Now before we begin the story, I will say this only once since repeating myself with every chapter seems redundant. I declare that I don't own Pokemon in any shape or form and the only thing that would belong to me would be Solaire Eversteel himself since he is a representation of myself.

Prologue : Awakening

You know how most people have a fantasy where they enter their favorite stories and either become the hero to save the world or become it destroyer? Well honestly, this time I am one of those people who was given the chance to do so but it wasn't in one of those world where I become the hero or destroyer but simple a Pokemon trainer in the marvelous world of Pokemon. Here how it began the story of the Master of Steel.

As I was walking back to my apartment building close to dusk in a suburb of Orlando I was going through a list of thing to do 'Well first I need to restock tomorrow since I'm almost running out of food and I still need to pay this month rent. Next after that done I think I will challenge Hoeen Elite Four once again.' As I finished my thought I reach my apartment and entered.

As I did so I took a look around at my humble abode a small kitchen with the necessary utensil, a small living room with an old TV set and some DVD on top, as I passed by I went to the bathroom to wash my hands and face since it was windy today.

As I looked up I took a peek at the mirror and saw myself obviously a Caucasian with brown hair so dark that it mistaken as black often, milk chocolate brown iris peeking out of some old aviator glasses, with some sharp feature that made me look like some of those old European nobles.

When I finished washing myself I went to my room and grab a change of clothe since it got dirt on it from playing baseball earlier today. I took out a clean Spain World Cup shirt and a black sport shorts that reached my knee and grab my old black and blue DS lite with Pokemon Emerald placed inside. As I grab that I went to the living room and try to turn it on only for it to turn off.

'Weird I know that I recharged it earlier guess I should just charge it as I play' and so I went to the cabinet that hold all my DS accessories and games and took out my charger, I connected it first to my DS and went to a power socket to start charging. But as I did I heard a loud *ZZZZZPPPPPPPTT* and a scream as I blacked out.

As I woke up I found myself floating in a bizarre place that glowed like a rainbow and felt and heard a voice "Ah and so another has come to my realm… Hmmm how interesting…"

I heard the voice say I tried to at least look for the source only to spin like a top and stop as I saw what look like a rather weird yet large white goat. It had a crest extending to the back with a golden ring around it flanks and several hexagonal plates floating around it in which I counted 18.

"Have you finished? Now let address your being here since I haven't had another dimension hopper since the Sir Aaron of Cameron."

I was gawking at the sight and when I heard it speak again I meekly ask "Ar-Arceus? How? But the last thing I remember…" As I slowly began to realize that I die due to electrocution I was about to freak out Arceus spoke once more.

"Please calm yourself young hopper you will have the time to process that information but for now let me tell you your options… First as you notice I am Arceus the Alpha Pokemon creator of the Pokemon world I can give you two option as of now… Either go on to the reincarnation cycle of your world or perhaps if you'd like an adventure in the World of Pokemon. I will leave for the moment so you can process the information you have been given"

As the Alpha Pokemon was leaving I was floundering with the stress of my death and the option it has given me. I of course had already decided but I was worried about my family I was leaving behind and I was thinking of my death while it was fast which I was thankful for since I heard that sometime death could be a long drawn-out painful thing… When I called for Arceus I asked "For how long was I dead for?"

"It has been a month since your unfortunate death and you family has already cremated and buried your ashes underneath that orange tree you used to play under." While I was surprised at the amount of time that passed with a heavy heart I then told it of my decision of starting in his world since I wanted another chance to build up my life.

"So that is your choice young hopper now all you need to know is that you will be starting in Hoeen and the many tools that you will need during your adventure will be provided. You will be starting near Petalburg Woods when you wake up."

I frown with confusion at what he called me 'Young Hopper and before that Dimension Hopper' and so I asked Arceus "Thank you for giving me a chance at another life but about what you called me can you clarify it and I also remember you saying something about Sir Aaron of Cameron" The alpha pokemon looked at me with mild curiosity and then spoke.

"As I have said Sir Aaron is another dimension hopper and he was the latest in the line for at least in my part verse… As for you being a dimension hopper it is nothing more than a being whose soul when their mortal body perish seeks a new adventure in a new world most don't get to meet the creator of the world they visits, but since you are the second to visit me I wanted to personally meet you and watch you trails to be."

"So it is nothing special" I said to which the being nodded. "Once again I am thankful for your kindness in explaining my situation I don't want to think how I would have reacted to finding myself in an unknown world with nothing but myself… So when do we start?"

"Now. And one last gift" As the being said that a small object made it to my hand and before I could inspect the object the world darkened and I heard Arceus one last time "Good luck young hopper, may you find everlasting fortune…" As he was saying those word I blacked out once again.

As the young hopper disappear to my world I felt three familiar being come close to me. "And so once again the world start to change." I turn toward my left and saw a blue quadruped with a crest extending backward with a chest with decorated with a single blue diamond showing many scene past, present and future.

"Yes even now I feel the effect he has on your world father perhaps he can help the Chosen One restore peace and prosperity to it again." The magenta dragon with two wing extended behind him and two lustrous pearls that seem small yet upon closer inspection it seem as large as the universe yet at the same time it not.

"Quite right brothers although I don't feel nothing new in my realm I can feel him changing the other divine realms at the same time just like Sir Aaron." Spoke the last of the trio a black serpentine like being with six black tendril with red points extending from it back and its face covered with a golden armor.

"Hello Dialga, Palkia and Giratina. Yes the world is changing once again perhaps it will prosper even more than with Sir Aaron but only time will tell since even I will not interfere unless thing are truly dire. But all the same I feel hope for the future now let us watch the young hopper adventure."

AN: Wow that was a bit harder than I thought to write down… I mean yeah it great that I finally manage too but really I respect all those other write who manage thousands of words. So kudos to those who became brave enough to write down their thoughts. Also I wanted to at least try to write down my own guilty SI while I will try not to make my character super competent to the point of precognition like the main games or extremely lucky like Ash was in the start of his journey. Also as the title say I will mostly be focusing mostly on Steel types pokemon with a few others type for plot convenience. I always thought them cool yet most fictions rarely put one or two in them as the protagonist pokemon. Three guess as to what my starter will be so a cookie for the first to get it right.