Wandering New Stars


No One's P.O.V

Lucifer silently walked down a metal hanger with two Batarian guards at his side. Glancing around Lucifer saw multiple ships and other thugs unloading salvage and weapons. All giving off an air of danger if provoked.

"Pick up the pace human." One of the Batarian's grunted before pressing forward. "The boss will want to see you and get this over with."

Lucifer just glared forward as he followed the guards. The LW needed to be very carful with how he acted. Be to cocky and he could get shot, blowing his cover when everyone found out he wasn't dead. Be too passive and he might be forced to leave before he can get anything done.

"I have to blend the perfect amount of cockiness and confidents without getting myself shot... fuck I miss the wasteland." Lucifer gave a small sigh as he followed the guards. "Sure things were shit, but at least life was simple."

Entering a small room Lucifer found himself in the scanning room. Glancing around Lucifer saw two guards standing by the entrance, glancing to the side Lucifer was very pleased to see an Asari behind the scanning computer, decked out in heavy armor with a scowl on her face.

"Oh, this is too easy." Lucifer thought as he stepped towards her, making the guards grab their guns. "Well hello their beautiful," Lucifer said in a smooth tone, making the Asari look up from the computer. "What's a sexy lady like you doing in a shitty place like this?" Lucifer said as he rested his arm against the computer, feeling his Pip-Boy vibrate.

The Asari gained a scowl on her face as she glared at Lucifer. "Get the fuck away from me before I shoot you in the head." She said in a low tone.

Lucifer throw his head back with a laugh as he continued to smile at the Asari, making her scowl even more. "Oh come on, no need to frown. It's bad for your pretty blue face." Lucifer reached into his pocket making everyone tense before pulling out a business card. "If you ever feel like changing jobs, I can always use an Asari in my work force."

The Asari scoffed as she took the card and throw it over her shoulder without even looking. "You want a whore go to level three, they have tones of selections."

Ignoring the morbid image Lucifer kept the smooth smile on his face. "I can get any woman I want. But getting a pretty woman who can take care of herself and me is much more difficult." Lucifer suddenly felt his Pip-Boy give the smallest vibrate, making him grin. The Asari glared and was about to say something, but Lucifer pulled back. "You don't have to give me an answer baby, take your time." He said as he stepped into the scanner.

The Asari growled as she activated the scanner and after a few moments it beeped. When Lucifer placed his hand on a scanner it also beeped without hesitation. "Clear..." She said, obviously upset she couldn't tell the guards to kill the human.

Lucifer gave her one last cocky grin before stepping forward along with the Batarian escorts.

One of the Batarian's gave a snort while looking at Lucifer. "You got some balls human, not many would try and fuck with her."

"I guess that's why I tried, to see what I can get away with." Lucifer said with a carefree grin.

"Crazy human." The other guard said with a shake of his head.

It wasn't long before Lucifer found himself in a large market area. It was similar to Omega, but was just as dirty as Rivet City, only the air was full of malice that rivaled The Pitt.

Before the group could take a step forward they were stopped by a Batarian in much better armor.

"Stop," He said in a gruff tone as he looked to Lucifer. "Are you Tomas Lake?"

"Yes," Lucifer said with a smile as he put his hands behind his back. "And you are?"

"Nobody, just a messenger." He said with a shrug as he looked to the other Batarians. "Got some bad news, your boss was done in, deal gone wrong." He said, making the two Batarian guards frown.

"You've got to be joking." One of the Batarians growled.

"Contact one of you're guys. He'll back me up." The heavy armored Batarian said while crossing his arms.

Both Batarians looked at one another before bringing up their Omni-Tools. After a few seconds they cursed out loud.

Lucifer frowned as he looked at the messenger. "If that's the case, who has my merchandise?" Lucifer asked in a low tone.

"The ones you asked for were freed by the Asari Military a few hours ago."

Visibly, Lucifer cursed, on the inside however he was ecstatic. "Fucking great. Now I need to make some new contacts."

"That's why I'm hear." The Batarian said as he shifted. "My boss wants to see if we can make some deals."

Lucifer rubbed his chin in thought before he shrugged. "Fine, but we need to be quick about it. I'm a busy man and I have a full schedule."

The guard pulled his hand up to stop Lucifer. "Don't talk to me about it, I'm just a grunt. Talk to my boss."

With that Lucifer left the two Batarians and traded them for one in much better armor.

"So, how does your boss know about me?" Lucifer asked in a calm tone as he followed close to the Batarian, keeping his eyes forward.

"Contacts basically." The massager said with a shrug. "When one boss croaks another one buys their contact list. Helps keep the credits flowing."

"So as soon as my contact dies not even a few hours later someone else takes his place." Lucifer said with a knowing grin. "How convenient."

All the massager did was shrug. "I'm not paid to think, only to do what I'm told and shoot."

Lucifer nodded slowly, his grin never falling. "If only more of my guys were just as... obedient."

That made the massager grunt as he marched forward. As Lucifer walked he glanced at the time, he had a little less 40 minutes before the Torfan raid started. This should give Lucifer enough time to find Torfan's defenses computer before uploading the viruses.

Lucifer followed the massager into an elevator before going down a few levels before coming to a stop. Walking out the two began to move again, passing by dozens of armed thugs and slaves of nearly every race. Out of the corner of his eye Lucifer saw two Batarians beating a grown man with wicked smirks on their faces as the man cried out in pain. It took everything the LW had to look away and march forward.

Glancing up Lucifer spotted turret guns moving around slowly spinning around. In some corners of the ceiling were several cameras.

"We're here."

Lucifer turned forward to see a somewhat large door in front of him. The Batarian brought up his Omni-Tool and put in a code before the door slid open. Inside their were a few thugs wandering around and two guarding a door.

"Head through those doors and you'll find the boss." The Massager said as he brought his arm down.

"Aren't you going to escort me?" Lucifer asked with a raised brow.

"I got shit to do human." The massager said with shrug. "The boss is right through those doors, I doubt you can get lost." He said before he turned down and walked away.

Lucifer said nothing as he walked through the doors and made his way to the second door with the two guards.

"Halt," A Salarian guard said as he held up his Omni-Tool. "Need to check you for weapons." He said as he waved his Omni-Tool over Lucifer's body. "Okay, you can enter." He said before stepping back.

A moment later the doors slid open and Lucifer stepped forward before they slid closed.

Lucifer glanced around to see he was in a somewhat large office. Their were several guns mounted on the walls along with various photos.

"Admiring my collection Mr. Lake."

Lucifer looked ahead to see a Turian sitting in a chair behind a desk, drinking a glass of liquor.

"Though they might not be the most extravagant weapons ever, they do hold sentimental value." The Turian said as he sipped his drink. "Have a seat Mr. Lake."

Lucifer did so without a word. "So you're the one trying to gain me as a client."

The Turian was silent for a moment before he turned and faced Lucifer. He wore light black armor with a visor over his right eye and had white war pain over his dark skin.

"I saw an opportunity to gain some credits and I took it." He said as he sat across from Lucifer. "Elanos Haliat."

"Tomas Lake, though you already seem to know my name." Lucifer said with a shrug. "So tell me Elanos, why do you go to all the trouble with getting me as a client?"

Elanos was quiet for a long moment before he stood up and walked to the wall with several guns mounted. "Tell me Mr. Lake, what do you know about the Skyllian Blitz?"

Lucifer raised an eyebrow before you spoke. "Slavers, Batarians, and pirates alike attacked Elysium in a massive raid about two years ago. Their was even talk about the Batarian government funding the operation, though no evidence was found. The Blitz ended in failure for the pirates and slavers as the humans were able to repel the attack, though they still took heavy losses." Lucifer said plainly with a board look on his face. "So?"

Elanos slowly looked at Lucifer with a menacing grin on his face. "You ever wonder who led the Blitz?"

Lucifer gave the Turian a long look before giving a chuckle and shaking his head. "You led the Skyllian Blitz, really?" He snorted in amusement.

"I led more then just a single Blitz." Elanos growled as he squeezed his glass. "I ran the Terminus Clans, Lake. Thousands of pirates, slavers, and criminals were under my command. I motivated, instigated, promised glory and riches for sacking the largest human colony in the cluster. I had more power then that Bitch Aria ever had or ever hope to get." He said before letting out a small breath. "Then it was all gone in a single attack."

"You should be dead." Lucifer said as he leaned back in his chair. "Failure like that would of got you in trouble with you're own people, not to mention the Alliance should be hunting you down. How the hell are you living so comfy?"

"You humans also taught me something in the raid. Even the weak can fight back." Elanos said as he turned to Lucifer. "I fought, killed, stole, and enslaved more in the pass two years just to get a fraction of my power back, and it won't be long before I am on top again. But in order to gain further power, I need 'friends'. And once I gain my power back, your going to want me as a friend."

Lucifer gave Elanos a long, hard, look. The LW now saw the man as extremely dangerous, more so then most of the enemies Lucifer has face in the past. For one man to rally thousands of criminals to attack the largest colony the Alliance had and think they could win.

This Turian needed to die.

"Well seeing as my contact is dead, let's do business." Lucifer said with the creepiest smile he could muster.

The next few minutes were filled with negotiation on slaves Elanos would grab for a large sum of credits. It wasn't long before they came to an understanding.

"You'll have your cargo in three weeks time." Elanos said with a pleased smile on his face.

"I hope I won't have any more delays." Lucifer said before he looked at the time. 37 minutes left. "By the way, I recently came into possession of some unique weapons not to long ago."

"What kind of weapon?" Elanos said in an intrigued tone.

"Prototype Lion's Pride weapons." Lucifer said with a grin.

Elanos' eyes widen before he let out a low growl. "Lion's Pride." He spat as he started to pace in his office. "That particular group has been a thorn in the Terminus' side ever since they came into play. It only became worse when they set up shop on Illium."

Lucifer grinned on the inside as he looked to Elanos. "What do you know about their leader?" Lucifer asked, purely out of curiosity.

If it were possible for a Turian, Lucifer almost thought he saw Elanos go red with anger. "Lucifer Morningstar..." Elanos said slowly, and saying the name alone almost made the Turian vomit. "A human brat who thinks he's king of the world. What he probably doesn't know is the Batarian government has set up a hefty bounty on his head and a lot of people here are planning to take a shot." Elanos said with a wicked smirk on his face. "I doubt this cocky human kid can take on all Torfan has to throw."

"Or I'll just make my way in and hit you before you can hit me." Lucifer thought while laughing inside before he spoke to Elanos. "Then I'll assume you'll what to hear about what I have, just to rub it in this kid's face." Lucifer said as he brought up his Pip-Boy. "A few weeks ago I came into possession of Prototype energy weapons from Lion's Pride. The kind of stuff that could turn a fight easily with enough time put into it."

If Elanos could he would be giving Lucifer a wicked grin. "I'm sure we can easily make a deal."

"Got you." Lucifer thought while giving the Turian his own grin. "Great, but we'll have to do this at a later date. I had expected to simply pick up my merchandise and head to a meeting, so I can't negotiate any further." Lucifer said as he looked at the time.

34 Minutes.

Elanos sighed but nodded. "Very well, when you come to pick up your shipment we'll discuss and make a deal."

