The following chapters will be flashbacks to the period of the original series.

"11:30 am. 3 hours and 30 minutes into my shift. 9 hours until the end of my shift. 10 hours until London comes home." Maddie repeated to herself to make the monotony go by faster. London had been gone for an entire week on one of her goodwill tours. Mr. Tipton had scored several third world locations so he sent his daughter off to shake hands with some crackpot CIA funded dictators. Not that London minded. Any excuse to travel around the world and be treated like a princess. But who cares? The good news is that she's coming back!

"Well, well, well! Someone's unusually chipper this morning!" Moseby had noticed the smile on Maddie's face at the thought of London returning.

"Scamp has been running around the apartment wondering where his girlfriend is. So, when Ivan and London come back, we're going to have a doggie date!" All of this was true but wasn't the actual reason why Maddie was so ecstatic about London returning.

"And I see you decided to get all made-up for this doggie date."

Maddie blushed but thankfully the rouge made it hard to tell. She could never tell how much Moseby knew about her relationship with London. "It'll also be nice having someone else to talk to again" she said while trying to sound as casual as possible. "Y'know? Besides you, the twins, Lance, Todd, Este-WAIT TODD?!" Out of the corner of her eye, Maddie noticed an unusual figure lurking around the lobby. Todd St. Mark: Aspiring dentist, son of Mr. Tipton's biggest rival, and London's ex. She and Moseby rushed over to their unexpected visitor.

"Todd! What are you doing back in Boston?" Maddie asked.

"And does your father know you're here? Last thing I need is him sending over Ilsa, She-Mole of the SS!" Moseby added. Todd chuckled at this derogatory reference to his dad's employee.

"Don't worry. I'm here on my own business, Mr. Mowgli."

Maddie chuckled at Todd's accidental butchering of his name. Moseby looked less pleased. "Very well. If you need me, I have some orangutans to attend to." Todd and Maddie watched as Moseby grouchily stormed off before continuing their conversation.

"Do you know where I can find London?" Todd asked.

"Uh, yeah. What for?" Maddie asked nervously.

"I'm going to ask London to move in with me in Zürich! I figured there's no reason I can't attend dental school and be with the girl of my dreams!"

"Oh. That's um really sweet" Maddie muttered meekly. Todd didn't notice her tone.

"Yeah, and I even got her this!" He pulled out a wedding ring.

Maddie gasped. "Todd, don't you think it's a little sudden to ask her to marry you?"

"Don't worry, I'm not going to ask her for awhile now. I figured I might as well buy the ring right now anyway. It's not like I can't afford to!"

Maddie pretended to laugh. "That's really….sweet. Sweet. I can only hope London ends up with the person who loves her the most."

"Real subtle, Maddie." She thought to herself. If Todd noticed her anxious tone, he pretended otherwise.

"Yeah. So where is London?"

"She's…..she's…..ON HER ISLAND!" Maddie stammered before realizing how weak this lie was.

"Which island?"

"It's uh… unmarked island! Completely secret to the public. Not even the U.S. government knows about it. Hell, if London's father found out I knew, I'm in deep shit!"

Todd looked confused but seemed to take the bait. "Well, do you know when she'll be back?"

"NEXT WEEK!" Maddie reflexively answered without thinking.

"...okay." replied Todd, who was extremely put off by now. "I'll come back when she's here." he said hesitantly, not sure what kind of response he'd provoke this time.

Maddie forced her signature fake grin. "That's great! I'm sure she'll be thrilled." she practically choked out through gritted teeth. Todd waved an awkward goodbye and left the Tipton lobby.

"OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT!" Maddie frantically screamed in her head. "Todd's back! If London finds out she can live with him, she'll run off to Zürich and I'll never see her again!"

"Excuse me, does this come without nuts?" innocently asked a customer who was unaware of Maddie's turmoil.

"WE'RE GETTING A NEW SHIPMENT TOMORROW!" Maddie answered over-aggressively. The customer fled in terror and Maddie returned to her panicked thoughts.

"I have one week to stall. Maybe I can break into my piggy bank and have enough to buy an apartment out of town. Then London can move in with me before Todd gets here and…..wait what am I saying. This is stupid. Todd's a great guy and London deserves to be with the one she truly loves. Even if it's not me." Maddie sighed to herself and resigned back to her counter. She knew she would have to tell London the truth on their date tonight. No matter how much it hurt.