Please note that because of the old narrator's incompetence Max has… disposed of him.

Chapter 2: Over the rivers and through the woods not necessarily in that Order

(3rd Person POV)

Apollo was not going to go through this again, first the love of his life was killed by Hera, now his daughter is murdered by monsters, the only thing Apollo had left of either of them was this small infant who couldn't even walk. Apollo scooped the baby up and attempted to flash to the underworld. Much to his frustration he wound up in some lobby. Charron was there with a condescending smirk wearing a shirt that read "That's a no go chief" the word go being crossed off and the word bough was written above it, and wearing a baseball cap that said "Pass the Branch". Apollo sighed followed by the two of them flashing out while giving the ferryman a glare that promised unimaginable pain. Apollo snatched the golden bough from the ground another immediately sprouting in its place. Apollo heard a noise that sounded like a feral hellhound only to look over and see the baby eating the golden bough Apollo took the piece of timber out of the baby's mouth and to his astonishment the branch looked like someone made a spear out of a thick rose vine. It was sharp and covered in thorns that had not been there before the child had tried to eat it. The baby burped up sawdust and Apollo grinned with an evil wicked smile that promised some unfortunate soul was about to suffer greatly. They flashed back to the waiting room where Apollo locked on to charron and adjusted the infant so he would not witness the act of brutality that was about to be inflicted on the Ferryman of the Dead. Apollo took the rather sadistic looking Golden Bough in one hand and shoved the gnarly end into Charron, securely lodging the malicious torture branch in the Ferryman's colon, the aforementioned prick keeling over rigidly faceplanting with his freshly violated ass in the air from which the golden bough was proudly potruding. Apollo grabbed the infant and flashed into the underworld. River after River the grandfather flashed his grandchild the last link to his true love across, to the only other being who would treasure the infant close to as much as he would. Arriving at the Tower of Hecate.

The God of the sun knocked on the door of the tall stone keep. Leaving the boy in a basket with a note as is customary when abandoning small children. Apollo looked at the babe a last time before flashing away, knowing not even Zeus would dare to take the infant and last link to her daughter from the Titaness of Magic.

Hecate opened the door wondering who would be foolish enough to disturb her, she hadn't been exactly friendly, warm, patient, nor forgiving since her beloved daughter had died, she had been extremely hostile toward everything and everyone especially after Zeus had stone-walled her attempts to gain information related to her daughters death for over twenty years.

I have decided on the infantile nicknames Max will call Hecate and Apollo. Hecate will be Greygran and Apollo will be Granpoll.Also I apologize for both the length or lack of thereof in this chapter however after so many months and this was all there was I guess this is where I will end this chapter