Lucifer nodded as he turned to leave, but stopped at the last second. "One more thing." He said, grabbing Elanos attention. "If I'm going to bring the weapons here, I'm going to need protection."

Elanos waved Lucifer off. "My guys can easily escort you and the cargo-"

"While that will be good, I want a little extra incentive." Lucifer cut Elanos off with a serious look on his face. "I wouldn't be surprised if some thugs shot off my ship just because I'm human, and I am not risking my cargo for that kind of bullshit." He said before he put his hands behind his back. "I want to talk to the people in charge of Torfan's defenses. See what they can provide for me."

Elanos gave Lucifer a long look before waving his hand. "It's your credits." Elanos scoffed as he brought up his Omni-Tool. "V, get your ass in here."

It wasn't long before another Turian walked in with heist. "Yes boss?"

"Take Mr. Lake to the defense tower and have him talk to Tak. Drop my name if you have to."

"Got it boss." V said with a nod before turning to Lucifer. "Follow me human."

Lucifer nodded before looking to Elanos. "Until we meet again Elanos." He said before walking out with the Turian.

Elanos simply nodded as he sat behind his desk before going on his computer as Lucifer and V left his office.

As Elanos worked, he failed to noticed one of his many guns on his wall was missing as he typed away at his computer.

28 Minutes.

"We're here."

Lucifer looked up to see a giant tower that went into the ceiling, seeing dozens of loosely hanging wires attached to said ceiling. Glancing around Lucifer saw several guards patrolling around the building. From what Lucifer was told this was known as 'The Tower', a data hub that was connected to the majority of Torfan, though not directly in control of the differences.

"Follow." Was all the Turian said as he walked up to the doors, bringing up his Omni-Tool. "Tak, it's V, I need to talk to you."

It was a few moments V's Omni-Tool beeped. "What do you want V?"

"Got someone here who wants to talk to you, a client of Elanos."

The voice on the Omni-Tool gave out a sigh. "Give me a minute." With that said the line ended.

It only took a few minutes before a Batarian walked out through. This Batarian had heavy armor on and his skin tone was a much heavier green then most Lucifer saw.

"What's this about?" Tak said with a growl as he glanced at Lucifer.

V pointed to Lucifer with a shrug. "Elanos new client, want's to talk to you about getting some extra security for some cargo."

The Batarian stared at Lucifer for a moment before he spoke. "What do you want human?"

Lucifer gave a firm smile as he put his hands behind his back. "I would be more then happy to discuss any arrangement," Lucifer said before he glanced to the side, seeing some thugs were eyeing him before they walked away. "However, I would feel much safer if we discussed this somewhere private."

The Batarian looked thoughtful before shaking his head. "Not happening human, no one is aloud inside the defense tower except for a select few."

Lucifer just continued to smile as he slowly raised his Omni-Tool and pressed a few keys. A moment later Tak's Omni-Tool beeped making him look at it, and what he saw made his four eyes widen.

"That," Lucifer said with a smug grin on his face. "Is just for us talking, if we go somewhere else I can promise their will be more to come." Lucifer then throw his thumb at the Turian with a shrug. "I'll even go with you alone, I have no weapons." He said before his face turned serious. "But if anything happens to me, I'm sure Elanos will not be happy."

The Batarian stroked his chin with a thoughtful look on his face before shaking his head hard and glaring at Lucifer. "Not. Happening." The Batarian stressed with a glare, making Lucifer slowly frown. "I might be one of the top ones here, but even I'll get killed bringing anyone not authorized in. So. Fuck. Off." He growled in Lucifer's face, even getting some spit on him.

Lucifer slowly raised his hand and wiped the saliva off his face, which was completely neutral. He then let out a long sigh. "You know what, fuck it." Lucifer breath out with a somewhat exhausted look on his face, making the Turian and Batarian blink in confusion. "This whole day has been long, annoying, and really fucking depressing. I had to have a respectable conversation with a an ego-asshole, who I would much rather shoot with a minigun at point-blank-rang."

Now both the Batarian and Turian looked completely lost, but also pissed off.

The first one to speak up was Tak as he roughly grabbed Lucifer's shoulder. "Listen human, I don't give a fuck how upset you are. Just take your ass off Torfan or I'll throw you in the air-lock-"


Before Tak could react Lucifer's Omni-Blade popped out of his Pip-Boy in a flash before either could move. Lucifer then swung his arm up and sliced Tak's neck open, blood spilling out as the Batarian gurgled in shock and pain.

"What the-"

Reaching into his coat Lucifer pulled out a pistol he stole from Elanos's office. It was a simple Brawler Pistol made by Armax Arsenal, supplier of the Turian military. The pistol was scratched and beat to hell, but it was still deadly.


Whipping around and pointing the pistol between the Turian's eyes Lucifer didn't hesitate to pull the trigger.

Both Batarian and Turian crumbled to the floor dead at the exact same time.

Quickly reaching down Lucifer pulled anything that was useful off the two thugs. Lucifer took the Turian's shotgun, a Firestorm made by Delvon Industries, a few granades, and the data on Tak's Omni-Tool. In an instent Lucifer also downloaded not only a map of Torfan, but also The Tower and found a clear route to the control room.

Glancing around Lucifer saw several wandering thugs gawking at him from a distance. Acting fact the LW slung the shotgun over his shoulder and marched to the tower.

Rising his Pip-Boy the large doors slit open without any resistance.


Lucifer was met with a short hallway, two Batarians and a Salarian all turned to the door with confusion on their face. The LW didn't hesitate to bring up his pistol before firing.

Several bullets went into one Batarian and he was down in an instant. The second Batarian took on in the arm but he pushed through the pain and managed to bring up his SMG along with the Salarian.

Lucifer quickly brought up his Omni-Shield and managed to block the bullets before he dived behind some cover.

"Back up, we need back up here now!" The Salarian yelled over his Omni-Tool. "Some crazy human is trying to get in!"

Lucifer cursed at the Salarian's words. Back up would only slow the LW down, and he did not want to waist what little time he had. Reaching into his suit Lucifer pulled out a Stealth Boy.

Stealth Boys were one of the few thing Lion's Pride did not manufacture, along with Jet and anything useless. The ability for anyone to turn invincible, even for 10 minutes, was very dangerous if anyone could use it at any time. Which is why Lucifer and a few others were the only ones who had access to the device.

Lucifer contemplated using the gadget now. It was supposed to be his trump card if he got into a tight spot during the raid, he only had one.

The sound of a door sliding open grabbed Lucifer's attention away from the gadget.

"Where is this fucker." A deep Batarian voice snarled as a small group of armed thugs followed right behind him.

Looking at the time Lucifer let out a breath.

22 Minutes.

"Fuck it."

The armored Salarian pointed down the hallway with his pistol raised. "He's pined down over their, there's no escape." He said while keeping his gun up.

"Alright, everyone move in and take this fucker dow-"


Without any warning the lead Batarian's head exploded in a gory mess, shocking everyone.


Before the thugs could finish his sentence something fell at their feet. When one of the human thugs looked down he paled.


Lucifer rushed around the corner and started to open fire with the shotgun in hand, giving the group no time to react or move.


In an instant the thugs were reduced to a gory mess while the survivors were gun down by Lucifer's shotgun in a matter of seconds.

Lucifer let out a breath as he slung the shotgun over his shoulder before he ran forward, pistol in hand. The LW didn't check the dead bodies for anything useful, seeing as he was on a time limit, so the young man ran up some stairs with his gun up.

Lucifer easily made his way up little trouble before making it to the third floor. Not a moment after Lucifer stepped onto the third floor he hit the ground hard as a bullet sored over his head. The LW then dove behind a large create as bullets flew past him.

"There he is, shoot him!"

Lucifer took a breath as he quickly peeked around the create before pulling back as a bullet whizzed passed him.

"Okay, four enemies. Two thugs, one heavy, and a sniper at the end of the hallway." Lucifer muttered before he flinched as a strong shot hit the side of a create right above his head. "And a good shot." The LW then grinned as he pulled out a grenade. "Let's see how good."

Lobbing the grenade over the create it didn't take long for the sniper to shoot it before it hit the ground. Using the explosion as cover Lucifer jumped over the create before bringing his shield up and running through the smoke. As soon as the two grunts came into sight it just took a few shots to the head to end them. However, the heavy was a different story.

"HA!" The Heavy, most likely a Batarian, charged into Lucifer's shield and managed to bring the LW to a stop.

The Heavy managed to push Lucifer back a few feet before turning his shotgun on the shield. Two quick shots point blank were enough to bring the shield down, but also overheat his gun.

Lucifer grit his teeth as he felt his arm shake from the gunshots. Out of the corner of his eye Lucifer saw the sniper line up his gun and was about to fire, so the LW acted fast.

Just as the Heavy was about to slam into Lucifer, the LW grabbed the Batarian in a strong grip before bringing his body to his.


"Ah!" The Heavy cried out in pain as the sniper's bullet hit right through his chest, killing him.

"Shit!" The Sniper cursed as he fired again.

Lucifer held up the dead body as a meat shield as he quickly moved forward.

"Oh you've got to be fucking kidding me!" The sniper yelled as he continued to fired in a panic, and it wasn't long before his gun overheated.

Dropping the dead heavy and sprinting forward Lucifer slammed into the sniper, a Salarian, straight into a wall with great force.

"D-don't kill me!" The Salarian pleaded in a panic filled voice.

"And why shouldn't I?" Lucifer asked with a raised brow, honestly curious about the answer he'll get.

"I-I'll tell you anything, just please don't kill me!"

Lucifer rolled around the Salarian's offer before shrugging. "What's the fastest way to the control room?"

The Salarian blinked before shakily raising his arm and pointing to the hall. "T-take the hallway and make a right, you'll come to an elevator, go all the way to the top then you'll come upon a long hallway that will take you to the control room." He said with some hesitation. "But the hallway's too narrow for you, very little cover. You'll be gun-down in seconds."

Lucifer gave the Salarian a long look before stepping back with a grin. "You actually came up with something useful."

The Salarian looked surprised as he rubbed his hands nervously. "So... can I go-AH!"

Lucifer cut off the Salarian as he bashed his head against the wall, hard, knocking him out instantly.

"I said I wouldn't kill you, never said anything about knocking your ass out." Lucifer grinned before he turn down the hallway and ran.

Thanks to the Salarian's direction Lucifer was able to make it to the elevator with very little resistance.

Walking into the rusted elevator Lucifer hit the top floor, making the elevator start to move, rather slowly Lucifer thought. The LW looked at the weapons he had in his hands along with the explosives, which he only had two left. Looking at his Pip-Boy Lucifer saw his Omni-Shield was fully charged.

And just in time as the elevator came to a stop.

"Hello, scumbag slavers!" Lucifer said in an overly peppy tone as he entered the hallway while adjusting his sleeve with the Pip-Boy. "Come out and play."

Lucifer was instantly met with a gun in his face from a thug, human, who looked at him with confusion.

"Hey, who are you?" The human said in confusion as he noticed all the blood on Lucifer's cloths.

"What the hell is going on here?" A Turian asked as he came up from behind the human.

