Frank 20

By: DoctorEd17

Chapter 3: We are so Grounded


We go to the Penthouse where we see Frank and Ravi in the Screening room watching the movie Aliens.

We see the part where a Xenomorph rips out of a crew member when Ravi says, "This is the most scariest movie I ever seen."

"It's cool huh?" Frank asked

"I can't believe Jessie allowed us to watch this movie!" Ravi said

"Yeah." Frank said distracted by the movie

It's been four days since Franks arrival at the Penthouse.

We then see Jessie enter the Screening room.

"What the heck is going on?" Jessie asked

"Yeah..." Frank said still distracted by the movie

Jessie then grabbed the remote and turned off the movie.

"Hey, I was watching that... Oh, Hi Jessie." Frank said

"Why were you two watching a scary movie at 2 in the morning?" Jessie asked

"I wanted to show Ravi the greatest movie I ever seen in my life." Frank said

"That movie was really scary!" Ravi said

"Why aren't you asleep?" Jessie asked

"I only need four hours of sleep and I went to bed at 9 PM." Frank said, "So I deside to show Ravi the greatest movie of all time... in my opinion."

"Aliens?" Jessie asked

"I thought it would be a movie about peaceful aliens." Ravi said

"Anyway... if you only require 4 hours of sleep. What do you do when you wake up?" Jessie asked

"Mostly watch TV until 6 AM and then tidy up the kitchen a bit." Frank said

"That explains why the kitchen seemed unusually clean lately." Jessie said, "Ravi, please go back to bed."

"Gladly..." Ravi said before he and Mr. Kipling left the room

Frank was about to leave too when Jessie said, "Not you Frank. I would like to talk to you about those aliens that's been appearing in New York lately."

"They're awesome! What's there to talk about?" Frank asked

"Oh I don't know... How about the fact that yesterday afternoon I saw you change into the alien known as Big Chill and flew away from your room?"

"You're seeing things?" Frank said

Jessie just looked at Frank unamused.

"Ok. I give! I'm the alien heroes." Frank said

"Why didn't you tell me?" Jessie asked

"One... Would you beleive me? Two... It's called a Secret Identity and if I was known to the world there could be drastic consequences." Frank said

"Good point. Anyway, how did you change into Big Chill and the other aliens?" Jessie asked

Frank showed Jessie the Omnitrix and said, "It's called the Omnitrix. It allows me to transform into one of 20 aliens by accessing their DNA Samples."

"And how long have you had this device for?" Jessie asked

"Since my 10th birthday." Frank said

"And you've been using it for hero work?" Jessie asked

"Yep." Frank said

"That... is... cool!" Jessie said

"Say what now?" Frank asked confused

"You've been using that watch to save people since you arrived here. I know I should at least be annoyed, but I am proud of you." Jessie said

"Thank you." Frank said

"And don't worry your secret is safe with me." Jessie said

"Thanks." Frank said

"Speaking of which... does anyone else know about the Omnitrix?" Jessie asked

"Ravi and Mr... I mean Mrs. Kipling." Frank said

"Say what now?" Jessie asked

"I been meaning to tell Ravi. His lizard is a female." Frank said

"And how do you know that?" Jessie asked

"My mom was a Zoologist for reptiles and I often study reptiles with her." Frank said

"That does explain a lot..." Jessie said


Later that Morning...


We go to Ravi's room where we see Ravi feeding Mr. or Mrs. Kipling when we see Jessie and Frank enter the room.

"Uhh... Ravi. Can we talk to you? It's about Mr. Kipling." Jessie said

"What is it?" Ravi asked

"Well Frank's mom worked with reptiles..." Jessie said

"Mr. Kipling is a girl." Frank said

"Say what?" Ravi asked

"Frank!" Jessie said

"I rather have done it bluntly but quickly." Frank said

"And how would you know?" Ravi asked

"I'll show you." Frank said

We then see the scene change to see Ravi freaking out in hindi. Then he said in English, "I've been walking around in my tighty whitey's in front of a girl!"

"Sorry about that..." Frank said

"Attention all units! We have reports on a bank heist..." Frank's Omnitrix said

"Ok... You calm down Ravi while I stop a car chase." Frank said before he left the room

"Be careful Frank..." Jessie said


We go to the alley way by the bank where we see Frank looking through his playlist...

"Let's see... Who's on deck today...? (Stops on a silhouette) Ooh... New guy!" Frank said before he slammed down the core


We see green metallic skin cover Frank...


When the flash of green light faded we see a green humanoid frog with grey metallic eyebrows. He's wearing a blue, black and white jumpsuit covering all except for his arms and feet, as well as a grey and black mask. The Omnitrix symbol is located on his back.

