Trump, Putin, and Kim Jung Un (or as the other two call him Kimmy) had gotten married a few days ago. They got together after their wives died in the war they started with most of Europe.

They sent their wives to war mostly because they didn't want to deal with them anymore. They mostly sent them because Trump and Kimmy were both in love with Putin. Trump and Kimmy hates each other earlier in the relationship but they started to grow and love each other with time.

"Family meeting! Everyone get in the Oval Office!" Trump yelled loudly.

Putin walked in and then walked out trying to find Kimmy. Kimmy was in the kitchen as usual eating Swiss cheese.

"Hey, Kimmy! Family meeting in the Oval Office!" Putin said urgently too Kimmy.

Kimmy finished consuming the cheese and followed Putin to the Oval Office. Kimmy and Putin sat down for Trump's long prepared talks.

"Everyone! We have to go to Germany to sign some sort of peace treaty."

"Why are we signing a peace treaty?" Kimmy asked in anger.

"Because your cheese habit is expensive and so is the war so it's either war or cheese."

Kimmy didn't want to choose between war and cheese but cheese always one. Kimmy reluctantly agreed to go. Putin wanted Kimmy to be happy and what really made Kimmy happy was cheese and Trump and Putin of course.