the slaves that were being freed Lucifer felt good knowing he put down a bunch of slavers down for good.

"Hey, watch the hands human!" A tall, white skinned alien said while slapping one of Lucifer's technician's hand away. From the tone of it's voice it sounded female.

The technician glared at the alien as he throw his tools to the ground. "Well how about you fucking take that collar off yourself alien!" He yelled, also looking pissed off.

Lucifer quickly walked over to the commotion with his hands raised. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, everyone calm down." He said quickly, grabbing a lot of people's attention.

The technician seemed to stiffen when Lucifer walked by. "B-boss." He said while standing a little straighter. "I'm sorry about that, I'll get right back to-"

"First, breath." Lucifer said in a calm voice and the man quickly did so. "Okay. Look, I know this is stressful for you, but I need you to pull through." He said, getting a nod from the man. Lucifer then turned to the tall alien, Turian he though her kind was. "And you, I think you should show a little more appreciation to the people that just saved your ass. The least you can do is let the guy take your collar off without any trouble."

The Turian and human looked away before the technician grabbed his tools from the floor. "Stay still... please." He said, making the Turian give a silent nod.

Lucifer sighed as he walked away from the two. As he walked away the LW was stopped when a woman walked up to him with a smile, someone else that wasn't apart of his crew but appeared to be in a blue uniform of sorts.

"Nice job defused the situation." The woman said as she glanced at the Turian, who now had his collar off. "Things could of escalated badly if a fight broke out."

Lucifer gave the woman a small shrug. "My guys know not to cause any trouble with the aliens, but they will defend themselves if they have to."

"Yeah, your guys." The human woman said as she glanced at Lucifer's crew. "Your clearly not with Alliance Military, so are you a mercenary group of some kind?"

Lucifer gave a shrug as he looked at the woman. "Well we're more of a... exploration group. Left our home not long ago just started riding around. Ran into some trouble just before these Batarain's hit us." He said while giving a sigh. "But we weren't expecting this."

The woman sighed as she looked over the other slaves that were being freed. "I know what you mean, the Batarian's hit us just as we were all heading to the Citadel."

The both the name and explanation all caught Lucifer's attention. "Wait, you were all together when the Batarian took you?" Lucifer said in complete confusion.

The woman didn't hear the confusion in Lucifer's voice and continued to talk. "Yup, we were taking a shuttle from Illium when the Batarian's pushed us deep into the Terminus System before taking all of us. We sent a distress signal but we didn't think anyone would come saves us. Luckily you showed up."

Lucifer stared at the woman for a long moment before he finally blinked. "Yeah... I only understood half of what you said." The LW admitted.

The woman gave Lucifer a strange look. "Did... did you get hit in the head or something?" She asked with some concern.

Deciding to play dumb, or admit he was ignorant of the situation, Lucifer rubbed his head. "I... might of taken a bullet or two to the head. It didn't go through, but it sure as shit caused some ringing."

Now the woman looked even more worried. "Maybe you should lie down, you could have a concision."

"Well it's not my first and it sure as shit won't be my last." Lucifer said getting an uneasy chuckle out of the woman.

"Well I'm no doctor, but I do know some concussions can cause problems with memories." She said before pointing to Lucifer's arm. "Maybe you should look at your Omni-Tool for any information, you just might get an extranet signal." She said before giving a sigh. "Well I'll go see if I can help around, I just can't sit on my ass and let some mercenaries to all the work."

Lucifer tilted his head at the woman. "You... seem more grounded then the rest."

The woman pointed to her uniform with a small snort. "Incase you couldn't tell by the uniform, I'm with C-sec, basically we're police for the Citadel. Not only am I one of the few human's to join, but one of the fewer women." She said while folding her arms. "Me and a few guard were escorting some asshole Salarians lawyer to the Citadel to be questioned before we were hit. Fucker didn't even last the first gun shot fired." The woman then glanced to the side to see some of the aliens getting a little restless. "Well I better help your guys before someone starts a fight." She said before walking away.

Lucifer stared at the woman for a long moment, his brain going into overdrive. Literally all she said to the LW didn't make sense, she seemed accustomed to the aliens around her, she mentioned a place called the Citadel where she was a cop for, all this was making the LW head spin.