"It's hero time!" Frank said in a deep voice


Inside the bank we see the people being kept hostage by the robbers.

One of them is 9 feet tall and is very muscular and the other one is 4 feet tall and very skinny.

The short skinny one turned to the muscular one and said, "I'm telling you this is too easy!"

Then the doors slammed opened and we see Frank entering the bank.

"Oh yeah? Then how about I give you a challenge?" Frank asked

"What the heck is that?" The muscular robber asked

"I'm the guy whose going to kick your butt!" Frank said

He then ran to the muscular robber and attempted to over power him. But the muscular robber just swiped his arm against him and Frank flew to a wall. He hit his back on the wall and we see a small flash of green light.

When it faded we see 2 Franks standing there. Each one is half the size as the one.

"What the?" Frank #1 asked as he looked at Frank #2

"I'm guessing that we duplicated upon our back hitting the wall." Frank #2 said

"In that case..." Frank #1 said

Then they slapped each others back and they duplicated into four Franks. Each one half the size as two Franks.

"Call us... SLAPBACK!" the Slapbacks said

"Uh oh..." the Shorter robber said

"Come on... They're small! How strong can they be?" the muscular robber asked

"ATTACK!" the Slapbacks yelled as they ran to the robbers


We go outside the bank where we see a squad of police cars arriving.

The police just exited the car when we see the two robbers now bruised and injured ran to a police car and got in. Much to the police confusion. That is until we see the four Slapbacks exit the bank with the former hostages.


Back at the Penthouse we see Frank exited the elevator where we see Luke on the couch with a tablet.

"Hey Frank! You'll never guess what happened! A bank robbery was foiled by a Duplicating creature named Slapback!" Luke said

"(Groans)" Frank said as he walked upstairs

"What's his problem?" Luke asked


We go to the Penthouse where we see Zuri saying goodbye to her stuff animals and Jessie telling the group they were going to be late.

"Goodbye Chubby..." Zuri said hugging the teddy bear

We then see Frank and Luke arrive with a backpack on each of their backs.

"Babes of Indonesia, here I come!" Luke said

"Nice of you to warn them." Frank said as he rolled his eyes

Luke glared at him.

"Goodbye whiskers take care of mittens. Goodbye Mittens. Don't listen to whiskers. He's a control freak!" Zuri said

"I've never been outside the USA before!" Frank said

"Mrs. Kipling. Get in there!" Ravi said as he tried to push Mrs. Kipling into her cage

We see her smack Ravi with her tail.

"Ow!" Ravi said

"Mrs. Kipling?" Luke asked

"Yeah. The lizard is a girl." Frank said

"Mrs. Kipling we're not going to the vet. We're going on vacation!" Ravi said

"Speaking of vet... How come he or she never told you Kipling is a girl?" Frank asked

"Honestly? I have no idea." Ravi said


We go to the plane where we see Frank asleep on a chair.

"Frank!" Emma yelled

"The chicken is guilty!" Frank yelled as he woke up

He looked around and then asked, "Are we there already?"

"Yeah. About that... The plane kinda crashed." Emma said

"Say what?" Frank asked

Emma then catched Frank up on what happened while he was asleep.

"I better go look for them." Frank said as he got up

"But Jessie said..." Emma said

"Jessie told you to stay here. You can't tell a sleeping person what to do. And beside I owe it to them." Frank said

"But how are you going to find them?" Emma asked

"I have a few ideas..." Frank said


We go outside the plane where we see Frank activated his Omnitrix.

"OK. Let's see if Wildmutt can find them." Frank said before he slammed down the core


We see the Omnitrix sink into Frank's arm as orange fur grew all over his body.


When the flash of green light faded we see Frank is a animalistic creature with orange fur, three gill like things on each side of his neck and one mouth. We see no eyes. The Omnitrix symbol is on a black armband on his upper left arm.

"(ROARS)" Wildmutt said

Then he started to sniff the ground. After a few seconds we see him pick of Ravi's scent and started to run to him.

After a few minutes we see him stop right in front of Ravi, Mrs. Kipling and another lizard. After that Wildmutt change back to Frank.

"Hey Ravi!" Frank said

"Hey Frank. I'm trying to get Mrs. Kipling to come but she won't leave her friend!" Ravi said

"What? Why would she... Ohhh." Frank said as he realized something

"What is it Frank?" Ravi asked

"Ravi... We better leave Mrs. K and her friend alone." Frank said, "When you're done, Mrs. K please meet us back at the plane or what's left of it."

He then grabbed Ravi and dragged him away.


We see Ravi and Frank at another part of the jungle when they hear a roar.

