Candy, Kiki, and Daniel were finishing up their Clown Arts assignment, with a little joke power. "Okay now," asked Candy. "Where do you go to find extinct birds?"

"El Dodorado," chuckled Kiki. "What is a feline's favorite boy band song?"

"'I Want It Cat Way'," Daniel answered with a giggle. "I got one. What did the train driver say to the fireman?"

"'On the rails we blaze'!" both Candy and Kiki shouted.

They laughed so hard, they didn't hear the door ring. Davina decided to get it herself. At the door was a fabulous African-American woman. "Yvette?" asked Davina. "What are you doing here?"

"Came to see my little sister," smiled Yvette.

After Candy, Kiki, and Daniel cooled off, the sight of Davina's older sister. "Your aunt is the R&B legend Yvette?" asked Daniel amazed Kiki and Daniel.

"It's pretty embarrassing to talk about," Candy admitted.

"Come on now, Candy," chuckled Yvette. "Even tough Reggie doesn't invite me for Christmas nor holiday event, it couldn't stop me from seeing one of my nieces. After all, friends never say goodbye."

"Y'all better get out of here," advised Davina. "You know how testy Reg gets when she sees your face."

Just as Davina turned, she saw her wife being angry. "I thought I made it clear I don't want to see any fame-mongering relatives in this household."

"Relax, Reggie," replied Yvette.

"Don't call me Reggie!" shouted Aunt Regina. "You're just as worse as Lionel when he was in a rock band!"

Little did Aunt Regina knew was that Candy, Kiki, and Daniel were sneaking out so they can spend some time with the legend. Yvette didn't want to get into another fight with her sister-in-law, so she left with Candy, Kiki, and Daniel joining her in her purple sparkly Chevrolet Camaro.

Inside the house, Aunt Davina soothed Aunt Regina down, only for them to notice that Candy and her friends were missing. Aunt Regina had a feeling that they were going to turn into sellouts likes Yvette. "Y'all know Yvette isn't a sellout," Davina replied. "And I just calmed you down."

But Regina didn't listen; instead she barged out of the house, hopped onto her motorcycle, and rode off. Davina was afraid that Reg's anger against her in-law would get carried away. So she decided to call someone.


Later, they arrived at an old theater. "The Friedman Theater?" asked Daniel. "Didn't that place shut down after the late 1970s due to disco dying."

"It did," answered Yvette. "But it does make good rehearsal space for my following concert. Ronnie has secretly been sending songs that have become chart hitters. If anyone asked, she would go by her pen name, Veronica Rainbow."

"Wait a second," Candy recalled "Winter of the days in the chold breeze, All the snow will bring at ease. She wrote those. I've been having visions of her secretly writing letters writers behind Aunt Regina's back and placing a peace symbol on each of her letters."

"That is the symbol that my eldest niece has been writing a song to me." smiled Yvette. "Reggie wouldn't let her nor your brother speak to me ever, and she thinks that fame could get stuck into your head."

Inside, they met a charming man wearing '70s clothes and a young funky African-American man that wore trendy clothes. "Uncle Adonis!" shouted Candy. "Haven't seen you in ages."

"Look at you, Candice Cherry, all grown up," recalled Adonis. "Haven't seen much of you since you were very little."

"Hey, Pip," greeted Candy as she rushed to the trendy boy,

"How's my little god-cousin?" greeted Pip. "Tomorrow night is Mama's concert at the Charleston R&B Remembrance Festival and she's the main attraction."

Yvette explained that she was going to do a new song written by her lyricist, Veronica Rainbow. Candy thought that the name Veronica sounded familiar, but she just imagined it to figure out her true identity herself.


Suddenly, every changed from an abandoned theater to a New Orleans scenery. "Looks like we'll be celebrating Mardi Gras again," Daniel guessed.

"New Orleans was the home of not only jazz music, but R&B too," Tanya recalled. "Just like in music class with Mr. Otto."

"Bernie Otto?" Yvette asked, "I remember him from when Davina 'came out'. He always knew she had a tinkering for singing. She'd even got started as a RDA guidance counselor."

During their time in the theater, they followed a few clues to who Veronica Rainbow was. "Come on," Candy said. "The mist in my eyes might suggest."

Candy spotted a group of Valentine's Day cards, Pip discovered a paintbrush and palette, Daniel located a number 2, and Kiki found a bunch of red flowers. Just as they were about to figure out who Veronica Rainbow was, a ghost appeared. Observing carefully, Candy recognized her as Aunt Regina.


Back in reality, Aunt Regina glared at them as rage. "What is the meaning of this?" she snapped. "Neglecting your duties to spend time with the enemy?"

"Ask no questions," Candy replied. "Take no side, Who's to say who's right or wrong. We just wanted to spend time with Aunt Yvette."

Before Regina had a chance to do her famous Cherry Cola Kick, someone shouted, "REG!"

It was Aunt Davina. She, Bennie, and Ronnie came to the theater to stop Aunt Regina before she blew up. After Candy, Kiki, and Daniel helped her out, Candy asked Ronnie if she knew a Veronica Rainbow. "She has to know sooner or later." Bennie replied.

"Sis," Ronnie replied, "Veronica Rainbow is me. After Aunt Yvette's former lyricist quit to become a poetry book author, I became her new secret lyricist. Couldn't tell Aunt Regina due to the fear of us getting swelled heads. There isn't much I haven't shared with you two along the road."

Aunt Regina was surprised that Ronnie had kept this secret for so long. Instead of freaking out, she decided to let it go, because she wanted Ronnie to make her passion happen. "What's done has been done for the best, Aunt Regina," Bennie reminded.

"I know that the kids want to spend time with my big sister," Davina told her wife, "but can you at least let them spend time with her."

Not wanting to upset the ones she loved, Regina decided to let the three children join Yvette tomorrow for the R&B Remembrance Festival.


The next day at the Charleston R&B Rememberance Festival, Yvette came onstage with her husband and son being part of the backup band. Uncle Adonis played the saxophone while Pip played the drums. Their original guitarist and keyboardist couldn't come due to the guitarist having a last minute doctor's appointment while the keyboardist had jury duty, so Bennie and Aunt Davina took over for them. "Hey, everyone!" Yvette shouted. "I know this is a crazy year at the Charleston R&B Remembrance Festival, but I would like to introduce my new song, 'Same Joy'. written by my niece Ronnie Cherry, otherwise known as Veronica Rainbow!"

In the audience, Regina and Ronnie applauded for Yvette's number. "I'm very proud of them for showing off their clown routines," Principal Cherry said, "and for getting As on their assignment."

"After all, Aunt Regina," Ronnie replied, "friends never say goodbye."

The End

Note: Yvette is a homage to the real name of Chaka Khan, whom I picked to play Aunt Yvette.