Ange sighed as she turned the corner. Her office door was now in sight. All she had to do was get there without being stopped. She felt like everything was needing her today and was ready to sit down and get on with the thousands of paperwork she had to do.

Suddenly her thoughts were interrupted as she skidded to a stop.

"Clemmie?" Ange said shocked.

"Ange, take her please. Just take her from me" Clemmie said pushing a young girl towards Ange.

"Kisaiya?" Ange said as the girl stepped forward and nodded. She was frozen to the spot. Something had clearly happened.

"What has happened Clemmie? This girl is traumatised" Ange said putting her arm around the girl to comfort her.

"Can we go somewhere private?" Clemmie asked. Ange directed them to her office and closed the door.

"Ange, I can't tell you just take Kizzie" Clemmie said.

"No you will tell me Clementina" Ange said getting frustrated with Clemmie's attitude. She was always the one having to fix everything up with the woman. She had given up with that years ago.

"I left her with my boyfriend" Clemmie said.

"And?" Ange asked not understanding what the drama was about surely that happened a lot.

"He was in an aggressive mood. He knew what he wanted and I refused to give it to him so he moved to my daughter. I knew that and I still left her with him" Clemmie said and Ange's face dropped as she comprehended what she had just been told.

"How dare you? How fucking dare you" Ange said standing up. She was so angry. Of course she would look after Kizzie now. She would never leave the girl with Clemmie again.

"You let the worst thing possible happen to your 12 year old daughter and you didn't stop it when you could have" Ange said.

"Did he?" Ange asked wanting to know. She looked between Kizzy and Clemmie. Clemmie nodded before letting tears in her eyes come down her face while Kizzy stared into the distance.

"Get out and don't you ever get in touch with us again" Ange said walking over to the office door and opened it. All Clemmie could do was look at Kizzy. She said nothing to the girl.

"Oh sweetie" Ange said pulling Kizzy into her arms. She walked over to the girl and pulled her into her arms.

"We are going to get you checked out okay" Ange said but again Kizzy didn't move. Even as Ange hugged the girl she kept her hands by her side.

"Let's get you to AAU" Ange said. She decided that would be best. She knew that the ED would be busy and she just wanted to be in more control. She would see Dom too. He would help.

Ange guided the girl down to AAU. Ange looked around as she entered the wall trying to work out who to speak to. She noticed Nurse Jackson, she would be perfect.

"Donna?" Ange asked softly as she walked over. Donna looked around and noticed Ange with a younger girl.

"How can I help?" Donna asked.

"Can you take a look at Kizzy for me? Ange asked and Donna nodded.

"Of course. I'll go and find a doctor as well" Donna said. She guided them into a cubicle before walking away.

"Sweetie, we need to do this. They are going to examine you and it might hurt or be difficult but I will be there with you" Ange encouraged. Kizzy shook her head.

"Kiz you have to sweetie" Ange said. She knew exactly what Kizzy was going through and wanted to be there for her. Knowing that she wasn't going to get through to Kizzy she sent someone a text who she knew would.

Please don't worry but when you have the time can you pop down to AAU. I'm here with Kizzy. Will explain later x

Ange prayed this would help because if it didn't she wasn't sure what else she would be able to do.

"Sit down sweetie" Ange encouraged.

"Can I go to the toilet first" Kizzy asked.

"Of course" Ange said "Do you need any help?"

She said it before she could even help herself. Kizzy shook her head.

Kizzy was very quick and returned. She nervously sat on the bed.

"You don't have to stay. I don't even need to be here. I can just get out of your way" Kizzy said not even looking at her aunt.

"No, I am never leaving you. I am looking after you now Kiz" Ange said holding the girl's hand.

"Mum what's going on" Chloe said flying around the corner. She noticed Kizzy and through her arms around her. For the first time since she arrived, Kizzy broke down. Chloe held the girl as tightly as she could and sat back with her softly.

Kizzy relaxed into Chloe's hold. Donna returned.

"So I'm just going to do some checks" Donna said as she took the girl's pulse.

"So can you tell me what hurts?" Donna asked. Kizzy looked around. She didn't know what to do or say.

"Rape test" Ange said and both Donna and Chloe's face dropped.

"Okay, I need permission from Kizzy" Donna said.

"Kizzy, will you let someone assess you after what happened?" Donna asked and Kizzy looked around.

"Can Auntie Ange and Chloe stay with me?" She asked nervously.

"Of course they can" Donna said.

"Can you tell me what hurts just now?" Donna asked again softly. Kizzy looked around with wide eyes.