"Frank...? What was that?" A scared Ravi asked

"I don't know. But just to be safe..." Frank said as he activated the Omnitrix and slammed down the core


We see the Omnitrix sink into Frank's arm as a tough tan skin grew out from Franks skin and he got bigger.


When the flash of green light faded we see an approximately 12 feet tall dinosaur. His body is somewhat humanoid and muscular with two arms and two legs. His legs are shorter than his arms. He has elephant-like feet and a lengthly lizard-like tail. His armored hide is light brown, with minor plating on his shoulders, tail, back, arms, and upper legs. He has a beige chest, abs, inner arms, and lower jaw. Dark grey, stone-like spikes, each shaped like the dorsal fin of a shark, run down his spine from the top of his neck to a black mace on the end of his tail. The mace has three spikes shaped like stalagmites, being one large spike on the middle and two smaller spikes on the sides. He has three fingers and a thumb on each hand and three black, elephant-like toes on each foot. His knee caps and finger joints also bulge out.

His square-like head is mostly hunched forward and the beige area of his neck is wrinkled. Both his lower jaw and brows are protruding while his almost human-like nose appears to be squished inward. His lips are black and have wrinkles. His teeth are yellowed and minorly fanged. He also has two green eyes with thick black outlines. The Omnitrix symbol is on his chest.

"Whoa! This is awesome! I'll call this one, Roar thing! Nah... too weak. Godzilla! No wait that name is taken. Maybe Dinomite..." Frank said

"Humungousaur!" A voice said

"Works for me! Thanks... wait who said that?" Frank asked

"Wasn't me..." Ravi said

Humungousaur and Ravi then turned to see Luke and Zuri standing there.

"Did we just see Frank turn into a 12 foot tall Dinosaur?" Luke asked

"Uhhh..." Humungousaur said

We then hear the roar again.

"Can we talk about this far away from that monster?" Zuri asked

"Quick guys! Hop on!" Humungousaur said as he kneeled down so the Ross kids could climb on

The kids did so. Ravi on his left shoulder, Luke on his right and Zuri on his neck.

Then Humungousaur started running away from the roar.

"Woo Hoo! I can't believe I'm riding a Dinosaur!" Luke said

"Neither can I!" Ravi said

Then after a few minutes of running, Humungousaur saw a canyon and jumped over it. Once he landed on the other side we see the Omnitrix symbol beep red and he changed back to Frank.

"That was... awesome! Frank, how did you do that?" Luke asked

"It's a long story..." Frank said

"It's a long walk back to the plane." Ravi pointed out


We go to the group where we see them walking while Frank explained about the Omnitrix.

"So let me get this straight... You have an alien device that can change you into one out of 20 aliens?" Luke asked

"Yep. Pretty much." Frank said

"That is so cool!" Luke said

"You were Spidermonkey?" Zuri asked

"Yeah." Frank said

"And Slapback?" Zuri asked

"Yep." Frank said

"And Fasttrack?" Zuri asked

"Yep." Frank said

"Well that does explain a lot." Zuri said

"I can't believe our cousin is a Superhero!" Luke said

Frank then raised his hand up and whispered, "Shh! I think I heard something up ahead."

Frank then activated his Omnitrix and went to select an alien when we see Jessie appear out of nowhere.

"Jessie!" Zuri, Luke and Ravi said as they ran to her

"Thank goodness you're all Ok!" Jessie said

"No we're not! We're on Island of the Monsters!" Luke said

"Say what?" Frank asked

"Firat, there's no such thing as Island of the Monsters. And second... Frank, what are you doing out here?" Jessie asked

"Looking for you guys... Duh!" Frank said

Then all of a sudden we hear a beeping sound coming from Frank's Omnitrix.

"Uh Frank? Your watch is beeping." Zuri said

Frank looked at the Omnitrix and saw blue light blink on and off to the beeping.

"That's weird... The Omnitrix is receiving a distress signal." Frank said

"Distress signal?" Zuri asked

"In basic terms. Someone near here needs help and he/she/it is not human." Frank said

Frank then pointed his Omnitrix to the right and said, "That way..." before he started running to the signal.

"Frank! Wait!" Jessie said before she and the others ran after him

After a minute of running we see Frank stop in front of a crashed alien spaceship covered in plants. After a few seconds Jessie and the others arrived at the scene.

"Whoa! Is that an alien spaceship?" Jessie asked

"No... It's a mirage!" Frank said sarcastically

"I can't believe it. An alien spaceship!" Luke said

"Believe it, Luke. We're not alone in the Universe." Frank said

"This ship looks like it's been here forever." Jessie said

"I'm guessing that the distress beacon was damaged. Otherwise someone would've come before we got here." Ravi said

"Ravi's right." Frank said

He then removed a few plants, revealing an air lock.