"If you give me a second to speak I'll tell you." Lucifer said with a dramatic eye-roll as he looked over the thug's shoulder to see a door at the very end of the hallway. "Anyway, I go by many names, but call me Lucifer Morningstar. Don't worry, I'm here alone and the Alliance won't be here for about-" Lucifer glanced at his Pip-Boy before looking up with a smile. "18 Minutes."

"Alliance?" The Turian said with a confused tone.

"Yes," Lucifer said with a nod. "So as you can see I'm in a bit of a rush. I need to get into that room," Lucifer said while pointing down the hallway. "And work my magic."

"...He must be hopped up on Red-Sand." The Turian said with a huff. "I'm going to kill whoever let him in. Get rid of him."

That made Lucifer sigh. "What is it with people getting in my way, it's not like it's going to make a difference." Lucifer said as he saw another thug enter the hallway from a maintenance door. Lucifer could easily pull up his guns and start shooting, but if he was unlucky with his shots he could damage the controls, making all his efforts pointless. "Guess it's time to go oldschool."

Seeing Lucifer's eyes on something made the thug with the gun glance back for a single moment.

That's when Lucifer acted.

Lucifer grabbed the gun in the human thugs hands before twisting it to a painful angle before a loud snap was heard. The LW then flipped the thugs to the floor in a fluid motion before stomping down in his head.

The Turian was shocked by the sudden action and tried to throw a punch. However Lucifer easily blocked the punch with his arm before he grabbed the Turian by the neck and slammed his head into the metal wall, knocking him out.

A Turian thug at the end of the narrow hall charged with his gun raised up. Lucifer acted fast and brought the unconscious Turian in his hands up as a meat shield as he calmly waked forward.

This caused the conscious Turian to hesitate his shot for a split second before he fired into the unconscious thug. Once he was close enough Lucifer throw the now dead thug into the Turian with a strong force, knocking him to the ground hard.

Looking up Lucifer saw an Asari in light armor at the end of the hall. The Asari was growling at Lucifer as her body was surrounded with a Biotic glow.

"HA!" The Asari yelled as her body glowed as she charged at Lucifer with blinding speed and force.

The LW acted fast and brought up his Holo-Shield while crouching low. Once the Asari hit Lucifer would admit the force was enough to make him stager in surprise, though not enough to knock him down.

Once the Asari came to a stop Lucifer bashed his shield against the Asari's face, making her stagger back. Lucifer acted fast and brought down the Omni-Shield before bringing out his Omni-Blade.

As soon as the LW was close enough he stabbed the Asari in the stomach with enough force to pick her off her feet, before throwing her off to the side.

She was dead before she hit the ground.


Lucifer thrust his elbow back straight into the face of the Turian thug, the same one he knocked down a second ago.

"Next time dumbass, don't yell when your charging at someone from behind." Lucifer said with an eye roll as he marched forward.

Once Lucifer reached the end of the door he raised his Pip-Boy, making the door slide open with no resistance as he stepped forward.

Only to be blasted off his feet by a shotgun firing point blank at his chest.

The Batarian holding said shotgun let out a shaky breath as he lowered it. "F-fucking hell." He said in a shaky voice as he saw all the carnage in the hallway.

"Is he dead?" An Asari peeked around the Batarian with a scared look on her face.

"He just got shot point blank with a shotgun. Unless this human is a Krogan in disguise, he's not getting up." The Batarian huffed as he lowered his shotgun.

"Yeah, well this human just cut through security like it was nothing." The Asari said with a glare as she held her pistol tight.

The Batarian huffed again while rolling his eyes, but marched up to the body. The thug pointed his gun at Lucifer while looking for any sign of movement. It wasn't long before the Batarian was pointing the gun at the human's face, looking for the slightest reason to pull the trigger.

After a few tense moments the Batarian let out a breath as he lowered the gun to his side. "He's dead as can be," He said before he looked back to the Asari. "Call someone for cleanup and to get some more men. We need to cover this up as fast as we can, because if anyone finds out that some human with no armor and crap weapons nearly made it to the control room, we'll be in deep-SHIT!"

The Batarian suddenly screamed in pain as Lucifer drove his Omni-Blade into the Batarians stomach, gutting him in a matter of seconds. The LW then climbed to his feet and started to move forward while the Batarian fell dead.

"Fuck!" The Asari screamed in shock as she brought up her pistol. "Just die already you freak!" She yelled with a scared look on her face.

The Asari pulled the trigger and sprayed the oncoming human with a barrage of bullets. Lucifer didn't have enough time to bring up his Omni-Shield and took a bullet into his shoulder, making him stagger back before pushing forward.

Seeing this the Asari started to pull the trigger on her gun as fast as she could. Bullet after bullet smacked into Lucifer's body, his leg, arms, chest, stomach, nearly every part of Lucifer's body was taking damage, yet he never stopped moving forward.

"Die, die, die already!" The Asari yelled with pure fear on her face as she backpedaled into the control room.

Just as her pistol overheated her last shot smacked right into Lucifer's head, whipping it back hard. As Lucifer started to fall the LW stomped his foot down hard as he slowly pulled his head back up.

The Asari stared with pure shock as blood trickled down the hole in the center of Lucifer's head as he slowly stocked over her. She also noticed his face seemed to be peeling off in a strange way, unnatural like.

"Wh-what are you..?" The Asari asked with fear as she fell to the ground, her pistol shaking uncontrollably in her hands.

"Me," Lucifer said as he kicked the gun out of the Asari's hands. "I'm Lucifer Bloody Morningstar!" Lucifer said with a bloody grin on his face as he leaned closed to the Asari, who flinched at his presence. "Now," He said as his hand shot forward and wrapped around the Asari's neck, easily lifting her onto her feet. "You're going to help me, or I start bashing your face in until you do."

"What... what do you want?" The Asari struggled to speak though Lucifer's grip.

Lucifer throw the Asari against one of the many monitors in the room, making her grunt in pain. "Give me full access to everything."

The Asari gave Lucifer a scared look. "I-I can't. I don't have the passwords or information-"

Lucifer cut the Asari off by pointing his shotgun at her head. "Then open anything you can! NOW!" Lucifer knew that the more that was unlock the less time he would spend on it.

That made the Asari jump in fright as she quickly started typing across the holo-pads as fast as she could. As she typed Lucifer glanced around the room, it was much smaller then he expected.

"How much of Torfan's defenses is connected to this room?" Lucifer suddenly asked, making the Asari jump.

"I-I don't know. I just transfer data and transmissions to other hot-spots on Torfan-"

"Numbers. Now."


Lucifer nodded slowly. Taking out 75% of Torfan's defenses would have to do and should give the Alliance and Lion's Pride more then enough advantage. Their were still a shit tone of bad guys ready for everything.

"Wait..." Lucifer muttered as he looked to the Asari with a raised brow. "Transmission? As in, you can send a message anywhere on Torfan?"

"Yes..." The Asari said in a hesitant tone as she kept her eyes on the keypad.

"So if I wanted to prod-cast something all across Torfan, I could do it here." Lucifer said slowly as he stroked his chin, a plan slowly forming in his mind.

"Yes...?" The Asari said, her tone now holding confusion. "As long as someone's Omni-Tool is not on privet mode, it shouldn't be hard."

Slowly a wicked grin crossed Lucifer's face as he slapped his hand on the Asari's shoulder, making her jump. "Good, once you open everything up open the transmission channel."

The Asari continued typing before she suddenly stopped, catching Lucifer's attention. "Once I finish with everything, what's going to stop you from killing me?" The Asari growled.

Lucifer let out a chuckle that unnerved the blue skinned woman. "Because after your finished, your going to pay a friend of mine a little visit."

"Wh-who?" The Asari gulped with a scared look on her face.

"Elanos Haliat."

Admiral Hackett stood in front of the star map with his hands behind his back, his face stern. About a half an hour ago Lucifer Morningstar had sent the signal and both the Alliance and Lion's pride were on the move for Torfan.

The Admiral had spoken briefly with the current leader of Lion's Pride, a Ms. Reilly Ranger, who would be leading the ground forces along with a mammoth size man named Fawkes. At the same time Major Kyle would lead the ground troops onto Torfan, a good number of them being top Biotics.

While the ground troops went into Torfan Hackett would command the ships and take out any that tried to escape or fight back. Also, since Lion's Pride didn't have anyone seriously experienced with space warfare, Lion's Pride ships were also under Admiral Hackett's command.

"Admiral Hackett," The quartermaster called, grabbing Hackett's attention. "A transmission from Lion's Pride Revelation is coming in."

"Put them on." Hackett said in a hard tone as he looked to the star map.

A moment later Reilly appeared before Hackett, decked out in her Ranger Armor. "So, are your guys ready for the big fight?" Reilly asked while tilting her head.

"Our troops know what's in store and their taking their time getting adjusted. How are your men?"

"About the same. Though the prospect of having bragging rights to taking out Torfan and getting a shit tone of credits is keeping most in high sprites." Reilly said with a chuckle. "Last I heard their was a big drinking contrast in the mess hall."

Hackett let out a single chuckle as he looked at the woman. "As long as their ready and able, they can do whatever they want."

Reilly nodded before her face became serious. "So, about the plan, let's go over it one more time."

Hackett nodded as he took a breath. "As soon as we come into Torfan's our ships will counter theirs. If Morningstar was able to disable Torfan's defenses then the ships won't be ready for us, giving us the element of surprise. With the sudden confusion, it will give us an opening to take our shuttles at two key points of Torfan. Your people at one point and Major Kyle at another."

"Okay." Reilly nodded as she brought up her Omni-Tool. "Bigsley just sent me an application that disables the control chips and collars the slaves have. Have all the troops use these and it will create a signal that will stop the slavers from killing the slaves."

Hackett looked surprised as Reilly forward him the information. "Will this really work?"

"Bigsley says so, and the guy is crazy smart." Reilly said with a grin. "Not to mention Lucifer himself worked on it. Put those two together and they could end a world if they wanted to."

That made Hackett go quiet as he gave Reilly a serious look on his face. "Tell me Ms. Ranger, do you believe Lucifer can pull this off?"

That made Reilly's grin fall and was replaced with a more somber smile. "Anyone else and I would say 'I'm not sure'. With Lucifer however... I know he can pull it off." The young woman said as she leaned back in her seat with a faraway look on her face. "I've seen that man at his best to his absolute worst. I've seen him run into hell with a grin on his face and still come out smiling in the end. I've seen him have the rage that could shake even the most battle harden Krogan. If anyone can pull this off, it's Lucifer Morningstar."

Elanos Haliat stared at a file with a sharp look in his eyes, information on one particular human.

Tomas Lake was an interesting human to say the least.

From what Elanos had gathered on the man, Mr. Lake was a human Supremes. The kind of man that feels humanity as a whole should be the ones in charge, not the other races. However, that didn't mean the man when out of his way to help other humans. In fact from what he heard, Mr. Lake has been in the slave buying business ever since his company started and used said slaves for as human test subjects to help further his companies medicine for humans.

Tomas Lake was the ideal client. Cocky enough to not be scared so easily, yet cowardly enough to not threaten the guy with a gun, rich enough to meet Elanos' demands, yet not so much so to be arrogant.

"Yet why do I feel so uneasy with him." Elanos muttered in a low tone as he dropped the file.

