They arrived at where the Trolls are partying at. The party crashers and Randall hid behind bushes and trees to make sure they are not seen yet. Randall camouflage himself so no one would see him. "Ok Randall, the plan is when needing you, you see that tealish troll? His name is Branch he has their only weapon he calls it 'Gary' it's a remote control that has a lot of defenses. I need you to use your camouflage sneak up on him and steal it. The keyword is ham if I say it that's when I'll need you." Bash said. "Ok, seems simple enough. Really Ham as the keyword?" Randall said. "It randomly came into my mind for some odd reason. Just sneak up on branch when I say the word okay? Now I have to go discuss things with other party crashers." Bash said and went to talk with other party crashers.

Randall saw the Trolls they looked familiar like some toys he had seen in some kids room before when he was scaring them. But they are not the toys obviously because toys can't be alive... or can they? He saw the Troll Bash was talking about he had a leaf vest and brown shorts that have patches on them this was Branch. He saw him talking to a pink troll who had a flower crown and a blue dress on he wasn't sure who she was. The Trolls were setting up their party it was early. Bash and the other Party Crashers were waiting to make an entrance when everything was set up. Time goes by and the trolls party gets set up.

Bash shows up riding his mammoth and all the trolls look shocked at this unexpected visit. At the moment Poppy, Branch, Peter, and Archer were talking with each other not noticing what was going on. But then Archer notices that his brother is back for revenge. "Bash?!" Archer said shocked. Which got the others attention then the other Party Crashers showed up. "I thought you guys were launched into space?" Peter said jokingly. "How'd you even know we had a party if you didn't have a scout?" Poppy asked. "Let's just say I have my ways." Bash said. "Well anyway, I'm here to crash this party. So let's do this crash it." Bash said and the Party Crashers came flooding in. "You're forgetting I have Gary, right." Branch said. The Party Crashers stopped. "No, not really." Bash said and then yelled "HAM". "Huh? Ham? What eve- " Branch said and saw something invisible take Gary. "What the?!" Branch said absolutely confused. The invisible thing handed Gary to Bash. Now just about everybody but the Party Crashers were confused. "I'd like you guys to meet a new ally of mine, you can reappear now." Bash said wanting Randall to reappear. Randall of course reappears.

The Trolls stare at the purple creature that looked like a lizard that has four arms and four legs. they've haven't seen a creature much like him before. The closest thing they've seen that is sort of similar is probably Barnebis king gristle's pet crocodile but even that doesn't come too close to what this odd creature looks like. "This is Randall and he's a giant Party Crasher." Bash lied. The Trolls looked nervous and a bit scared. "He's going to help us crash this party, and he will stop you if you fight back. Battling with your hair isn't going to work this time. You better let us crash this party or else." Bash threatened. "O-Or else what?..." a background troll asked terrified. "I don't think you want to know." Bash threatened again. Lots of trolls were afraid of what Randall could do because he was huge.

"Bash, you leave my friends alone!" Archer said to him. "I guess you're not happy to see your brother, are you Kaboom?" Bash said. "You know what I've been way happier without you in my life actually! So why don't you just pack up and leave!" Archer said looking upset. "Not going to happen, little brother, in fact, I'm going to need to put you, Peter, Branch and Queen Poppy in your guys fungeon again. But not only Smack will guard it this time I'm going to make sure Randall guards it as well by keeping a close eye on it. You can do that right, Randall?" Bash asked. "Yes, I will," Randall said. "Okay good, Smack take them to the fungeon." Bash said and Smack took the four of them to the fungeon. Smack locked the door and said, "I'll make sure you won't get out of this place this time." Smack said to them and locked the door. "Great now how are we going to come up with a plan to get out of here." Branch said.