Banjo and Kazooie were wondering what was with the weird amount of strange looking quirky heroes popping up around the Spiral Mountain, with the heroic duo stepping out of their house to see that these new beings were showing up in the grassy meadow that was their home.

"Hey Banjo, what's with these freaks showing up suddenly?" Kazooie asked while sticking out of Banjo's blue backpack.

"Kazooie, don't be rude! I'm sure there's an explanation for this..." Banjo barked at Kazooie while rubbing his chin after adjusting his yellow shorts.

"Oh I'm sure there is." Kazooie sarcastically responded with her eyes rolling.

Izuku noticed the bear and bird looking at him and the others around the named area for which the Spiral Mountain gained its name, pulling out his guidebook as he was quick to look through it. "Huh? I don't recall those two being listed anywhere in the guide...!"

"...Maybe they're just accustomed to not being from the city?" Ochako piped up with her arms around the back as she squeaked in fright upon letting out a bubbly fart.

"Hey! Are you guys a magic trick?" Banjo called out as he caught the attention of the Class 1-A Students while calmly approaching them.

Shōto shook his head while raising his ice powered hand. "No, mr. bear! We just popped in from our school out of nowhere, and we're not sure how we get here."

Kazooie rolled her eyes. "...I'm willing to beat a certain witch caused you to pop up."

"A witch? Is she a villain?" Tsuyu asked while wrapping her tongue around her body.

"Yes, and 1 who gets her butt handed to her by us." Kazooie said with a look of pride on hyer feathery face.

"I wonder if she's sexy..." Minoru quietly muttered as he tapped his fingertips together.