Everything had played out smoothly, Elanos was even paid half in advance. Yet for whatever reason he was on guard around Tomas Lake, as if he couldn't turn his back fully to the man unless he wanted to die. Elanos has seen and killed many men in his life, from good men to the most vile of men, and Elanos could see the silent rage behind Tomas Lake's eyes.

"Could it be for his racism against anything not human, or something more..."

Before Elanos could continue his thought the door to his office slid open abruptly.

"Boss, we got a problem!" A Turian shouted while rushing into the office with a frantic look on his face.

Elanos gave his man a hard look. "What's the problem?"

The Turian pointed behind in an Asari ran in, looking scared. "The defense tower has just been taken over!"

"...What?!" Elanos shouted making the two jump back in fear. "What do you mean the Tower has taken over?!" When no one spoke Elanos slammed his fist onto the desk. "Answer me now!"

"I-I don't know how, but someone made their way into the control room by themselves and killed practically everyone that was in their way." The Asari stuttered as she looked to Elanos. "The only reason he let me live was to give you a message."

That made Elanos blink. "Me, why me? Who sent the massage?"

The Asari gulped as she shook under Elanos' gaze. "He said is name was... Lucifer Morningstar, and he wanted me to tell you... 'Come get me, if you have the balls'."

The room grow cold and quiet at the Asari's words, as they all gave her a shocked look. Elanos looked beyond stunned at the mention of the name before he slammed his hands down.

"How!?" Elanos shouted with such fury that it made the two scared for their lives. "How could Morningstar not only make his way onto Torfan, but also the defense town!?" Elanos quickly turned his gaze to the other Turina. "Get our guys moving to the Tower, we're going to kill Morningstar, now!" He said before he turned his gaze onto the Asari, making her go stiff. "You, you were their, so answer my questions. How many people were with him, what kind of gear did he have, tell me everything." He growled at her in a low tone.

"I-I don't know!" the Asari shouted in fear. "All I know is he killed anyone who got in his way, a-and he wore a black suit!"

Elanos blinked at that. "A suit you say?" He muttered before shaking his head. "Can he gain access to The Tower?"

The Asari seemed hesitant for a second, knowing if Elanos found out she opened the controls for Lucifer she would be dead. "I don't know, but even if he dose he can only effect about 30% of Torfan's defenses directly, everything else is too spread out."

That brought Elanos some relief. "Now the question remains, why is Lucifer Morningstar here?" He said as the other Turina left to gather the man.

"I don't know, he can't access much with The Tower." The Asari said before she blinked. "He did question say something about The Tower's transmission function."

"Transmission...?" Elanos questioned with a confused look on his face.

"What's up everybody, how yawl doing!"

Both the Asari and Elanos blinked as they looked down to their Omni-Tools to see they were receiving an open transmission.

"We interrupt your regularly scheduled program for, some NEWS!" The voice with some flare. "I have reports of Lucifer Morningstar, the leader of Lion's Pride, has taken of the Torfan defense tower! What a shocking turn of events this evening! The leader of Lion's Pride, the strongest anti-slaver groups in the galaxy, has made his way to the heart of Torfan easily! All with the help of Elanos Haliat! What a shocking twist!" The voice suddenly cut off abruptly while making some murmurs before speaking. "It seems Mr. Morningstar has a massage for dear old Elanos... 'come and get me Elanos, if you can." The voice said before the transmission went dead.



"...I want an army at the Tower in the next minute, or I'm going to start blowing heads off." Elanos said in a low tone that made the Asari shake in fear.

"Y-yes!" The Asari yelled while running out of the room. She might not have been under Elanos command, but she wasn't stupid enough to tell him no.

Elanos marched to his wall full of guns before noticing one of his pistols missing. The Turian gripped his fist to the point it was shaking violently.

"You want to play Morningstar." Elanos said while grabbing an assault riffle off the wall. "Then let's play."


Lucifer gave a small sigh as he glanced back at the now burning control room. As he walked out more then half of the Bio-Mask had fallen off from the fight. Seeing no more point in holding his mask Lucifer pulled off the rest of it off, which was quiet painful he might add.

"And that's just when they get here." Lucifer muttered while rubbing his face. "It'll take time for them to even get to me... if they can..." That made Lucifer shake his head. "Come on, doubt? I'm Lucifer Morningstar, I've done crazier shit on my weekends." He said with a cocky grin as he took the elevator down. "This is going to be a piece of cake." He said as he made his way out of the defense tower.

"There he is!"

"Shoot him, shoot him now!"

"Or..." Lucifer muttered as he ducked behind some cover and pulled out his pistol. "It could be tough." He said while looking over his cover.

Their were several thugs shooting from practically every race in the galaxy, with the exception of a few like the Quarians, Drell, Hanar, Elcor, and Volus.

"There's nowhere to run Morningstar!" A Batarian yelled as they fired at Lucifer. "We can make this quick or we'll toy with you until you die!" The Batarian said in a sadistic tone.

Lucifer couldn't help but laugh. "You seriously think your the first to tell me something like that, please. I've been more threaten by dogs!" Lucifer said as his blood started to pump, and a sadistic grin slowly grow on his face. "And ever single slaver on Torfan will find out why they call me the Lone Wanderer!"

Diving around from cover Lucifer quickly activated VATS and time slowed down to a crawl. He saw about 12 enemies in his line of vision, all with various armor and guns. Marking as many as he could Lucifer soon felt his body react before he could even blink. In seconds 5 of the thugs were dead while others were injured, and by the time the others could react Lucifer was already moving.

The LW quickly ran down a long hallway as fast as he could, glancing back over his shoulder every so often.

Coming up to a large door Lucifer quickly ran through before shutting the door behind him. Setting off a virus the LW was easily able to jam the door behind him, meaning the thugs couldn't get him.

"Well you got here fast, 'Mr. Lake'."

Whipping around Lucifer brought his gun up and was met several dozen guns pointed at him.

Glancing around Lucifer saw he was in some kind of market room, only the stands were empty with the exception of armed thugs. Glancing up Lucifer saw a ledge with several more thugs pointing their weapons down at him. Standing at the very center of the ledge was Elanos Haliat himself, giving Lucifer a deadly glare.

"You wanted my attention, Mr. Lake." Elanos said in a cold tone as he looked down at Lucifer. "But that's not who you really are, is it, Mr. Morningstar." He said with a humorless chuckle. "You honestly had me fooled, and you could of continued to fool me, if you weren't an idiot. Revealing your identity while in the heart of Torfan and challenging me, foolish."

"I prefer adventures." Lucifer said with a cocky grin as he glanced at the time.

13 Minutes.

"Your foolish." Elanos laughed with a cocky look on his face. "Your here, all by yourself, and you managed to put a target on your head in a matter of seconds. How do you plan to get out of this?"

"...Why Elanos, that's simple." Lucifer said with an eerily calm voice that unnerved the guards a bit. "I'm going to kill every single slaver on this moon, save all the slaves, and rip your head off and mount it on my wall, and kick every slaver group out of the terminus system!" Lucifer said with a big grin on his face.

"But your alone." Elanos said with a glare in his eyes. "You have no back up, crap weapons, and no armor-"

"Yeah, and doesn't that scare you." Lucifer said, his grin only widening as he saw some hesitant looks.

Elanos also noticed this and growled at the LW. "Kill him, kill him now!"

Acting fast Lucifer grabbed his last grenade and throw it up into the air. At the same time he shot the grenade while running for cover. The explosion made several of the thugs turn away, giving Lucifer enough time to run behind a stand.

"Your not getting out of here alive Morningstar!" Elanos yelled as he as he fired as the stand along with everyone else. "You're out gun, out man, and all alone! This is where you die, on Torfan, by my hands!"

"Enough with the dramatic speeches!" Lucifer shouted while rolling his eyes, fishing something out of his pocket. "Your going to need more then a slaver army to kill me!"

Elanos growled and brought up his Omni-Tool. "Flank him." He said as some of his thugs started to move forward.

Looking at the reflation on a monitor Lucifer saw some thugs slowly moving closer to him while.

"Pined down..." Lucifer thought as he shot his gun over the stand, making some of the oncoming thugs duck out of sight. "No chose..." He said as he activated the Stealth Boy.


As the thugs slowly flanked the stand Lucifer was hiding behind while everyone else fired. Once they were close enough they aimed their guns around the cover, only to find it no one their.

"He's gone!"

Instantly all the guns stopped firing as Elanos gave the thugs a look of shock and rage. "How, he was just their!?" Elanos roared as everyone started to look around for the lone human.

"He-he couldn't have gotten far!" A Batarian said in a nervous tone. "We would of seen him-"



Out of nowhere a gunshot went off hitting a gas tank, killing some thugs.

"He's still here!"

In seconds all the slavers started to go into a panic and fire their guns wildly, some even hitting their allies. In minutes over half the thugs in the room were dead or critically injured.

Elanos started to panic as he saw his men die left and right from what was practically a ghost. Suddenly the Turian's keen caught what appeared to be a shimmer moving swiftly before shots were fired.

"He's invisible, Morningstar is cloaked!" Elanos yelled as he throw a grenade down where the shimmer was.

Seeing the grenade fly right at him Lucifer used VATES to quickly shoot it in midair. Using the explosion Lucifer quickly ran for cover when the thugs finally started focusing their fire on him.

"Took them long enough." Lucifer thought with an eye roll as he sneaked from behind his cover and made his way to the next target. The thugs still shooting at where Lucifer was. "Even raiders would of picked up where I was just from the gun fire. But these dumbasses were shooting at anything that moved, including themselves."

Lucifer easily made his way to the ledge of the market. Bringing up his pistol the LW aimed right at Elanos' head, a wicked grin on his face.

"This ends now!"

Just before Lucifer pulled trigger Elanos' whipped out his gun and fired at him with surprisingly fast reflexes. Lucifer quickly brought up his Omni-Shield and managed to block the bullet.


Before Lucifer could even question he heard loud stomping next to him.


Something large, strong, and loud slammed into his side and sent him flying over the ledge.

The LW slammed into the ground with great force, his pistol falling out of his hands and his shotgun was the same. At the same time his Stealth Boy was crushed under his weight, revealing him to everyone.

Lucifer groaned as he looked up to see what had thrown him off the ledge with such great force.

A Krogan.

The Krogan jumped off the ledge and landed on the ground with ease, though with enough force to cause a rumble. The Krogan had red eyes, dark brown plates on it's head, and yellow like skin. He had three large scares running across his face and neck as he glared down at Lucifer.

The Krogan lifted of his foot before slamming it down onto the floor, crushing Lucifer's pistol with ease.

"You got to love the Krogan," Elanos said with a smug grin as he and his men looked down at Lucifer. "One of the strongest race in the galaxy, built for dishing out pain." As Elanos' thugs raised their guns the Turian raised his hand, stopping them. "No, let the Krogan deal with him." He said as he set his Omni-Tool to record. He was going to show everyone in the galaxy that he was the one to kill Lucifer Morningstar as he set it to live. "You wanted an audience Morningstar, now you have all of Torfan."

Said Krogan let a wicked grin as he creaked his neck and knuckles.

"...Fuck me."


The Krogan charged at Lucifer and tried to slam his shoulder into the LW. However, Lucifer rolled out of they way before climbing to his feet.

