Jasper University, a place that was built only eight years ago, already had a big reputation. Already known as the 'City School' since the campus was like a mini city. It was also known as the safest school in the world.

Of course, it was safe, its Canada.

The place was opened up by businessman Winston Wilson, who owned one of the largest companies known to wolf, Wilson Enterprises. The college was rumored to be built for his two daughters, so they could learn safe and feel free to do as they please at the same time. That was the rumor anyway.

In the campus was (as known to the public) Princess Kate. Why the nickname princess? Well, she was like royalty to the other students, unreachable. She belongs to the "royal" group. The group consisted of her, her sister Lily, Jasmine, Gloria, and Diana.

Why no boys? Simple, Kate hated boys. What was the reason? That was unknown. Though she made it clear that all boys were disgusting. They were vile, heartless, and evil. She made it abundantly clear whenever she lashed out when a boy even said "Hi" to her.

After she lashed the prince of the school, Hutch, who had not been paying attention to where he was going, he didn't bump into her but nearly did. Other males knew that it was best to stay as far away from her as possible.

Also on campus was the quietest kid in school. Sure he's talked, when absolutely necessary. Friends? Just 3 nerds. And apparently, they've known each other since they could speak. Micheal (Mooch) Sanders studying the culinary arts, Samuel (Salty) Meyers studying in technology, and Sean (Shakey) Lyles studying in law enforcement. As for the quiet kid, good old business. Though he also studies technology, music, and art.

"Yo, you guys ready for the new semester?"

The three looked at Salty. Shakey and Mooch groaned. Humphrey on the other hand just shrugged and looked ahead. Where was he looking? Nowhere, just stuck in his head.

"Humphrey, you really need to open up man. This ain't healthy," Shakey sighed. "It's been three years, nearly four! We know what you went through must hurt but he's gone now. He won't be able to hurt you anymore. You need to move on. What happened to the kid everyone loved in high school?"

The answer was a sigh followed by a shrug. He knew Shakey was right, but it was a lot harder than it sounded. He couldn't just 'move on'. They couldn't even begin to understand what he went through. His friends grew up with two loving parents and the worst they got was a few bullies in high school. Don't get twisted that sucks but, compared to sixteen years of torture? It's pretty obvious what was worse.

Another sigh escaped him as he opened his mouth to speak, to only shut it. What could he even say? 'Hey, guys stop worrying I'm fine!' They knew each other like the back of their paws. No way he'd get away with that. "Classes are about to start so see ya guys, and Humphrey, be safe. Talk to us if you're upset," Mooch interrupted his thoughts waving his buds a goodbye.

"See ya, let's meet for lunch okay?" Salty said running off.

"Okay!" Mooch and Shakey replied running to there classes. Humphrey nodded and sighed again.

A new semester. This time though he was switched to the honor roll so, new classes and classmates. Great...

He didn't mind, it wasn't like he was gonna talk to them anyway. They probably had their friend groups made already.

He walked trying to find class 106. His teacher name was apparently Mrs. Spencer. Who was known as one of the most fun teachers on campus. He walked in and thankfully he saw a seat open, the class was filled except for a few seats in the back. One with complete isolation, perfect.

Just as he was going to sit someone called out, "You must be the new student, up here so you can introduce yourself," Snapping to the direction of the voice he was greeted to a petite white wolf smiling. She was wearing the cliche formal attire of a business lady, the coat and skirt. She had just a little bit of make-up on.

Nodding he walked to the front of the class. He didn't mind the students. All of them had a reputation that he knew about. Of course in the front row with a couple of her friends was Kate Wilson, the princess of the University. "Hi I'm Humphrey DaSilva nice to meet you," he said quietly, barely even heard by a few students. Quickly he looked at the professor. She didn't really react or say anything so he just walked to the seat he had been eyeing and sat down.

"Okay... So anyway welcome back everyone. I hope you're break was fun! For this semester I wanted to start with a partner project!" Her enthusiasm was met with groans. Although some students eye'd each other. Forming their groups. "Don't bother picking your partner! Since I will be doing the honors. Seeing how the last project went..." Groans again filled the room. "Oh hush, it's not as bad as you make it. This project will last the semester! The project is to research a current business, I want details to the bare bone. Products, employees, places of business, salaries, and the whole nine yards. Is that clear?"

The response was a few nods, some more groans, and a few students actually replying with a "Yes ma'am" or something along those lines.

"Good so the partners will be..." at that point he zoned out, not caring until he heard his name. He looked around the room. A few posters you'd expect to see. Like the 'study hard!' or 'you can achieve' but there were some others. She had an AC/DC poster and others. The board had the date, her name, and the task today, which was just blank. A few kids were talking, others were doing some random acts of frustration. Like tapping their feet on the floor, or groaning. Suddenly he snapped back to reality. "Kate you'll be paired with the new kid! Alright take your seats,"

As soon she mentioned his presence a bunch of students grew mortified. So did he. She was gonna kill him! He started to sweat in fear, his heart grew cold. "Mrs. Spencer I will not work with him,"

"Sorry, Kate?"

