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Back in Bunnyburrow, deep within the Hopps' burrow, a dark-charcoal colored bunny was attempting to sleep. Little Sasha (Cotton's twin), lay snuggled in her bed with an armful of plushies. This was the first time in her life that she was sleeping alone, and it unsettled her. Before tonight, Sasha had always snuggled in bed with her talkative twin sister Cotton. But Cotton had smuggled herself into Zootopia and wouldn't be home for a few days. Sasha didn't like this idea. Not one bit.

Although she didn't have to spend every waking moment with her twin, Sasha felt better knowing her sister was close by, and should she ever feel the need to see her, Sasha could find her simply by wondering the burrow or the yard outside. But Cotton wasn't here tonight. She hadn't been here all day and it left Sasha feeling lost and alone. Even with all the other bunnies around, many of whom tried to cheer her up, Sasha still felt alone and forlorn without her twin. She didn't even feel like drawing, but simply sat by one of the windows and stared out into the large, open yard, waiting for Cotton to return.

When her grandparents and aunts and uncles returned, Sasha hoped Cotton would be with them, even though she'd been told by her Aunt Katelyn that Cotton would be staying in Zootopia for a day or two. Sasha didn't want to think about not having her sister around for another day, let alone two or more. This thought had a cloud of misery settling around her slim shoulders as her ears drooped further. She just wanted Cotton back.

A group of her cousins tried to get her out of the house to play with them, but Sasha didn't like crowds of people she was forced to interact with. They were too noisy and loud, and it was exhausting trying to keep up with their words and movements. So, she refused. Sasha would rather sit and stare out the window. A couple of her quieter cousins offered to sit and color with her, but even that wasn't appealing today. Without Cotton around, she didn't want to deal with anyone. Eating became a chore, too, and she only ate a few bites of her lunch before her appetite deserted her completely. Dinner was the same way. She ate a few of her vegetables and a bite of her roll, then sat staring sightlessly into space.

It wasn't until her Uncle Justin came to tuck her in at night that some life finally came into her eyes (he had offered to let her sleep with his younger kits, but she refused). Sasha perked up when Uncle Justin told her he was returning to Zootopia the next day and asked if she wanted to go with him and stay with Cotton until Janelle and Amy came home on Thursday? Sasha immediately agreed. Although the thought of going to such a huge city was frightening, she would go if that was where her sister was. It helped that Justin assured her that the place Cotton was staying at was in a quiet neighborhood with lots of open space.

After reading her a bedtime story and tucking her into her blankets, Justin had kissed her on the forehead and turned off the light (her nightlight came on when the main light when out—it had a light sensor on it). With a final goodnight, Justin had slipped out the door and Sasha was left alone with her thoughts and her plushies. They weren't as comforting as Cotton was, but they helped her relax while thinking about meeting her sister tomorrow afternoon.

Sasha was grateful to her uncle that he was willing to take her with him tomorrow. She didn't want to be miserable the next few days with Cotton gone. But she had never been outside Bunnyburrow before, so this would be a new and scary experience for her. Uncle Justin assured her that the fox Aunt Judy was staying with was really nice and that he was fun to be with. Sasha hoped he was right. She hadn't been around any foxes before, but she knew that the fox Gideon her grandpa started working with made really yummy pies, cobblers, and muffins with fruit in them—her favorites were blackberry muffins, mixed berry pies, and blackberry cobbler.

Did the fox Aunty Judy was staying with like blackberry muffins and cobbler? Sasha hoped so. She really wanted to eat some, and it would help take her mind off being in a new and strange environment.

While wondering how the trip might go tomorrow, and wondering if Cotton had any fun today, Sasha snuggled deeper into her mound of plushies and slipped into silent slumber.


Fru-fru sat up in her bed with a couple of pillows behind her as she stared at her blank phone. She had just gotten off the phone with Judy who had called to invite her to her official wedding on Tuesday evening and to ask if she would be her matron of honor. Fru-fru immediately agreed but was a little surprised to get the call from Judy this evening. From what Vivian had said, Judy and Nick were likely to be 'tied up' the rest of the evening once their dinner with Daphyd was finished.