"Ok..." Frank said as he opened the door and entered the ship

Inside the ship we see Frank looking around a hall. In the hall we see rows and rows of elderly people in hollowed out areas with some sort of glass covering them.

We then see Jessie, Ravi, Luke and Zuri enter the area.

"Frank... You shouldn't go into alien spaceships without an adult." Jessie said

"Whoa! Check this out!" Luke said as he looked at one of the pods

"Ok... Why are there old people in these things?" Zuri asked

"Stasis pods." Frank said sadly

"Say what now?" Luke asked

"They're stasis pods." Frank said

"Stasis... As in Suspended Animnation!" Ravi said

"Not exactly..." Frank said, "These pods are designed to slow down the aging to a snails crawl."

"Ohh..." Ravi and Jessie said

"Huh?" Luke asked

"These pods don't stop the aging. I bet these pods we're online for 10,000 years. Give or take." Frank said

"Still don't get it." Luke said

"10,000 years ago this man was about Jessie's age." Frank said

"Ohh... Now I get it." Luke said

"Is there anything we can do for them?" Jessie asked concerned

"No. If we revive them they would die." Frank said

"Wait... Do you know who or what these people are?" Ravi asked

"Yeah. They're humans... from the planet Mondas." Frank said

"Mondas?" Jessie asked

"A planet that was on the other side of the Solar System. It was destroyed before we even begin space travel." Frank said, "These people were a technologically advanced civilization. Some believe that we are the second evolution of them."

"Hey guys! Come look at this!" Luke called from another room

We see the group join Luke in the other room where we see another Stasis pod except that instead of an elderly person we see a 11 year old girl with Platinum blonde hair in a ponytail, and pale skin. She is wearing a white tshirt with a brown vest, a brown skirt and a pair of brown boots.

Frank quickly got on the Computer and Jessie said, "Ok... I'm no expert but I thought the Stasis pods only slow down the aging?"

"This is an experimental pod. According to the computer Logs this ship was carrying the princess of Mondas to another planet when a Solar flare disrupted the guidance system and crashed landed here." Frank said

"Experimental?" Ravi asked

"Most of the data on this computer is corrupted, but from what I can tell this pod was to be an improvement on their stasis technology." Frank said

"So is it safe to revive her?" Ravi asked

"Yes... but the reviving mechanism is damage after 10,000 years." Frank said

"Don't you have an alien that can fix it?" Zuri asked

"Huh...? Oh right!" Frank said before he activated his Omnitrix, selected an alien and slammed down the core


We see the Omnitrix sink into his arm as black and purple goo covered Frank...


When the flash of green light faded we see a black techno-organic creature with purple circuitry lines over his body.

"Upgrade!" Upgrade shouted in a deep computerized voice

We then see Upgrade walk over to the Stasis pod and begin to merge with the pod.

"Whoa! Will he ever stop surprising us?" Jessie asked

After a minute we see the pod shutdown and open. The unconscious girl almost falling to the ground if it wasn't for Luke catching her.

Upgrade unmerged with the pod and changed back into Frank.

Jessie felt her pulse and said, "She's Ok."

"Great! Can we go now?" Zuri asked


We go back to the crashed plane where we see Emma and Bertram outside when we see Jessie, Luke, Zuri, Ravi, Frank arrive with Jessie carrying the unconscious girl.

"There you guys are!" Emma said

"And who's this?" Bertram asked pointing to the girl

"Not now! A helicopters coming!" Jessie said as a helicopter arrived


A few hours later...


We go to the Penthouse where we see the girl laying on the couch with Frank and Luke watching over her.

"Do you think she'll be OK?" Luke asked

"10,000 years in stasis is a very long time." Frank said

Then we see the girl open her Sapphire blue eyes and groan as she looked at Luke and Frank.

Frank quickly notice and said, "Jessie! She's awake!"

We see Jessie, Zuri, Ravi, Emma, and Bertram enter the room as the girl sat up.

"Hey, hey, hey, hey now... Relax. You're Okay." Jessie said

"Where am I?" the girl asked

"You are in our Penthouse in New York City." Luke said

"Luke..." Frank said, "You're on the planet Earth. About 10,000 years in the future."

"What?" the girl asked

"I'm sorry. We found the wreckage of the ship." Frank said

"10,000 years?" the girl asked

"What's your name?" Jessie asked

"I am princess Mya of Mondas." Mya said, "I've been in there for 10,000 years?"

"Yeah..." Ravi said

"(Sobs)" Mya said as she cried


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