On a sunny Friday afternoon, everyone at the Reginald Dwight Academy was getting out, including The Cherry Siblings, "Finally" shouted Ronnie "The weekend has arrived"

"So what do you girls want to do" asked Bennie, "Dawson promised his grandfather that they would go to the movies together this weekend, Dana is out of town for a comic convention and Dakota is helping her parents clean the attic."

"Kiki is helping her parents with dinner and Daniel has to babysit Amaya again." Candy explained.

By the parking lot, they spotted a group of bikers dressed in green, "Do you know where we could find Regina Cherry" asked the lead biker.

"Our adoptive mothers are going to meet us here to talk about weekend activities" explained Ronnie, "Plus they warned us about stranger danger."

"We're no strangers" replied the biker leader, "We knew Reg from her post-high school days, Remember when she used her dance fighting to help us, guys?"

The other bikers nodded, much to The Cherry Siblings confusion.

Suddenly, Principal and Vice Principal Cherry came out of the school and were surprised by the appearance of the mysterious biker gang, "Aunt Regina" asked Ronnie, "Do you know those dorks?"

"Yes" Aunt Regina answered sadly, "Those are "The Green Knives" the most vicious bikers in West Virginia. I was a member once I came out of the closet after prom. Unfortunately, I had to leave them after they almost robbed Aunt Davina's home."

"Yeah" Aunt Davina replied, "I'll never forgive those sharp scoundrels for robbing my family. Luckily, Reg got all the stuff back."

After Ronnie and Candy turned their heads, they saw that Bennie was missing.

During dinner, Candy, Ronnie, Regina, and Davina were having Penne with Marinara sauce for when Bennie barged in dressed like a Green Knife. "I'm a juvenile product of the working class" shouted Bennie "Whose best friend floats in the bottom of a glass!"

"Benjamin Cherry" shouted Regina, "Are you bringing up my old scars?"

"You know it, Aunt Regina" answered Bennie, "I never thought that The Green Knives would be so cool."

"Then I guess you won't have any chocolate Turkish delight for dessert." said Aunt Davina.

"Whatever" Bennie rudely growled, "I'm trying to avoid being fat like you anyway."

Offended by the insult, Davina let for the backyard. This made Candy and Ronnie worry.

On Saturday morning, Ronnie was painting a picture of some sunflowers while Candy was playing Saturday's Night Alright on the piano. Bennie slid down the stairs and placed his Green Knife bandana on, "Bennie" scolded Ronnie, "You know Aunt Regina hates it when you slide down the railway."

"Get about as oiled as a diesel train" shouted Bennie, "Gonna set this dance alright with The Green Knives"

As he rushed outside to meet The Green Knives, Ronnie and Candy decided to find him before someone got hurt, "Let's use your imagination to help our problem." Candy suggested.

"Let's pretend that we're on The Orient Express" suggested Candy "Or should I say, "The Oily Express."

Everything turned into a Van Gogh-like Orient Express. Candy and Ronnie wore early 30s apparel and were going around the place looking for Conductor Bennie. By an eating quarters, they spotted Waiter Daniel, "It's getting late," Candy said, "And have you seen our mate, Bennie Cherry?"

"I've seen him" Waiter Daniel answered, "He and those Green Knives barged in and stole all the vegetables, say that their going to dump them all over Conductor Otto."

At the pilot of the train, Engineer Otto was putting coal into the furnace when The Green Knives started tossing vegetables at him, "Easy" growled Engineer Otto, "Vegetables are healthy."

"Not to us" shouted Bennie, "Especially broccoli."

"Don't give us none of your aggravation" scolded Candy; "We had it with your discipline"

"Shut up" shouted Conductor Bennie, "These are my friends now, Not those dumb Jets."

Just as they were about to toss vegetables at them, Candy and Ronnie made a run for the door.

Back in the world, they found a tattoo parlor called, "Ink About It" "Isn't Ben too young to get a tattoo?" asked Cherry

"Yeah" Ronnie answered, "You have to be 18 to get one, unless it's adult supervision."

Before they could go in, they spotted Bennie being traumatized and hiding behind a bench. Observing his behavior, Ronnie and Candy knew that their brother just quit The Green Knives. "You had to leave due to permanent tattoos."

"I had to" shouted Ben, "I don't want to upset my aunts."

"Too bad" replied the biker leader, "We we're looking forward to have a new guitarist after our previous one broke his arm during a bike stunt. Plus we could use a small backup dancer and a graffiti artist."

"My sisters looks cute in her braces and boots" commented Bennie as he rushes to them, "A handful of grease in their hair."

"Well" Ronnie said, "Looks like we're going to have to pack pretty tight in here tonight I'm looking for a dolly who'll see me right."

Instead of fighting, Bennie, Ronnie, and Candy did some ballet/jazz dancing to escape them and return back to The Cherry Residents. Aunt Regina was doing some aerobics and Aunt Davina was playing Saturday's Night Alright on the piano when they spotted their children coming home, "Little Spice" shouted Aunt Davina, "Your back."

"Welcome home Cadet Bennie" smiled Aunt Regina.

After Bennie explained to them about his reason to quit, Aunt Regina also had another confession to make. On her left thigh, Aunt Regina showed homage similar to Elton John's album, "Saturday's Night Alright".

Saturday's Nights

Alright For


Reg + Dav

"This was the only tattoo I got while I was in The Green Knives" Aunt Davina smiled, "After that, I decided to not get any more tattoo."

"Don't worry about it Reg" Davina replied to her wife, "I like this tattoo anyway, because your always ready to fight for what's right."

On Sunday, they were having Brunch at The Blue Skillet. Candy was having french toast with apples, Ronnie was having vegetarian pancakes, and Bennie was having eggs benedict, Aunt Regina was having a fruit salad and Aunt Davina had half a dozen donuts. "I'm glad I'm back with you guys" admitted Bennie, "I like being with you guys a whole lot better"

"Are the sounds of a switchblade and a motorbike we hearing" asked Ronnie, "Do you really mean it."

"I mean it" answered Bennie; "I mean they have to initiate new recruits by getting a tattoo."

"What about us?" Dawson asked from behind

"Yeah" Dakota replied, "We got a band rehearsal in in two hours."

Bennie looked at his adoptive mothers, who approved him catching up with his real friends.

Bennie and The Jets barged out of The Blue Skillet, hopped into the car, and rode off.

The End