By the school auditorium, Candy, Kiki, and Daniel were going around to find a place to study for their music class. Looking up, they saw a bunch of punk-rocker and skaters onstage.

"That's just the school's graphics design club," Kiki explained. "They're practicing for their annual West Virginia Mural Hunt. Last year they did one for a world famous music shop in Charleston."

"But do they have to practice in the auditorium?" asked Daniel.

"Unfortunately," replied Kiki. "Their usual practice room is being booked for Mr. Otto's lecture on '60s artists, and he doesn't want the place to smell like graffiti. It's amazing what you know when your mom works at the RDA."

Just then, Principal Cherry was coming in with her fourth cup of coffee of the day. Worried that the graphics design club would get in trouble, Candy tried to get one of her adoptive mothers to turn, but no avail. Principal Cherry looked up and spat out the coffee. "What is the meaning of this?!" she shouted.

On the curtain was a crudely done version of her acting like a circus clown, and under it was a '90s-styling sentence: "Our Prinzipal Is A Clown!"

Principal Cherry was so angry that she got out detention slips and started giving them to the club. Their advisor, Mrs. Dyer, came in and was surprised by another one of Principal Cherry's rage-outs. "Regina," she chided. "They were just having fun."

"Well," growled Principal Cherry, "fun ain't gonna cut it. It's against the rules to mock your faculty and vandalize school property. Wait till all your parents hear about this."

Before Principal Cherry got a chance to snap at the top of her lungs, Kiki got out an open tea bag and calmed her down. "On second thought," she said calmly, "forget detention. Just clean this up before the superintendent's visit tomorrow."

The graphics design club ripped their detention slips and started cleaning the curtain with soap that gets spray paint off. "Good thing they brought soap that gets spray paint off," Kiki smiled as she walked to Candy and Daniel, "'cause they don't want any errors for the West Virginia Mural Hunt."

Kiki also explained to her friends that she brought impored herbal tea from India along incase of emergancies. "Has Principal Cherry tried taking some herbal teas?" she asked. "That's what my mom uses when she's stressed."

"She has," Candy answered, "but we're fresh out of imported Italian tea. She told that she knows a lady there."

Candy, Kiki, and Daniel were thrilled that Principal Cherry has calmed down a little, but they weren't sure how long it would last. "The thrill has gone," said Daniel "so we should step aside."


Later that day, Candy was coming home from Lexington Cross with a box of macaroni and cheese, figuring that she could learn how to make it herself. When she got into the house, she saw Aunt Davina, Bennie, and Ronnie weirded out. "What's wrong?" she asked. "The less the words impassions me."

"It's Aunt Regina," explained Ronnie. "She's turned into a calm meditator."

"Kiki's imported tea rescue," Candy explained. "Aunt Regina yelled at Graphics Club, fixed insulting mural."

From the top of the stairs, Principal Cherry came out in hippie apparel, much to Ronnie's dismay. "Aunt Regina?" asked Ronnie. "Are those my clothes?"

"We share the same size, Star-Child," answered Aunt Regina. "The more I learn, the more I see."

Candy figured that changing Principal Cherry could wait. Instead, she decided to imagine it so she could snap Aunt Regina out of her calm nature. She imagined being in an Indian palace, to the home of Maharaja Gauer.


Candy and her family, minus Aunt Regina, were all dazzled in Indian apparel.

"Nicely done with the sari, Little Sugar," commented Aunt Davina. "I don't want to feel fat in an Indian outfit."

"Thank you, Aunt Davina," replied Candy. "Now let's tell the Maharaja about Aunt Regina's calmness troubles."

While they were going around, Aunt Regina was going around smelling the lotuses. Knowing that they could lose her, Bennie and Ronnie grabbed her and took her inside.

Inside, they saw Maharaja Gauer and her daughter, Princess Kiki. "Namaste, travelers," greeted Maharaja Gauer. "What can I do you for?"

"The imported tea smells kind of overdid it on Principal Cherry," explained Candy. "Any suggestions on how to change her back?"

"How about some rare perfume?" suggested Princess Kiki. "And there are the whale noise records my father listens to."

They tried that, but unfortunately nothing happened. Just then, the timer on Davina's phone went out.


Back in reality, Davina could tell that it was time to make dinner. Since Candy brought mac and cheese, she decided to make them.

In the kitchen, Candy was telling Aunt Davina if there was anything that would calm her down. "There are those Viewtube clips of the beach that would calm her down," recalled Aunt Davina. "Like the waters of Newport News."

"That's where Uncle Lionel goes to his 'Save the Whale Rallies' every year," recalled Candy.

"Speaking of Uncle Lionel," Davina replied, "he was mostly responsible for Aunt Regina's temper."

"But Uncle Lionel is nice," Recalled Candy.

"I know," replied Aunt Davina. "But sibling rivalries can be a bit out of control."

"I'm afraid that the Viewtube beach videos aren't going to work," explained Bennie, "'cause hippie Aunt Regina would rather smell the garden outside."

Candy started to think that her aunt's calmness was getting worse. *I hope we recover her tomorrow,* she thought to herself.


The next day, Candy caught up to Kiki and Daniel at school. She explained to them that she did the calmness advice that they gave Candy, but sadly, none of it worked on Principal Cherry. Suddenly, a posh Latino man came in to check on the students. "Oh, no," Kiki said. "Superintendent Figueroa."

"I remember him from those fundraisers at my old school," recalled Candy. "He sure was impressed by how much effort we put into them."

"Well then, Mrs. Dyer," he said to the graphics design teacher, "it seems to me that your classes are going well."

"They sure are," Mrs. Dyer chuckled nervously.

"Except that members of the graphic designers club did an insulting picture of Principal Cherry in the auditorium," stated Alice from behind. "Word gets around at RDA."

"Tattletale," Candy whispered.

"What?" asked Mr. Figueroa in rage.

"And if you think that's awful," Alice smiled, "you should see Candice Cherry making students wander off in the hall with her 'imagination' and weirding out the landlord."

Mr. Figueroa turned his head and spotted Candy. "This is an outrage!" he shouted. "You have the hungry heart and the roving eye? I have come to rest with your imagination! Overdoing it does not apply at the RDA!"

"Wonderland Alice," Principal Cherry said calmly. "What's with the violence?"

"Sour Cherry is in a heap of trouble for her imagination," explained Alice with an evil grin. "Looks like she won't be coming to this school anymore."

As Alice left, Principal Cherry looked up to see Superintendent Figueroa scolding Candy like crazy. In a moment, Principal Cherry snapped, "Titus! What's the idea of scolding Private Candy like that? I know she has an overactive imagination, but she really has helped a lot of students since she came here!"

Candy, Kiki, and Daniel were thrilled to see Principal Cherry back to her old self. Superintendent Figueroa was so scared that he decided not to expel Candy. Everyone cheered for Principal Cherry standing up to the superintendent and turning back to normal. "Enough goofing around - get back to class!" shouted Principal Cherry.

After Mrs. Dyer closed the door, Principal Cherry started to get a few migraines. "That was one frantic crazy ride," she admitted.

"Yeah," replied Daniel. "Kiki gave you imported tea from India that calmed you too much."

"But we're glad you're back to normal," Candy said. "I'd believe in anything were it not for our principal. Showing me by just existing is absolutely true. Without question, I love you."

Principal Cherry hugged her adoptive daughter, and Kiki and Daniel awed.

The End.