When Fru-fru questioned Judy about this, her friend merely stated that she and Nick were taking a break to make some phone calls while watching the sunset. Judy had already called Delilah and finalized the wedding plans. They would hold the ceremony at 6:00, then have a light dinner afterwards before cutting the cake. Afterwards, she and Nick would share their first dance as husband and wife, then open the floor for others to grab partners and dance.

Fru-fru was happy for Judy but was now too excited to sleep. Due to the exhaustion caused by her pregnancy, she had been going to bed early of late, but now, sleep was the furthest thing from her mind. After getting off the phone with Judy, Fru-fru was practically bouncing with happiness and excitement and had to be told to calm down by her husband. Turning to Richard, who was sitting in the bed next to her, Fru-fru couldn't contain her excitement until she told her husband all about the wedding plans.

Richard listened with an attentive ear while praying his wife would calm down quickly. The last thing they needed was the baby coming early which could make Fru-fru miss the wedding altogether. While holding her paws, Richard listened to his wife ramble on about the what she planned to wear to the wedding, wondering what food would be served, and eager to meet another pred-prey couple (other than Judy and Nick) in the city while wondering how these two very famous people could hide their relationship for so long!

Landon of Hybrid Innovations and Delilah from the City Council were actually married! It was too hard to believe without seeing it in person, so Fru-fru had another reason she couldn't wait for Judy and Nick's wedding. She was sure the wedding was going to be magical if they were holding it at Landon's mansion. She had seen some pictures in a magazine that showcased his house and the massive flower garden that took up a good portion of the back yard.

With thoughts of the wedding running a marathon in her head, Fru-fru didn't think she'd be able to sleep tonight, but she eventually tired herself out enough to fall asleep in her husband's arms with a big smile spread across her lips.

Richard smiled adoringly down at his wife, his precious Cupcake. Fru-fru was the complete opposite of him. Richard had always been the quiet type—a wallflower in high school and college. He was good at his job, the manager of Silvano's clothing chain, but he struggled to talk to others outside of work-related subjects. Socializing had never been his strong point, which is why he had taken such a huge interest in Fru-fru. She was always so happy and bubbly, and she was never afraid to speak her mind. But she wasn't snobbish about it and when she took notice of him at one of her father's business parties, Richard had felt like an angel had descended from the heavenly realm.

Fru-fru helped him overcome his shyness (to some degree) and made him feel like he was actually part of the party and not just a wall decoration. Being with her always made him smile, but even so, it took Richard a long time to gather up the courage to finally ask her out, and then to finally ask her to marry him. He had been holding his breath, afraid she would reject his proposal when he finally popped the question, so when she threw her arms around him and said 'yes', Richard's heart skipped a beat and then started thumping at a fast gallop, he was so happy.

Their wedding put on by her father was perfect and they would soon be welcoming their first kit into their growing family. He couldn't be happier, and he would be forever grateful to the rabbit who saved his Cupcake from the giant donut the day before their wedding. With this in mind, Richard hoped Judy Hopps could find the same level of happiness with her fox as Richard did with Fru-fru, his Darling Angel.

After making sure his Darling Angel was comfortably sleeping, Richard left their room to seek out his father-in-law. After the excitement they had this evening, Richard figured he could use a drink. He also needed to inform Silvano of the rabbit and fox's wedding plans on Tuesday. Although Fru-fru would be telling her father all about it tomorrow morning, Richard figured Silvano would want to know earlier in case he needed to rearrange his schedule to make time to attend the wedding along with him and Fru-fru.


Benjamin Clawhauser was dancing around his living while listening to Gazzelle over his surround-sound system, though it wasn't the voice of the Angel with Horns that had him dancing this time. Nick had texted him a little while ago with the time and schedule for the wedding, then informed him that the host's personal cook, a Sandra Panthera, would be calling him soon to discuss the cake. Benjamin had been surprised with the news but was looking forward to hearing from his fellow feline (with a last name like Panthera, he assumed she would be a feline).