"Kiz look at me. Come on sweetie, tell me who hurts?" Chloe said as she lifted the girl's head to look directly at her.

"Nothing is embarrassing, nothing else matters. You just tell us sweetie" Chloe said and Kizzy nodded. She trusted Chloe. She had always trusted Chloe she could do this.

"My ribs and it….it hurts….hurts down….down there….like you know" Kizzie said now sobbing. Chloe nodded and pulled the girl tight into her arms. She rocked the girl as she sobbed more and more. Chloe felt the girl tighten up and her breathing went different.

"Kiz…Kizzy" Chloe said pulling the girl away from her to see her face clearly.

"Kizzy, what's wrong?" Chloe asked as she turned placing the girl on the bed. She was definitely struggling to breath.

"Mum?" Chloe said in a panic. She couldn't think. She was usually so calm and in control but this was her family. This was her baby cousin.

"I need some help here" Donna shouted and Serena came running over.

"I need some help here" Donna shouted and Serena came running over.

"It must be her ribs" Ange said. "Punctured lung"

"Right get a local in her" Serena said as they started to pull the girl's top up.

"We need to be quick" Serena shouted as Kizzy continue to struggle to breathe. She was also flapping about.

"Someone calm her down" Serena shouted.

"Hey stay still sweetie, Kiz you need to stay still" Chloe said as she stood up at Kizzy's head. Kizzie flapped as Serena tried to keep Kizzy's top up.

Noticing what the issue seemed to be. Kizzy could see the knife. Leaping into action and placed her head around the girl's chest. She looked at the girl.

Kizzy's eyes widened. Ange's arm was right across her breasts. She blushed and looked away but it calmed her enough to stay still. Serena was able to get the chest drain in and Kizzy's breathing returned to normal.

"Good girl" Ange said moving some of the girl's hair from her face.

"Let's get you into a gown now" Donna said softly once the blood drained.

"We'll help you" Chloe said as she pulled the curtain shut.

"No" Kizzy said.

"Kiz you have broken ribs and a chest drain you need help. Tell me what's wrong?" Chloe begged and Kizzy just looked around

"I can't" Kizzy mumbled.

"Speak to me sweetie" Chloe said softly whispering into the girl's ear.

"I can't, you can't see me" Kizzy sobbed.

"Kizzy we are used to seeing naked people all the time" Ange said laughing.

"You can keep your pants on" Donna said hoping that would help.

"That's not just it" Kizzy sighed.

"Is it your breasts?" Chloe asked and Kizzy shook her head.

"Then what is it then?" Ange asked starting to get annoyed. Why was her niece such a difficult patient?

"I'm bleeding" Kizzy said embarrassed and Ange nodded.

"Don't worry about that, we'll get you seen to and then all cleaned up. It's nothing we haven't seen before" Ange said as she started getting to work. Helping the girl to get her tshirt off and joggers down.

"I tried to use toilet roll to stop it but it didn't work" Kizzy cried.

"I'll help you" Chloe said kissing the girl on the top of the head. Kizzy relaxed towards her elder cousin.

"Ange can you come and fill out some paperwork for me?" Donna asked and Ange nodded.

"How do you know Kizzy?" Donna asked. "She called you auntie"

"Yeah she is my sister's daughter" Ange said.

"I didn't know you had a sister" Donna said.

"Yeah from Scotland" Ange said. By the time Ange had filled in the paperwork, Serena came over ready to ask Kizzy some questions.

They all headed into the cubicle. They knew that this might be challenging but hoped Kizzy would correspond with them.

"So can you confirm that you have non-consensual sex" Serena said not even flinching with the age of the girl. Kizzy looked around scared but nodded.

"Okay, was contraception used?" She asked and Kizzy shook her head.

"Okay, we'll need to give you the morning after pill" Serena said writing things down.

"When was your last menstrual cycle?" Serena asked and Kizzy looked around.

"Your last period" Ange jumped in. Kizzy blushed.

"Kizzy please answer the question" Ange said and the pressure was getting too much for Kizzy.

"How about me and Ange go outside and I'll leave the form with Donna?" Serena suggested and Kizzy was nervous before nodding. The older two of the group left and Chloe sat on the bed.

"Come on then, when was your last period?" Chloe asked and Kizzy looked around.

"Come on, you just need to give me a date" Chloe said not sure about the reason for all this drama.

"I haven't started" Kizzy said blushing and Chloe nodded.

"Ah okay" Chloe said and looked down to see what the next question was. She was expecting Chloe to make a bigger deal than that but was happy her cousin moved on quickly.

