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First time writing, be gentle

He didn't know how long had passed since his arrival here. He could only tell you that it's been long time. He could see the passing time by the faces that surrounded him. He could remember when the first lines appeared on them, first grey hair. Sometimes when he was outside he saw buildings and devices he had never witnessed before.

He never looked at his surroundings outside his cage. His eyes never strayed from the cement ground when they took him away. After many lessons he learned it's better to not look directly into their eyes. That doesn't mean that he isn't watching them from a corner of his eye, that he isn't hyperaware of their every move.

They've taken everything from him: past, will, name, humanity... future. He was certain where he'll spent the next 10 years: here, with them. There is no hope for escape. Their faces might change but their objective will always be the same. Exploit him in every possible way. He wouldn't be able to count how many times he was cut open, his organs taken away, sold. He was never put to sleep, the amount of anesthesia needed for him to work was too expensive according to them. He witnessed countless of times how his healing slowly created new organs for him. Or maybe he should say for them.

He still thought back in fondness when he fought them. He got glimmers of pleasure remembering when he inflicted injuries on to them. Sometimes he left but they always found him, after learning of the tracers he stopped fighting for freedom. His only objective was to hurt them as much as possible. But they went out quickly along with coming of memories of his punishments. Thankfully they never become a permanent occurrences, they just lasted a really long time, sometimes.

He liked to escape inside his mind. Before he went to restlessly dream, plagued by his victims, he tried to remember something. It become a somewhat of a ritual of his, he didn't have hope that he will remember something of importance. Flashes that appeared never got him any knowledge just frustration. But that also was quick to disappear he didn't have strength to feel such intense emotions. He tried to stay numb as much time as possible but what he got wasn't long enough. There were times when he was certain that they knew what he tried to accomplish and come quickly to abuse him and 'wake' him up.

His escapes also gave him an illusion that he wasn't inside that cage. He was always bound in the same position. On his knees, legs bound to the floor, his midsection connected by thick chains to the sides of his cage. On his hands he had cuffs that covered his whole hands and forced them in uncomfortable pose. His arms were stretched high above his head. A thick collar on his neck was connected to every side of his cage along with roof and floor. Forcing his head back. To it was also connected metal gag covering his mouth and nose. Position like that forced him to show his stomach and throat. The beast inside him was always restless when he was in it. It was a sign of submission and the beast hated it. He was wearing only tight, black, shorts that barely reached his knees.

His cage was in the middle of the room. Making him visible from all sides, this also added to the feeling of vulnerability. Against the walls were cells made of glass on three sides. He recalled that they were sometimes occupied by others. But they've never spoke to him and weren't present for long or maybe he was gone for too long. He lost concept of time now was just time when he was with them and when he was alone. He remember the last time he wasn't the only prisoner. There was a young girl there, she hasn't reached to him but he could hear her when she sang. It was such beautiful sound but not a happy song, he could recall every single line of it. He wished to hear it again but they took her. He heard her name when listening to their whispers: Kathrin.

He wished to remember, to learn how he looked like but he never got an opportunity to see. He wished to know his name, his past. He wished to see the sun, he was let out only when night falls, he imagines it must be beautiful. He wished to taste food, as long as he can remember he never eaten anything, drank anything. They only gave him an needle connected to a bag with some liquid.

He was filled with foolish dreams like these. Maybe he'll remember someday, but that also was a ridiculous wish. It was his last thoughts before darkness claimed him.

He woke up to the sound of footsteps. Another session. He doesn't know their names but he learned their faces and scents, he'll never forget them. A gas started to surround him, there've been only two ways of taking him away. A sleeping gas or being dragged through the floor, there doesn't seem to be a distinctive reason behind them. No clear pattern, they do it randomly, he can't even prepare. When they use gas he liked to pretend that he's going back to sleep, that there aren't any outside forces behind it. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath in.

He awaken face down on the floor. Slowly he rised to his knees. Around him were soldiers, their guns pointed straight at him. He couldn't understand why, his hands were still bound, the collar with gag still in place along with metal hoop around his middle, thick braces on his ankles still present. But even without them he doubted that he would do anything because then what. Where would he go, he doesn't understand the outside world, he wouldn't be able to blend in. The facility is the only world that he knows, the only thing that they expect of him is to obey.

It's so simple, just obey. They could take all of his restrictions off and he would still obey. He belives they know that but enjoy seeing him bound. To them he's not human or even an animal that they train. Because animals will fight back, every trainer knows that when being abused longterm it'll one day bite back. He's a thing to them, a weapon.

Weapon X