And Benji's assumptions had been right, but learning that the accomplished chef and cook was a cheetah/snow leopard hybrid made him all the more eager to meet the lovely sounding lady. Finding another cheetah who loved to cook as he did was always a good thing. They had discussed the menu for the light dinner they would after the wedding and then Sandra told Benjamin that she wanted to bake the cake, as well, and then asked if he would like to help her.

Benji readily agreed and promised to take Tuesday off so he could come over and help Sandra cook both the cake and the dinner. Sandra was ecstatic to have Benjamin come over to help her cook the whole day (there weren't many of other cooks she could ask to help that would keep Landon's and Delilah's secret), and made plans to meet. Sandra would pick Benjamin up at his place and bring him to her employer's residence where they would be doing the cooking and holding the wedding. Benjamin asked who her employer was, but Sandra merely laughed warmly and said it was a surprise. Figuring the mammal must be someone famous (he'd die if it was Gazelle), Benjamin told Sandra his address and she promised to pick him up at 7:00 o'clock Tuesday morning.

After getting off the phone with Sandra, Benjamin broke out into a little victory dance. Not only was he going to be giving Judy away at hers and Nick's wedding, but he was going to be working with a fellow feline to make the dinner and cake! Benji was so excited! He couldn't wait to meet Sandra. She had a beautiful voice with a slight accent that he found pleasant to listen to, and with her being part cheetah and part snow leopard, he wondered what her fur pattern looked like. He was sure she looked exotic, and he was eagerly looking forward to chatting with her more as they cooked together.

Of course, Benjamin was still burning with curiosity on who her employer was. Neither Sandra nor Nick would tell him, and the intrigue and mystery was killing him! But in a good way. He always loved a good mystery (it's one of the reasons he became a cop).

While still dancing, Benjamin made his way down the hall and into his room, then over to the closet. Opening up his closet door with the large poster of Gazelle singing at one of her more recent concerts, Benji began thumbing through his clothes while looking for a good outfit to cook in on Tuesday. He had a suit he'd take with him for the wedding itself, but for cooking he wanted something comfortable, but classy, but that wouldn't stain easily (or be difficult to wash out).

Still humming and swishing his hips back and forth to the music that was thrumming from the living room, Benjamin couldn't wait for the next two days to start. He planned to amaze his fellow cops tomorrow morning with the knowledge that Nick Wilde was a jeep rally legend, and let them know he was entering the rallies again this year. And then Tuesday he'd spend the day preparing the food for Nick and Judy's wedding before attending it himself and giving the bride away. Oh, he couldn't wait! Fluff heaven here he comes!

Benjamin planned to get tons of pictures of the event so he could ogle them later. Whenever he was having a bad day, all he needed to do was listen to Gazelle while flipping through pictures of Judy and Nick's cute, adorable, fluffy moments. He might want to invest in another memory card for his phone, so he had enough memory to take both photos and videos during the wedding.


Nick lay on his back staring up at inky-black sky with its hundreds of thousands of stars twinkling above him. Judy was curled up against his side sleeping, while using his chest as a pillow and his long, bushy tail as a blanket. They were laying on the hood of his Aston Martin after thoroughly enjoying their wedding night. With a satisfied smile on his muzzle, Nick lay with one arm behind his head while using it as his pillow as he ran the claws of his other paw up and down his honeybun's silky-furred arm.

Judy murmured contentedly in her sleep at his light touch and rubbed her cheek briefly against Nick's fluffy chest before settling back into blissful slumber. She was having very pleasant and enjoyable dreams of her new mate and husband and his criminal claws and teeth.

Listening to his wife's steady and contented breathing, Nick considered the series of seemingly random (and some unfortunate) events that had happened leading up to this one perfect moment in time. From Lionheart passing the Mammal Inclusion Act to Judy finally being accepted into the ZPA and working her tail off to make Valedictorian to her being put in Precinct One.

There was also the random decision (it seemed random at the time) to hustle Jumbeaux's ice cream shop that day instead of one of the other hundreds of elephant ice cream shops in city. Nick and Finn's decision to let Judy follow them all over the city was also a seemingly random occurrence. Normally, they would quickly ditch anyone trying to tail them, but Judy's attempt to be sneaky was just too comical, so they used the city's newest 'bunny cop' as a form of entertainment and some good laughs.

