Randall Boggs had escaped from humans who had attempted to hit him with a shovel because they thought he was an alligator and they were possibly going to make him into a Wallet or a Purse or worse perhaps eat him for dinner. Randall had scars from the shovel beating and a also a very bad headache to go with it. Randall was banished from the Monster world and Monstropolis and there was no way back at least not one he knows of. So he was stuck in the Human World and needed to find a way to survive.

The location he's in is Louisiana which had a lot of Swamps, Randall decided he would wander of in the Swamps he figured it would be the best thing to do as there were not many humans there. Randall comes across a abandoned bridge that seems like it would be great shelter for the night. Randall tried to rest his head and shut his eyes and tried to go to sleep but then he heard a weird noise and he opened his eyes to see a weird colorful dimensional vortex of some sorts. He wondered if this could some how lead back to the Monster World but then again it's not a door. "Eh who am I kidding, What do I have to lose anyways?" Randall said and walked towards the portal and it sucked him in and brought him to the unknown world very quickly. It startled Randall that was for sure. The world looked different from both the Human and Monster World almost like he was in trapped inside a scrap book. "Well I don't think I'm in Monstropolis or The Human World anymore." Randall said looking around at the weird looking arts and crafty world.

Randall walked around in the forest he saw a lot of different creatures he'd never seen before, weird looking tiny spiders. Tons of different varieties of small animal like creatures. The place was nothing like he would ever imagined he'd be in one day. Randall heard tiny voices seeming to get closer some where. so he used he camouflage ability and he disappeared and hid in a bush just in case even though he was completely invisible. He saw creatures that seemed to be almost looked like at first glance miniature Lizards Monsters. Made him think he was in the Monster World but then he realized they looked way to different to be Monsters and way to small. It's almost like he was in the story Gulliver's travels something like that. He hid there and listened to the little creatures conversation.

"Ugh the nerve of Kaboom and Peter, when we come up with a new plan to Crash the Trolls Parties I swear what I'll do..." Bash said and was raving mad, he was angry that formal Party Crasher Peter had used one of Trolls weapons to launch Him, Pow, and Slamm-oh into the air and he was also mad that his younger brother had became friends with Trolls. Bash had now considered both of them to be traitors in his eyes. "I'm sure we'll figure something out on how to get them back, Bash." Pow said trying to calm Bash down. "Like what? Man Parties seemed to use to be so easy to Crash." Bash grabbed a rock and threw it at the bush Randall was in and Randall accidentally reappeared by a accident from the feel of the rock hitting him and he moved out of the bush backwards by accident as well.

"Uhm Bash uh Pow did you hear that?! Something in the bush!" Slamm-Oh. "What if it's one of those chompy rock creature thingys! It'll eat us!" Pow said. "Stop being Scaredy Swampkins! It's probably just a Grossom!" Bash said to them but secretly even he was slightly scared of what the creature might be. He walked around the enormous bush and saw a creature that looked to be like a creature like a Party Crasher, but very huge. The creature also had no clothing, and the creature was Purple with a little touch of blue on him.

Randall squinted and looked at the tiny lizard creatures, his hiding spot was found out and he had forgot to turn invisible. Bash, Pow and Slamm-Oh just looked shocked they had never seen a creature like this. "You're like a giant Party Crasher!" Pow said. "Who and What are you?" Bash asked the creature. "Also why do you wear no clothes?" Slamm-oh asked.