Glancing around Lucifer saw no openings he could use to escape. Glancing at the time the LW clicked his teeth.

5 minutes left.

"Fine then, you want a show!" Lucifer said as he brought up his hands while giving the Krogan a crazed grin. "Then bring it on!"

The Krogan laughed as he charged at Lucifer once more. Raising it's hand high the Krogan throw an overhead punch, aiming for Lucifer's head. Lucifer easily ducked under the punch before he slammed his fist into the Krogan's stomach before jumping back.

The Krogan gave a little grunt before a grin crossed his face. "Not bad, for a human."

The next few minutes where what can only be described as a fight between 'David and Goliath'. The Krogan was strong, more so then Lucifer, if the LW had to guess the Krogan was about as strong as an Overlord, and the thick armor and skin didn't help either. However, Lucifer was much faster. Walking the Capital Wasteland everyday and out running everything from ghouls, to super mutants, to hungry Deathclaws easily built up his speed.

For every punch the Krogan throw Lucifer landed two much faster ones before dodging. Unfortunately, even with Lucifer's impressive strength his punches and kicks were doing little to the Krogan's armor and tough skin. Lucifer would of used his Omni-Blade to kill the Krogan, but it was still overheated from using it so much earlier on at the Tower and the shot he took from Elanos.


Lucifer staggered as a bullet smacked into his shoulder. At the same time the Krogan clothesline Lucifer right in the head, throwing him to the ground with great force.

"Who shot him?!" The Krogan growled angrily at the other thugs, making a few step back.

Elanos rested his assault riffle on his shoulder while glaring down at the Krogan. "I let you have your fun, not to waist my time. Now kill him or I will."

The Krogan growled before stomping over to the fallen human, who was starting to get up.

Lucifer felt his ears ring as he tasted blood in his mouth, he couldn't remember the last time he was hit with such a force.

The Krogan stomped up to Lucifer and grabbed the LW by the shoulder before head-butting him. A loud 'smack' was heard as Lucifer's head whipped back, blood leaking from his nose as he grit his teeth. Lucifer tried to retaliate by jumping back, but the Krogan's grip was too strong on him, so Lucifer tried a kick to the stomach, though that proved useless.

"Ha!" The Krogan yelled as he punched Lucifer right in the face.

The LW's vision went white with pain as he could feel his brain rattle in his skull. He struggled to keep on his feet, but unfortunately the Krogan wasn't done.

Lifting Lucifer off the floor with ease the Krogan slammed the LW down to the floor with a powerful throw, back and head first.

Lucifer coughed as he tasted thick blood in his mouth, his vision blurry. "Holy... shit... am I going to die...?"

"Damn, he's still alive!" A thug said in shock and surprise.

"Not for long," Elanos said with a satisfied grin on his face as he pointed his Omni-Tool right at Lucifer's face. "Kill him."

The Krogan growled at his boss but did as he was told. Marching up to the bloody body of Lucifer the Krogan grabbed the LW by the back of his neck and shirt before lifting him high in the air above his head.

Lucifer's eyes were blinded by the bright light on the ceiling as the Krogan held him. The thugs and slaver were all cheering for Lucifer's death, a sick glee on all their faces, though none more so then Elanos. His hazy mind started to wander as he was suddenly hit by a distant, but powerful memory.

Making him say only two words.

"No... More..."

(Capital Wasteland: Age-19)

"How many?"

"I'd say about... 12, in total. 8 guards and 4 others."

"So, what's the plan Lucy?"

Lucifer Morningstar, clad in his Stealth Suit and Trench coat, look down the scope of his Gauss Rifle before he pulled up and looked at his companions.

There were seven of them with him. Star Paladin Cross, Butch DeLoria, RL-3, Jericho, Dogmeat, and Charon.

The group was making their way to Vault 87 in order to find the Garden of Eden Creation Kit, or GECK for short. It was needed in order to complete Project Purity and the Enclave were also after it. Apparently the Enclave were remnants of the pre-war government that the Brotherhood had faced in California years ago. Lucifer tried to learn all he could about them after the Enclave took over Project Purity and his father died giving him and others a chance to escape.

So Lucifer, along with his crew, needed to get to Vault 87 and get the GECK before the Enclave. The only problem was that Vault 87's entrance was hit with a nuclear bomb, making it impossible to get to the front entrance without dying from the high levels of radiation.

So an alternate entrance was needed, and only one place could possible get into Vault 87 to avoid the radiation.

Little Lamplight.

Lucifer had heard the name months ago from a place called Big Town, a settlement filled with teens in Super Mutant and Slaver territory. The LW had saved some teens of Big Town from some Super Mutants that were planning to eat them. After saving them Lucifer taught everyone their how to shoot a gun, set up landmines, and he fix a Mr. Gutsy and a Sentry Bot to protect the town.

The group was currently making their way to Big Town to ask for the exact location of Little Lamplight, and for Lucifer to see how everyone was doing.

However, their journey made a detour when they came upon a group of slavers escorting some slaves. Their were about 12 in total, eight slavers in leather armor, the leader in heavy combat armor, with assault rifles and pistols on hand.

Their were also four slaves, a family. Two parents, a mother and father, and two kids in their late teens, twins it looked like, a boy and a girl. The family looked frighten, scared, but the look in their eyes showed that they have lost all hope.

Lucifer rubbed his chin as he looked to his companions. "So, anyone have any ideas?"

"Let's gun down those communist before they have a chance to react-"

"Anyone other then RL." Lucifer deadpanned with an eye roll. The Mr. Gutsy was useful in a fight, but not for opinions.

"What if we set up an ambush along their path." Cross said while folding her arms. "It would give us an advantage and make it harder for them to shoot back."

"But that still put the slaves in danger in the crossfire." Lucifer said while shaking his head. "And even if they don't the slavers can just blow off their collars. We need a little more then the element of surprise."

"Look Kid," Jericho said with a sigh as he leaned against a wall. "How many times have I told you, the wasteland is a dangerous hellhole. And in order to survive and get shit done, you need to take risks."

Lucifer sighed as he ran his hand through his blond hair. "I know, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to try." Lucifer said as he gained a thoughtful look before a grin crossed his face. "I got it, I have the perfect plan."

"Oh really," Butch said with a snort. "And what's this perfect plan."

Lucifer gave his trademark grin, making everyone, even the robot and animal, feel worry.

"Let's go with, 'Get Help'."


"Damn, it's hot today." A slaver said while taking a swig of water.

"Don't get too comfortable." The leader said as he kept his eyes sharp while looking around. "We rest for five more minutes then we get moving." He said while keeping his eyes on the fallen house buildings. Some were boarded up but could still pose as cover.

"You worry too much boss," Another slaver said in a cocky tone as he ate from a can. "Who would be stupid enough to attack a slaver caravan. That be like asking to get caught."

Before the leader could comment, they heard a loud bang. Instantly the slavers brought up their weapons while the family huddled together for protection, the father in front.

"Help, somebody get help!"

"What the hell...?" A slaver muttered in confusion as he lowered his gun as he and everyone else stared at the strange sight before them.

Hobbling down the street were two young man in raggedy cloths with blood all over them, one dragging the other over his shoulder.

"We were just attack by some wild dogs! My brother needs help, he's bleeding out!" The young man cried out, his face filled with worry.

The slaver group all lowered their weapons as they gained sadistic grins on their faces. The family all looked away while wincing, knowing what was about to happen.

One of the slavers, a young man with dark skin and brown hair, swaggered up to the two with his gun raised. "Alright you two, move over here nice and easy," The slaver said as he pulled out a collar, making the wounded man's eyes widen. "And, don't try it." The Slaver said in a cocky tone as he raised his gun, making the brothers freeze. "You'll still be good to us with a few bullets in you."

The Brother's dropped their heads as they slowly moved forward as the slaver group started to laugh, even the leader. Unknown to them both 'brothers' were grinning as they shuffled forward.

Once they were close enough the slaver holstered his weapon and grabbed the collar in his hand, opening it. "Now come over here nice and easy," He said with a sadistic grin as stepped forward. "If you cooperate we'll heal your brother in no time-"


In an instant the 'brothers' whipped out two revolvers before shooting the slaver in the head.

"Now!" Lucifer shouted as he and Butch dove for cover.

The Slavers didn't have enough time to react as Lucifer's companions came out from the sides behind buildings. Dogmeat ran to the leader of the slavers and bit his arm hard enough to drag him to the ground before biting into his neck. RL also charged in and drove his buzz saw into a slaver's chest, killing him in seconds. Jericho, Charon, and Cross were further back and taking shots at the slavers, giving them no time to find cover.

In a matter of seconds the slavers were all dead or bleeding out on the ground.

Lucifer wasted no time making his way over to the family, his tools already in hand.

"Alright everyone, I need you to stay perfectly still." Lucifer said in a calm tone as he walked up to them.

The father stood in front of his family in a protective manner as everyone gave Lucifer a scared look. Not surprising considering the blood covering his body.

"Wh-who are you?" The father in a scared tone.

Lucifer gave a friendly smile that seemed to put the family at ease a bit, despite the blood. "I'm Lucifer Morningstar."

Instantly the family's eyes widen in shock and awe. Thanks to Three Dog all of Lucifer's deeds, both good and bad, were broadcast across the wasteland. This had mixed effects all across the wasteland with different people and groups, though one thing was certain. The Lone Wanderer was a legend. Settlers and good people have trusted and welcomed Lucifer with open arms more often then not, sometimes a random settler would just give Lucifer something for free without even asking. However, this had also caught the attention of bad groups that wanted to take Lucifer out, such as Talon Company, Littlehorn & Associates, Mr. Tenpenny, the Enclave, and nearly every other raider in the wasteland.

Lucifer was lucky Three Dog only gave a very basic description of him and mentioned his Pip-Boy. So Lucifer was able to go undercover from time to time.

"Now let me get those off you." Lucifer said one more as his companions started to check the bodies. Anyone that was still alive was quickly tied up for questioning later, if they could provide any useful information.

"My family first," The father said as he pushed his kids forward, who looked at Lucifer with a nerves expression.

Lucifer gave the kindest smile he could make before he got to work. In a matter of minutes the children's collars fell to the ground, bringing relief from everyone, and it wasn't long before the wife's collar also fell off.

"Alright, last one." Lucifer said with a grin as he got to work on the father's collar.

"How... how long is it going to take?" The father stuttered as he stood perfectly still.

"Not to long, just stay still so I can-"


Lucifer was shot from behind by one of the slavers, making his body jerk to the side.

"Fuck!" Jericho shouted as he quickly shot the slaver dead. "You good kid?"

"Yeah, he just grazed me-"


Dead silence covered everyone as they all turned to the same direction.



"Stay back!" Cross yelled as she held back the children behind her.

"Damn it," Lucifer cursed as he quickly started working on the bomb collar as fast as he could. "Damn it, damn it, damn it!"


Despite Lucifer's best efforts he couldn't find a way to stop the internal countdown or unlock the collar without blowing it up.


"Damn it Lucy, get back!" Butch called with a worried look on his face. "There's nothing you can-"

"I can save him!" Lucifer yelled as he cut a wire before moving on to another piece. "I just need a few more seconds-"

"Thank you."

Before Lucifer could even question the words the father pushed him back as the final beep went off.



