I do not own Ben 10 or Jessie… Takes place after the Princess and the Pea Brain. Reboot of Ross 10.

Frank 20

By: DoctorEd17

Chapter 1: A New Kid

We go to a limo where we see Morgan and Cristina Ross there along with an 11 year old.

He has short spiky brown hair, emerald green eyes and slightly tan skin. He is wearing a black short sleeved shirt with a green vest over it, tan cargo pants and black and white sneakers. On his left wrist is a wristwatch. Its faceplate is square and has a white and green color scheme. The faceplate is black with two green stripes forming an outline of an hourglass.

We see he is looking out the window with sorrow.

"So Frank… What do you think of New York so far?" Morgan asked

"It's OK." Frank said sighing

"Look, it's not your fault they died in a plane crash. I loved my brother. Before we drifted apart…" Morgan said

"He was a good man. He deserved better then this." Frank said

We go to the living room in the penthouse apartment where we see the elevator open. Morgan, Cristina and Frank exited the elevator. Frank was carrying a backpack and two duffle bags.

"Jessie! Bertram!" Cristina said

We see Bertram exit the kitchen and said, "Yes, Madam?"

"Where's Jessie?" Cristina asked

"I believe she is picking up the kids from school." Bertram said

"OK. Well Bertram, Meet my nephew Frank McKay." Morgan said, "Frank this is our butler Bertram."

"Hey…" Frank said with a short wave

"His Parent's died in a plane crash last month and we just adopted him." Cristina said

Bertram looked at Frank with horror in his eyes.

"Anyway, We have to go to a couple of places to gets his medical files and Birth certificate. Frank, we'll be right back. Bertram, please show Frank to his room and let Jessie and the kids know about him if they gets back before we do." Morgan said, "His room is the one with the white paper over the door."

They then walked to the elevator and entered it once the door opened. After it closed, Bertram said, "NOOOOOOOO!" out loud from the top of his lungs.

Once he stopped Frank asked, "Finished?"

Bertram looked at him and said, "Why would they adopt you?"

"They're my only living relatives in the USA." Frank said

He then picked up his bags and said, "So you're a butler?"

"Yeah." Bertram said

"Must be nice… Can you show me which room is mine?" Frank asked

"Do I have to carry your bags?" Bertram asked

"No." Frank said

"Then let's go." Bertram said as he lead Frank upstairs

We go to a hallway where we see the door covered with white paper. Bertram uncovered it revealing a brown wooden door.

Bertram then opened the door to reveal a very small room the size of a large closet. It has a connecting bathroom and a window with a view of New York. There's a twin size bed, a desk with a chair and a wardrobe.

"This is a bedroom?" Bertram asked

"I like sleeping in small rooms. When I gotten a big room at my last house I couldn't sleep as well so I often took a blanket and a pillow and slept in the staircase's cupboard." Frank said

"That's kinda weird." Bertram said

"Yeah…" Frank said, "I can unpack from here. You don't have to stay here."

"Thanks." Bertram said before he left

We then see Frank started unpacking.

We go to the Living room a while later where we see the elevator open and Jessie, Luke, Ravi, Zuri and Emma exited the elevator.

"Last day of school! So cool!" Luke said

"Last day of school! So Horrible!" Ravi cried

We then see Bertram enter the living room from the kitchen.

"Hey Bertram. What's new?" Luke asked

"Remember that door we were told not to open last week?" Bertram asked

"Yes. Why?" Jessie asked

"Well I found out why today." Bertram said, "Morgan and Cristina brought back another child."

"What?!" Jessie, Emma, Zuri, Luke and Ravi yelled at the same time

"Yeah, He's Morgans brother's son and he's kinda having a hard time. His Parents died in a plane crash last month." Bertram said

"Wait… Dad has a brother?" Luke asked

We then see the elevator open revealing Morgan and Cristina Ross back with the papers.

"Mom. Please tell us Bertram is lying." Emma said

"You told them?" Morgan asked

Bertram nodded.

"Yeah. My brother and his wife died in a plane crash last month." Morgan said

"Where is he going to sleep?" Zuri asked

"We've prepared a room for him last week." Cristina said

"That paper covered door!" Ravi said

We then see Frank come down the stairs.

"And here is he…" Morgan said, "Frank these are you cousins Ravi, Luke, Emma and Zuri. Kids, this is Frank McKay."

"Pleasure…" Frank said

"And this is the nanny Jessie." Cristina said

"Nice to meet you." Frank said

"Hey…" Jessie said

"Well, your mother and I have to go. Please make him comfortable." Morgan said

They then got in the elevator and they left.

