Chapter 1

Sam: Cat, are we babysitting tonight?

Cat: Yeah. A seven year old named Amy Brooks Mathews.

Sam: Wow she looks cute.

Cat: Yeah. Ding dong.

Zoey: Hi is this Sam And Cat Super Rocking Fun Time Babysitting Service?

Cat: Yes.

Zoey: I'm Zoey. This is my husband Chase.

Chase: Sup.

Cat: Hi. I'm Cat.

Sam: I'm Sam.

Zoey: Amy come in here.

Amy: Hi.

Chase: Thanks so much for babysitting our daughter while we head to our school reunion.

Cat: You're welcome.

Zoey: Bye Amy.

Chase: Listen to what Sam Cat tell you okay.

Amy: Okay.

Zoey: Bye.

Chase: Bye.

Amy: Bye.

Chapter 2

Cat: So Amy what do you want to do?

Amy: Could we go to the movies in San Diego?

Sam: Sure. What movie do you want to see?

Amy: Annabelle?

Cat: That's rated R.

Amy: I know. My parents let me watch horror movies.

Sam: Really?

Cat: Really?

Amy: Yes.

Sam: That's weird and cool.

Cat: We can see Annabelle. Just don't use any bad words they say.

Amy: I'm not.

Cat: Let's go. I'll drive.

Sam: You have your license?

Cat: Yes. I got it a couple years ago. It was before we met and became roommates.

Sam: Oh. Well let's go.

Chapter 3

Drake: Hey Josh could I get a large bag of popcorn and medium Cola?

Josh: Sure. That'll be $15.

Drake: Thanks bro.

Josh: You're welcome. Hi what could I get for you?

Sam: Three large bags of buttered popcorn and medium cherry Colas.

Josh: Okay that'll be $25.

Sam: Shit. Cat you got $5?

Cat: Yeah here.

Josh: Here you go. Enjoy the show.

Sam: Thanks.

Cat: Thanks.

Amy: Thank you.

Chapter 4

Zoey: I missed PCA.

Chase: Yeah.

Stacey: Hey Zoey, Chase. Nice to see you again.

Zoey: Nice to see you too, Stacey.

Chase: Are you still obsessed with cotton swabs?

Stacey: No.

Zoey: We heard you and Mark got married.

Mark: Yeah we did.

Chase: Congratulations.

Stacey: Thanks.

Coco: Hey guys.

Zoey: Hi Coco. We heard Carl dumped you for your mother. We're sorry.

Coco: It's fine. I've met someone but he doesn't like me mentioning him.

Chase: Ohh.

Stacey: Well congrats on finding someone again.

Mark: Yeah.

Coco: Thanks.

Chapter 5

Sam: Wow that movie was weird.

Cat: Are you okay, Amy?

Amy: Yea. This isn't the first time I've seen a horror movie.

Sam: Okay.

Cat: Well let's get home so we could get Amy ready for her parents to pick her up.

Sam: Okay.

Amy: Okay.

Josh: Thanks for coming. Come back soon.

Cat: You're welcome.

Sam: We might.

Amy: Bye.

Josh: Later.

Chapter 6

Cat: That movie place had good popcorn.

Sam: Yeah. I still have mine.

Amy: You can have the rest of my popcorn.

Sam: Really?

Amy: Yes.

Sam: Thanks, Amy.

Amy: You're welcome.

Sam: Cat are you going to be okay.

Cat: Yeah but could I sleep with my lamp on?

Sam: Sure.

Cat: Thanks.

Chapter 7

Sam: Well Amy you're mom will be here soon.

Amy: Thanks for taking care of me for the night.

Sam: You're welcome.

Cat: Ding dong.

Zoey: Hi we're here to pick up Amy.

Amy: Hi mommy, daddy.

Chase: Did you have fun with Sam Cat?

Amy: Yes I did.

Zoey: Here's $100 for babysitting.

Sam: Thanks.

Cat: Thanks.

Zoey: You're welcome. Come on Amy.

Amy: Bye Sam. Bye Cat.

Sam: Bye.

Cat: Later.

Chapter 8

Sam: Okay Cat, since we got paid $100, you get $50 and I get $50.

Cat: Thanks.

Sam: Well let's get to bed and yes you can still sleep with your lamp on.

Cat: Thank you.

Sam: Just don't have the brightest up too much.

Cat: KK.

Sam: Night.

Cat: Night.