Frank 20

By: DoctorEd17

Chapter 2: Learning the ropes


We go to New York at night where we see an apartment building on fire and fire fighters trying to put out the fire. We see a man trying to get into the building but the fire fighters won't let him.

"My daughters in there!" the man shouted

We go inside the burning building where we see a seven year old girl under her bed scared of the flames. Until the mattress was removed. Her eyes widen at what she saw.

We see a red, armored humanoid creature with green eyes and a non-moveable mouth. On the palms of his hands are some sort of a port holes. A white Hourglass symbol is on his chest.

The girl looked at the creature not in fear but in wonder.

"Are you OK?" The Creature asked

The girl nodded. Then the creature pointed his hands at the flames and water fired from them which extinguished the flames.

"We better get out of here." the creature said

The creature held out its hand… She took it and the creature carefully put her on its back. The it ran out of the room.

We go to the stairs where we they were almost completely burned down when the creature approach them.

"This could be a problem." the creature said

We see derbies come down from the room behind them.

"And so is that!" the creature said

It then noticed the roof above them was gone. So it pointed it's blasters at the floor and said, "Hang on tight kid!" before it fired a heavy stream of water…

We go outside where we see the man looking at the burning building in sadness and fear when the people noticed something exiting the building from the roof and then gasped when they noticed the thing landing in front of them. When it did the building collapsed and the fire was put out.

We see the creature walk to the man and asked, "Is she your kid?" as it pointed to the girl holding on to its back.

"Karen!" the man said as he took Karen from the creature

He hugged her and then said, "Thank you…"

"No problem." the creature said

"But who are you?" the man asked

"Call me Water Hazard." Water Hazard said before he pointed his blaster towards the ground and fired them

As a result he started flying away.

We go to the Penthouse a few hours later where we see Frank entering Ravi's room where we see Ravi watching a news of Water Hazard saving Karen from the fire.

"Hey Ravi." Frank said

"Hey Water Hazard! Good job on that fire last night!" Ravi said

"Thanks..." Frank said

"Just one question... Do you have a name for all 20 of your aliens?" Ravi asked

"No... I only transformed into 10 and even then mastered a handful of the 10." Frank said

"So what you're saying is that you only used half of the alien arsenal in your Omnitrix?" Ravi asked

"Yes... But I was thinking about trying out the other 10 sometime." Frank said as he activated the Omnitrix and looked through his playlist

"That is a good idea." Ravi said

"Ohh! This one looks good!" Frank said as he selected a silhouette

As the core popped up Ravi said, "Wait! I don't think you should transform (Frank slams down the core) in here..."


Inside the flash of green light we see the Omnitrix sink into Frank's arm as Frank got taller. Then his skin turned blue and metaltic...


After the flash of green light we see a 8 foot tall blue robotic creature with green eyes, a non moveable month and what looks like speakers on his arms and legs. The white Omnitrix symbol is on his chest.

"Whoa! This guy looks robotic! I even sound robotic!" Frank said in a deep robotic voice as he looked at his new body, "I wonder what this one can do?"

"I don't believe it. A metallic creature that actually has DNA!" Ravi said, "This is huge!"

Then all of a sudden we see a speaker exit off Franks left arm. It floated around the room for a bit before Ravi asked, "Are you doing that?"

"Yep! I seem to have a connection with the speaker disk thingy..." Frank said from both his mouth and the speaker

"Whoa! When a speaker is out, whenever you talk it also comes out of the speaker!" Ravi said

"Ravi, Mr. Kipling... Cover your ears." Frank said

Ravi put earmuffs on Mr. Kipling's ears before he covered his own ears.

"Ok Frank. Time for a Sonic... BLAST!" Frank said before he yelled the last word

When he did we see sound waves exit the speaker disk as a sonic blast emited from it.


We go to the kitchen where we see Bertram cleaning dishes when the sonic sound waves reach the kitchen. As a result we see everything in the kitchen made out of glass break apart including the dishes, glasses and the glass punch bowl.