"Well, I better put these in the filing cabinet." Bertram said as he left with the files

"I got a lot of video gaming to do…" Luke said as he left

"So Frank, what are you interested in?" Ravi asked

"I'll show you." Frank said

We go to Frank's room where we see Frank, Ravi and Jessie enter the room. Frank opened the door and turned on the lights.

"You room is awfully small." Ravi said

"Yep." Frank said

We then see that the desk is now has a police scanner and what looked like an old computer monitor from the 80s with a keyboard and a mouse connected to what looked like a jury rigged hard drive that was on the floor next to the desk.

"Ta-da!" Frank said

"What is this?" Jessie asked

"That is a police scanner and that is my computer." Frank said

"That's a computer?" Ravi asked

"It doesn't look like much, but it is faster then most smartphones." Frank said

"Where did you get it?" Jessie asked

"I built it when I was 9. You see I needed a computer, but my family couldn't afford one so I built one." Frank said

"You built it?" Jessie asked

"Yep. Let me show you." Frank said

He then knelt down and pulled on a what looked like lawn mower starting cord. After a few times we see the fan turn on and the monitor turn on.

We see the display light up green then we see a blue background with five icons. Internet, Pictures and videos, games, Scanner and printer and CLASSIFIED.

"Here is it…" Frank said

"Who programmed it?" Ravi asked

"I did. Before I built this I read a lot of textbooks about computers engineering, Computer programming, electricity and comic books.

"Whoa… This monitor is from the 80s and yet it looks likes it's in HD." Jessie said looking at the screen

"Yep…" Frank said smiling

"Something tells me you'll fit right in this family." Ravi said


Later that night…

We go to Frank's room where we see Frank still in his clothes opening the CLASSIFIED file. We see a window pop up asking for a password. Frank typed it in and we see the green hourglass symbol on the watch beep twice. He then turned on the Police scanner and set the knob to Sync. Then we hear a police officer say from the watch, "Calling all units! We have a robbery with hostages in progress at the Jewelry store on -!" (I don't know much about New York OK?!)

Frank then touched the faceplate and a green holographic ring appeared. The top half of the holographic ring has silhouettes of creatures displayed.

"OK. Time for Frank 20's first appearance in New York." Frank said as he started to select a creatue by making a turning motion while touching the faceplate, "Cannonbolt? No. Upgrade? Nah! Spidermonkey? Yes!"

He selected the creature and the faceplate slid back and a core poped up. He slammed down the core and a flash of green light surrounded Frank.

We see the watch sink into his body as blue fur started growing all over his body from the left arm. We see him grow a few feet and then his skeleton started changing shape.

When the flash of light ended we see a 5 and a half foot tall chimp with dark blue fur, green eyes and five fingers on each hand. His feet are also shaped like hands. We see that he is a lot muscular then a normal chimp. He is wearing black pants with a green belt where we see on the front was a white hourglass symbol where the buckle should be.

We then see Spidermonkey slowly open the window and quickly jump out of it.

As he was falling Spidermonkey then said in a deep voice, "SPIDERMONKEY!"

Then he said to the forth wall, "I like shouting out my aliens names. I couldn't do it while I was in the penthouse."

When he close to the ground we see Spidermonkey point his hand at a street lamp and we see a line of webbing exited from the front of the wrist like Spider-man. It stuck to the lamp and Spidermonkey swing from the lamp to another one.

Spidermonkey then fired another line of webbing at the lamp and we see him swing from it to another one.

At the Jewelry store we see robbers taking the Jewelry from the displays and money from the cash registrar. We see the hostages back against the wall scarred.

"I'm telling you. This is easy money!" A robber said as they left with the bags filled with valuables

We go outside where we see the Robbers loading the valuables onto a van when we hear an "Ahem! You do know that you have to pay for those?"

"Who's the wise guy?" A robber said as he pointed his handgun at the source of the voice

We then see a webbing attached itself to the gun then it was pulled away from the robbers hand.

"What the…?" the robber asked

We then see something land in front of him and punched him in the face knocking him out.

The other robbers turned to see Spidermonkey.

"What is that?" a robber asked

"Crimes worst nightmare!" Spidermonkey said

"It can talk?!" another robber asked

"Yes. And I can sing, dance and this!" Spidermonkey said as he shot a line of webbing at robber and pulled on it with is enhanced strength

We see the robber fly towards Spidermonkey who threw a punch at the robber knocking him out.

"Fire!" the robber said

They then fired their guns at Spidermonkey but he was able to dodge the bullets by jumping to the top of the van.

Inside the store we see the sort of hostages looking at the fight with awe and shock. One of them has her smartphone out videotaping the fight between the robbers and Spidermonkey.