Looking down at the alien glove on his hand, Lucifer stared at it for a long moment before raising it up. The orange gauntlet appeared over his arm making Lucifer stare at it before he slowly typed one word that came to mind.


It only took one second for something to appear on the Omni-Tool.

And what it was literally stopped Lucifer's heart cold.

It was Earth. But it wasn't the barren wasteland the Lone Wanderer had lived in for two years.

This Earth was alive. More alive then Lucifer ever hoped to see.

Looking at the current date Lucifer was again shocked by the year he read.


One thing came out of the Lone Wanderer's mouth, one question that went over and over in his head.

"What the fuck is going on?" Lucifer said he looked up more on this 'Earth', hoping to get some form of answers.

21Note: And that's my new story, a Fallout x Mass Effect with it's own twists. The Lone Wanderer, or LW since it saves time and space, has his own space ship and crew. And before anyone says anything, I've ready plenty of far-fetch stories that were even crazier, to please test this story out.

Now to clear up a few things.

1: The reason I named the Lone Wanderer Lucifer Morningstar is easy. When the LW leaves the vault they have the option to change their name. I believe if the LW entered a new world like the Capital Wasteland, he would change his name, and what better name then the first angle that was cast out of heaven by his own father. Maybe I'm making this too deep, but I feel it'll fit with his character.

2: The Zeta ship, or Revelation, was completely re-hulled. With most of it's teleports and cryo chambers taken out. The reason for this is simple. For one, I don't trust teleporting, and since you can only get to certain area's when teleporting this leaves a lot of weaknesses in the ship, not to mention how much power it uses. So most of the teleporters were taken out by the robots and Zeta Being and their robots. Same with anything else that Lucifer deemed was useless or not necessary. The teleporting system is still installed, it's just not as used as it was before.

3: Lucifer's crew now is mostly consisted of 200 humans and 100 Zeta Beings, along with about 100 robots of all kind. Some of the people on the ship are people the LW knows while on his travels, here's a list of the named people.

(Revelation Crew)







Butch DeLoria

Tashiro Kago

Elliott Tercorien



Scribe Bigsley

Sally (Mothership Zeta)

Moira Brown



Antaginizer/Tanya Christoff

Mechanist/Scott Wollinski

Kenny (Point-Lookout)

(Big Town)










(Reilly's Rangers)





This is all the notable people from the Capital Wastelands that have joined Lucifer's crew. If anyone has any reasonable recommendations I will hear their offers before making a decision to add the person or not.

4: Lucifer has two set's of gear he uses when fighting, his Infiltration Gear, and Heavy Soldier Gear, which he may swap out certain weapons depending on the situation.

(Infiltration Gear)

Armor: Stealth Suit + Black Kevlar Duster

Primary Weapons: Terrible Shotgun + Guass Riffle + Perforator + Xualong Assult Rifle

Sidearm Weapons: Blackhawk + Novasurge

Melee Weapon: Shock Katana + The Shocker + Jack (The Ripper)

(Heavy Soldier Gear)

Armor: Medic Power Armor + T-51B Power Armor + Winterized Power Armor

Primary Weapons: Vengeance + Eugene + Burnmaster + Experimental MIRV + Miss Launcher +Tesla Cannon

Sidearm Weapons: Firelance

Melee Weapons: The Mauler + Discharge Hammer

5: The Power Armor in this story will be based around Fallout 4, since that's one of the few things they did right.

6: I won't go over Skills and SPECIAL since it's super easy to max them out, so I'll just give a list of notable Perks.


Lady Killer

Gun Nut

Bloody Mess



Strong Back


Life Giver

Toughness/Rank 3


Silent Runner

Robotics Expert

Fast Metabolism

Light Step


Adamantium Skeleton

Concentrated Fire

Paralyzing Palm

Solar Powered

Night Person

Grim Reaper's Spirit

Party Boy


Ant Might


Rad Regeneration

Survival Expert

Nerves of Steel

Xenotech Expert

Pitt Fighter

Superior Defender

Almost Perfect

Nerd Rage!

I hope that covers everything and if anyone has any questions please leave a review and I'll answer them as best I can.

Thanks for reading!