They finished the questionnaire and Donna explained what would happen next. The thought of a pelvic examination really scared her.

"Shall we get Serena and Ange back now?" Donna asked and Kizzy nodded. Both Chloe and Donna left to find them.

"What was all the drama about?" Ange asked Chloe as they walked together back towards the cubicle.

"She hasn't started" Chloe said shrugging it off. Ange nodded though not really understanding what the big deal was about that Kizzy had made it into.

"So now it is the physical examination" Serena said and Kizzy's face dropped.

"Do you want anyone to stay with you?" Serena asked.

"Auntie Ange and Chloe" She whispered.

"Do you mind if Donna stays as well so she can help me" Serena asked and Kizzy nodded.

"Hey, I'm here" Ange said as she took the girl's hand.

"I'm going to be as gentle as I can be" Serena said as she set the girl out.

"It hurts" Kizzy said and Serena did the pelvic examination.

"I know sweetie" Ange said kissing the girl on her head. Once they were finished Serena and Donna left. They had a lot of evidence.

"That poor girl" Donna said and Serena nodded.

"At least she has her aunt now" Serena said and Donna nodded.

"I'm going to speak to Ange now, can you see if someone can come down to speak to Kizzy?" Serena explained and Donna nodded.

"Ange, can I have a word?" Serena asked and Ange nodded.

"So I'm going to remove the chest drain. Someone is coming down to speak to Kizzy. I don't think a night in hospital is best for her and I know you know how to deal with broken ribs. She does have internal and external rips in her vagina so I have stitched it and they are disposable so don't need to be removed but just make sure everything is clean to reduce the chance of infection" Serena explained and Ange nodded. It was a lot to take in.

Donna returned and explained how Kizzy could have a bed bath as she was getting her chest drain removed and they would be about half an hour before she could be interviewed.

"No, I can't do that. I'm too dirty" Kizzy said crying.

"Listen, we are going to get you cleaned up" Ange said. "Who do you want to do it?"

Kizzy didn't know what to say. She was still crying.

"Do you want Donna and Chloe like last time?" Ange asked and Kizzy nodded. Ange and Serena left again.

"I'm going to go and get you another gown and some pants. I have a pack in my locker for Mia but you'll fit into them" Donna said.

"Actually Donna, if you want I have casual clothes in my locker. I think Kizzy would fit into them" Chloe said and Donna nodded.

"Well do you want me to get everything?" Donna asked and Chloe nodded. She handed over her locker keys to Donna.

"Chloe, this is going to be so awkward because I'm bleeding" Kizzy explained.

"It won't be awkward. We understand and we are going to get you all cleaned up and it might make you feel just a little bit better" Chloe said and Kizzy nodded. They snuggled up and cuddled before Donna returned.

They made quick work getting the girl cleaned up and got her into new underwear and Chloe's clothes. Chloe put a sanitary pad in the girl's pants before helping her pull them up.

Once they were ready a police officer came in to interview them.

"Let's move to a side room" Serena suggested and Serena nodded.

"So this happened in Glasgow? Is that still okay" Ange asked.

"We will report everything up to them" The police officer explained.

"Now we will see what Kisaiya manages today but I will need you to come down to the station to confirm the statement and to add anything else" The police officer explained.

Kizzy really struggled and Ange hated not being able to help her. She managed to tell most of the story but was hysterical by the end and Ange looked at the police officer begging for her to stop. She nodded.

"If you could come down to the station tomorrow" She said to Ange who nodded.

"Of course, she just needs sleep" Ange explained. They exchanged details before Serena and Donna came back in.

"So I want a quick MRI scan to see what is going on with your lung and ribs. If they are fine, I will remove the chest drain and you can go home with your aunt" Serena explained. She was able to rush the MRI queue and get her seen to.

"Everything is good, so I will remove the chest drain" Serena explained. Once she had removed the chest drain. She prescribed medication for the pain and then discharged her.

"Where will I go?" She asked nervously.

"Home with me" Ange said putting her arm around the girl.

"I'm going to get you a wheelchair and then we can go back to mine" Ange explained.

"What about Chloe?" Kizzy asked concerned.

"I don't live with mum anymore but I will come home with you both to make sure you are settled in" Chloe explained and Kizzy nodded.

They soon arrived home at Ange's house. They headed into the house and got Kizzy comfortable on the sofa with a duvet and blanket. Ange and Chloe then settled on the sofa with the girl.

"I am so proud of you Kiz and I promise I will be there for you" Ange said kissing the girl on the head. Kizzy nodded. She wasn't sure if her aunt was telling the truth but it was a help.

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