Of course, Judy blackmailing him the next day turned the tables on him and Judy was the one getting a good laugh out of it—until Nick embarrassed her to no end at the naturalist club and then wasted all her time at the DMV. But even with all that, the more time he spent with her, the more he was drawn in by her perseverance, dedication, and upbeat attitude. For being a rabbit cop, Nick hadn't expected any of that from Judy, but she had constantly surprised him every step of the way.

Judy coming back to apologize to him being one of the biggest (and best) surprises, but even more than that, when Judy let him bite her neck back when Bellwether had them cornered. For a rabbit (a species whose members were notorious for being 'jumpy' and easily scared), Nick could not believe how much trust Judy had put in him by allowing him to wrap his natural weapons around her slender and vulnerable neck. Outside his family, no one had ever shown him that level of trust before—no wonder he'd fallen hopelessly in love with her!

And now they were married—which was the most surprising thing of all. Judy truly was a dream come true. Not only did Judy trust him to wrap his teeth around her throat and encouraged him to run his claws all over her body—but she was highly aroused by it—she a rabbit! For a fox falling in love with prey—a bunny—Nick really lucked out in the fact that Judy returned his feelings unconditionally. Furthermore, she had shown him tonight just how amazing (and arousing) it was to have one's mate wrap her teeth around his throat.

He had already been beyond hungry for Judy's taste and touch when they got to the lookout point and so had quickly climbed into the passenger seat with Judy once he'd parked and turned the car off. After pulling her onto his lap, neither wasted any time in kissing while getting the most troublesome part of their clothes out of the way—and then Judy had bitten his throat. Oh, great carrot king, have mercy on him! A bunny's flat teeth on his throat should not have had that kind of effect on him! What little self-control he had left had completely deserted him.

Seeing his frantic need to take her had Judy giggling as she couldn't forget their argument earlier that day on whose teeth would be more effective at arousing the other (she assumed she had won), but then Nick returned the favor and bit her neck and, well, Judy lost the last of her self-control, too, so there wasn't a clear winner on that bet. Not that either of them was complaining. They would simply need to try it out another time to determine a winner. That was something they both looked forward to.

And after fogging up the windows of his Aston Martin for a while, they decided to watch the sunset while catching their breaths. They also made several important phone calls to finalize the plans for the wedding, so that worry was taken care of. After that, the sun had set and the stars were starting to come out, but the only stars he wanted to watch were the ones in his honeybun's eyes. Judy seemed to feel the same way and thus neither of them had paid much attention to the spectacular view Mother Nature was presenting to them. Not until much later, anyways.

Nick figured it was close to midnight by now, give or take half an hour or so, and it was time he got his honeybun home. They had a long day today, and tomorrow was sure to be another long day, so sleeping out under the stars wasn't really an option, especially since they would both be starving come morning (and this time he meant the actual food-kind of hunger).

Taking a deep breath while watching the stars twinkle overhead, Nick caught a glimpse of a shooting star and made a wish that the city could grow to accept his and Judy's unusual relationship between a predator and a prey—a relationship that was so full of love and passion. Taking another deep breath after making his wish, Nick looked down and nuzzled Judy's head before carefully picking her up and sliding down off the hood of his car.

After carefully carrying Judy inside and setting her on the passenger seat, he then had to gather up their clothes. Nick slipped his pants back on for the drive home but didn't even try to finagle Judy back into her dress. Instead, he merely covered her in his shirt and laid her shimmering amethyst dress over her. With a warm smile on his face that matched the contented smile on Judy's lips as she slept peacefully in the seat, Nick then climbed back behind the wheel and started the engine before starting the long drive home.

Home. It had been five long years since Nick had considered Honey's house his 'home'. But now, he could no longer say the house was 'Honey's house', but it had truly become 'his and Judy's house.' And it wasn't just a house they were sharing, but with Judy there, the house genuinely felt like home once more. Home was where the heart was and his heart was with Judy—who was now his mate and wife and was officially moved into his house—and so Nick couldn't wait to get home and start their new life together. This week was already starting off as the best week of his entire life and he knew it would only get better from here on out.

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