Lucifer shot up with a short gasp before he felt a pair of hands on his chest.

"Easy kid, breath." Jericho said in a firm tone as he pushed Lucifer back down. The ex-raider grabbed a water bottle and pushed it to Lucifer's mouth. "Drink."

Lucifer practically chugged the bottle down until it was empty. He then throw the bottle to the ground as he gasped for air. "What... what happened...?" He asked while looking around.

Jericho had a grim look on his face as he let out a sigh. "The collar went off."

"...Damn it." Lucifer said softly as he closed his eyes while squeezing his fist tight.

"You were still close to the explosion and some shrapnel hit you hard, knocking you out. We carried you all the way to Big Town, Red patched you up a few hours ago." Jericho said as he sat down next to Lucifer. "You were lucky kid. Any closer to the explosion and that shrapnel may of taken out your eyes, I don't think even you can grow them back."

Lucifer put a hand over his face as he laid in silence. "What about the rest of the family?"

"They came with us. Their alive, but shaken bad. Red is checking them over for injuries, but from what I heard they got nothing serious."

Lucifer just laid in silence as he let Jericho's words ring in his head. "If only I was-"

"Don't you fucking start kid." Jericho said with a snort as he fished out a bottle of vodka from his bag. "I've told you practically a 1000 times already, this is the wasteland. Not some comic book where everyone lives happily ever fucking after." Jericho said while taking a swig of the drink. "People die everyday for stupid reasons, not even your strange ass can save everyone."

Lucifer was quiet before he held his hand out to the old man. Jericho snorted as he handed the bottle to Lucifer, who took a big swig from it. "Were we able to get any information out of slavers, like where is their base or where they were heading?"

"Found a journal on the leader of the group and the family was more then willing to comply." Jericho said before a serious look crossed his face. "They we're heading to Paradise Falls."

A cold wind washed over the two in an almost ominous way. Paradise Falls was the biggest slaver group in the entire Capital Wasteland. It was a place infamous for housing and being connected to the biggest scum in the whole Capital Wasteland. No one knew how big it was or how many slavers and guards their were. It was also rumored that Paradise Falls was connected to other big slaver groups outside of the Capital Wasteland.

Lucifer stared straight up at the ceiling as Jericho's words rang in his head. After a few more seconds Lucifer sat up, his face serious.

"We're going to take down Paradise Falls."

"...The fuck?" Jericho said while looking at Lucifer as if he grew a second head. "What the fuck are you talking about?"

"Your right Jericho, I can't save everyone in the wasteland, but I can take out the one of the sources." Lucifer said in a serious tone as he climbed out of the bed.

"Okay super-star," Jericho growled as he got in Lucifer's face. "Tell me how the hell do you plan to take out one of the biggest slaver camps in the entire Capital Wasteland with only a group of 8!" Jericho yelled in Lucifer's face. "Don't throw our lives away over this guilt bullshit-"

"I've made a lot of friends since I walked out of Vault 101." Lucifer said in a neutral tone, but his voice was still strong enough to cut Jericho off. "Friends that owe me favors and just might be willing to help end Paradise Falls."

"...Who?" Jericho might of traveled with Lucifer for a good portion of his journey, but he hadn't been their for all of Lucifer's adventures, or the people he met.

Lucifer sighed as he gained a thoughtful expression, trying to think about all the people that owed him favors. "The Family still owes me for getting them a steady supply of blood-packs, I'm sure they could lend a hand. The Abolitionists would love to pay back Paradise Falls, since they all are escaped slaves that came from their at some point. The Brotherhood might be able to spare a few solders if I can convince Lyons the slavers are too big of a threat to leave along. Morrill from the Outcasts owes me for saving him and his squad, but that one is only a big maybe. Reilly's Rangers should be willing to lend a hand after I saved her entire crew from a super mutant hoard. I can call up Sydney and see if she can help, heard she got a few friends that might be willing to lend a hand. I'm sure ThreeDog has a good number of contacts he could call to give us a hand. The AntAgonizer and the Mechanist should be able to add an element of unpredictability. The Regulators will be on board as soon as I ask, their more crazy about justice then I am."

"That's not a good thing, your pretty fucking crazy." Jericho muttered but his eyes were filled with shock at the small army Lucifer was building.

Lucifer ignored the comment and continued to speak. "I want Paradise Falls gone." Lucifer said as his head dropped. "How many lives has that place destroyed just for a quick cap, that place may be worse then the Enclave." He said as he looked down with a mixed look on his face. "No one should lose anyone over shit like this."

Jericho sighed as he rubbed his face hard. "Fuck it, fine." He said with a huff as Lucifer turned to him with a confused look. "I've done more crazy shit the past few months then I have in my entire life. What's one more going to do. And I'm sure the rest of this mary band of crazy will be right behind you."

Lucifer gained a small smile before it fell, a more serious look on his face. "I know this sounds crazy, but I can't turn away from this." He said as he started to walk out of the room. "Paradise Falls will be No More."

"No... More..."

"Begging won't save you Morningstar!" Elanos with a smug look on his face as his men laughed. "Your going to die for all of Torfan to see-

"No... More..." Lucifer said louder then before.

"I think the Krogan broke him boss." One of the slavers said with a laugh as more followed. "He's not right in the head any more."

Elanos grin only grow. This was it, with Lucifer Morningstar's death by his hands Elanos would reclaim most if not all his power. Elanos Haliat would run the Terminus once again.

"Krogan," Elanos called out to the Krogan holding Lucifer over his head, making it glance back. "Finish hi-"


The powerful roar caught everyone off guard as Lucifer slammed his fist into the Krogan's face, making him drop the LW to the ground.

The Krogan stumbled back in shock and surprise. Shock from the human still able to fight, and surprise from the strength in the punch. When the Krogan looked at the human's face all he saw was a blinding rage in his eyes as he snarled like an animal.

Elanos scowled at the LW before looking to the Krogan. "Finish him now!"

The Krogan growled as he faced the human, who still seemed to struggle just to stand. With a low roar the Krogan ran up to the human before throwing a right hook that smacked right into Lucifer's face.

What happened next shocked everyone.

Lucifer's head whipped to the side with the punch, but other then that he did not fall or even take a step back. It was as if the punch was nothing more then a light slap to the human. The LW slowly turned his head back to face the Krogan, to see a shocked look on not only his face, but everyone else's.

"My turn."

With lightning fast reflexes Lucifer throw an uppercut to the Krogan's chin, making his head whip up and forcing him to stumble back. Lucifer wasn't done however, far from it. Rushing up to the large alien Lucifer throw his leg and slammed it into the Krogan's neck, making the beast make a loud chocking sound.

Gritting his teeth the Krogan gave a gravely roar as he throw a punch at the LW.

However, one again Lucifer did the impossible.

The LW caught the fist with his own easily before grabbing the arm and throwing the Krogan over his shoulder in one fluid motion. When the Krogan hit the ground the force was strong enough for everyone to feel. Not even a moment later Lucifer raised his arm as he Pip-Boy beeped and his Omni-Blade appeared. With no hesitation Lucifer brought the blade down into the Krogan's throat, blood spilling everywhere as the Krogan spasmed before falling limp on the floor, dead.

Lucifer pulled the blade back with a slick gush before he deactivated it. Looking back Lucifer saw shocked look on all the slavers faces, some looked even ready to piss themselves.

"He just..." A slaver stuttered as he took a big step back, looking scared shitless. "He just killed a Krogan with his bare hands..."

"Sh-shoot him! Shoot him now-"


In an instant the whole room shook with a strong force, confusion everyone.

"What was that!?" A slaver yelled as his head whipped around the room. "What the hell is going on!?

"Hahahahah," A cold laughter caught everyone's attention as they turned to Lucifer Morningstar, who now had a bloody grin on his face. "Ahahahaha!"

"What have you done Morningstar!?" Elanos demanded, yet everyone could hear the fear in his voice. "Answer me!"

Lucifer faced at Elanos with a look of victory, his grin never wider. "I win, that's what Elanos! Both the Alliance and Lion's Pride have just hit Torfan with everything they have!"

If it were possible Elanos would off lost all the color from his face. "I-impossible, our defenses would of picked them up and stopped them-"

"If I hadn't sent a powerful vires into the systems that practically deactivated nearly all of your defenses, leaving Torfan wide open." Lucifer cut of the Turian with a smug look on his face, leaving every single slaver's jaw hanging. "Face it Elanos, Torfan's done for! I win!" He said before the LW's face turned dark with an menacing grin on his face. "And your all dead."

Elanos' face twisted into a hateful scowl as he growled at Lucifer, but their was also fear in his eyes. "SHOOT HIM! KILL HIM! FUCKING END HIM!"

Lucifer was already moving before the first word was spoken. The LW dipped low and dashed to a slaver before tackling him to the ground behind a pillar. Before the slaver could even fight back Lucifer snapped his neck as if it were a twig. Not even bothering to pick up the fallen weapons Lucifer ran to the next slaver and stabbed him in the chest with his Omni-Blade, practically lifting his body into the air with one arm before throwing the body away as if it weighted nothing then started to run again.

The slaver's continued to fire their weapons at Lucifer as he ran across the room with very surprising speeds as he killed one slaver after another easily with his bare hands. Even as their bullets smacked into Lucifer's body the LW didn't stop his movements one bit, the young man didn't even seem to register the damage. In fact from that the slaver's saw they were starting to think their gun's weren't doing any damage at all.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" A Turian slaver yelled as he tried to shoot Lucifer, only for the human to gave a slaver and use him as a meat shield. "What the fuck is this human, how is he not dead yet?!"

Lucifer throw the now dead body at the Turian knocking him to the ground unconscious. The luckiest one so far.

"I'm going to enjoy killing you human!" A Batarian shouted as he shot at Lucifer, who hid behind cover. "I'm going to gut you with your own blade and place your head on a pike-"


"Damn it!" The Batarian cursed as his as his weapon overheated, jamming on him.

Lucifer didn't waist his time jumping over his cover and ran at the Batarian. Said Batarian tried to fire his weapon, only to find it was still overheated as the LW closed in.

The Batarian throw the gun to the ground before pulling out a large knife, about half a foot long. "Bring it on human, I'll kill you in seconds-"

The slaver was cut off as Lucifer smacked the weapon out of his hand effortlessly, in fact the smack was so hard it practically broke the Batarian's fingers.

Lucifer grabbed the cocky Batarian by the throat... before he pushed down.


With that one sound silence filled the room as all the slavers were left stunned and horrified at the sight before them.

Lucifer Morningstar, The Lone Wanderer, had just snapped the Batarian's back to the point his head was touching the back of his feet.

"...Fuck this, he's a monster!"


In an instant the slavers started to run away as fast as they could, fearing for their lives.

Lucifer throw his head back with a mad laugh as the Batarian's broken body fell to the ground, but not before taking his knife. The adrenalin and pain were starting to cloud his mind a bit, but by some miracle he was still conscious and not dead.

"You can run but you can't hide Elanos!" Lucifer yelled as he tried to wipe the blood from his face, only smearing it on instead. "Torfan is done for and so are you! No matter what you do or where you hide, your done for!" Lucifer yelled as he throw his headback for another mad laugh.

"Torfan will be NO MORE!"