A while later we see the police appear. But they were shock at seeing all the robbers tied together and hanging on a street lamp by webbing.

"What the heck." The Chief asked

We go to a roof not too far from the crime scene where we see Spidermonkey looking at the scene smiling.

The next morning we see Frank in the kitchen baking something when we see Bertram enter the kitchen.

"What the?" Bertram asked

"Howdy Bertram. I'm baking cinnamon rolls for everyone. Want one?" Frank asked as he pulled out a plate of baked cinnamon rolls as wide as CDs and handed it to Bertram

Bertram grabbed one and took a bite out of it before saying, "These are good!"

"They should be! I made them from scratch!" Frank said

Bertram looked at the counter and said, "Where are the dishes?"

"I already cleaned them. My grandma taught me how to cook. Before she passed away." Frank said

"Oh…" Bertram said before he took another bite, "How many did you make?"

Frank pulled off a tarp from the counter revealing plates and plates full of cinnamon rolls.

"That much." Frank said, "Grandma was used to making food in mass quantities and I guess so am I."

Bertram then put the plate on the table and hugged Frank crying just as Jessie entered the room.

"OK. Bertram, why are you hugging Frank?" Jessie asked, "And why is there cinnamon rolls on the counter?"

"I made those from scratch. And I'm guessing Bertram is crying with joy." Frank said

Zuri and Luke then entered the kitchen.

"Um. Why is Bertram hugging Frank?" Zuri asked

"He made all of us breakfast!" Bertram said

"Cool!" Luke said as he took a cinnamon roll and bit it, "Wow! These are tasty!"

Zuri took a bite out of one and said, "Whoa! It's like happiness in my mouth!"

"Whoa! These are good!" Jessie said as she took a bite out of one

"Yeah. I like to cook for special occasions and as thank yous. So I cook some as a way of saying thank you." Frank said

We then see Emma enter the kitchen saying, "Jessie! You'll never believe what happened!"

She then showed them her tablet, which has a video of the news.

"Last night, the Jewelry store on - was robbed by a gang. But upon exiting the store some sort of a blue ape appeared out of nowhere and subdued the robbers. Here's a video of the fight taken by one of the employees…" the newswoman said

We see the video of Spidermonkey fighting the robbers.

"Did he just talk?" Jessie asked

"Is he shooting webs from his wrists?" Bertram asked

"Is he wearing pants?" Luke asked

Emma then stopped the video and Jessie said, "What is that thing?"

"Who cares?! We finally have a real superhero!" Luke said

Ravi then walked into the room and said, "Frank? Can I talk to you?"

"Sure." Frank said as he followed Ravi out of the kitchen but not before grabbing a couple of cinnamon rolls

We go to Ravi's room where we see Ravi and Frank enter the room.

"So. What do you want?" Frank asked

We then see Mr. Kipling exit her cage. Frank said, "Hey there."

"Wait. You're not scared of her?" Ravi asked

"Trust me, I've seen worse." Frank said as he put down the cinnamon rolls and said, "Now. What do you want?"

"OK. I know you know something about the ape creature." Ravi said

"Huh?" Frank asked

Ravi pulled out his tablet and show him the still of Spidermonkey. Ravi pointed at the hourglass symbol and said, "This symbol on his belt matches the one on your watch."

"Coincidence?" Frank asked

"Frank…" Ravi said

"OK. Fine! I'll talk! But you can't tell anyone else!" Frank said

"Fine…" Ravi said

"It was me…" Frank said

"Huh?" Ravi asked

"The ape creature. That was me. Last summer on my 10th birthday, I found an alien device like no other." Frank said

"The watch?" Ravi asked

"Yes." Frank said, "It's called the Omnitrix. It can change me into one of 20 different alien forms."

"20? How?" Ravi asked

"I don't know the exact science. But from what I know, it combines my DNA with one of 20 different alien DNA samples." Frank said

"Whoa. That is cool!" Ravi said

"Yeah." Frank said

"But why become a superhero?" Ravi asked

"With great power comes great responsibility." Frank quoted, "A quote from a comic book I read and I honer."

"Spider-Man?" Ravi asked

"Yes. Good words from a good man." Frank said, "Even if he is fictional."

"Why didn't you tell us?" Ravi asked

"Secret Identity. The fact is that the less people know who I am the better for everyone around me." Frank said

"I understand…" Ravi said, "Your secret is safe with me."

Mr. Kipling growled.

"Correction. Your secret is safe with us." Ravi said

"Thanks." Frank said smiling

He then noticed the two cinnamon rolls he grabbed are gone.

"Hey, where are cinnamon rolls I grabbed?" Frank asked

Mr. Kipling burped.

"There's your answer." Ravi said

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