"I said I won't work with him,"

I couldn't believe who I was paired with.

I wouldn't have cared that it was a new student but a man? Something had to be wrong. "Kate come over here," Mrs. Spencer said.

With an annoyed sigh, I stood up and walked to the teacher. I took a quick glance at the new kid. He was just sitting, innocently. His head traveling around the room, with no organized direction. One second he looked left then he was staring at the back of the room. Just to look back to the left. What was his name? Henry? He talked so quietly that I couldn't hear him.

"Kate, why won't you work with him?" She asked raising a brow. She just sat at her desk. It wasn't well organized, though it wasn't a mess either. She always knew where everything was to so I guess it wasn't horrible.

Why wouldn't I work with him? The answer was simple, I don't like him. The reason was... well I don't need a specific one. Other than he's a vile being. "Well, I don't know him," I calmly lied.

"Get to know him, or is it because he's a he?" She stated, giving me a knowing look, with a small smirk, hidden under her left paw.

I choked a bit at the sudden accusation. Sure it was partly true but... "Listen Kate... I know, hell everyone knows how you feel about men. I don't know why you do but just give him a chance. In a weeks time though... if you really want to switch... I'll pair you with Jane" she declared with a grin.


Who was she? Just one of Garth's playthings. She's just an annoying slut who tries to get under my skin... Nothing was worse than her... With a groan in defeat and through gritted teeth I replied, "Fine,"

Grabbing my stuff I walked (While trying my best to hide my anger) and sat next to my project 'buddy'.

"Hi, Henry I'm Kate..." She started putting her stuff on the table. I just waved in response. Henry?

"Okay... What company do you want to choose? I say we choose something like Coca-Cola or Walmart or something..." She said, grabbing out her computer.

I didn't exactly care what company we worked on, as long as she didn't kill me. So I simply shrugged. "Are you even gonna help?" I nodded. "Really? Okay... IF you're gonna help where's your computer? Why aren't you trying to cooperate? In case you don't know this is a partnered project and I don't plan to fail and ruin my perfect grade because of my partner,"

She had venom in her voice, poison was in every word. That, of course, wasn't a good sign. I simply shrugged. What else could I do? Even if I wanted to speak she would lash out as soon as I did! Opening my bag I showed her that my computer case wasn't there.

"Where's your computer? Did you break it?" She said glaring daggers, seeming to pierce through my soul. Her eyes just showed hatred down to the last atom.

I shook my head. Yes, my computer was broken but I wasn't the one who broke it. It was actually my buddy Shakey. He did it by accident, we were hanging out at me and Salty's dorm. We being dumb throwing a small bouncy ball waiting for Salty and Mooch to arrive so we could watch a movie. He tried a behind the back and hit my computer on the table. The thing fell and broke...

"Then where is it?" She asked, accusingly, keeping the glare.

I looked at my bag. Averting my eyes so I couldn't see her reaction. "It's getting repaired..."

"Because you broke it!" she snapped back. Her words again filled with poison. "Fuck it, we're doing Coca-Cola," She wrote Coca-Cola on a paper and handed it to the teacher walking back. "Just try to not be useless, please,"

With that, the conversation was over. I grabbed my phone and did some research, I had taken a quick glance at her and saw she was studying the history of the company so I studied the factories, employment, and other small things, writing it all down in my notebook.

When the bell rang I rushed out, I don't think I left a class faster in my life! I went to my next class, technology honors, there was absolutely no way this class could be worse than the last one. I mean sure another new class but still couldn't be too bad right?

Wrong... I showed up just in time since I couldn't find the damn room, to only see the princess... again. The teacher this time just greeted me with "Hey class this is the new student!" he didn't mention my name, just that I was new. I took the most isolated seat I could again.

All we did was learn to blend things in pictures... 'like pros' I should add. Thankfully talking to the princess wasn't a part of that class, so it did end up better after all.

I soon figured out that I had every class with Kate... I was not excited. I only introduced myself in one class so she must still think of me as 'Henry'. Not that it mattered, after this semester I wouldn't have to be near her anymore. Well, at least not be in a project with her. After the small interaction we had in Business Honors, I'm sure that I don't want to be near her if I don't have to be.

The bell rang signaling the end of today's lessons. So I tried to take my leave, only to be stopped a few feet away from the door by none other than the princess herself. "Let me see your phone," she demanded, quite rudely.

Quickly trying to just get out of here and meet my buds I grabbed my phone and handed it to her. I never had a lock since I had no reason to. I had nothing to hide and nothing really personal on it. She quickly typed my number in her phone and handed it back to me. I saw that she had labeled me as 'Quiet Kid'. If I'm honest I'm surprised she didn't label me 'Vermin' or something.

I just quickly pocketed my phone and went to the front of the building to meet my friends, deciding to just go with the flow for the rest of the day.

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