The LW never seemed to have notice that Elanos was already gone from the start of Lucifer's rampage.

Admiral Hackett stood in front of his ship with a serious face as he saw the battle of Torfan before him.

"He actually did it." Hackett said with some amazement.

Both the Alliance and Lion's Pride had caught Torfan completely off guard, nearly blowing away half of their ships before they even had a chance to react. The defenses on Torfan weren't responding leaving the base wide open for drop ships and infiltration teams. Hackett would take care of the ships, it was up to Major Kyle and Reilly Ranger to lead the troops.

Both leaders were dropped of at different points on Torfan, Major Kyle taking the majority of Biotic since he himself was one and understood how to use them. The basic plan was a 'Pincer Attack', both would infiltrate at different points in Torfan before meeting in the center then going from their. It would allow a level of surprise and cut anyone off that was trying to escape.


Hackett gave a small sigh at the voice as he saw the Revelation zoom by while firing and covering other ships.

Sally, the young pilot of the Revelation, was, to put it bluntly, a wild child. Her flying was clearly self taught and more then a bit rocky, but their was talent in her madness.

"Take that, and this, and some of these-"

"Ms. Sally, stick to these coordinates and cut off any potential reinforcements." Hackett said in a forceful voice but did not yell at the little girl.

"On it Admiral!" Sally said through the coms as she turned the Revelation. "Charge!"

"...I can't tell what's worse," Hackett's Comm Specialist from R&D said in a deadpan tone as he looked to the admiral. "The fact that a dreadnought class ship is being controlled by a child, or the fact that she's doing an excellent job at it."

Hackett could only sigh as he rubbed his face. "What I am about to say is completely off the records." Hackett said in a serious tone, making the Comm Specialist feel some worry. "...This is a seriously fucked up situation."

A nearby soldier snorted loudly grabbing some attention from others. "Sorry." The soldier said as he ducked his head and turned back to work.

Hackett shook his head as he faced forward. "I've seen a lot of things in my life, but that," Hackett said while pointing his hands behind his back while looking at the Revelation shoot down oncoming ships while protecting a few frigates. "This is honestly a first, surprisingly effective, but still a first."

"Yes," The Comm Specialist said slowly. "Clearly this Morningstar is not all their."

"Maybe," Hackett said before his face turned serious. "But that man was able to give us an opportunity like nothing else. What should of been a blood bath on both sides has now turned into a one sided slaughter in our favor."

The Specialist nodded before he got an alert from his data-pad. "I'm getting some reports that some slavers are trying to make a break for it."

"Cut them off but don't destroy the ships. Their might be a chance some slaves might be escaping."

"Yes sir." The Specialist said as he quickly walked away.

Hackett turned back to the fight as his eyes landed on Torfan, seeing both Alliance and Lion's Pride land on the base. "The rest is up to them." Hackett muttered as he saw something in the corner of his eye. "Sally, we have oncoming enemies at these coordinates, cut them off."

"One it captain!" Sally shouted as she turned the Revelation in a fluid motion. "Taste my fury!"

"...Their is something not right with that girl."

"Alright everyone, listen up!"

Reilly, clad in Lion's Pride Ranger Armor, stood in front of a large crowed of Lion's Pride and Alliance soldiers. They had just landed in a shuttle bay and quickly killed all the slavers before they could react. The reason their were Alliance soldiers was do to the space fighting that forced a good number to land with Reilly's crew, and the same could be said for Major Kyle.

Both the Alliance and Lion's Pride knew this was a possibility this might happen so the soldiers were told to follow the highest command the could fine or wait for instructions.

"Our objective today is to clean out the scum of Torfan!" Reilly yelled as she stood on a large create. "One: kill any criminal, thug, and slaver that has a weapon in their hands! No Mercy whatsoever!"

"Yes sir!"

"Two:," Reilly said as she held up her Omni-Tool. "Your to save as many slaves as you possibly can, not just humans!" She said with a small glare, making some of the troops stiffen before shifting. "Everyone is given a program that can disable implants and unlock collars. Use them when you can!"

Reilly then took a breath before she spoke again. "Finally: Keep an eye out for Lucifer Morningstar. He is the one that got Torfan's defenses down and he is still on this base somewhere." She said, getting some talk among the troops.

"Do you really think he's still alive?" An Alliance soldier asked with a tone just said he thought Lucifer was already dead.

Reilly, along with a few members of Lion's Pride, gave large grins as she looked to the soldier.

"If I know Lucifer, and I know his crazy ass damn well," Reilly said with a wide grin on her face that worried some of the Alliance troopers. "Then that crazy son-of-a bitch is still alive and killing slavers left and right. So keep an eye out for him" She said before glancing at the time. "Everyone get ready, we move in five minutes!"

Reilly hopped of the create before bringing up her Omni-Tool. The Ranger had tried to contact Lucifer the moment she landed on Torfan, but unfortunately their was too much interference, making long-range communication impossible until things calm down. Fortunately before Lucifer had left for Torfan he put a tracker in his Pip-Boy that would alert Reilly when he was close.

"You ready for this?"

Reilly turned to see her original team behind her, Brick, Butcher, and Donavan all decked out in Ranger Armor.

"I'm always ready." Reilly said with a grin. Yet when her eyes landed on the large amount of troops under her it faltered. "Though this will be a first."

"Hey, you'll be great." Butcher said as he grabbed Reilly's hand and gave her a warm smile. "Just treat this as if it were any other mission." He said getting a smile out of the woman.

"Keep the mushy stuff for the victory sex." Brick snorted, making the two glare at her.

"Crass as always." Donavan said with an eye roll, making Brick glare at him.

Before they could start arguing Reilly quickly spoke up. "Save it for the slaver bastards, will you." Reilly said with a tired glare.

That seemed to shut them up as they separated and turned away with a huff. Reilly shook her head but had a small grin on her face as she glanced around the room. More troops were coming in from both the Alliance and Lion's Pride, along with a few Sentry Bots and Power Armor Troopers.

Power Armor as a whole was still being tested by Lion's Pride. With so many areas to work with Power Armor was put on hold for the most part and has not yet been improved by Lion's Pride, yet it was still deadly none the less.

Reilly also saw Fawkes, Sydney, and RL talking to some of the troops, hell even Toshiro was in a corner meditating before the fight started. The Ranger knew that Elliot, Butch, Clover, and Charon were with Major Kyle to help manage the Lion troops last Reilly heard.

Reilly looked at her Omni-Tool to see five minutes have passed. "Alright everyone, let's move out! Get your asses in gear!"



"Move out the way!"

"My legs, I can't feel my legs!"

"Walk it off." Lucifer said in a low tone as he shot the human in the head with a shotgun, killing him instantly.

Lucifer glanced around the large hallway to see several slavers running away from him, the LW not even bothering to shoot them as they ran.

It's been a good couple minutes since Lucifer's Rage Attack on Elanos and the LW had calmed down somewhat. After finding some Omni-Gel and patching himself up as best he could the LW's mind cleared up a bit, though he was still pissed to all kinds of hell.

For a moment the LW's mind wandered back to what he did to Elanos' men. What he did was shocking to even himself, the level of strength and durability he had literally took out a Krogan and he practically tore apart anyone else who stood in his way. Lucifer could only remember a few times he had that level of strength, and even then he felt he was on a whole other level.

Looking down at himself the LW's suit was shredded to all kinds of hell and practically soaking in the blood of 5 different species.

"Could it be another major mutation." The LW muttered as he turned a corner.

It was no secret Lucifer's DNA was messed up. Though not on the level of Ghouls and Super-Mutants, it was still significant enough where it caused obvious changes.

The LW paused as a gunfire went off, only it was from a distance and not aimed at him. Lucifer then started moving to the source of the sound, hoping it was Alliance soldiers or even his own guys.

As Lucifer moved the sound of gunfire soon became louder and he started to hear voices in the distance. Once Lucifer opened a door he found himself in a room and saw two groups fighting. On one side were obvious thugs hiding behind creates and walls for cover, while another group of escaped slaves were shooting from the other side of the room.

Lucifer didn't waist any time turning his shotgun onto the thugs and slavers before firing, instantly grabbing everyone's attention.

"Fuck, it's Morningstar!"

"Shoot him-"

Lucifer cut them of as he turned his shotgun onto the slavers and gunned then down in seconds. The slaves used this opportunity to quickly turn all their guns onto the slavers, and with in seconds they were dead. The LW huffed as he slung the shotgun over his shoulder and turned to the escaped slaves, only to have a gun pointed at his face.

In front of Lucifer was a rather short and young looking Batarian, possibly in his mid-teens, glaring at the LW as he leveled a rifle at his head. The Batarian had pale green skin and wore ragged cloths with some miss-matched armor.

"Move and I'll blow your head off human." The young Batarian growled while showing off his sharp teeth.

Lucifer just gave the young Batarian an amused look as he let out a small snort. "Do you have any idea who I am kid?"

That seemed to make the young Batarian growl as he narrowed his eyes at the LW. "I don't give a shit human, now walk away or I'll-"

"Hey, lower the gun!"

Surprisingly a male Quarian came up and pushed the gun down, giving the Batarian a scolding look.

"But Taka-"

"But nothing, you heard what they said, this is Lucifer Morningstar." The now named Taka said before snorting. "Besides, I doubt that gun will do anything to him."

That made Lucifer raise an eyebrow. "Have we met before? You seem to know a lot about me."

"You don't know?" Taka said in a surprised tone as he brought up his Omni-Tool. "Elanos Haliat broadcasted your fight all across Torfan, the one where you destroyed that Krogan with your bear hands then started tearing his guys apart before the feed was cut off."

Lucifer saw Taka pull up a video showing himself fight the Krogan and kill a few guards brutally before the feed came to an end, the last kill being the Batarian's back he snapped.

"I don't suppose you can tell me where Elanos Haliat is?" Lucifer asked in a hopeful voice.

Unfortunately the Quarian shook his head. "Sorry, I just got the broadcast like everyone, nothing else."

That made Lucifer sigh. The LW hated the fact that during his Rampage Elanos managed to slip away like a rat. Lucifer tried to track the Turian down but that only came with dead ends.

"I'll get him in the end." Lucifer thought before turning to the Quarian. "So what's your story?" He asked while glancing around, counting four other escaped slaves besides the Quarian and Batarian.

"Well after everything started shaking we used this opportunity to kill our captures and tried to make an escape after I deactivated our collars." Taka said before giving a sigh. "Unfortunately we were pinned down fast, lost some good people along the way." He said before looking to Lucifer. "So Mr. Morningstar, mind telling us what the hell is going on here?"

"You want the long answer or the short one?"

"Short, it's been a long day." Taka sighed.

"I was tasked with taking out Torfan's defenses by the Alliance and that's what I did before I ran into Elanos. All the shaking and explosions was both the Alliance and Lion's Pride hitting Torfan and killing a bunch of slavers."

"...Are you fucking serious?" A human slave said with his jaw dropped, along with everyone else. "The Alliance is seriously here to rescue us?" He asked in a hopeful tone.

"Hey, don't forget Lion's Pride, we're hear to rescue you too." Lucifer said in a playful tone before he look to the Quarian. "Do you know any security room that has cameras. The sooner we find the troops the sooner you can get off this hell rock."