"(Screams!)" Bertram said


We go back to Ravi's room where we see Frank just stopped the sonic blast. He then willed the speaker disk back to him.

"OK... That was interesting... and loud." Ravi said

We hear the Omnitrix symbol beep red and a few seconds later we see Frank is human again.

"Cool, huh?! And I have 9 others I have yet to transform into!" Frank said

"Maybe you should practice your transformations soemwhere not in the Penthouse?" Ravi said

"Nooooooooooooooooo!" Bertram yelled from the kitchen

"Good point." Frank said


We go to Central Park where we see Ravi, Mr. Kipling and Frank alone in an empty shed.

"And you're sure no one comes here?" Frank asks

"Not since the budget cutback last year." Ravi said

"Ok. (Activates Omnitrix) Now lets try new guy number #2!" Frank said as he slammed down the core


We see the Omnitrix sink into Franks arm as his skin turned invisible. Then grey skin covered Frank as well as Green chains.


When the flash of green light faded we see a ghost with one purple eye, gray skin with black cracks and the Omnitrix symbol on his chest. There are green chains around his body connected to the Omnitrix symbol, a green collar and armbands.

"Whoa! This is weird!" Frank said in a deep raspy voice

"And slightly spooky." Ravi said as Mr. Kipling fled to behind a tool bench, "So what can this guy do?"

"Let's see..." Frank said before he turned invisible then visible, "Invisibly... Check!"

Then we see him fly through a wall and back again.

"Intangiblity... Check!" Frank said

Then we see Frank fly into Ravi and possess him.

Then Ravi/Frank said in a combination of Ravi and Frank's voice, "Whoa! I'm Ravi! Possession... Check!"

Then he flew out of Ravi who proceded to shutter.

"Please don't do that again." Ravi said

"Sorry..." Frank said

Then the Omnitrix symbol beeped red and he changed back to human.


We go to a path on the way home where we see Frank, Ravi and Mr. Kipling walking down said path.

"So far you have transformed into 12 out of 20 aliens in your playlist. I wonder what the rest of them are like?" Ravi said

"You should've seen me the first time I transformed. I was freaking out." Frank said

They reach a crosswalk just as a speeding car pass by and a second later a bunch of police cars.

"This looks like a job for..." Frank said as he activated the Omnitrix and slammed down the core


We see the Omnitrix sink into Frank's arm as his skin changed color...


When the flash of green light faded we see a feline-like alien with a black suit-like colour scheme. His hands, legs, chest and part of his head are coloured blue. He has spikes on his hands and legs, and also black Wolverine mask-like fins around his green eyes. He has a triangle-shaped nose, and a thunderbolt-like design down his chest.

"FASTTRACK!" Fasttrack yelled

"So what can Fasttrack do?" Ravi asked

"Super speed. See you at home!" Fasttrack said before he ran after the speeding car


We go to the speeding car where inside we see a man at the wheel and a bunch of sacks full of cash in the back seat.

"That robbery was too easy! And thanks to this experimental nitro fueled car no one can stop me!" The robber said

"Don't count on it!"

The robber turned to see Fasttrack running beside the car at the same speeds!

"What the?! What are ya?" The robber asked

"Name's Fasttrack and I'm here to stop you!" Fasttrack said

Fasttrack then put his Spiked arm agenest a tire and the tire popped! As a result we see the car struggling to stay moving as sparks emitted from the tireless area.

Fasttrack then did the same thing to the other tires and we see the car slowly slow down until it stopped completely.

A few seconds later we see the police car arrive and they saw the robber tied up and Fasttrack with the sacks of money. He ran over to the police and handed over the money and said, "He's all yours officers!" Before he left...


Back at the Penthouse we see Ravi and Mr. Kipling just arriving at the front door when we see Frank now human again approach the two.

"So... How did it go?" Ravi asked

"Great..." Frank said as they entered the building


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A/N: I desided to make Echo Echo based off his Ultimate form but his sound/sonic attacks are only as strong as his Non ultimate form.

Franks aliens appearance:

Spidermonkey (Chapter 1)

Water Hazard

Echo Echo




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