At the footsteps of the Reginald Dwight Academy, after the famous singer, 11-year-old Candy Cherry arrives filled with exitement and nervousness. She adjusted her red pigtails, brushed the dust off of her green skirt and walked inside the school, and on her first day.

Inside the school, she looks around to sees the entire place covered with paintings of RDA alumni, decorative lockers, and classrooms with beautiful decor. She arrived in the room of Samantha Gaur. Samantha was a middle-aged Indian woman, who adjusted her glasses when she sees Candy Cherry, "You must be new to the area" said Mrs. Gaur.

"I am" Candy replied, "Most of the other kids are new to the school, most are locals in the town, but I'm willing to make new friends.

"You will during Free Period and Lunch" Mrs. Gauer said, "Now take your seat."

When she got to her seat, she saw an Indian girl with a long black braid and purple/magenta clothes, "So your the new girl to the school."

"Yeah" Candy replied, "Name's Candy, Candy Cherry."

"Kiki" the girl replied back, "The woman you just talk to is not only our homeroom teacher, but is also my mom."

"Really" Candy asked in a whisper, "That's so cool."

Kiki looked away and stopped in horror, "But that person over there is not cool." she said in annoyance.

By the door was a blonde girl with expensive clothes, "Who's that?" whispered Candy, "She looks fancy."

"Alice Levy" whispered Kiki, "She was in my homeroom at Collin Hines Elementary last year. What school did you go to?"

"Richmond Elm" "After my good grades paid off there, my two, "Aunts" suggested that I should attend The Reginald Dwight Academy."

"What do you mean Aunts?" asked Kiki.

"It's a little off" Candy nervously said, "A lot of the kids at my old school teased me for it."

"Whatever your "Aunts" are like, I can handle it." Kiki replied.

During lunch, Candy spotted two woman eating lunch together. One was a masculine female with blonde hair, and another was an overweight African American woman with a black braid, "Little Sugar" said the African American woman, "How is your first day of school."

"Not bad, Aunt Davina" Candy answered, "Most of kids here are much better than the ones at my elementary school. Because of you two."

"Yeah" the blonde lady replied, "Those maggots at your previous school don't know anything about lesbian parents Private Candy."

"Wait" Kiki exclaimed, "You have lesbian moms?"

"That's why I was picked on at my old school." Candy confessed "They thought it was not normal to have two parents of the same gender. To avoid the confusion, my siblings addressed them as, "Aunt Regina" and "Aunt Davina".

"I think it's TOO normal" Kiki replied, "I'm more into variety myself."

"Aunt Regina, Aunt Davina" said Candy, "This is my new friend, "Kiki"

After they shook their hands, the looked at each other, "My Blue Jean Baby." Davina lovingly said to Regina, "Looking like an LA bad lady, while I'm a seamstress for your brother's band."

"Your my Pretty eyed, pirate smiled, music girl." Regina lovingly said to Davina, "It's a good thing I married you.

"Eww" Kiki disgustingly said, "Let's eat somewhere else."

After school, Candy rushes up to her room to look at her schedule. "Let's see" "8 AM to 8:20 is homeroom" "8:25 to 8:50 is ballet with Mrs. Gauer, 8:55 to 9:10 is ballet, 9:15 to 9:40 is music with Mr. Otto, 9:45 to 10:10 is study hall-"

A girl with shoulder length brown hair and a yellow flower shirt came up to see Candy, "Are you keeping track of your schedule, Sis" she asked Candy.

"11:10 to 12:10 is the lunch hour" Candy said as she spotted her older sister, "Sorry Ronnie, didn't see you there." Candy replied.

"Ballerina" Ronnie smiled, "Your like dancing in the sand."

"Dancing in The Sand" asked Candy, "Isn't that the name of your painting from the art show last year."

"It's where I visioned the three of us on the beach" Ronnie replied, "With me in art, Bennie with music, and you on dancing."

"I'm a tiny dancer in your hand." Candy smiled

A 16-year-old cute boy came into the room to see what was girls, "Your starting a cuddle fight without me?" asked the boy.

"Come on Benny" Ronnie said, "You may be the eldest, but it doesn't mean we can do cuddle fights without you."

"Elton Boulevard is not that bad at cuddling then you think" Bennie replied, "I'm a guitar man that makes his stand"

Bennie rushes in and joins the cuddle fight with his sisters.

The next day, Candy and Kiki were both heading off to Jeannie Nordland's dance class. "Oh great" shouted Alice, "The new twerp is here, unlike the other one in my opera singing lessons"

"You call that dancing!" shouted an Australian man in an expensive suit, "That looks like something from a Sammy Squirrel show!"

"Mr. Lott" Miss. Nordland said, "Your disrupting the class."

"I know you" Candy said, "Your Oscar W Lott. My aunts told me about your slimy, spineless behavior."

"I am slimy and spineless" Oscar smiled, "My father was the previous owner. I own the school's property."

"Candy" Miss. Nordland said as she pushed Candy back, "Stop this minute. Let's all go to the auditorium and let me see what you know about dancing."

"Can we sing and hum the school song along the way?" asked Candy.

"Sure" Miss. Nordland answered, "Something to get this horrible man out of your heads."

"I'm getting Regina!" Mr. Lott said to himself.

In the auditorium, Candy spotted the same piano that her Aunt Davina played when she comes to the school. She remembered getting early piano/singing lessons from her and early dancing/self defense lessons from Aunt Regina. As she got up to the piano, she started playing, "Tiny Dancer" Kiki recognized it as her favorite Elton John song, which is also Candy's.

"Yuck" shouted Alice, "Your a bunch of Tiny Brain Dancers."

Instead of fighting back, Candy and Kiki decided to ignore her while showing off their dancing.

After Candy and Kiki showed off their dancing, Mr. Lott, Regina, and Davina comes in tattling on Candy's unruly behavior, "Mr. Lott" Regina said, "Private Candy is only new to the school, and we think she's getting along well with most of the students, except Private Alice Levy. No worry, she usually bullies numerous newbies at the schools and anyone who grabs more attention than her. Her parents warned us about this."

"Little Sugar has really gotten well with Kiki." commented Davina.

"What?" shouted Mr. Lott, "That girl is a brat."

"Listen Mr. Lott" shouted Kiki, "Kick Candy out, then you'll kick me out."

The rest of the class stood up Mr. Lott for being rude to Candy earlier. Alice on the other hand, sit it out, because she envied Candy. Oscar Lott couldn't take it anymore, so he decided to flee the school, vowing to shut it down one day and take Candy away.

Regina and Davina couldn't let Mr. Lott shut down the school, so they decided to keep their eyes out for his schemes, "Headmistress Cherry" Miss. Nordland said, "You should see the way Candy danced up there, she had the skills as the dancers on Broadway's Swan Lake and Nutcracker."

"That's true" Regina replied, "We knew that all of our adoptive kids had a gift in music and art ever since their adoption. It feels real, near, and we can hear."

"Hold me closer, Little Sugar." Davina said as she comforted Candy, "You had a busy day today. How about after school, we can treat you, Ronnie, and Bennie to some ice cream"

"I like that Aunt Davina" answered Candy, "Can Kiki come too?"

"Sure" said Aunt Davina, "It's good that your making new friends here."

"Mom and Dad are going to do a grocery run and they don't want me to get the groceries mixed up again," Kiki thought as she smiled and looked at her new friend and her adoptive mothers, "Okay."

Everyone smiled.

The End.