The Quarian looked thoughtful as he brought up his Omni-Tool. "I don't know about any security rooms, but if I find a extranet point I should be able to find the Alliance frequency and track them."

Lucifer nodded and looked to everyone. "I'm going to be a straight as I can be with everyone, you have two options at the moment. You can come with me and fine the Alliance and Pride Troops, or you can bunker down hear and wait for help to arrive. Personally, the best option is to sit tight and wait for rescue."

All the escaped slaves looked uncertain except for the young Batarian, who stepped forward with his rifle in hand.

"I'm not going to sit around while waiting for my freedom. As long as your killing these slavers, I'll go with you." The Batarian said with a grin on his face.

Lucifer couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at the Batarian. "Didn't you just point a gun at me, now you want to fight with me?" The LW couldn't help but ask.

"I had no idea who the fuck you were and I wasn't going to take any chances." The Batarian said with a grunt. "Now do you want my help or are you just going to bitch and whine?"

"...I think we're going to be good friends after this kid." Lucifer said with a grin as he turned to the other escaped slaves. "Anyone else?"

The Quarian sighed as he stepped forward. "I'm not much in a fight, but I think I can help you with any technical, like hacking drones, doors, and even armor." He said as he slapped his hand on the Batarian's shoulder. "Besides, someone needs to keep this guy in check." He said with a chuckle as the Batarian throw the Quarian's hand off with an eye-roll.

Lucifer nodded as he looked to everyone else, who looked much more hesitant. "I think we're going to stay behind." A Salarian said with an uncertain look. "We're not fighters, and since help is on the way..." He trailed off while looking away.

"Hey," Lucifer said with a small smile as he put a hand on the Salarian. "If you can't fight then you can't fight. I'm not going to ask to throw your lives away when freedom is so close. Just lock yourselves in a room and only come out if it's necessary."

The Salarian nodded as he and the other escaped slaves quickly ran out of the room. "Good luck, and stay safe." They said before quickly running out the room.

Lucifer turned to the two escaped slaves and took out his shotgun. "Alright you two, I am going to make this perfectly clear. You do what I say when I say it, if I tell you to run away you run, if I tell you to hide and stay quiet that's what you do. Got it?" Lucifer said in a serious tone.

The Quarian nodded with no hesitation as he pulled out an SMG. The young Batarian however glared at Lucifer a bit before giving a grunt and nodding his head.

"Alright, let's move."

Lucifer, the young Batarian, and Taka moved through Torfan at a steady pace, killing slavers left and right while helping as many escaped slaves as they could. They managed to get to the a security room without much trouble and saw Lion's Pride fighting slavers and freeing slaves. The group was currently trying to make their way to them.

As the LW moved forward he couldn't help but take notice of the young Batarian walking slightly ahead of him. The young man had a large chip on his chest, yet from what Lucifer saw the young Batarian went out of his way to save some slaves, even taking a bullet or two.

"Hey, Taka," Lucifer called in a whisper, grabbing the Quarian's attention. "What can you tell me about this Batarian kid?"

"Why?" Taka asked while narrowing his eyes.

"Well he's not like any Batarian I've met. For one thing he seems real keen on killing any slaver he sees." Lucifer said as he kept his eyes up.

Taka was quiet for a long moment before he spoke in a low tone. "I've been on Torfan for about six months, slavers don't really like to capture Quarians since we're so much work to take care of but they made an exception for me since I'm good at fixing stuff, but from what I have heard that Batarian was practically born here."

That made a grim look cross Lucifer's face. To be born as a slave yet still try so hard to keep fighting, the kid was strong. "Fucking hell..." Lucifer cursed as he glared forward.

"Yeah," Taka said with a nod. "Not only that, but I've heard he doesn't even have a name. Everyone just calls him kid for the most part or just slave, and I even tried to give him one but he rejected it fast, but as far as I can tell he doesn't have any kind of name." He said while rubbing the back of his head. "He has saved my life more times then I can count. He might be a Batarian but he's really a good guy."

Lucifer absorbed the information as he glanced at the Batarian kid just a few feet from him. "Kid's been fighting longer then I have, he's got some guts."

"Hold up," The young Batarian said as he crouched low and pushed himself against a wall. "I hear something up ahead."

Lucifer walked up and pressed against a wall as he looked around the corner. Several slavers were moving around, on guard and looking fidgety. Looking to the far back Lucifer saw a window with several people locked inside.

"I see about 15 thugs scattered all around, three heavies and two snipers. Theirs a room filled with slaves in the far end, well out of harms way."

"Any open tech?" The Quarian asked.

Lucifer peaked around for anything Taka might be able to hack. "A few generators, and-oh, I see a turret on the far end of the wall."

Taka crouched low and peeked around the corner to see a lone turret on a wall, swerving back and forth in a steady pace. The Quarian brought up his Omni-Tool and started to hack.

"It's a crap model, but it should take out a few before they destroy it. If we hit them at the same time it'll catch them off guard bad."

"Nice." The young Batarain said with a toothy grin as he slapped a hand on Taka's shoulder. "Just give us the signal then we'll go in while you stay back and do what you can."

"Right," Taka nodded as he worked on his Omni-Tool. "On three... One... Two... Three!"

Both Lucifer and the young Batarian ran around the corner and started shooting at the slavers, managing to kill a few before they could fine cover. The young Batarian was quiet skilled with his rifle and managed to get a headshot on the sniper before focusing on a heavy.

"Shit, it's the Alliance-" The Salarian was cut off when the turret behind him activated and gunned him down.

In seconds Lucifer and the young Batarian managed to kill all the slavers just before the turret was shot down.

"Everything's clear Taka!" Lucifer called back while slinging his shotgun over his shoulder. "See if you can get this door open." He said while pointing to the room the slaves were trapped in.

Taka quickly ran from his spot and made his way to the door before bringing up his Omni-Tool. In seconds the door slid open and the slaves inside pushed themselves back in fear.

"Never fear," Lucifer said in a cocky tone as he stood in the front door. "Your hero is here!"

All the slaves in the room looked very confused as the young Batarian gave Lucifer a deadpan look. "Has anyone ever shot you just for the way you act, hell just for you opening your mouth?"

"Yes, all the time." Lucifer said with a shrug as he looked at everyone with a now serious face. "Is anyone hurt?"

An Asari stepped forward, hesitation in her step. "W-we're all okay, but..." She glanced back with a look of shame. "One of us didn't make it."

The slaves parted to show a figure laying on the floor with a dirty tarp thrown over the body. From the shape of the body and the limp hand poking out Lucifer could tell it was a Quarian, female.

"Keelah..." Taka said in a grim tone as he looked at the body.

"What happened?" Lucifer asked in a grim tone.

The Asari looked away and Lucifer could see shame in her eyes along with a few others in the room. "Her... her suit was compromised and the slavers wouldn't do anything, they just lock us in here with her. She was suffering and their was no hope for her... so I... I..." The Asari turned away as tears started to fall from her eyes.

"Keelah," Taka said while putting a hand over his helmet. He didn't sound angry or even mad, just sad. "A Quarian's immune system is very weak do to living on ships for so many generations. If our suit are ever compromised we run the risk of dying. And on a place like Torfan that barley filatures it's own air, without any help... she didn't stand a chance."

"She was in so much pain I... I had to help somehow-" The Asari was cut off when Taka grabbed her shoulder, making her turn to him.

"I understand, it was either a quick death or hours of agony." Taka said in a low tone understanding in his eyes.

The Asari broke down and started to cry openly as the other slaves looked down with a sad look.

Lucifer looked at everyone in the room, he was instantly being reminded of Paradise Falls and The Pitt, remembering the struggles slaves had to go through just to live.

Shaking his head softly Lucifer brought up his Pip-Boy. "Alright everybody," Lucifer called out, making everyone look to him. "I can unlock any collars you might have and I can deactivate implants, so I need everyone to get into a line."

"I can help with the collars." Taka offered as he brought up his own Omni-Tool.

Lucifer nodded and turned to the young Batarian. "Kid, I need you to keep a look out and warn us if anything comes up. I'll send you my frequency." Lucifer said as he sent the massage.

The LW and Quarian quickly got to work on the slaves and managed to deactivate multiple collars and managed to deactivate a few implants. It wasn't long before all the slaves were free.

"Alright, that's the last one." Lucifer said as he throw the shock-collar into a growing pile.

"You sure the implants are completely deactivated?" An Asari asked as she rubbed the back of her neck.

"Trust me, the only way the implants are coming back on line is with a direct connection, and that could take several hours." Lucifer said with a smile, getting the Asari to sigh in relief. "Now let's get moving and find a safer-"


Lucifer was cut off by the rapid sound of gun fire as the escaped slaves jumped I fear. A moment later Lucifer's Pip-Boy beeped.

"Lucifer, a tone of slavers are on their way to you! I can hold them off for a few seconds but that's all!"

"How many kid?" Lucifer asked as he pulled out his pistol.

"20, 30, I don't know! Just get everyone out of their now!" The young Batarian yelled before the line ended.

"Fucking hell," Lucifer cursed as his mind started to race. After a few moments he turned to Taka with a serious look. "Taka, I need you to take everyone and run as far away as you can, the kid and I will hold the slaver's."

The Quarian gave the LW a shocked look. "You can't seriously think the two of you can take them all on-"

"We don't have a chose!" Lucifer said in a serious tone, nearly making everyone jump a bit. "In less then a minute slavers are going to over run us and kill everyone with no hesitation! You can't fight that many and neither can they!" He said while pointed to the ragged slaves. "Right now the only good you can do is protect them, not throw your life away."

Taka looked to have an internal struggle before cursing his own language. He then turned to everyone with a serious look on his face. "Alright everyone, let's move!"

All the escaped slaves slowly started to make their way out of the room, leaving Lucifer and Taka to themselves.

"I don't know if I can hold them all of for not, so whatever you do, don't stop moving until you find a safe place."

Taka nodded as he glanced to the sound of gunfire with a look of worry. He then turned back and looked the LW in the eyes. "Make sure to bring the kid back alive." He said before turning and running out, leaving Lucifer to himself.

The LW took a deep breath as he gripped his pistol in his hand. He was starting to feel the fatigue of the brutal fights and his mind was starting to give as well.

"Can't stop now, too much on the line." Lucifer growled as he grit his teeth and ran towards the gunfire.

The Lone Wanderer's quest was far from over.



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2: Lucifer's fight-I'm sure everyone has an idea about how Lucifer was able to tare those slaver's apart so I'll just say it, Nerd Rage. Basically, when Lucifer is damaged or in extreme pain his strength is increased to the level of a Krogan along with his durability, making him practically bullet proof.

However, overuse of this ability will strain Lucifer's body and damages his health. So he can only use it in bursts.

I wanted to give Lucifer his own power/ability that everyone in Mass Effect seems to have, but something unique to him. So along with Nerd Rage, Lucifer will also have V.A.T.S and his Cloaking.

3: This one is more of a pet peeve, but I hate the fact their are no good Batarian's in Mass Effect. Though the Mass Effect series all Batarian's are considered to be slavers, thugs, or winners. I never seen a Batarian in the game that helped Shepard in any serious way, they wear always complaining or saying how they disserve to have everything to the point it was annoying.

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