Knew What?

It was a quiet night in Jerusalem. A much needed one after the hectic day Jesus had. Rebellions, dens of thieves, unfortunate lepers and a trouble Judas was only a dash of insanity the carpenter's son had to face. But, he had to deal with it all. Especially at that time as the Messiah knew his days are almost done. Thankfully though, his friend, Mary of Magdala, had allowed him to rest his head for a while. While Jesus took a break from contemplations, the young maiden was having thoughts of her own. Especially where Jesus was concerned.

Lately, her feelings for the mysterious rabbi had been changing. And she did not know why. How can a woman, one with Mary's past, love a man like him? Why does he move her so? What should she do with him? Should Jesus and romance even be in the same sentence? Mary did not have a clue. Worried, scared and confused, she pondered."Yet,", she spoke to herself,

"if he said he loved me

I'd be lost. I'd be frightened

I couldn't cope, just couldn't cope

I'd turn my head, I'd back away

I wouldn't want to know.

He scares me so

I want him so

I love him so."

On the verge of tears, the repentant prostitute kneels in front of the sleeping Jesus. With the nearby fireplace being the only lightsource, all Lazarus's sister could do was gaze upon his face in hopes that an answer would show. Moments had passed and nothing. So, at the behest of her conscience, the beautiful brunette decided to go to her tent to sleep. Leaving Jesus alone by himself. Alone for him to open his eyes and look on as she walked away. He had always been a heavy sleeper but he was always aware of what went on around him. No one knew exactly how nor why, but Jesus can sense these things. This was why it did not take him long to realize what was going on with poor Magdalene.

As he sits up upon his mat, Jesus's thoughts began to add on one more crisis. "Oh, Mary…", he thought as he woefully looked up at the tent's ceiling, "If you only knew…If you only knew…If you only knew…"